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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It has been almost a month since I have posted.  What a month it has been.

I have visited many venues in looking for performers for certain events that we are putting together as a team.  Keeping in mind that have old age and blonde roots (a dangerous combination)  It is so very difficult to remember all of the venues and the many talented performers I have seen.

There is one that stays in my mind though.  I will not mention names.  But through the course of the conversation regarding performing at an RFL event, he quoted me rather high prices.  There were a couple of things about this, the first being that this was for a fundraiser so I would never pay for a performance.  I think what bothered me most wa that when I commented on the higher prices and stated that some of the biggest performers in sl would not charge that much, I was told that because he performs in rl and with that comes a professionalism that other sl performers do not have.

Many of you know me well enough, to know that this is a community that I love and know so very well, so words like that crawl right under my skin.  I confess that I was not that nice with my response.  I told him that he should get to know the members of the very community here and he will see rl careers that would put him to shame.  I did list a few....after an insult or two from him the conversation was over.  It bothered me throughout the day so I looked deeper.  He is fairly new to singing in sl and his group was less than 30.  I did look at his website and he has done a lot of local kaoke.  I will admit he is talented, and I personally would like to see him grow.  We did talk later that day and apologize  to each other.

I think the reason that it has stayed so much on my mind, for as long as I can remember sl has brought in new performers every single week.  Residents that never performed in Second Life have started performing.  With all of it, every week brings us new talent.  Taking into consideration that we also have performers that have kept us entertained for years.  They worked their way up to where they are, many bring tons of rl experience with them.  Having such wonderful wonderful talent.  I would ask that new sl performers never think that you are any better because you have rl experience.....before you say something like that, take the time and get to know the community you are a now a part of.  Those that were here before you earned every linden that they get....and more.  Take the time and get to know these people.  Just like every other community in the world, there is good and bad.  Yes there are performers that everything they do is for their own agenda.  There are performers that you may like or not like the talent....every one has different tastes.  Overall you are going to find, the most compassionate, giving, and talented community.  A community that I am so proud to be a very small part of.