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Thursday, April 28, 2016


It's only Wednesday and already I have been bopping around.  Though first, I have to tell you about you an amazing event I had been invited but well you know me with the blonde roots & old age truly is dangerous.  One of my very special friends, many have seen me refer to her a number of times, Mirelle & Aeon Jenvieve-Woodford owners of Ce Soir spent the weekend celebrating Celebrating The Bard of Avon & St. George.  It was quite a weekend.  Mire sent me pictures to show what I missed....and I truly realized I missed a unique weekend n SL.

Book of Love & Imagination CAST

BRYN at Dover Beach Theatre 0416 3

MOON in Ballet - 0416 at Ce Soir Arts 5

I know that if they repeat this next year, I am making it a point to be there, it looks absolutely beautiful.  If you have never been to Ce Soir, it is sooo recommend that you go.  The venue is beautiful with some of the very best sl performers in their line ups.  The readings are wonderful, and even if you don't make it for those take some time to enjoy and explore the sim, it is breathtaking.

This morning I am at Cafe Musique another loved venue.  Laya, the owner is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in sl.  Going out in the mornings is always a pleasure as I get to hear more European performers.  On that note I got here half through Mimi Carpenter's show. (after I had to fight with sl and had to log in 4 times before it let me stay).  Mimi is always such a joy to listen to.  Her music is sooo beautiful. Saw some old friends today!  That is always fun.

Mimi Carpenter at Cafe Musique 0428016
I stayed for a performer that I don't believe I have seen before, Dimi VanWig..And wow what a talent. Guitar and piano. 

Dimi at Cafe Musique 04282016

It's time to backtrack.  Monday brought me to a venue I had not been to before....A fun venue, Free Spirit Farm.  taking you back in time to days of something many of us miss....being a hippie.  I was able to see Denny Mac, always a favorite.

DennyMac at Free Spirit Farms 04252016
After Denny finished an amazing show, complete with music that took you back to that era.  SoulVision was on stage.  Another performer that I had not seen in a long time. Another amazing performer!

SoulVision at Free Spirit Farms 04252016

On Tuesday I headed over to The Seaside LoungeThe Seaside Lounge is one of the most fun venues in sl.  It always jumping and has a wide range of the best sl performers.  Plus you have to love Montana, the owner.  It has been a while since we talked and it was good to get a chance to catch up with her.  They had an amazing performer on stage.  Phemie Alcott.  This woman is so very talented.  If you have not had a chance to hear Phemie run to see her when you see her name in events.  You will be totally blown away.

Phemie Alcott at The Seaside Lounge on 04262016
On Wednesday I headed over to Coffee House & Fireside Chat. I was surprised when I got there to find my dear friend Ann Seaton is the owner.  Ann is a woman with such good taste, every one of her venues is utterly beautiful and The Coffee House is no exception.  I got to listen to DennyMac.  This man has me totally blown away with his music.  It is the type of music that can just carry away you away to such a peaceful beautiful place.  Whether it be a cover or one of his many originals it is amazing.

DennyMac at Ann's Coffeehouse on 04272016

Just think it is only Thursday.  I am truly looking forward a wonderful musical weekend.  Chuckles especially since Chicago got cold again.  I actually had to put on a winter jacket again.  We did have dandelions for a couple of days, then I think the cold killed them.  No one loves spring and summer as much as I do.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This community has amazed me so very much over the years.  There is sooo much beauty in watching everyone come together, putting aside their differences;  to make a difference in the world.

This will be the third year that we are doing this in the fall.  Our first year was amazing 20+ venues and just under 200 performers in three days we raised about $6000 USD.  Last year we doubled it with 43 venues and well over 200 performers raising $12,000 USD in a two week period and dividing it evenly between the three countries that each have the Stand Up 2 Cancer organization---The US, The UK, and Canada.  This year venues are already committing, as are performers. Some, from listening to their enthusiasm, are ready to go for it and I almost feel as if I am disappointing them by telling them in the fall.

