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Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Weekend

The San Diego Jam took place this weekend' Second Life performers traveling from hours away and Canada to attend.  I spent most of the weekend watching it on Ustream and was reminded why we love Second lIfe Music so very much. 

Each artist had a time slot on Saturday evening, that was great.  Though I or one, have to admit loved the hours of jamming.  I was able to listen to some artists I have not heard in a while.  Celtic reminded me of what a wonderful voice she has when I melted to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  Taunter also showed us her wonderful voice.  I have to admit that both these women are awesome in their own right, but they sang together and it became pure magic.  I, for one, am hoping that these two do more together in Second Life.

The jam also brought artists that I had not heard before.  Eva-Moon and Lyndon were awesome and Tamra blew me away.  If you haven't had a chance to see these performers, I would highly recommend it.  Now I can't go without mentioning an artist that I respect as performer and truly call a friend as person...No jam is complete without Max Kleene, always great whether he is jamming or performing on his his own.  There is another performer that I completely fell in love with...Zak Claxton.  This man is awesome...completely and totally awesome!!

Mankind was there and performed for a while as well.  Raspberry and Lexus also were there...I did not see as much of them as I walked away from the computer or got busy with my own venue at the time...and sometimes that good old RL decided to interrupt. 

I have to hand it to Gwampa and Ayesha.  Ayesha, wow I can only imagine the time that went into putting this together, she did a fantastic job and celebrated her birthday while there.  Makes me seems like she gave us a birthday gift.  Thank you  sooo very much.  Gwampa came through and the video was the best I have seen from a jam.  Each jam gets better and I know he plays a huge part in making that happen

As a venue owner, I know there are performers I am going to try and get at my venue, Giggles...already put requests out.

If you have ever had a chance to attend a Second Life music jam, or to watch one, it reinforces all that is good and talented and fun about the live music community.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


No matter what I may think of him and the names he tends to use toward me, I have to admit that the meeting with UMC, did result in something good.  Thank you to the LL personnel that attended, because of the fact that he listened to the frustrations regarding submitting of events.  This is showing through organized meetings starting in March regarding events. 

I am looking forward to attending these meetings.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two venues that thoroughly impressed me today.

See this is what happens when I don't post in a awhile....thoughts build up, and then there are an abundance of posts.....

I had extra time today, so I thought I would get out and listen to performers that I had  not heard before.  Normally when I do this I pull up events and start tping, landing on the outskirts and listening to a song or two...if the voice and music impress me, I stay and if they don't I keep going until I find one, that I like.

Earlier today my travels too me to Telling Secrets in the Taiga (Airship), Puppy Zanes new venue.  The performer was good, but the venue, wow it is not often i just take pictures at a venue, but I did today.  Her venue is soo unique, yet quaint and comfy is the best way to describe it.  If you get a chance, stop by and see Puppy, dance or pull up a comfy advice...put your settings on midnight.

Then as I was moving on to others, my friend and most of us know her through her articles on performers in the various Second Life publications, her blog, and Sandy, I say this in the most affectionate way....her constant im's asking you to listen to a performer, (talk about someone that works hard to increase Second Life music exposure); Sandy im'd me to listen to another performer...I FINALLY accepted and she tp'd me.  When I got there I listened to Blueron Clyburn another good performer.  As I was talking with Sandy (she really is quite modest), it came out that the venue was hers.  A beautiful venue open and airy, waterside, and put together very well...another recommendation to stop by and see is Italian Mood Rewind. 

Laughs, of course, I also stopped at two of my favorite venues Guthries and the Drunken Drow.  I had a great time visiting venues I had not been to in a while and seeing new venues, as well as the opportunity to hear a number of new artists.

Working Together to Increase Our Exposure

After sitting back and watching a great many things, people stating they are working toward good and unite a community, listening to people at those meetings and the cry for representation and structure, hearing people tear apart the very community they say they are trying to unite; myself, as I am sure many do, have an opinion as to how uniting of a community should and would work.  As within the next week or two, depending on if I am slacking off or not, I will put those ideas down.  There are some things that I just do not see as uniting a community but rather as dividing it.

