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Monday, December 31, 2012


With the ending of 2012, so also ends the BS's "Bring a Friend and Stay Awhile".  this was decided upon after a great deal of soul searching.  As I bounced back and forth, one day a performer actually made it final in my mind.   There was a performer that im'd me....just as I was trying to get an event going, never asked how I was doing or anything else in the world...except do I have any intention of hiring him back.  I did explain that money has been tight, having just relocated, replaced a computer system and the holidays here. and he let it go....needless to say I have not heard another word...then again, is this the type of character that I would have perform matter what my financial situation was, now that is truly debatable.  Everyone goes through ups and downs, but when a performer makes me feel that our friendship is based on my wallet.....well it makes one wonder. This was when I knew that the venue was done.  Times have changed, it made me remember my friend Craig Lyons, who has since left Second Life, but was a great performer while here.  There was a time when rl had taken a bit of a toll on me, though I would never accept it, this is a performer that told me not to worry about anything that he would perform for free at BS's, It was a health situation that made me step back for a few weeks in there and not a financial one, he never probed to see what was wrong, just gave from his heart.  He brought tears to my eyes...and until the day he left Second Life I would hire him over and over again.  Sometimes that small offer of generosity can affect people in ways that no one realizes.

I believe it is time for me as a person to remember what Second Life is all about and get back to enjoying focus more on myself both in sl and in rl.  I will say that it is one of the hardest decisions in Second Life that I have ever made.  Telling my friend Max Kleene was another a very difficult thing to do.  Max opened BS's with me On July 3rd, 2009 and has been at BS's every single week since barring different circumstances (rl), it was only fitting that Max have the last performance at BS's.  I was the blubbering idiot at the end as Max had performed "Still's Song" and the closed the performace with Greenday's  "Time of Your Life".

One of the guests asked me that night, was I aware that the next question will be about the team.  So before anyone automatically assume, or jump to conclusions, I will give you the same answer that I gave them.  I have had not had a chance to meet with the co-captains yet and hope to within this next week.  SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE will continue to go forward.  Once we have our meetings and then the team brainstorming meetings, there will be more clarification in the avenues followed at that time.  Until then...lips are sealed.

This does mean though with free time on my hands, that I will have more opportunities to visit different venues, hear the many different performers and find that talent here in Second Life to write about.  I also have something that I would ask people to think about and consider.  The website directory for live music venues is a paid for website.  Currently it is paid in full until October 2013.  I am hoping that someone will take an interest and want to continue it from that point.

To those of you that have performed at BS's, visited BS's and supported both me and the venue over the years, I will never find enough words to express my gratitude.  You have touched my heart  in so many ways.
I had a blog all ready to publish discussing the direction I saw myself going into.  In the meantime though, I just had to stop and tell you all about a few things that are on my mind.

If any of you are like me, I know this past few days has hit you hard...very hard...there is little to nothing that any of can do, so besides the horrible sadness there is a sense of helplessness that accompanies that sadness.  Everyone does things their own way, myself I will pray for the families in CT, and if there is anything I could ever do to help ensure something this horrendous never happens again, that is where I will be.

Yesterday, I had gone to Avi Choice awards, I had not spent any money on RFL since the Christmas Expo started on RFL.  That is just me...I am not one into breedables so though the Expo offered a few other things, most seemed dedicated to one part of the SL community.  On that note though, even though I am not a breedable, I have to admit the creativity that goes into them is pretty awesome...I am just a clutz at taking care of any critters rl or sl. The amount of funds that the breedables was amazing.  Though the Avi Choice Awards included the music community, so me being just me.....set myself up to go make my donations.

Mind you it is sl and there will always be lag, it is so important that any event plan well for these things....laughing I remember the Mardi Gras parade last year, and thinking the same....planning for these things does make a huge difference.  I will say that it was rough.  instead of seating to accomodate everyone...the stage and table and chairs were pretty much on the same sim.  As people filled up the venue, the announcer did say that some of us may be asked to leave.  In the meantime, I was trying to help a performer get to the stage, he was telling me that the other person was getting flustered.  Giggles, for future reference I should remember the solution.....when flustered and stressed....just throw em all out.....  Never asked to leave I found myself ejected and banned....but it was not just me, everyone was.  Without warning.  I left.  I think the most appalling part to me was no announcement that this would occur, nor any apology to all of the people that were in attendance and had this happen to them.  Someone did ask me if I ever held an event that had issues, what would I me that is an easy answer....I coordinated it, I am responsible for it...I would take responsibility and apologize profusely to any that it may have effected.  