Here is the part that I do not like to admit.  The first year took a toll, last year took a larger toll on me, so in order to get a jump start on 2016 The lists for performers and venues, vendors, Art Galleries, blogs, etc. is well underway.  Please let me know if you are any of the above and wish to participate this year.  There are plans to make this the best year yet.   You can reach me in world....still Braveheart, or email

For those of you that may be not familiar with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  It is under the umbrella of The Entertainment Foundation.  Due to my own rl experience with 501c nonprofit agencies, and my dedication to transparency and accuracy, I make sure that ever single donation, transaction, etc., can be seen and tracked.  All monies are divided evenly between all three countries; the US, the UK, and Canada.  These three countries each have a Stand Up 2 Cancer in it.  As more countries form the Stand Up 2 Cancer presence within them, Our list of countries will grow.  Second Life is very diverse with residents from around the globe, so our fundraising efforts to battle a globally devastating disease should be just as diverse.

Stand Up 2 Cancer is very unique in their approach.  They form "dream teams" of doctors, many of which are the very best in their fields both in the US and internationally.  Now the part of Stand Up 2 Cancer that I admire the best.....100% of all donations goes directly to research.  I truly can not say that about  many 501c nonprofits, and yes I am the type that actually pours over their tax returns, not just what they promote.  So knowing that everything I donate goes directly to what I believe is where the answers lie, is the best that I could ask for.

I am hoping you can join us this year, If you are a performer, a music venue, a host, a designer, an artist.  Whether you can join us for an hour or for a few days....It is all of us coming together that truly make a difference

Monday, April 25, 2016



                   PROM AND AFTER PARTY  2016

                    MAY 28TH 11 AM TO 10 PM


                         AND YOU ARE INVITED

It's back!  This year's theme is Romance Under The Stars.

VOTING BOARDS OPEN MAY 15  To Enter for Prom Queen, please use the pink board and Prom King on the blue board.  During the prom the boards will be open the first half hour of each performance and then open for voting the second half of each performance.  To be named Prom King or Queen, you must be in attendance when the the Queen and King are announced. 

Crowning will done at 4:30 pm

As Queen you would receive a crown, a bouquet, lindens, and a gift certificate at one of the best clothing designers.

As King you will receive a crown, lindens. and a gift certificate at one of the best clothing designers



                    AN AMAZING LINE UP

     PROM  11am- 5pm

     11:00am – 12:00pm   Phil Setner
     12:00pm – 1:00pm    REALLYMAD Morpork
     1:00pm – 2:00pm      Savannah Rain
     2:00pm – 3:00pm      Josie Anderton
     3:00pm – 4:00pm     Aleykat
    4:00pm – 5:00pm      ELiz Watanabe
    AFTER PARTY   5:00pm – 10:00pm  
     5:00pm – 6:00pm    DennyMac      
     6:00pm – 7:00pm     Hogman
     7:00pm – 8:00pm     Cryptic Harmony
     8:00pm – 9:00pm     Gibson
     9:00pm – 10:00pm   Max Kleene

Places to purchase corsages and boutonnieres

                                    Wrist Corsages



I have been to more live events this past week than I have been to in awhile. Starting out seeing The Quadradix at Origins Hollywood Ballroom and Theater.  It was packed and twice I tried to take picture but unfortunately Max and Sabian never did rezz so I finally gave up.  We stayed for Singergirl after that.  I did get a picture then, but due to the lovely lag and the fun side of mesh clothing a couple of women came out naked so I thought I would stay on the safe side and not post them.

The 19th I headed over to Stargazer Cafe.  I was able to see DennyMac, and got to hear my favorite song.  No matter how many times I listen to him I am always amazed by how extremely talented he is.  Stargazer is such a unique beautiful yet completely relaxing venue.  If you haven't been there, watch events. 

DennyMac at Stargazer Cafe 04192016

I stayed to hear someone I had not heard in a very long time ..... TallGuy (and he is too).  another very talented performer.

TallGuy at Stargazer Cafe 04192016
Stayed for a while to watch an old friend, Strum Diesel.  Gotta love this man and his music!  Unfortunately, it was just about time to call it a night, so I did not manage to stay for the entire show...Looking forward to sing him again soon.