First and foremost a closed by invite only group is not the answer, whether the founders of that group call themselves, owners, facilitators etc...the bottom line is that there is a sense of power, they still control who belongs to that group, have the ability to kick someone out and/or shut someone up, etc....That is not equal representation and structure.  It is power, and quite often it is power with an agenda of its own.  In the case of one group, I see a push for a system that keeps being rejected, in another group, I see it as a way to force their publication/radio etc. down people's throats.  All of it no matter what guise they place on it is lining someone or trying to line someone's pockets with Lindens.  The funny thing is that the people I see doing this the most are the ones that have to depend on other people to fill their Second Life wallets, as they can not afford to do it themselves.   Something I believe to be wary of is the person that says they are doing things for the greater good, yet wants the greater good to promote them and their products.  That is not for the greater good, actually it is in its simplest of terms, using others to benefit themselves.

Lately I have seen performers that are bouncing between the different virtual worlds to perform.  I think it is wonderful that the performers are becoming flexible and reaching out to new audiences.  Yesterday I recently saw a subscribo that not only stated that performer was going to be in another world, but also encouraged Second Life residents to go and form an avi.  I won't sugar coat and say that it did not bother me, it did.  I did not view it as a way to increase exposure to an artist as much as a way to give exposure to another world.

The Second Life Music Industry is an expensive one.  Performers earn their monies by putting on quality performances.  There are many that have been performing quite some time in Second Life, in many ways they have walked the walk that gets them to where they are.  There are also many that 2 years ago were the creme of the crop in Second Life, winning contests etc., though we love them for who they are and what they have accomplished; this is an industry that always has someone better waiting in the wings, something all performers should remember.  It takes innovation and flexibility to continue to win contests.  As a venue, the biggest draw are the performers that are winning contests and awards now...not two years ago, though we love them all the same.  From a view of someone that loves to listen to the SL artists, what I find is that many need to become more flexible.  Keeping up with what people are listening to, rising to meet the demands of the newer Second Life residents.  People that are entering Second Life now tend to be a younger age group.  Ask yourselves, are you being flexible enough to meet these demands.  At times I find I could go from one performance to another and listen to the same songs being played by different people. I am seeing more and more artists that also are actively seeking real life careers, hearing about their trials and tribulations as well as their successes, only serves to make them even more loved, for hopefully we all want the very best for our Second Life performers.  They are also bringing their rl into sl....reality meeting virtual is a wonderful thing.

As venues, are we doing all we can to reach out as well?  It is only with those that are very unique venues, that seem to draw the crowds anymore.  One day I looked at the map as I had someone that has always been a big draw performing, yet the amount of people here was so far down.  I checked events during prime time evening hours....and looked at the map with each one that was going on.  Only one sim had 30+ people the rest somewhere between 10-18.  The one that had 30+ was a country western venue.  hmmmm I know that told me I was missing out on a genre that I needed to include.  At the same time, Second Life was no less busier that night with the normal 50-60 thousand logged in.  I wondered are we really reaching them.  Whether someone is a builder, scriptor, merchant, arts, tinies, Gor, etc......there is one thing that binds  Are we as venues reaching out to everyone; or do we all continue to send the same notices to the same groups over and over, I know I am guilty of this, and then wonder why attendance is down.  Just as performers need to be flexible, as venues we also need to be flexible.  Real Life changes and takes it hits....highs and lows, Second Life is no different.  Are we as a community truly rising to meet these challenges?  Are we being flexible, finding new avenues to draw our own residents?  Are we as community thinking outside the box?  If you are a venue that is doing something different...or a performer that is changing to meet the demands of the new younger Second Life residents, please share with each other.  Many times what starts as a small statement can quite often snowball into something really good.

