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Sunday, July 31, 2016


I owe you an apology with the week or so in the hospital, the recuperating, losing my power steering on my car, losing a cousin, and having all my kids come home at one, it really ate up the month of July, so I have been MIA.  But everything is calmed down and nothing is standing in the way of Stand Up 2 Cancer in September.  I will be sending out things to all participating venues and performers.  For those venues that have gone ahead and picked their day and started scheduling thank you so very much..

If you have not already, please get me that information.  If you are a venue, host, or performer that has not already told me you are interested you would like to help, please do so as soon as as possible, We all know that this year is flying by.

This year the live music community has been hit so very hard by cancer, and touched all our hearts so deeply.  It serves as a reminder just how very important research is.

I am looking forward to working with each of you.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Ya know I never take the laptop wth me to the doctor office, usually just the tablet and phone.  But I had a few hours stuck between the MRI and the appt so I thought what the heck.  Little did I know that I wasn't going home so ultimately I was glad I did.  It did give me a chance to log in and catch some live music before I ended up sleeping for a couple of days.

On the 8th of July I was able to get in and see some amazing friends and performers.  Starting with one of my oldest friends Mamaa Saiz at Surfside Hideaway.  Though I have not had a chance to see Mamaa in a long time, he remembered the wondered hit wonder that I loved (At this moment by Billy Vera and the Beaters) and performed  it for me.  Though as Mamaa always reminds us Billy Vera did much more than just this song.

Mamaa Saiz at Surfside Hideaway 07082016
Then I headed over to a favorite venue  LoveKats to see the very talented Mavenn

Mavenn at LoveKats 07082016
Then I was out of Live Music for a few days and also sleeping for a few days.  Even when I got home late on the 13th was still spending a great deal of time sleeping and with a heating pad on my back. No one ever warns you what those surgical tables do to your back.  In many ways I am still feeling it.

On the 14th I was able to venture out once again.  So I headed out to Balboa Bay,  I got to see my old friend Chris Darkstone,

 Chris Darkstone at Balboa Bay 07142016
My buddy Max was up at Balboa Bay. After numerous attempts to get in because the sim was full, I finally did.

Max Kleene at Balboa Bay 07142016
Yesterday, I was just able to make it to one show, but wow what a great show.  Noma Falta, such an amazing performer at The Fillmore.  Sadist does a remarkable job with The Fillmore, always packed and always welcoming.  I believe it is one of the best venues in sl.

Noma Falta at The Fillmore 07162016
Today I was just able to get to a Max Kleene show at another favorite venue, The Seaside Lounge.

Max Kleene at Seaside Lounge 07172016
 I also headed over to Kickin to see another amazing friend. Krisie Snowdrop.  Krisie is one tthat I get to follow on FB as well as sl.  I am overjoyed with her successes in RL Music as well. she is truly one talented performer.  I have said it often in the past....Canada provides tons of talented perfrmers to sl.

Krisie Snowdrop at Kickin 07172016


I can only apologize immensely for not being able to get out and promote this magnificent cause better.  Unfortunately my rl health decided to play some tricks on me and it is taking me a couple of weeks to completely get back on my feet, during what is normally my busiest time.  I will try to get out to each venue and each performer.  Last year we doubled we did last year as far as venues, performers, and fund raising.  We are almost at the amounts of venues and performers that we were last year.  If I have neglected getting to your venue to talk with you, please im me in world, email me, or respond here if you are interested in participating

Thursday, July 14, 2016




Can you believe half the year is over????  Wow the older I get the faster time flies by.

On the 1st I was able to get out and visit some venues.   I started out Live Music, my first time there and it is owned by the talented and truly entertaining KevinMThomas Carpool.  When I went there it was because I saw Kevin and Mike00 Carnell dualing.  It is fun just listening to them.

Mike Carnell and KevinMThomas at Live Music 0701201
From there I went to a favorite that I had not been to in a quite a while....Kickin!!!!  I got to see Premium Composer.  Premium always does a great show that makes you leave your chair, get up and dance.  There is such a fun group of people at Kickin.

Premium Composer at Kickin 07012016
On the 2nd I was able to get out again.  I headed over to Endeavor Cove to see one of my favorites, I consider her a good friend in sl and hope to see her at a jam soon in the future.......Eliz Wantanbe.  Eliz put on a great 4th of July show leaving me blown away with some of her patriotic renditions.  Oh an with all the clothing you see for the holiday....I love the dress she wore.

