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Saturday, February 23, 2013


It seems like it has been months since I have been able to get out and do this much venue hopping---I love it!!!

Off to Southbound....what a comfy venue....just one of those when you walk in it is like you leave any stress at the door type feel.  Now the fact that I am listening to my old frinds Wolf n Hawk and thier such mellow sounding may also be helping that feeling.  There are a few performers that I love to go and listen to with a cup of coffee and just relax with...Wolf n Hawk are two of those performers.  Sooooo relaxing.  It has to be something about being from England.  The performers that I love for this relaxing mellow feeling are all from England.

On to WatrsEdge for the beautiful voice of Lisa Brune.  Now this is the first time I have been to WatrsEdge. OMG what a beautiful venue.  Not just the venue, the entire sim.  Put a beautiful voice in a wonderful venue on a beautiful sim and you have perfection.....until....well Lisa can bring in quite a crowd....and the sim crashes!!!!  Gotta love sl!

On to Rovers Return Inn....a performer I had not heard before...oldwolf another performer that should not be missed.  Also from France. 

While I was at Rovers Return and talking with the owner, the subject came of closing venues.  It is with a sad heart that I have to admit I have seen too many that had wiithstood the test of time and economics are finally closing.  Gwampas Dance Kamp, Tammy Toll's, my own, and now the possibility of Rovers Return.  I am sure that there are also others.  At the same time, others start.  Yet those that have left leave a hole that can not be filled completely.

Times are truly changing!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Yahoo!!!  I found time to go venue hopping.  Started out at AerRock Beach listening to ugh Yeu.  What a performer!  There is nothing better than a great venue and a great performer.  I had not heard Rick yet....though I have seen his name a number of times.  I would recommend to anyone, watch events and when you see him listed....get to one of his shows.  And he does BUFFETT!!!!!  One of my all time favorite performers.

Wow, I love going out this time year, seeing friends....and no matter what ....someone always joins the team.  The team is larger than last year, I am in such awe of this community!!!

 I spent so much time at AerBeach that before I knew it I had to run for rl and food....giggles then naptime.  Fianally woke up and had my skype date with my wonderful grandaughter

Back to venue hoping.....Grand Falls here I come.  Grand Falls was celebrating their anniversary.  What a beautiful venue.  I was able to hear one of my favorite performers.....Chris Quan was playing.....he truly is one of sl's best. 

I also had a chance to visit with Gar at The Source while listening Beamer Lowtide....I adore Beamer both as performer and a friend.  Gar well there are no words to tell you how much he has done for live music....Ya just gotta love him!  While there Strummer stopped in,  for those of you that don't know, seeing Strummer was my first venture into Second Life live music.  I liked it so much, I am still here.  Stummer though holds a special place in my heart, as he does my favorite ...Buffett, and even learned a new song for me which he has since recorded.

This morning, I headed over to another favorite venue...Guthries.  I had gone over to hear Matthew Peraultt and Beth Odet, but unfortunately, Beth was under the weather....get well soon Beth....missing you,and a woman that I have been friends with but she was unable to perform for a long time Kiesta Aljon.  It was an awesome show.

Many many times I have talked about the how much I love the music community in Second Life.  You all watched SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE do awesome things last year.   Raising over $16,000 USD to help make a difference in the lives of others and make  a diffence in the battle against cancer.  This year WOW.  Last year left me in awe....this year.....there are no words to say to describe this team.  196 members and growing.  I will never be able to tell all of you how very much mean to me.  Such a wonderful, giving, loving community.  I have done many things in my rl experiences from sitting on national committees of non-profits all the way down to being a local girl scout leader and cub scout leader, captioned teams in rl for the American Liver Foundation.....but there was never anything that has touched me as deeply as this team has done.  You are truly the best of the best!