Things that I have done, and in many ways I am lucky that I have an entire sim to work with, many venues share parcels on a sim.  I tried rentals,,,,they were okay but not something i truly cared about.  Now I have an amusement park up, it works to increase traffic as it keeps different keywords in the search, many times attracting different residents that are not aware of live music.  I have a few shops and carts, not many.  Many of you know me as someone that likes to think of new and fun things to celebrate or do.  Now we are doing new contests, unique in their own right.  Public relations of any kind is also important.  Myself, I tend to utilize what I feel are the most effective avenues right now, promoting every event on Moolto, SL profiles, and FaceBook, SL events, destination guide.  Though I see a lot of performers promoting themselves on FaceBook, I see very few venues, yet the exposure is the best as it grows daily, networking is easy and above all free!!!!  Yes it can be a bit time consuming, at the same time, yet we all agree we need exposure, depending on anyone else to do it for us is silly, as we may turn blue holding our breath waiting for that.  There is sooo much that we can do costs us some time.  So ask yourselves, do you feel passionate enough about your venue and Second Life music to spend a some time on increasing your your exposure?  There are ways to do it. some I have thought of....and probably tons that I do not have a clue about.  Each of us should take the time and think about ways that we can increase exposure, without depending on someone else to do it for us.  Talk to each other, share ideas.  If there is anything I have learned, it is that Second Life has some of the most creative people in the world in it........lets use our creativity to create more exposure for the things we are sooo passionate about.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Over the weekend, something occurred that has totally renewed my faith in groups in the Second Life music scene.  I was invited to join a group and my first reaction was "another group".  Thank you Patrick for clarifying exactly what this group was and stood for...truly uniting and promoting the second life music community.  After discussusing this, expressing my concerns on the way people were treated in other groups, you reassured me that would not be tolerated.  It was an honor to join this group.  Once I became a member and truly saw the list of members it became wonderfully clear that these are not the people that blindly follow, they are people that from everything I know of them are an extremely ethical group, and truly working to the betterment of live music in second life...many of which I know well and am honored to call friends.

After all the ranting and raving I have done regarding groups that use a guise to promote one person's agenda, along comes a group like this and is a reminder of all that is truly beautiful in the Second Life music community.  I promise to promote this group in any way that I can as it stands for the good in our musical community.

Originally, I was going to talk about thoughts I had on things that could truly help the community as a whole, and still will this week.  For now though I wish each of you a wonderful Valentine Day.  If you are lucky enough to be invited to this group, run don't walk to it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Apologies to my readers

Hi, I am apologizing ahead of time, but I do need to vent and rant for a moment.

Due to the fact that I have the years of sales directors, corporate trainer, and a long list of accomplishments in my rl backgroud, I tend to have a bit knowledge in how to work hard and get things done.  Usually I keep this part of my life separate from Second Life.  Though when people get wind of it, quite often they see a way to use me to further their own personal agendas.  Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing.  My biggest downfall is that I trust them.  I did this once when I first started the venue and got sucked into holding the meeting for the CCS system, I did it again when through the course of a conversation I accepted a position with a Second Life publication...M3 Music Matters.  Unfortunately, I was asked to do things over and above the selling of ad space, starting with asking me to write a 20-30 second spot for the radio station, giving opinions on articles that had not been published yet, yet passed out to myself and other venue owners for viewing, to writing a rollout for a "diabolical" plan, which he remained a member of a group so that he could have his foot in the door for a plan that would take people away from that group.  All of it very unethical to me.  I listened a few times gave my opinions on what he was doing, but would not do any of the things he was asking for. 

The one thing I did do was to follow up on lead given to me to sell advertising for the magazine...after all that is what I was hired for on a commission only basis.  I also did one other thing, I had BS's also purchase an ad.  I am the kind of person that can not sell something, if I myself would not purchase it.  I am good at what I do, maybe because I do not use "used car sales" tactics.  After all, when it all comes down to it there is only that I have to answer to, and I prefer that those answers be that I always do what I felt was the right and honest thing to do.  I have to like the person that looks back at me in the mirror in each day and be able to hold my head up knowing that I stood up for what was right.  So I spent 8000 lindens on an ad.  I set it up so that I kept my books straight.  M3 was seperate from BS's.  Hmmmm as I write this, I realize I was never paid for that ad, I may have to im and remind him.