Strum Diesel at StarGazer Cafe 04192016
Back out on the 22nd, this time I had to get dressed up and headed over to Bogarts to listen to RobbieDowning, an absolutely amazing voice.  Wish I had known him before I had the complete line up done for the prom, I may have had to make one more spot.
RobbieDowning at Bogarts 04222016
I went on to see one of my dearest friends that I have not seen quite a while, it seems our schedules conflict (darn rl) Parker Static though my friend through and through, was someone that kept tabs on me while I was undergoing a medical treatment....she also has an amazing voice.  I can listen to her for hours, whether it is just her or when she duals with someone.  l got to see her at another venue I had not been to yet The Picadilly Circus.

Parker Static at The Picadilly Circus 04222016
Then back to Vegas and the Bellagio to see DennyMac.  I still have yet to take the time to explore this sim, I really should.  Maybe drop a bug in the owner's ear about the Venetian.  Wow if someone could in sl could come close to imitating that it would be a sight to see.  For those of you that have never been there....the lobby alone has a ceiling which well think the Sistine chapel it is so beautiful and detailed.  The gondola rides through one of the nicest shopping areas and the street performers all in costume as they would be in Venice.

DennyMac at the Bellagio 04222016

After Denny I stayed to hear one of the oldest friends I have in the SL music community.  It has been years since I have had the opportunity to hear him.  Joaquin Gustav.  Though he was suffering through a cold, he still managed to put on a great show.  Even playing a song he adapted to my venue, You've got a Friend" for the the name of the venue; BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile".

Joaquin Gustav at the Bellagio 04222016
I know this is getting long but its not over yet.....I did say I say a lot this week.

On the 23rd I headed over to Dragon Moon to see Twin Ghost.  What a beautiful venue.  Twin Ghost I have not seen in quite a while.  Oh sheesh, lets just face it....I have not seen much of anyone for a while, so it feels great to be back out hopping around to the different venues, seeing old friends, and making new ones..  Twin Ghost never lets me down....always a great show.

Twin Ghost at Dragon Moon 042320016

On to Key West where Voodoo Shilton and FunkyFreddy Republic are keeping the house jumping.  Two amazing performers individually....Together they are fantastic!

Voodoo and FunkyFreddy at Key West 042320016

After closing Key West down for the night, I went back the very next day for the amazing band The Quadradix.  What these four guys do there really are no words to describe it except for
WOW.  Now that I was able to get a pic---taken before they actually started and sim filled up...From left....Mas Kleene, Sabian Inglewood, Ben Cleanslate and DennyMac.

The Quadradix at Key West 04242016

Stayed for one more to end the week, Mr. Reggie Sunset.  Another amazing performer!  And then like the sunset in the background it was time to call it a night.

Reggie Sunset at Key West 042420016
What a wonderful music filled it was. The live music community of SL is truly the very best community.

Now if only I can catch up on the venues waiting to be entered into the directory.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Finally I am truly getting back into the venue hopping.

I started out at The Bellagio of New Las Vegas.  The name alone got to me as it one of the nicest places on the new Vegas strip (beaten only by The Venetian, my personal favorite)  So off I went.  It is a beautiful venuue.  Unfortunately, after speaking with the owner this was their last day.  This venue had from my understanding had done things differently than I had heard of in the past, this is not to say as it is done at other venues, I really do not know.   Turns out the general manager was paying for the the performers, true she received in return the venue tips  and other things, unfortunately a venue is an act of love and having a paid for performer venue can turn into something very sostly.  I have seen many try to offset costs by doing a number of things.  Usually, again my opinion when you see venues all hooked together it is simply because the original vision became too costly.  I have seen many venues go down to just a couple of days a week.  I have watched so many that have done many things to many offset the costs.  I would give my eye teeth to get a good general manager (no they do not pay the performers and pay the manager very geneourously  , I will do that) so theat BS's could reopen.  I would want it to get it back to the 5 days a week of live music.  Unfortuately, my health issues can jump up and surprise me and it makes it difficult for performers to be able to count on me when they rely on schedules.  That is so unfair to performers, and why I could use a general manager or two.  People that can be there when I can't yet also truly hold BS's to what it was always meant to be....the venue where everyone is welcome, and no one ever feels left out.

Ok I rambled.  Back to The Bellagio of New Las Vegas....this is a sim that I will be doing much more exploring on searching for The Venetian.  While there I did have the opportunity to listen to the amazing Denny Mac.  Denny is an amazing performer on his own and also a member of The Quadradix.  Denny did a perfect rendition of my favorite song....many of you are aware it is the song I got the name Still from.  Still Tangled Up in You by Staind.