On to more positive things, the musical end of the Avi Choice Awards:  I must say that I am proud to know each of these people and impressed with their accomplishments:

Favorite Classical Musician - Voodoo Shilton
Favorite SL Musical Group - the Follow – Powers Avon, Troy Shoreland and AJ Darkwatch
Favorite Singing Duo - Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli
Favorite Female Musician - Savannah Coronet
Favorite Male Musician - Joaquin Gustav
Favorite Rock Singer - Skye Galaxy
Favorite Blues Singer - Noma Falta
Favorite Pop Singer - Maximillion Kleene
Favorite Country Singer - Savannah Coronet
Favorite DJ - Mark Attenborough
Favorite Rock Club - Junkyard Blues – Kiff Clutterbuck
Favorite Jazz Club - Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Favorite Live Music Venue - Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra
Favorite Formal Venue - Frank’s Elite Jazz Club – Nanceee Sinatra

 I am honored to know each and everyone of you.

Oh and finding that my skin and my hair (I bounce between Calico and Truth) were also winners in the awards....needless to say, I shamelessly beamed.  For a complete list of all the winners:

I also have to hand it to the people that are actually finishing the Race for the Bells....I look at the winner (and I love a good hunt) ...for those that are not familiar with this race...Unlike a hunt where you receive a gift at every stop....this is a timed hunt.....25 sims across the grid, 25 bells to collect....If you redo the race to get a better time, the bell will be moved.....So on that note, to see the top people at 11 minutes, 18 minutes, and 20 minutes....You truly leave me in awe.....I have a great computer and could not arrive at and have everything rezz at 25 sims in 11 minutes ... let alone search for a bell.  You guys are awesome.

Monday, December 10, 2012


As always, I am apologizing for not keeping for this updated.  I have a few excuses, lazy being one of the top, adding in a busy season, still recuperating from the relocation and other things that rl decided to throw at me, and one of the largest.....confused thoughts about the direction I wanted to go within the music community.  I believe I have made some major decisions regarding this after doing a a great deal of soul searching.  I will get to some of those thoughts in the next blog, I would like to take a few minutes and catch you up on some of the things this month.

Thought I would spend some time jumping to the more formal venues and performers....into a gown I went....

First far from formal  I stopped at West Hollywood and listened to Serene Mcgillivary....Then on to something more appropriate for the attire...Frank's Elite.  I really need to get out more....I forget how lovely these places are and Frank's, well there is no other in sl that can truly compare to Frank's Elite.  Nanceee has so out down herself there.  Waiting for Rocketman Galaxy to take the stage.  I have not listened to Rocketman in quite some time, so this should be fun.  It never fails, one of the best things about going to different venues is seeing old friends.  Gemm and GerryWanless, these are two people I met through the desire to want to do something for RFL and they joined the team...These two are the proud owners of Queens Arms...and by the way, they both looked absolutely awesome here.

From Frank's I went on to hear the very talented Ceci Dover doing a latin show at Arosa village.  Ceci has one of those voices, that no matter what language she is performing just want to dance.

I went on to Nikita Ridge, my wonderful Canadian friend Bree Birke's place where they are doing 6 hours of music for Canada Night of Northern Stars......this is a gorgeous venue and filled with such good friends....Krisie Snowdrop was performing....she is sooo awesome, I had the privedge of meeting her in Nashville.  Along with other close friends that weree there....Shaye Dezno and Gary Jonstone, Donny Collazo is next on the stage, and somewhere in there is my friend Max and Shaye....phew those Canadians have sooo much of sl's talent up there.

As the month went on, the Second Life Music community suffered a horrible loss with the passing of Circe Broom.  Circe was and will stand for all that Second Life live music holds dear.  She will live forever within our hearts. Many have shared their memories of Circe and all that she had done for live me in many ways she was a mentor when I was first starting out, I will always remember the many things she shared with me.

Friday, November 9, 2012


 As I get back into the normal (????) routine of things in SL, I took some time and went venue hopping.  Time in SL is equivalent to dog years in rl.  LOL Miss a week and it is like missing a year....Missing a couple of months and wow!!!!

Started out at Kickin....always a fun place to visit.....ScrtsSafe and LilMissPriss truly outdo themselves here.  I watched Zoe Aries, I had not heard her before....a great voice....and an awesome entertainer.

