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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wow can you really believe another year has passed??? They really do go faster and faster.

Looking back over the year it has been amazing. It seems like the world has thrown one curve ball after another out there. There have been catastrophes and losses. There have also been so many successes. No matter which it has been, I have been able to stand on the sidelines and watch so many people open their hearts and their wallets, give their time and their talents to reach out and help each other. No where is it any more pronounced then right here in Second Life. The caring I see for other people, even when I know for a fact how times have made things so hard for so many here in Second Life, yet you still find ways to make a difference.

I see the fundraisers that I have been involved in, Relay for Life, Rodanthe, North Carolina, and most recently Toys 4 Tots. I see it in the music community and it is a community that each of us should be so proud to belong to.

"Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative. A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. This year I challenge you to a new resolution. I challenge you to just be yourself." Aisha Elderwyn

To each and every one of you, I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May it bring you good health, and happiness, (a little wealth isn't bad either).

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is New Year's Day." Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Before Christmas I had done some venue hopping and wanted to tell you about these, but we all know what holiday hustle and bustle is like. So that is my procrastination excuse for this one.

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was as wonderful as mine. Though I received some awesome gifts, I have actually received one of the best gifts possible about a month and a half before with the news that I am going to be a grandmother. To those of you that have grandchildren, I know you completely understand the overwhelming emotions that come over you with the realization that your baby is going to have her own baby. (and the need to brag)

Enough about me.

I also wish those of you that celebrated your own holidays the very best. I would list them all, but I am a terrible speller and would torture your holiday names. Some things are just never spelled the way they sound.

Here we go some venue hopping. My first stop was Cafe Casablanca. It has been a while since I have been here and Nyteyes made me feel as welcome as if I had never left. Kev Tyson on stage as a giant santa hat and a great sense of humor. I had a great time while there.

On to Sammy's Pub to hear Carols by Candlelight but it appeared to be cancelled though the venue looked like it would be a warm comfortable outdoor venue....I will have to watch for other events being held here.

On to Templemore....a bit early due to the cancel at Sammy's gave me a chance to look around and see what an absolutely beautiful build this is, Hmmm 10 minutes to show time and I am still by myself....I hope this is not an omen...both venues were scheduled to have performers I have never listened to before. Looking back into events to see what else is going on just to be on the safe side. Ok showtime and no one is here....on to the next.

Now this is a show....Spirited Emor singing some of my favorite Christmas songs at Clan LoewenHerz/Lion Clubs. A Beautiful venue, beautiful songs.....who could ask for more.

I can't go venue hopping without stopping at one of my all time favorite venues Kickin Club, now this is a venue that is always packed . I got there in time to catch the end of Liberty Lyrics performance she is awesome, then stayed for Premium the energy he has, I was trying to eat some wings while he was coming through the speakers and i wanted to put down some delicious wings and get up and dance. Anytime I want to put down is a reason for celebration.

I did get back from out of town to hear something that is to me hmmmm well you make your own judgements. There is a hunt being put together that will culminate in a concert consisting of one of my favorite groups as well as another performer in Second Life. I think this is such a unique idea. But I got to thinking as I do a couple of hunts each year..... I was kind of surprised that a hunt needed sponsors to the tune of quite a few Lindens, and then that they were also charging the merchants to participate. Though I had only looked into participating in a hunt once as a venue, I do participate as a hunter in a couple. I asked a few of the vendors that i know rather well, they are friends, participate in hunts and provide wonderful quality items that I receive both as a hunter and the fact that I am a shopoholic. They have never paid to participate in a hunt. to me this understandable, there is no guarantee that a hunt will bring in more sales as most good hunters go to find the item and hurry out to the next location.

I do know that some people think that those individuals that started organizing hunts a long time ago did themselves a disservice by not charging and making money off of the vendors. I look at it a bit differently. To those that take the time to organize a hunt and do it solely because it is something you love to do, I salute you. You are doing something for others to enjoy and not always trying to make a buck. I will always speak of you in the highest regard and if ever asked will always refer people to your hunts and the vendors that also take their time to produce a gift for Second Life residents that hunt. I will also be looking to include my own venue in some of your hunts and will go to the vendors that are there to participate. That is an idea that other venue owners may also want to look into since so many of us have stores on our sims.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am the self proclaimed Queen of Procrastination--as easily seen by the rate I update this blog.