DennyMac at The Bellagion 04152016
After The Bellagio, I went on to The Voodoo Lounge.  I stayed there the rest of the evening.  Amazing owners, a truly amazing venue and what a line up!!!!  Gibson, Hogman and or course my buddy Max Kleene.

Gibson at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016

Hogman at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016

One of favorite people Jolie Serendipty and myself dancing to Max at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016

Max Kleene at The Voodoo Lounge 04152016
What a fun night!  Though I did whisper to Hogman that me wearing a pig with headlights is out of the question...I am way too vain.

Watch for the announcements and your invitation to Prom 2016.  Everything is just about done....I have one spot left to fill in the after party.  Patting myself on the back, this is the third year running for Prom and the lineup is the best one yet!  As always you will be able enter and vote for the Prom King and Queen.  This year random gift certificates will be given away at the after party.  .

Many of you know that I do not really eat that much.  Half the time forgetting to eat....but last night I had this craving for chocolate,  Off to the kitchen I went....there is a huge batch of brownies made...only two are gone, but I am really thinking about making that three.  I will never finish them all so I am liable to make a neighbor very happy.  Have a great day.while I answer the call of makes a great breakfast lunch combo.


A good frine of mine, had to take an  rl weekend out of town, yet wanted everyone to know that the venue formerly known as Elite Sounds of Jazz is reopening and thier grand opening with a whole new look and a whole new name is Elite Classic Moments.

What a line up to look forward to!

Grand Opening Elite Classic Moments - April 23rd 2016

Owner - Foxhaven2000 Hecht

    The Elite Sounds of Jazz- Re-Opening
11:00 AM    DJ Pilou Joubert

12:00 PM    Somewhereintime Jupiter

  1:00 PM    Phil Setner
  2:00 PM   Chandra Deed
  3:00 PM   Bill1465 Tigerpaw
  4:00 PM   Nina Bing
  5:00 PM   Miss Cast
  6:00 PM   Samm Qendra
    7-9   PM  DJRay Little 

Soi mark your calendars!!!!!  I know I will be there to some some favorites as well as some I have not had the opportunity to hear.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Yesterday I was asked to remove the post regarding bullying.  I have thought long and hard about this.  The original post that started it all has been removed before I wrote that post.  The catch is that this is the Internet and what you put on the Internet stays on the Internet.  I learned many years ago in real life, actually it was a general rule of thumb in the corporation that I worked for....Do not put anything in writing that you would not want to see on the front page of the New York Times"  This is a theory that is ingrained in me.

I guess it is time to come a bit more clean about my past.  I am normally the quiet one in the crowd, meetings etc., taking excellent notes and only speaking up after I have watched people come up with one thing after another.  When I did speak up, it was always very direct and honest as could be.  That is what propelled me up the corporate ladder.  I was not that way at work only.  That is me plain and simple.  My first venture into volunteerism was through a domestic violence shelter in a small town in Tennessee.  Turns out I had moved to a town whose Judges were grandfathered in and not elected, which led to very bias calls.  The woman that held the position of Director for the Prevention of Child Abuse at the time approached me with some startling statistics.  The county had not had a child abuse conviction in over 5 years.  She asked me if I would be interested in starting something.  Mind you I was a, pardon the language, "damn Yankee".  At that time, a Yankee came to visit...but a damn Yankee came to stay.  So after a lot of research, I decided to attempt to build an organization based on the Child Advocacy Center that was already in place in Chattanooga and The National Child Advocacy Center was in Huntsville, AL.  I took on the good ol boy network at the time.  Had a crash course in grant writing after I had spoken to every organization in town and formed a 501c.  We had done it.  I came back to Illinois realizing that my kids needed to be closer to family.  The shining moment came when they called me in Chicago and told me they had a free standing building and would I mind if they named it after my daughter.  That was over 20 years ago....sheesh almost 25 now.  It kills me to give those numbers as it reminds me of my age.  I have spent the last 25 years, besides working as a single parent to raise three kids, finishing my education, always doing something to protect others and make a difference in the world.  I am no different in Second Life.  When I say I am the same in all worlds I truly am.  In Second Life it is the side of me you see when we had the RFL team and now with Stand Up 2 Cancer. 