While there, I was able to see the performer Toran Babenco.  Many of you may remember me mentioning him before...He was the winner in SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE international song contest.  I stayed to hear him after Zoe, his first gig after surviving Sandy...and being without power for 10 days.....We are so glad he is back and okay.  Listening to him, I can see how he won that contest...this guy is good.  Besides the sucker in me....when he dedicates his first song to me.....  He also joined the team for the 2013 campaign.

Kickin always has quite a few friends there, and I got to see a woman that I adore....Shaye Dezno.  She shared some personal things with me, and I am soooo very happy for her.  As she told me she was going to be on the team again next year, that also made me happy....Shaye is a wonderful addition to the team, she fights hard for the cause and does whatever she can.  She also shared some good information that showed me that so much of what we did also trickles over into other parts of sl.  She now performs regularly at a venue and has a fan that is always at her shows due to one of the events that was held.

Thanks to my experiences on the team, I learned to follow the more non-English speaking venues and performers....there is sooo much talent there.  I popped over to Astral Dreams ...a gorgeous venue, with the talented Giovanni Tomasso performing. This is a performance that I could not understand local was in Italian....giggles I really need to learn to use my translator more often....but the music and the performance made it not matter.

Then back to Kickin to hear Bill473.  WOW...this is a voice that will swoon!!!!!

On to Stargazer Cafe, and Brendan Shoreland.  Brandan is a such a talented man, never sure why I do not see him more often....makes a mental note to do just that.  Stargazer also allowed me to see other old friends...Serene and Woodstock, it was wonderful to see both of you.  This is truly a beautiful venue.  There is a sense of peace here.

On to Aerock Beach, one of sl's newest venues....and more old friends...smiling.  I am also listening to Laralette Lane for the first time, this woman is fantastic.    A must see for anyone that loves listening an angel's voice.

Time to relax for a while...let rl take over. Until next time,  Hoping all of you are having a wonderful sl and rl!!!!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Just when you were starting to think I was gone.....SHE IS BACK!!!!.  I have to admit that I have missed all of you.

So much has happened in the last couple of months....I am officially back in Illinois, living in a college town so I can help my son....could only take mom's house for so long.  I love them dearly, but there is that thing about being too close.  The best news is that I have a new computer, thanks to a very close friend who gave me guidance in finding something that would fit what I need it is perfect...and the best part is lag!!!!

I wanted to take a minute and send a very special thank you to the performers, venue owners, managers and friends that have sent me emails and im's concerned about how I was doing......You will always have a very special place with me.

I have not done much in the way of my own venue.  Max still has his Saturday evening slot....Smiles this man has become such a wonderful friend, with the exception of glitches that have popped up for one or the other of us, he has been at BS's every week since I opened the doors over three years ago.  Wow, how time flies....I do not pay close attention to my own rezz day and just realized that I will be 4 years old soon.  In sl terms, I am almost a senior citizen.....laughs.... not a term I like to describe myself as in either world.

I am back, but taking it slowly and not overdoing it.  The past couple of months took its toll, .so as I get more bounce in my step and perkiness returns, so will a larger line up.

The venue was able to host a fundraiser for RFL of SL that one of our own performers and management team put together.  It was an awesome fundraiser!!!!

We were also able to host an awards event for Build Off World.  Costume contests were held at each of the events and it was great time for everyone!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Once quite some time ago, I remember reading in the SL Enquirer an article that Lanai had written about being in a position that she was unable to access anything through Second Life.  Lately that article has hit home as many of you already know, I have been going through some major computer issues.

Adding into that was a relocation.  Though I am kicking myself for not following my own thoughts and doing this relocation the way I wanted to originally....other factors had changed that.  My son running into his own issues and needing me back in Illinois faster than I had originally anticipated.  This brings me back to my childhood home and the huge reminder that my family has put the DYS in dysfunctional.  Altogether it equals chaos and stress,,,,,those who know me well with health issues, this is truly the last thing I needed.  In order to take care of this and get myself out of this situation and also my son, I need to step back from Second Life and focus.  I am keeping the venue in place as well as all the other things the sim holds from the amusement park, nature gardens, meditation and memorial areas, but for the time being there will be no live music events and I will not be in sl as much.  I will not have the time to keep up the music community and the blog so I will be taking a break from it.  I will continue to maintain the live music directory as it is up for renewal in October, and stop into sl periodically to see if anyone has submitted a new venue to it.

