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Friday, November 9, 2012


 As I get back into the normal (????) routine of things in SL, I took some time and went venue hopping.  Time in SL is equivalent to dog years in rl.  LOL Miss a week and it is like missing a year....Missing a couple of months and wow!!!!

Started out at Kickin....always a fun place to visit.....ScrtsSafe and LilMissPriss truly outdo themselves here.  I watched Zoe Aries, I had not heard her before....a great voice....and an awesome entertainer.

While there, I was able to see the performer Toran Babenco.  Many of you may remember me mentioning him before...He was the winner in SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE international song contest.  I stayed to hear him after Zoe, his first gig after surviving Sandy...and being without power for 10 days.....We are so glad he is back and okay.  Listening to him, I can see how he won that contest...this guy is good.  Besides the sucker in me....when he dedicates his first song to me.....  He also joined the team for the 2013 campaign.

Kickin always has quite a few friends there, and I got to see a woman that I adore....Shaye Dezno.  She shared some personal things with me, and I am soooo very happy for her.  As she told me she was going to be on the team again next year, that also made me happy....Shaye is a wonderful addition to the team, she fights hard for the cause and does whatever she can.  She also shared some good information that showed me that so much of what we did also trickles over into other parts of sl.  She now performs regularly at a venue and has a fan that is always at her shows due to one of the events that was held.

Thanks to my experiences on the team, I learned to follow the more non-English speaking venues and performers....there is sooo much talent there.  I popped over to Astral Dreams ...a gorgeous venue, with the talented Giovanni Tomasso performing. This is a performance that I could not understand local was in Italian....giggles I really need to learn to use my translator more often....but the music and the performance made it not matter.

Then back to Kickin to hear Bill473.  WOW...this is a voice that will swoon!!!!!

On to Stargazer Cafe, and Brendan Shoreland.  Brandan is a such a talented man, never sure why I do not see him more often....makes a mental note to do just that.  Stargazer also allowed me to see other old friends...Serene and Woodstock, it was wonderful to see both of you.  This is truly a beautiful venue.  There is a sense of peace here.

On to Aerock Beach, one of sl's newest venues....and more old friends...smiling.  I am also listening to Laralette Lane for the first time, this woman is fantastic.    A must see for anyone that loves listening an angel's voice.

Time to relax for a while...let rl take over. Until next time,  Hoping all of you are having a wonderful sl and rl!!!!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Just when you were starting to think I was gone.....SHE IS BACK!!!!.  I have to admit that I have missed all of you.

So much has happened in the last couple of months....I am officially back in Illinois, living in a college town so I can help my son....could only take mom's house for so long.  I love them dearly, but there is that thing about being too close.  The best news is that I have a new computer, thanks to a very close friend who gave me guidance in finding something that would fit what I need it is perfect...and the best part is lag!!!!

I wanted to take a minute and send a very special thank you to the performers, venue owners, managers and friends that have sent me emails and im's concerned about how I was doing......You will always have a very special place with me.

I have not done much in the way of my own venue.  Max still has his Saturday evening slot....Smiles this man has become such a wonderful friend, with the exception of glitches that have popped up for one or the other of us, he has been at BS's every week since I opened the doors over three years ago.  Wow, how time flies....I do not pay close attention to my own rezz day and just realized that I will be 4 years old soon.  In sl terms, I am almost a senior citizen.....laughs.... not a term I like to describe myself as in either world.

I am back, but taking it slowly and not overdoing it.  The past couple of months took its toll, .so as I get more bounce in my step and perkiness returns, so will a larger line up.

The venue was able to host a fundraiser for RFL of SL that one of our own performers and management team put together.  It was an awesome fundraiser!!!!

We were also able to host an awards event for Build Off World.  Costume contests were held at each of the events and it was great time for everyone!!!!