I have found that people do not see the big picture very often and that for some very odd reason, quite often turn into a completely different person in sl.  I can not do that as I don't know how to be anyone but myself.  You may or may not like me but I am always directly honest.  I tend to figure the people that can not deal with direct honesty, usually it is within themselves but it is easier to blame me.  After all I have done through my life, I do have some pretty thick skin.  You have to, to truly accomplish things for there is always a target on your back.

Back to yesterday's blog, now that hopefully you understand a bit more about me.  First and foremost under no conditions do I condone Robert's mouth.  I hate it and have been victim to it.  I have also had to calm him down on my own venue before he started during events.  But the post was not so much about Robert as it back to the big picture  so lets open our minds and see what is happening.....twice in a few weeks I have watched the live music community or parts of it not all of the community---join in on a witch hunt.  So before you all jump up and blame me, which I am sure many of you are ready and willing to do, ask yourselves  Is this community becoming more filled with jealousy, hatred, bullying.  This is not the community that I have come to love over the years.

To be very honest with you, it sickens me when I see it.  I am truly questioning if this is something I want to be associated with any more.  Questioning if doing Stand Up 2 Cancer is something my heart would be in, which is a shame because there already quite a few venues and wow the number of performers signed up.  Even some of my designer friends want to participate.  Its amazing.  I watched what happened when we stopped RFL a couple went and put a team together afterward.  I have to commend them for it, yet as a whole this community makes a huge difference.  As a whole ...not just a few....but a whole....that's all venues, international venues and yes I learned how to use my translator and google translate .... but their hearts are the same as every other venues......It is as a whole that we make a difference.  I know that I for one do not want to do this, if I am seeing people go after each other with hateful words that hurt.  It is not Robert I want to defend.  It is the entire music community.  Please stop making it hard to do so.

There are those that will send me the hateful nc's, im's and pm's.  I can handle those...that is what mute, ban, block are for.  On the other hand if it something you can discuss without the cussing and mudslinging, I am always willing to discuss anything, it does not mean we will agree but it may make both of us look at things differently.

So yesterday's blog stays, I am not ashamed of my words.  Though I have been told I was wrong is through a third party and not a performer directly, but I may have been wrong about when I said that all Robert wanted was recognition....I was told he charges performers.  If this is so I was not aware of it as the times I have asked me to record for me he never mentioned a word about a payment.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Everyone that knows me whether you like me or not is well aware over 7 years of how very much I love the Second Life Music Community and how passionate about it I am.

I have seen something in the past few weeks that is rather disturbing.  I do not believe there is a one of us that tolerate bullying in social media whether it is a story of kids bullying another kid through social media, to making fun of someone's looks.  I believe in our hearts that every one of us would condemn that type of behavior.  No matter what it is Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, there so many.....they are all forms of social media.  So is Second Life.  Some may say its a game, others like me say it is much more.....but no matter how you look at it it is still social media.  The biggest difference being is that this social media is filled with grown adults that you think would be above the bullying aspect.

Yet for the second time in a relatively short amount of time I have seen posts that turn into bullying.  Though it had moved into blogs and FaceBook posts.  Anytime one person encourages others to be mean to someone to someone else, that is a form of bullying.  It is done in a number of ways.  The sad part is that I have seen these blogs coming from one direction and then of course just like mudslinging politics it turns into a witch hunt.  In no way I am defending the actions of the venue owner that was victim to it a few weeks ago, nor am I defending the mouth of the newest victim.  But come on we are adults, if you don't like something use your mute, your personal ban abilities, defriend etc.  Then if you continue to hear it it is simply because you choose to hear it. Then if you put I don't do drama in your profile, it would appear that you really do, especially if you feed into it.

