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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OH wow what a discovery

I must admit it was so nice so Nance to have to use so much space to say things.  Guess it is my turn.  Though I am a bit surprised about her comments as her partner had given me the updated press release to post and I would have without the commentary.  But open a can of worms and you get my honest opinions.

There is an extremely well known performer that every time they come up with something the question in the back of our minds is what is the real agenda and how is it benefiting them.  Most of you know me well enough that I don't need to use names. If you don't go back through my blogs it is not hard to figure out.

I do believe there is a distant cousin out here...because this is what I saw.  What could be a good idea is turned into a way to line wallets of one performer and her business partner.  While we are striving to keep the cost down for venue owners, performers and audiences I saw something that will truly make two people money and use the music community to do so.

Performers are charged $250.00L a week.  there are tons of those.  Streams are given out freely....and I received no lm to the venue that the performer was playing at....though I did not need it...the stream was there, I could take it home and listen.  Laughs then again, even if the performer was not on air their stream was advertised so all i would have to do is take the stream information, and drop it in my land or home etc.  OHC,Beth Odetts, Chance, and Laidback....all your streams were there to see yet only one of you was performing (these are the only 4 I looked at).  By the way Laidback, you sounded good, but when I was going to tp to whatever venue you were at....this is the response I got -- NFO READER:  "Tuesday";
[20:53]  INFO READER:  Tuesday, resetting script.

.  I stood on the platform with Voice Doobie and could have fit a couple more on there, at least three other people.    Then I started doing the math and I did not get a full count of all the boards.....but of the ones I did and I believe i missed a few..50,300L a week or 201,200L for 4 weeks...that is off of the fans that could be tipping performers and venues, and venues and performers which are having a rough time anyway.   Looking at the numbers of what they have set up there...I felt like someone there thought money can be made off of the music community, and they in turn use each of us to line their wallets.

As much as we love music, I felt as though I was talking to someone that found a way use use the venue, the fan, and the performer to profit, and do so by imitating a well respected member of the music community, yet added the tipping on and the live streams.... 

The more they charge people, the less that goes to the performer.  Contrary to what a lot say about liking the interaction with the people on the venue, that is usually the same handful of people for each profiles, you can see all the time, I don't follow local chat so im me, or I have im'd people to say hi when I see they are online, and they are at work with the music playing.  From a venue owners standpoint, we see all kinds.  not everyone cares as much about the interaction.  So that argument goes both ways.  Would we, as venues, lose those that come to our venue while they are at work, or just want to quietly dance with a special someone.  They would not need to, they could park their avi at their home and drop the stream, or dance on their deck with the stream dropped.

Most of you know me well enough to know how strongly I believe in the growth of sl music.  How passionate I am about it.  I get angry when I see people trying to take advantage of every single avenue in this community...I think of a get rich quick scheme....playing on what most are so very passionate about.  Ya know how after you get done talking to a "used car salesman" mentality (not meant to insult the good ethical used car salespeople) ( oh please, I hear the snickers now:) ) but after you get done talking to one you feel like you need a shower.  That is how I felt tonight after seeing all that.

WOW all that and I haven't even hit the press release yet.  but it is late...and I need that shower.


  1. For the gig info and SLURL, we singers have to put that in. I went and tested mine again to be sure it was workin this mornin. :) And if I don't update my gig information, it's not going to be there. That part is my responsibility. The stream they could grab at any gig and take home as well. (that's all I've been saying) If the venue has clicked "hidden" then it will take a couple more keystrokes but they will get it.

    Like any other advertising I try, if I don't get a response, I won't renew. If I get more folks to my shows.... or people contacting me for gigs that would not have known I existed, then I will.

    As to how much money Nance and partner are making, I dunno - I popped over to Trax - a listening booth is $1500 a month. Are they making less off the singers?

    But the main question for me will be does it WORK. Do I get more traffic to my shows, etc. The same yardstick I've been using, for any method I try. If I see extra listeners on my stream that for an extended time, that would concern me too. As I said way back at the beginning.... I've not had a box there long enuff to determine either thing as yet, except that my listener numbers are matching the people in front of me in the venue while I sing so far. :) They go up and down during a show like usual.