To all my readers, know that I will miss you and be back as fast as I can remedy this situation.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Though this is not RFL...nor is it Second Life, it is a combination of what this wonderful team--SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE is about and the entertainment that is where it is founded.  This is an organization that I have the the utmost respect for from all that I have seen.  I say this for two reasons.  They use the tools they have to fight cancer and work to find a cure.  They also are soo transparent....There are no high salaries to CEO's...everyone including those at the top, they give of their time because the cause means so very much to them.  The transparency also extends to knowing exactly how donations are the dream teams that do the research...etc.  They reach out globally using entertainment, media in soo many countries.  They bring in the best of drs to work on actual cures,  other parts and partners are working on the support side of things to offer support to those fighting the battle. 

So Mark your calendars...on September 7th all three major US networks will work in conjunction along with a long list of other media outlets, to fund raise to find a cure for cancer.

Something I have realized with all the different organizations....we are truly all one big team fighting the same battle.  One team.

 I would love to see them in sl!!!! 


Thought I would do some venue hopping tonight....First stop Streaming Falls where my friend, Bat Masters was playing.  He is sooo much fun just to listen to.  Giggles, if you get a chance get him to play his version of Rapper's Delight.  Listening to Bat, mostly because I was able to meet him in Nashville, I could just see the smile while he is singing....and then puts a smile on everyone's face.  Streaming Falls home of the Stream Team is a beautiful venue....though I finally left with leaving a venue tip, I never did find the tip jar.

On to Snug Harbor, a beautiful dance emporium....had to tp away to change as it seemed more formal.  I went back to listen to the lovely voice of Lauren Ilo.  I had not heard Lauren before so this was a real treat.  A beautiful voice and should not be missed.

While I am listening to her, I wanted to touch on a subject that has recently come to my attention.  When I heard it I was dying of laughter.  A host for performer had to host while bald and shoeless, another was  ejected three times....I was dying of laughter and I had to ask what happened.  That's was when I heard about something that ejects you if you are wearing too many scripts.  I was told that the way it was explained was that it was our job as venues to educate the fans and guests that support our venues.  My jaw hit the floor.  First when I went left the corporate world, I left the position of corporate training specialist behind me, and Second Life was meant more for relaxing, not to have to teach others---lol and not even get paid for the rl world that is a high salary job...I do not think that lindens could ever make up that difference so I would not bring it in here.  Giggles, then again this is customer service 101...the customer is always right.  Our visitors quite often tip our venues, that makes them customers.  Anyone from a waitress to a corporate president could tell you this is not exactly a no brainer.  Second, and this goes back to why I originally opened a venue three and half years ago.  I wanted a place that almost all of the sl residents could go to and be comfortable at.  To accomplish that, it is my responsibility to ensure that the people coming to a performance are comfortable.  If they have to don hair, shoes, ao's, etc., they are not comfortable.  If I know that I am going to have a large crowd that will create lag, it is my responsibility as a venue to ensure that the sim can handle it.  There are performers that I have to warn people before they come there to reduce items, but that is when there will be anywhere from 70-100 people guaranteed.  This has truly only happened on a constant level with skye galaxy, Craig Lyons, The Follow, The gReifers, Gago, etc.  Guaranteed if they are appearing lag will be bad.  I also do my part though in helping to reduce it.  The amusement park is shut down....any other scripts besides the intan on the venue are individually turned off.  As a venue owner, I want nothing more than to ensure that the guests visiting my venue are happy and comfortable in their surroundings.  So from here on out all my notices do state:  THIS IS AN AVI FRIENDLY VENUE....NO ONE GETS EJECTED FOR NORMAL HAIR, SHOES, OR CLOTHING SCRIPTS!!!

I am thoroughly impressed listening to Lauren.  I would highly recommend getting out had hearing this lovely woman.

On to Phat's, to listen to Trav McCullough.  Well I had already changed into a gown so I figured I should stay along that path.  I am not sure if I have told you before, but Trav has that voice that you can melt to.  It is easy to just get lost in the songs and float along with it. I will always thank Stephano for restoring Phat's to its former beauty.

I have often listened to the arguments between acoustic and track performers.  Sooo many times the track performers have such wonderful voices, though they do not play an instrument.  Then again, I have often heard some that play an instrument soooo well, but have should not be singing.  Wise performers both track and acoustic should recognize that and work together.....Just imagine the dual streams they can do together.....WOW!!!!  Play on your strengths and utilize your talents to work others and you will each do sooo much more.  Many are already doing this, it is the reason I love dual streaming so very much.