I also approached the lead I was given.  Though the lead was a different field than music, and an extremely nice man that produces a quality product in Second Life,  he asked some very pointed questions.  Coming from the advertising background that I do, I realized the questions he asked were very valid and told him I would try to get the information for him.  Instead when I requested the information, it was unavailable, I told the owner of M3 one way to possibly get the information.  He told me to do it.  Ummmmm once again not in my job description.  Besides any publication, in making themselves marketable, should be able to provide their demographics in seconds.  This is a common marketing tool.  Also a wonderful tool to give to give your sales people so that they have a leg to stand on when talking to potential clients. 

After watching the games played with other people and not being given the tools I needed to perform the job I agreed to do, I did quit.  I have enough on my plate without doing anyone else's work for them.  Now in this case, I have to wonder if though the lights are on, is anyone is really home.  I have been attacked through a group, in group chats etc....One would think with the completely illogical things that have been said, that I truly did something to this man.  I did nothing except expect him to keep his word.  His magazine should not be based upon one person's ability to sell advertising for him, yet his comment about it costing him 20k today, led me to believe it was.  Giggling I realize that without my 8000L that number he put in group chat would have been higher. I have no vested interest in this.  I do have a vested interest in my venue, and anything I do there, I can afford to do there.  It is overhead that as a venue owner, or anyone that does anything that costs them money should be prepared for.  It is called being responsible for yourself.

There is a good thing that has come out of all this, a ways back I had done a ton of research and compiled huge amounts of data, then promoted Oristill Advertising.  It was then and would still be a win/win/win/win/win situation for five different avenues.  Vendors/Venues/Media/Performers/Audiences.  Over 400 performers gave me data showing their support at the time.  All of this is sitting in a data bank and I never moved forward with it due to the time involved.  Many have approached me wondering why I did not pursue this avenue.  The silliness I have seen lately is showing me that this concept is needed, so we are discussing going forward with it. 

I do ask one thing, if you choose to attack me, and you like to use big words, please use them appropriately, otherwise using big words is not a sign of intelligence.  The one truly honest thing that was said to me was that he told me he is a tyrant, I did not believe that at first....I do now.

I do apologize once again for I do know that this blog was all about me needing to vent, and truly carries no relevance to the music community.  I promise you that this is not something you will see often, I think today's attack just got the best of me.

Adventures in Second Life Music

The past week things have been quiet for me as I was more interested in the Superbowl....Thank you Packers, you made me proud to be a life long fan.  With the Superbowl behind us and the Packers headed to Disney World it is time to move on.

A couple of interesting things did occur over the last week or so.  The article that Katydid wrote on the UMC group came out.  A very well written article.  The only thing that had bothered me was that it did not include a link at the end for the chat log as I had been assured it would.  A day or two later...maybe due to many requests, who knows, the chat logs were released..needless to say, I rearranged my day listened to them and saved them to my computer.  I had to see if even though his terminology is very disgusting, I had to see if I in any way deserved the wrath or anger that I heard about.  Though I was loud, which is me naturally...and probably a bit louder since someone else had their speakers going...I did not say anything wrong...Our opinions were asked for and and I reciprocated.  Interesting, that my opinion was thought of enough to get that kind of reaction versus the other venue owners that also stated they would not be cover charge venues.  Or maybe I am just an easy target for this man, and he truly despises and does not know how to deal with a strong woman....just speculation on my part.  Since I believe public access to the chat logs ends today or tomorrow, if anyone would like them, just let me know and I will send them to you....or laughing because I am technically illiterate, see if there is a way that I can put them on here.  But I am branching and discussing this performer is not what I intended to do today.

