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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Though this is not RFL...nor is it Second Life, it is a combination of what this wonderful team--SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE is about and the entertainment that is where it is founded.  This is an organization that I have the the utmost respect for from all that I have seen.  I say this for two reasons.  They use the tools they have to fight cancer and work to find a cure.  They also are soo transparent....There are no high salaries to CEO's...everyone including those at the top, they give of their time because the cause means so very much to them.  The transparency also extends to knowing exactly how donations are the dream teams that do the research...etc.  They reach out globally using entertainment, media in soo many countries.  They bring in the best of drs to work on actual cures,  other parts and partners are working on the support side of things to offer support to those fighting the battle. 

So Mark your calendars...on September 7th all three major US networks will work in conjunction along with a long list of other media outlets, to fund raise to find a cure for cancer.

Something I have realized with all the different organizations....we are truly all one big team fighting the same battle.  One team.

 I would love to see them in sl!!!! 


Thought I would do some venue hopping tonight....First stop Streaming Falls where my friend, Bat Masters was playing.  He is sooo much fun just to listen to.  Giggles, if you get a chance get him to play his version of Rapper's Delight.  Listening to Bat, mostly because I was able to meet him in Nashville, I could just see the smile while he is singing....and then puts a smile on everyone's face.  Streaming Falls home of the Stream Team is a beautiful venue....though I finally left with leaving a venue tip, I never did find the tip jar.

On to Snug Harbor, a beautiful dance emporium....had to tp away to change as it seemed more formal.  I went back to listen to the lovely voice of Lauren Ilo.  I had not heard Lauren before so this was a real treat.  A beautiful voice and should not be missed.

While I am listening to her, I wanted to touch on a subject that has recently come to my attention.  When I heard it I was dying of laughter.  A host for performer had to host while bald and shoeless, another was  ejected three times....I was dying of laughter and I had to ask what happened.  That's was when I heard about something that ejects you if you are wearing too many scripts.  I was told that the way it was explained was that it was our job as venues to educate the fans and guests that support our venues.  My jaw hit the floor.  First when I went left the corporate world, I left the position of corporate training specialist behind me, and Second Life was meant more for relaxing, not to have to teach others---lol and not even get paid for the rl world that is a high salary job...I do not think that lindens could ever make up that difference so I would not bring it in here.  Giggles, then again this is customer service 101...the customer is always right.  Our visitors quite often tip our venues, that makes them customers.  Anyone from a waitress to a corporate president could tell you this is not exactly a no brainer.  Second, and this goes back to why I originally opened a venue three and half years ago.  I wanted a place that almost all of the sl residents could go to and be comfortable at.  To accomplish that, it is my responsibility to ensure that the people coming to a performance are comfortable.  If they have to don hair, shoes, ao's, etc., they are not comfortable.  If I know that I am going to have a large crowd that will create lag, it is my responsibility as a venue to ensure that the sim can handle it.  There are performers that I have to warn people before they come there to reduce items, but that is when there will be anywhere from 70-100 people guaranteed.  This has truly only happened on a constant level with skye galaxy, Craig Lyons, The Follow, The gReifers, Gago, etc.  Guaranteed if they are appearing lag will be bad.  I also do my part though in helping to reduce it.  The amusement park is shut down....any other scripts besides the intan on the venue are individually turned off.  As a venue owner, I want nothing more than to ensure that the guests visiting my venue are happy and comfortable in their surroundings.  So from here on out all my notices do state:  THIS IS AN AVI FRIENDLY VENUE....NO ONE GETS EJECTED FOR NORMAL HAIR, SHOES, OR CLOTHING SCRIPTS!!!

I am thoroughly impressed listening to Lauren.  I would highly recommend getting out had hearing this lovely woman.

On to Phat's, to listen to Trav McCullough.  Well I had already changed into a gown so I figured I should stay along that path.  I am not sure if I have told you before, but Trav has that voice that you can melt to.  It is easy to just get lost in the songs and float along with it. I will always thank Stephano for restoring Phat's to its former beauty.