I think it is sad that someone who writes about the live music community and supposedly uses integrity and ethics, would actually encourage performers and venues to condemn someone else.  Mind you that other person being condemned whether you like or dislike him and the never ending mouth, has done so very much for the live music community in Second Life.  Made things that belong in the archives of Second Life and all he has really ever asked for is recognition of his work (though he sure does not know how to communicate that nicely).  As far as copyright infringement, give me a break, for 7 years every now and then it comes up, it has never gotten anywhere and performers that fall for those scare tactics, I truly feel sorry for have fallen into one of the biggest fallacies in the Second Life live music community.  For many times those videos have gotten you bookings, and followers.

Mind you, those that keep up with it are well aware that Stand Up 2 Cancer is under The Entertainment Foundation.  The person being victimized by this last round of bullying, has done videos for me for Stand Up and I have shared those with Stand Up,,,,,,laughing I do believe I would have heard if our performers were doing anything wrong.

I am not naming the publication or person that has prompted the bullying, I am asking each of you to always consider the source.  To not allow scare tactics to dictate to you.  and to please not jump on the bullying band wagon.  After 7 years, I truly believe that the hearts of the Second Life Music Community is far better than that.


Yesterday I had a chance to see one of my oldest and dearest friends, Max Kleene.  I have been too long with a Max fix, And I got to see him at a brand new for me venue.  The Spin Club.  Another amazing venue, owned by Marvin Hammill.

Max Kleene at The Spin Club 04052016
Today, after I finally got caught up with sending out the Stand Up 2 Cancer information to that group, I have to admit, I truly learn so much by doing so.  It makes it so that I have to click on the links to get the information.  That makes me read it and I have been able to learn so much.

Now that I have branched off, once I got that done I did some venue hopping heading to Sweet Sins of the Islands.  /when I saw White Tigers as the sim I was expecting to land at Stone's sim, but instead I found Sweet Sins....and WOW!!!!  It is set on top of a waterfall so with the glass floor you can see the waterfall right under your feet.  sweetjc, a friend of mine from last year's Stand Up 2 Cancer fund the owner of this venue and she has out done herself.

While there I had the opportunity to listen to MillTycoon.  He is so very talented, Writing and performing his own music....I adore pianists.  When Mill learned I was putting him in my blog, he also gave the the link to his new album  -- Place Very Central --

MillTycoon at Sweet Sins

After I had a wonderful hour listening to Mill, I had the opportunity to hear another friend that I got to know better during last year's Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraiser.....toorealsom.  Toorealsom is another very accomplished pianist.


Tooreallsom at Sweet Sims 04062016

 I went on from there another friend's The Gspot.  I was able to see one of my oldest and dearest friends Phil Setner.  He did the song Still Tangled Up in You for me.  Those that know me, know this is the song I took the name still from.  It happened by accident.  One though day I had typed in Still into the You Tube search, I was looking for Still by Lionel Ritchie and still tangled up in you came up.....I fell in love with it and long before SL I adapted the name still.  Phil performs that song so beautifully.

Phil Setner at The Gspot 04062016

Though I meant to publish this on the 6th....well we all know I can be such a procrastinator.  Its now the 8th and yesterday I did not to make it to many but I did make it to The Kickoff Club owned by two wonderful people Rob and Maggie.  I did drop a hint that if he made his tip jar more Packers related I would tip the venue even higher, something tells me that fell on deaf ears.  I had headed over to the Kickoff Club to listen to Terry Laidback.  I had never heard him before and left the venue I was at before he took the stage.  I was so impressed.  Brand new to Second Life, but not to performing he has been singing for a long time.  My suggestion is to watch events and when you see him in there, go and hear this guy, it is so worth it.

Terry Laidback at The Kickoff Club 04072016

While at The Kickoff Club I got to see Toorealsom again.....he is truly amazing.  but I may get him a Packers jersey and helmet to wear when he plays at The Kickoff Club. (not that I am biased or

TooRealsom at The Kickoff Club 04072016

My lindens are way down until next week so I was debating on venue hopping today, decided what the heck and found a Grand Opening of Portland's Place.  New venue, new performers, right up my alley and away I go.  I have to admit it is the first time in a long time that I have visited a new venue and truly felt welcomed by complete strangers.  It is pretty such a country venue but the owners were on the stage when I arrived Belinda and Tim Portland.  Belinda was singing and not only is she good she really took me back in time.....I was like WOW I love this.  Tim also performed and another great country singer.  I have to admit, Canada gives us some amazing performers.