I did find some things that once again reiterated so much of what I love about the various Second Life live music venues.  This morning I was unable to sleep so I thought I would find a new ballroom for myself and my husband to attend.  We adore finding new ballrooms in beautiful builds.  Trying to surprise him off I went.  I used search for ballrooms and found the Charleston Lace Ballroom.  A beautiful build that is part of three sims, with Ft. Sumpter taking one of those sims.  Lo and behold, I noticed a line up posted.  This was not only a beautiful ballroom, if you get a chance check out the ballroom in the sky, the beauty took my breath away,  but also a live music venue.  I spent some time speaking with one of the owners, though it is a newer venue and still in many cases coming together, her passion for the Charleston area was apparent and caused me to think of Mara and the Titanic.   A venue I am looking forward to attending and exploring. 

I went on with my personal search and got to Starlight, another absolutely beautiful venue.  While there I started speaking with the owner as they also have live performers mixed in with dj's.  Patric loved what everyone is doing to promote live music in Second Life, he in turn gave me the venue itself's owner as well as another place which I will touch on.  We will be putting Starlights on our list of places to visit.

Through it all Patric also took me to Netera's Coffee Lounge.  As Patric and I talked, he explained to me that the owner does live interviews with performers amd then they also perform there.  I will be the first to hang my head and admit I do not keep the radio stations in Second Life streaming on my sim, choosing to use outside streams.  So when it comes to that I am like a noob, and know little to nothing.  If I know someone is doing an interview then I have tuned it in, that is usually the stations affliated with Moolto, and it is because of the promotions I have received to remind me.  Yes I have the serious issue of old age and blonde roots.....a dangerous combination when it comes to remembering, also, giggling under my breath, a great excuse for forgetting.  Now I am branching again.......

Netera's has me totally intrigued.  I am looking so forward to attending some of her interviews.  In reading some of the things around her venue, the real person also has me intrigued and I am looking forward to actually talking with her one day.

Today showed me that once again, the many of us that think and/or believe we play such a large part in Second Life music, in all honesty are small in the grand scheme of things here.  There are sooo many performers, venues built with an idea and passion, ways to experience live music in Second Life.  I, myself am going to try to spend at least an hour or two each day exploring Second Life and the wonders it brings to the live music scene.  Today, I was also given a link to a newer Second Life performer, all I can say is WOW, rarely does one have a chance to listen to such an emotionally powerful performer....I have a feeling that we hear a lot of this man in the upcoming day, watch for Jesse Ribeiro, I know I will be following him around the grid, he has a quality in his singing that made me think of when I heard Skye Galaxy for the first time.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today I received an im from someone which I believe, since they talk the same and have the same temper tantrums, and even same typos seem to mimic another person, I believe they are alts of each other.  But that is my opinion,   At any rate, I received an im from him telling me to expect a group invite to yet another group.  And there is not even an originality on this one.  They took an existing group because they were upset that they could not send out notices, and expanded on the name by adding one word ...Yet the group is set up for solely venue owners to send notices.  No one else should ever be sending notices.

The bickering lately is pretty funny, it is rather entertaining.  Though I myself would not join a venue owners group that was not owned by venue owners.  Also one has to question if the answer to everything is to just go off and start another.  How does that unify a community?  I would think it does more damage to a community than to unify it.

If there was an issue, the person that had the issue should have done the adult thing and asked directly.  Then again, one must always take into consideration a person's ability to do the adult thing.  I have found that too many that can not argue a point objectively, all too often turn to mudslinging, name calling and cussing.