I have often listened to the arguments between acoustic and track performers.  Sooo many times the track performers have such wonderful voices, though they do not play an instrument.  Then again, I have often heard some that play an instrument soooo well, but have should not be singing.  Wise performers both track and acoustic should recognize that and work together.....Just imagine the dual streams they can do together.....WOW!!!!  Play on your strengths and utilize your talents to work others and you will each do sooo much more.  Many are already doing this, it is the reason I love dual streaming so very much.

Hoping you are all having a wonderful day!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I have thought and thought about how to approach this topic, it is something that has concerned me for quite a long time.  So many times in speaking with other venue owners, I have found that many agree with me.   Though, at all times, please remember this is my opinion and I am in no way speaking for other venues.

Live music in Second Life, this is a community that I love with all of my heart.  I have been involved as a venue owner for over three years and always had a paying a venue.  Something I have noticed which I always chuckle at, the performers that do so many tips only shows but then apprach me wanting me to pay them.  Hmmm, at times that can make one feel as though sucker is across my forehead or at least they think so.  But that is not what this blog is about.

Everyday brings new and wonderfully talented performers into Second Life.  There are also so many performers that have been performing for us a long time that are also wonderfully talented.  Now here is where this is going to get controversial.  I love our long standing performers as much as I love finding the new talent.  The difference comes in with rates.  Performers that have been here quite some time and ask the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7k a performance have earned that.  They have truly walked the walk so to speak, earned the respect of their followings.  My issue comes in with new performers demanding the same rates.  The talent may be there...they may be some the most talented to ever hit the grid, but until they have made a name for themselves and truly have a loyal following of more than a few months,  they have shown the staying power, then they have earned the ability to charge as much as the more established performers.  I see so many that start in sl, with illusions of grandeur...someone told them they could charge 4 or 5k per show.  Their talent may warrant it, but they are still basically unknown.  When they realize that they can not get it all the time, they hurt them selves by ending back at tips only etc.  Technically, they should have started there or with minimal fees.  I tend to feel that if you limit yourself to a tips only status, it can be a hard thing to break out of....

There will be many that will disagree with me (usually the newer performers and their management).  I have been approached by many that want to perform at my venue, I would imagine, the same as every other venue owner out there.  Something to consider, when approaching us if you are newer to performing (by newer I do not mean a week but 6 months to a year...building a following) is flexibility.  Ask yourself, is it better to go with a much lower rate so that you are able to position yourself to gain exposure and grow, or be turned down completely because your rates are out of the ballpark.  There are some venues that will only pay one set price, if you are charging too much, you may be missing out on a great deal and truly building an awesome following.

Here are some of the things I look for when booking a performer....First and foremost is talent.  Second is the following.  I am a venue owner that promotes everywhere.  But promotion is nothing if there is no one that recognizes you.  Third would be promotion of the venue.  This is why I do not book based on audition alone.  A performer that connects with the audience and truly appreciates what the venues do for Second Life Music is invaluable.....and the sincerity comes across in their voice.  Others, well you can tell them promote the venue and it comes across as a second thought.  The best way to do this is take the time and talk with the venue owners directly, form a truly makes a difference.  In my case, I can honestly say that every performer I book, is also my friend beyond just being on a friends list. Fourth of course are the rates.  If all four of those come together, then we have something to work together on.

But please remember that coming into Second Life with talent does not make you an automatic 4-5k performer.  Giggles even the amazing Skye Galaxy, when he first started, was at 3k.  The fact that he could fill a sim, completely fill a sim within a matter of a few weeks performing, did make it so his rates could climb faster and higher than most.  Another talented performer and woman that I adore...I remember her starting at 2k and then giving some back to the venue.  I have had the opportunity of watching her grow, I believe she now gets 4-6k a show.  She earned every single one of those lindens.

This is an wonderful community, I love finding new talent and will continue to do so.  I apologize if I offended you by this, but with the last conversation I had with a venue owner, I realized that somewhere, sometime...someone had to say it.  Might as well be me since I love this community too much to see hard feelings in it.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Most of you know that I love to go venue hopping and check out the wonderful venues in Second Life as well as listen to the amazing performers here.  Recently, I have noticed a few things that I had wanted to talk about.