    If the method of advertising I'm using doesn't work, then I stop paying out the money for it. It's simple economics to me. :) I rented that spot only days ago, and haven't had many gigs since .. I take Sundays off :)

    I'll keep my eye on the bouncing ball and let you know how it turns out, but so far I've had no .. hmmm what should i call them .. hitchhikers maybe. LOL None yet.

  2. It's interesting to watch the back and forth and see both sides of the arguement on this. I don't know that I'm really qualified to comment, but here goes.

    My thoughts are as a venue owner, if you prefer the performer not stream to another location, then stipluate that at the time you hire them. I can't imagine that anyone would bristle and refuse a gig because the venue operator requests the stream be exclusive for that show. If the performer is willing to pay for the chance that someone might hear them, then that is their choice, so long as it isn't pulling people from your venue.

    As a performer, I can see OHC's point too. I would love to try for more exposure myself, but something like this wouldn't be beneficial for me as I only perform once every other week.

    Honestly, I think the folks who would stand in a stall and listen to a performer for an hour, probably wouldn't go to the venue anyway.

    That is my $0.02L. :)

    *I wonder if they could put out something that would electrocute the avi who stands for more than 5 minutes in the same spot.*

  3. OOOOOOh Electrocuting Avis!!! That would be cool! LOL

    I think they are more thinking ppl will take the stream info out of land and put it at home. But everywhere I go, being in phoenix, if I hit the play button I get a dialog box. "The owner of this parcel has requested music at the following location to be played by your viewer:"

    So there's the stream if I want it.. So they really don't have to see in land to get it.
    but... ELECTROCUTION hey... that cud work hehe!

  4. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the music community. I think we all know that we have been using the honor system for stream access. Of course people can pop into a venue and grab a stream. Heck, they can make up entire lists of artist streams and listen to them wherever they want to. LIVE Gig Alley, though maybe not intended, certainly does put quite a few artist streams all in one place for those who wish to grab streams and/or keep a list. I do not see it as a place to go for people to stay very long to listen to an entire show. There is NO atmosphere. That being said, if it becomes popular enough, could it detract from venue attendance? In my opinion, it could if it becomes so big and there are numerous On Air artists at one time....One could go from artist to artist trying to figure out who they might want to go see. By the time they are done, that hour of live music may be nearing its end. It may also detract from venue attendance if someone is using it as a stream gathering venue.

    Possible fixes (compromises if they so wish) to LIVE Gig Alley? Well, parcel access to the stream areas could be limited to a time limit via the land or a bot program. Also, grabbing stream information could possibly be dealt with via a bot program. This is something I am seriously looking into with a bot programmer. It would be very nice if all of the artists promoting there actually had their calendars, LMs working, etc. If those aren't working properly, what is to stop someone from just staying there and/or grabbing the stream? I really would love to understand why a tip jar is necessary at each artist booth. If this is something to assist venues as well as artists, why a tip jar at LIVE Gig Alley? I'm willing to listen to an explanation. Until I read one, I think tip jars should be removed.

    I'm jumping back to the stream issue, which seems to really be what the debate is about. Since I feel LIVE Gig Alley is a breeding ground for stream gatherers, and until such a time that I can find a way so that any paid performer (which is all of them) at my venue will ONLY be heard at my venue, or until LIVE Gig Alley finds a way to not allow stream grabbing and not all avatars to camp out, I would prefer not to have performers allowing their streams and putting their tip jars at LGA perform at my venue.

    I am not attacking LGA or the artists who promote there. I know they have their reasons. I would just prefer a better way for LGA to actually drive the people to the venues. I would prefer to know that an artist performing at my venue is ONLY being heard at my venue.

    This all may be a bit scattered, but it's the best my weary brain could do right now....:)

  5. Thank you Pink, I was wondering what your opinion was. I am going to post the updated "press release" and my opinions on it. This is reminiscent of someone else and their plan that did not take off at the time. I have noticed some coincidences lately make me wonder.

  6. I quite understand your reasoning Pink, which is why if I sang at such a venue I'd simply use my backup STREAM. I figure that would be the surest way to fix the issue with the stream. As to the tip jar, I suppose folks could tip me from there, but I still think they're more likely to come to the venue if they like what they hear. :)