Eliz at Endeavor Cove 07022016
From there I whisked off to see BigTex at Inspiration Music Venue and Art Gallery

BigTex at Inspiration Music Venue and Art Gallery 07022016
I had wanted to get this out to out to you over a week ago, but I had my own big bang.  Most of you know that I closed my venue from events due to health issues that almost sent me into a coma.  Shortly after that I learned my body had created its own shunt was causing meds to bypass the failing organ.  At the time it was not that large and when I recognized it would just double or triple my meds.  Well that standard MRI that always left me as status quo, did not leave me with status quo.  I never made it home from the dr office I was admitted to the hospital from the office.  I guess that shunt had gotten rather large, which explained why I had to keep doubling and tripling meds, add into that some clots that were causing blockages in a couple major veins.  Kind of funny to me as I have little to no platelets but it still happened and that was scary.  What they did do after a couple of days of deliberating was decide to put in a shunt, close off the one that my body made.  At the same time they were able to push the clots kind of far so they weren't causing the blockages. very hesitant about putting me on any kind of blood thinners, afraid it would cause internal bleeding so they will be monitoring very closely.  Finally got home last night and am off the pain killers, but with all the blood draws, the transfusions, and the iv's  my arms do resemble a junkie's.  If all works as it should I won't have to double and triple my meds who knows maybe even reopen the venue one day.  The dr that performed this as well as my oncologist both have said that they believe I could go back on the organ transplant list, though I am still far from needing it, they commented that this procedure can make the organ go from bad to worse much faster.  Though I can not complain, I have beaten every odd they gave me.  I do have to admit that over a week in the hospital is way too much

Monday, July 4, 2016


On the 23rd I headed over to LoveKats to see Gibson.  Gibson is an amazing performer.  Talented and fun.  If you have not heard him yet, I highly suggest that you do.  If you have then I am sure you already love listening to him ass much as I do.  Between Gibson and Love Kats what a fun time it was, now keep in mind that I am biased about Love Kats,  Kat has done an amazing job on that venue and is also a close friend.

Gibson at Love Kats 0623 2016
When I left Love Kats, I headed to a venue that I had never been to before.  You know me I love finding new venues, seeing the creativity because everyone is different and each venue is a reflection of its owner.  This time I went to Stallion Jazz Club it is a beautiful venue and graced by ChicagoSax.  Now that man can play.  He is a great musician in both sl and rl.  Turns out that since I moved back to civilization we are not that far from each and know soo many of the same places.  Laughing if we compared notes maybe even the same people.
ChicagoSax at Stallions Jazz Club 062302016

I did not get out until I was asked to come listen to the absolutely amazing Steve Genesis.  He was donating his time and talent to Musicality.  For those that are not familiar with it, Musicality was a fund raiser organized for an extremely worthy cause.  As many of you in the US are aware, due to spending cuts out music programs for children is nonexistent in some areas and very limited in others.  I believe the best way to describe what this fund raiser was about is to just give you the mission state of Spread Music Now:

"Facing the Crisis at Hand 

Confidence. Creativity. Collaboration. These are just some of the things that improve when a child participates in structured, rigorous music education. Multiple studies have shown that students that learn music develop stronger academic skills, and in general, enjoy a higher quality of life than peers who do not study music.

Unfortunately, cuts in school music education programs have left many students with minimal exposure to the arts. This trend has taken an especially harsh toll on high-need students, since school-based programs are often the only opportunity they have to receive music education.

SpreadMusicNow is committed to filling this gap by funding music programs that foster continual learning and that put students on a clear path to college, career, and life success.

We believe that by providing a child with music education, they will experience a better quality of life and develop skills that will help them to not only become successful students, but role models that benefit society as a whole. 
While there I was able to see the a few different performers.  Starting out with Stephen Genesis....I am going to have to follow him around the grid....Wow I really enjoyed listening to him.
Steve Genisis at Musicality 06252016
 Some of my favorites that I stayed for.
Collin Martin at Musicality 06252016
And SoulVision
SoulVision at Musicality 06252016
The day was filled with amazing performers all giving their time and talent.  A reminder of how large the hearts of the SL Music Community are.
On the 29th I was able to get out again.and headed out to another venue I had never been to, Bonanza Country Club.  Oh my gosh how welcoming they are.  Bella1 Abbott is one of the nicest women.  I got to see Gemini Silverstone.  What a fun time that was.  
Gemini Silverstone at Bonanza Country Club 0629016

Then I was tp'd to another favorite favorite country performer, Shaye Dezno.  Unfortunately I arrived late and just caught the end of her show. I was unable to take a picture. From there we tp'd right over to Acoustic Cave and had the added benefit of listening to the so very talented Gary Jonstone.  Acoustic Cave is a mainstay in sl and one that always is a great place to hear so much talent, Max does a wonderful job of always having a great line up.
Gary Jonstone at Acoustic Cave 0629016
 Wow I forgot the 30th!  I wnt over to Duval Street and Pub and saw everyone's favorite Acoustic Energy.  Another absolutely amazing performer.
AE at Duval Street and Pub 06302016
 And now June is done.  What a month it has been.