As venue owners, we talk about attendance usually saying it is down.  Quite often I hear performers saying the same thing.  Though this may just be a sign of the times, I have seen some things that have fallen off.  Most of us know that almost around the clock there is a ton of live performances going on in Second Life.  Especially during those prime times of 4-10 sl time.  We know this more from experience than anything else.  Where I am not seeing it is in Second Life events.  I get notices through the 18 music groups I belong to and post my own events, through the 6-8 Face Book pages.  I will be the first to say kudos to performers and venue owners for using these tools.  At the same time, we should not be forgetting some of the more obvious tools such as events.  Due to the anonymity of Second Life, there are so many that do not utilize Face Book in connection with their Second Life avi.  This is true not only of residents, but of venue owners and performers.  It is important that we keep this in mind and utilize the most obvious of places--Second Life events.

I am not trying to turn this into a what is wrong type blog, but more as a reminder of things that we may be forgetting.  I have been to numerous venues where no one has a clue as to who I am, yet being greeted is not occurring.  So many of us are used to the same people that frequent our venues and shows, those are the people that are recognized as they should be....but so should each person.  Who knows that new person to your venue may appreciate the personal greeting so much that they soon are comfortable and become a friend as so many before them did, and become a regular at your venue, tipping when they can.  Times change, music changes, performers change, venues change......the one thing that never changes is what a personal touch can add to someone's life.

We can all sit back and complain but that really does not accomplish much.  We have tools  and yes, I slack up too.....I need to get back to Moolto and SL Profiles to get my own events back to being listed.  I have groups in both of them....and I have completely neglected them.  Being a venue owner is time consuming, and thank goodness for copy and

On a separate it this new Pathfinder thing that Linden Labs said they were releasing to all servers, is that what is making everything take a million years to rezz?????

Until next time.....hopefully not as far down the road.


WagonWheel Saloon -Jim and Felly's Place where I was so enjoying MrMikey  until I crashed.  Now I would love to say it is SL's fault...but unfortunately, while I was in Chicago turns out something down here took a big lightening hit and did wonders for the internet service....modems, routers, ether net cables have had to be replaced....I have noticed that when it is business hours the internet goes on and off...the only way to get it back is to do a times!!!!.

Woohoo my venue is completely back together and we busy putting together some awesome lineups starting mid August......I know a shameless plug here.  but I am thrilled, I finally found a general manager that is being trained now.   The roster for the 2013 RFL team is well underway.  The 2012 RFL year is ending with the most awesome team in the world, I think I have finally gotten all my thank you's out to the team members, still working on the many many that stepped up to help that were not on the team.   As a first year team I could never be prouder of a team.  I did submit the survey and suggestions for next year, though if last year is any proof, it will not matter,

 As soon as the venue is completely booked I will have the time to get to work on the back burner project for venues, performers, etc.  Once it is done, and the performers that have offered their assistance are in place we will call a meeting to present it and get all those on board that would like to come aboard.  All this and packing my house up for a move back up to Chicagoland.

Today, I am doing some venue hopping.

Threw a gown on, and headed out to hear some ballroom performers, or wherever the wind takes me.

Headed over to Smooth....but sl deciding to be sl...well the lag was so bad nothing ever rezzed.  it took me 4 tries just to tp out of there.  Finally made it out and headed to Club RoCa in the Tropics Music Venue to listen to Spirited Emor  ---great voice and love his playlist.  Ran into some good friends there.  But better yet, this venue's tip jar, it  is worth going to a show there just for their tip of the most unique I have seen.

I stayed so long that I never went further.

This blog is taking me days to finish, but I finally am going to finish it.  Tonight I went to Snug Harbor and had the opportunity to hear a beautiful voice of an old friend that I have not seen in a long time....Jewels Osterham.  This woman has the most wonderful voice add to that a stage presence the exudes  warmth, friendship and pure class.  What a pleasure to listen to her.

I was out looking for more of a ballroom type performer and I think that was about it for the night.   So guess what!!!!!  I am finally going to finish this blog.