It was brought to my attention that because this blog is my opinion, that I should not promote it to within the group I belong to.  Now this I find amazing.  That same group is set up for discussion pyrposes, the sharing of thoughts and ideas.  It is just easier to write those thoughts and ideas down here rather than hit the group with a number of motecards.  Not to say that my opinions are the best, nor are my ideas.  They may not be the worst either.  But I do belong to a group that is meant for a sharing of ideas, opinions, etc....and any other venue owner has the same abilities within that group.  Laughs I remember a owner going completely off the deep end about another member in that group and doing it in group chat.  Though this particular group itself did not have a clue as to the why's....he was yelling about something that happened in another group, which I tried to point out to him in a private im. 

I have also been told that it is unethical to share a conversation, yet the person that held that conversation gave permission for it to be copied and pasted....even suggesting it himself.  So yes the repercussions of someone actually pointing these things out, things that they did to others is one not only becoming pitiful, but sad....these are grown ups.  hmmmm makes one wonder.  At least I know my blogs are being read.  People are given two choices.  read it or don't read it, no one is twisting anyone's arm to do either.  I also give my opinions when I think something is really good.  But as always, they are my opinions and I am entitled to them.

I have seen blogs that truly talk horribly about people.  Someone once directed me to Zorch's.  I read it picked up my jaw and moved on.  I did not attack him for those opinions nor did I praise him.  I chose to ignore it.  Those that read my blog have the same choices.

For those that want yet another group, hey that is you...myself, I will just stand back and watch while the usual happens a lot of talk, mudslinging and nothing truly being done democratically or efficiently to truly bring the music community together.  The 20-70 in the groups does not (the group I own as well) truly represent the music community and or the performers.    I only own this group because as I said in an earlier blog, I was new and dumb and bought into the Mankind's and spin on the CCS.  In all honesty, I have thought about leaving it, but then I have always felt a responsibility to those that joined in good faith.  So as a group owner, I will state when I feel something is right or wrong.  They are my opinions, and I feel as though every venue owner should be able to state their opinions.  They have a place to do so here, without worry of being cussed out for stating them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Increasing Group Size

Groups---We love em and we hate em. many of us, now be honest, turn off group notices from the very groups we post to?  I do.  As a venue owner there is nothing more distracting than getting a million group notices ever half hour to hour.  Yet at the same time we can't do without them.  As a venue owner, I look at a following as part of the formula that goes into whether I book an artist.  True talent plays the largest role in that formula, but there are also many times I have booked some awesome acts only to be the one one in the audience, or myself and a manager.  To be extremely realistic, following counts.  Once booked I do believe it is my job as a venue owner to promote that artist as much as possible, through SL event listings, Moolto, SL profiles, FaceBook, and the dreaded group notices.  I am sure that or I would hope that performers also take into consideration the size of the group of the venue.  I, myself, if I were a performer, would want to ensure that I was performing at venues that would give me the most exposure.  Exposure for both performer and venue is one of the main keys to success.  Exposure gets more people to the venue and the performance, hopefully accomplishing a few things, one being increased tips to the venue and to the performer, as we;; as good exposure for the best way of advertising will always be word of mouth.  As much as we hate groups, we also embrace them.

Differnet ways to increase group size.  The only examples I can share with you are ones that I have seen, done, or heard about.  I know of performers that are growing and actually spend their time in SL meeting and talking to people, at times performing just for them.  Sid Slade was soooo good at marketing himself that way.  His group began to grow slowly but steadily.  Managers and hosts encourage people to join the performer's group during live events.  I have seen group inviters that hit me with a request when I land on a sim or venue.  Rarely do I myself ever join a group that way, preferring a more personalized approach, but for many it works. Myself, I send out a group invite once during the middle of an event and follow it up with a message to tap the subscribo if they need their group space.   There is one performer, and I have to question the ethics behind this one...he once told me that he keeps his group numbers that high due to the fact that he would start like a new avi, he then went through got the current list of last names, then would look them up in search and issue group invites.  It is common that noobies join whatever pops up, whether they know what it is or not.  Ethical or not, I have to admit that it must take a great deal of time to do this.  Yet it allows the person that does things this way to boast of huge group numbers, and more people to spam too.  The bottom line to this is that there are many ways to increase your group numbers.