Belinda and Tim Portland at Portland's Place 04082016

I stayed during Bigtex Cuddihy talking with Belinda and finish up this post so I can actually hit publish.

Bigtex Cuddihy at Portland's Place 04082016

Monday, April 4, 2016


As I headed out to do some venue hopping the other day, I am noticing many new venues with the majority of them being ballrooms requiring a dress code.  Now that is fine by me as I adore the gowns that are made by places like Azul, Wild Orchid, Mona Lisa and Sonji; it is almost a guarantee that if you see me in a gown it came from one of those places. It just so happens that I was not dressed for that type of venues that day, but I was able to attend a couple more.

I started at The Waterfall Ballroom.  The original Waterfall Ballroom was also on Isle of Mists and holds many memories for me.  Vic used to take me every Sunday, and together we were named Prom King and Queen.  It is where i got the idea for Prom from.  The sim also holds other special memories for me, but much of that has changed in the past few years.  The Waterfall Ballroom is back even more beautiful before.

The next stop was The Grove Country Club Estates, owned by Crito Galtier Thanks to my friend  Hank Correia and his partner Kimmeria, many of you know her as the owner and designer of  Tres Beau Designs, The Grove country Club Estates Venue is also gorgeous.  l than the first.I did get a chance to hear a performer I had never heard before, Lhiannon Lancaster. Oh my gosh, she has the voice of an angel.  If you have not heard her, watch events and catch her first chance you get.

Lhiannon Lancaster at The Grove Country Club Estates 04/02/16

I stayed for the next performer The Pink Vampire and that is when I witnessed what I have so many people mention on Facebook.  A performer that was completely prerecorded.  The only time I could not bring myself to give a tip.  She did not even attempt to log in when she crashed.  No interaction with the audience no promotion of the venue.  I questioned her about it.  She told me she will never do that and only uses prerecorded tracks.  I had heard this was happening and now I actually witnessed it.  I guess she takes the live out of Live music.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say Rest in Peace Clarice Karu, truly one of the finest voices that has been in sl.


Over the years I made a wonderful friend in Tristyn Homewood, he was also an amazing performer and will be sorely missed. It is SL's loss but RL's gain and I truly wish him the very best.  Tristyn has now moved on from SLand retired from performing.  Tristyn was much more than a friend, he also was a huge supporter of Stand Up 2 Cancer and took the time to make the kiosks for us each year.

There are specific things and scripting that need to go into the kiosks, as well as being updated for 2016.  Now you all know what a clutz I am, so I am seeking someone that is willing to put together a kiosk for 2016.

If you are interested, please im me in world, comment here, or send me  privte message in Fcebook or an email at

Thank you for your help in this matter.


I know I have been a bit MIA again.  I had a week of doctor appts and scans.  Great results!  The radiation worked.  The mass shrunk, it is still there but significantly smaller and no longer in the severe range.  A couple of the lymph nodes were also shrunk.  Of course with all good news there has to be a bit of bad, the scans now show my left mastoid getting hit, but still too small, so I am a watch and see person again.  The same with the rest.....they can't do radiation on the bone marrow etc....and we all know no chemo for me.  Which brings up the MIA from last week.  The meds on the failing organ stopped working.  It was reminiscent of when I almost ended up in a coma and I closed BS's for regular events.  This time though I recognized the signs, so meds were doubled up on right away.  Two days of fighting it with double meds left me a bit wore out but all is back to normal now.  While I was MIA, when I wasn't fighting sleep, I was able to do some venue hopping...and getting ready to line up the prom.

Throughout the month of March, my wonderful friend Inara Pey. Many of you have read her work in the publication-- Inara Pey - Living in a Modem World  ran an exhibition at Art in The Park also with kiosks for Stand Up 2 Cancer, She is keeping the kiosks up.  

Cecile Schnyder organized a great fund raiser on March 26th, Singing For Hope that benefited two amazing organization; The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease and also for Stand Up 2 Cancer 

Pmann Sands at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016
Cecile at at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Keeba and the Tinies at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

LuvofMusic at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Me at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Mimi Carpenter at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Mirella and Aeon at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Russell Epoynm at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016

Veronica Weksler at Singing for Hope 03-26-2016
What an amazing line up!