Hoping you are all having a wonderful day!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I have thought and thought about how to approach this topic, it is something that has concerned me for quite a long time.  So many times in speaking with other venue owners, I have found that many agree with me.   Though, at all times, please remember this is my opinion and I am in no way speaking for other venues.

Live music in Second Life, this is a community that I love with all of my heart.  I have been involved as a venue owner for over three years and always had a paying a venue.  Something I have noticed which I always chuckle at, the performers that do so many tips only shows but then apprach me wanting me to pay them.  Hmmm, at times that can make one feel as though sucker is across my forehead or at least they think so.  But that is not what this blog is about.

Everyday brings new and wonderfully talented performers into Second Life.  There are also so many performers that have been performing for us a long time that are also wonderfully talented.  Now here is where this is going to get controversial.  I love our long standing performers as much as I love finding the new talent.  The difference comes in with rates.  Performers that have been here quite some time and ask the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7k a performance have earned that.  They have truly walked the walk so to speak, earned the respect of their followings.  My issue comes in with new performers demanding the same rates.  The talent may be there...they may be some the most talented to ever hit the grid, but until they have made a name for themselves and truly have a loyal following of more than a few months,  they have shown the staying power, then they have earned the ability to charge as much as the more established performers.  I see so many that start in sl, with illusions of grandeur...someone told them they could charge 4 or 5k per show.  Their talent may warrant it, but they are still basically unknown.  When they realize that they can not get it all the time, they hurt them selves by ending back at tips only etc.  Technically, they should have started there or with minimal fees.  I tend to feel that if you limit yourself to a tips only status, it can be a hard thing to break out of....

There will be many that will disagree with me (usually the newer performers and their management).  I have been approached by many that want to perform at my venue, I would imagine, the same as every other venue owner out there.  Something to consider, when approaching us if you are newer to performing (by newer I do not mean a week but 6 months to a year...building a following) is flexibility.  Ask yourself, is it better to go with a much lower rate so that you are able to position yourself to gain exposure and grow, or be turned down completely because your rates are out of the ballpark.  There are some venues that will only pay one set price, if you are charging too much, you may be missing out on a great deal and truly building an awesome following.

Here are some of the things I look for when booking a performer....First and foremost is talent.  Second is the following.  I am a venue owner that promotes everywhere.  But promotion is nothing if there is no one that recognizes you.  Third would be promotion of the venue.  This is why I do not book based on audition alone.  A performer that connects with the audience and truly appreciates what the venues do for Second Life Music is invaluable.....and the sincerity comes across in their voice.  Others, well you can tell them promote the venue and it comes across as a second thought.  The best way to do this is take the time and talk with the venue owners directly, form a truly makes a difference.  In my case, I can honestly say that every performer I book, is also my friend beyond just being on a friends list. Fourth of course are the rates.  If all four of those come together, then we have something to work together on.

But please remember that coming into Second Life with talent does not make you an automatic 4-5k performer.  Giggles even the amazing Skye Galaxy, when he first started, was at 3k.  The fact that he could fill a sim, completely fill a sim within a matter of a few weeks performing, did make it so his rates could climb faster and higher than most.  Another talented performer and woman that I adore...I remember her starting at 2k and then giving some back to the venue.  I have had the opportunity of watching her grow, I believe she now gets 4-6k a show.  She earned every single one of those lindens.

This is an wonderful community, I love finding new talent and will continue to do so.  I apologize if I offended you by this, but with the last conversation I had with a venue owner, I realized that somewhere, sometime...someone had to say it.  Might as well be me since I love this community too much to see hard feelings in it.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Most of you know that I love to go venue hopping and check out the wonderful venues in Second Life as well as listen to the amazing performers here.  Recently, I have noticed a few things that I had wanted to talk about.

As venue owners, we talk about attendance usually saying it is down.  Quite often I hear performers saying the same thing.  Though this may just be a sign of the times, I have seen some things that have fallen off.  Most of us know that almost around the clock there is a ton of live performances going on in Second Life.  Especially during those prime times of 4-10 sl time.  We know this more from experience than anything else.  Where I am not seeing it is in Second Life events.  I get notices through the 18 music groups I belong to and post my own events, through the 6-8 Face Book pages.  I will be the first to say kudos to performers and venue owners for using these tools.  At the same time, we should not be forgetting some of the more obvious tools such as events.  Due to the anonymity of Second Life, there are so many that do not utilize Face Book in connection with their Second Life avi.  This is true not only of residents, but of venue owners and performers.  It is important that we keep this in mind and utilize the most obvious of places--Second Life events.