I can blame it on rl, or the season, or the latest hunt I am doing, but the bottom line is that it is pure procrastination. Something I think so many of us do all the time. Not to take anything away from the procrastinators, some of my best work is done due to procrastination, after all, I am not getting a second chance to fix it...well gee I can table it until next year...a common reason to not fix it the first time around. No if I am going to do it, it should be done right the first time. If I see something wrong it is my responsibility to say something, many of you know me and respect me for this character flaw. And I love you for it. So I have no excuse for waiting so late to update this, just that I am the Queen of Procrastination.

I do need to bring you up to date between the timer going off on holiday baking today.

Hmmmm new stuff first....I have been at the most fun venue, Under the Willows. I have not had as much fun at such a unique venue. Though I must also admit, that my wonderful friend Max Kleene was performing and his group and team are some of the most fun in sl. Always clean, never obnoxious, giggles though there may be innuendos. No one ever feels left out at a Max show....this is a group that makes everyone feel so very welcome and knows how to have fun, always lots of laughter. No matter what kind of day you are having, attending a Max show will always leave you with a smile on your face. Add to that dancing on a giant bed at Under the Willows and you have a dynamite show. Hmmmm wondering if they make jumping on the bed animations, I will have to look and send some to the mastermind Precious Rallier, owner of Under the Willows. This is one venue that everyone should see, it is awesome. I know I will be attending again.

Speaking of Max Kleene, I have to give him credit for this find. After chatting one evening, Max asked me to come listen to someone. In all honesty, though I should not be biased, bluegrass has never been my cup of much as I love country, it is such a different type. Max did tell me I would be impressed so I took a chance. WOW...he was right. It was Cosmic Haystack streaming in with his rl band from his studio in Kentucky. These guys were great. Not only was the music great but the band itself is also very entertaining. Thanks Max for pointing me in that direction.

There were a couple of things that happened in the Second Life music community lately. The Avi Choice Awards held at the SL Christmas expo on the 10th of December. I was so proud as I was listening to them, the music community made a strong showing in appearing at the awards. If you had a chance to look at the list of nominees, it was outstanding, though one little thing caught my attention. Under SL music groups, up against groups such as the Follow was an actual Second Life group that so many of use to send out notices of events. I giggled every time I thought of that group winning....all 470+ members. Though the nominees in each category was amazing, a special congratulations goes out to the winners:

Favorite Formal Venue: Nanceeee & Gymmy Sinatra – Frank’s Elite Jazz Club

Favorite Live Music Venue: Reborn Wingtips & Mara Menges – RMS Titanic

Favorite Country Singer: Savannah Coronet

Favorite Pop Singer: Antonio Galloway

Favorite Rock Singer: Skye Galaxy

Favorite SL Musical Group: Powers Avon – The Follow

Favorite Singing Duo: Erin68Frogg & Satin Galli

Favorite Female Musician: Noma Falta

Favorite Male Musician: Russell Eponym

Congratulations to all those that were nominated and to all those that won!!!! Everyone of you is soooo awesome!!!

Though there are still 5 days of campaigning left, congratulations goes out to Rocky Hillburten and his staff for making Toys4Tots so successful this year. Too many children that don't deserve it, go without through the Christmas Season, the United States Marines go out of their way to help kids during the holidays and throughout the year. Once again, the music community in Second Life has opened their hearts and their wallets to help make a difference this year. Toys4Tots this year is just under 5 million lindens, lets all dig just a little more into our pockets and hit that 5 million mark.

A new venture in Second Life. Many of you remember when I had written about Live Gig Alley. Unfortunately instead of making changes that were needed. I do believe it is closed down. Voice Doobie has since gone and created Event Connection. Though it seems to revolve around events of all kinds, I was able to take a look at it. While it holds a great deal of potential, there are still quite a few technical kinks to work out which he is working on. It appears to be a venture worth watching to see the direction it takes, it may be a very good venture for the music community, but only time will tell. His grand opening is scheduled tentatively for January 15.

Now lets get back to procrastination...giggles there are still a ton more venues to be included in the music venue directory, along with live music event groups and services. Hint hint, we have waited so long for this....lets use it to our advantage.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe healthy prosperous New Year! Thank you for allowing me to a small part of this community this year.