I am not trying to turn this into a what is wrong type blog, but more as a reminder of things that we may be forgetting.  I have been to numerous venues where no one has a clue as to who I am, yet being greeted is not occurring.  So many of us are used to the same people that frequent our venues and shows, those are the people that are recognized as they should be....but so should each person.  Who knows that new person to your venue may appreciate the personal greeting so much that they soon are comfortable and become a friend as so many before them did, and become a regular at your venue, tipping when they can.  Times change, music changes, performers change, venues change......the one thing that never changes is what a personal touch can add to someone's life.

We can all sit back and complain but that really does not accomplish much.  We have tools  and yes, I slack up too.....I need to get back to Moolto and SL Profiles to get my own events back to being listed.  I have groups in both of them....and I have completely neglected them.  Being a venue owner is time consuming, and thank goodness for copy and

On a separate it this new Pathfinder thing that Linden Labs said they were releasing to all servers, is that what is making everything take a million years to rezz?????

Until next time.....hopefully not as far down the road.


WagonWheel Saloon -Jim and Felly's Place where I was so enjoying MrMikey  until I crashed.  Now I would love to say it is SL's fault...but unfortunately, while I was in Chicago turns out something down here took a big lightening hit and did wonders for the internet service....modems, routers, ether net cables have had to be replaced....I have noticed that when it is business hours the internet goes on and off...the only way to get it back is to do a times!!!!.

Woohoo my venue is completely back together and we busy putting together some awesome lineups starting mid August......I know a shameless plug here.  but I am thrilled, I finally found a general manager that is being trained now.   The roster for the 2013 RFL team is well underway.  The 2012 RFL year is ending with the most awesome team in the world, I think I have finally gotten all my thank you's out to the team members, still working on the many many that stepped up to help that were not on the team.   As a first year team I could never be prouder of a team.  I did submit the survey and suggestions for next year, though if last year is any proof, it will not matter,

 As soon as the venue is completely booked I will have the time to get to work on the back burner project for venues, performers, etc.  Once it is done, and the performers that have offered their assistance are in place we will call a meeting to present it and get all those on board that would like to come aboard.  All this and packing my house up for a move back up to Chicagoland.

Today, I am doing some venue hopping.

Threw a gown on, and headed out to hear some ballroom performers, or wherever the wind takes me.

Headed over to Smooth....but sl deciding to be sl...well the lag was so bad nothing ever rezzed.  it took me 4 tries just to tp out of there.  Finally made it out and headed to Club RoCa in the Tropics Music Venue to listen to Spirited Emor  ---great voice and love his playlist.  Ran into some good friends there.  But better yet, this venue's tip jar, it  is worth going to a show there just for their tip of the most unique I have seen.

I stayed so long that I never went further.

This blog is taking me days to finish, but I finally am going to finish it.  Tonight I went to Snug Harbor and had the opportunity to hear a beautiful voice of an old friend that I have not seen in a long time....Jewels Osterham.  This woman has the most wonderful voice add to that a stage presence the exudes  warmth, friendship and pure class.  What a pleasure to listen to her.

I was out looking for more of a ballroom type performer and I think that was about it for the night.   So guess what!!!!!  I am finally going to finish this blog.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Finally as things return to normal....Thank you Ling for inviting me to hear your newest performer.  You gave me reason to take a break from working on my own line up...and off to The Roof I went.  As always The Roof was filled with old friends many that I have not seen in months.  I listened to Amareth Popstar, quite a performer and entertainer.  Many of you may remember him when he used to perform....he is back!!!!  I had a great time listening to him.

Hmmmm venue hopping is so much fun....thinking i will pull up search and see who else is playing where today.  Otherwise all I am doing is cleaning out an inventory that used to be so organized and has become a complete mess over the past few months.  That and waiting for answers from the notecard I sent out to performers and managers, hoping we can work something far soooo good!!!!!  It will be nice to put BS's back on the map with the everyday line ups, versus the one or two days a week I have been doing.

On to The Wharf Cafe and Beach Venue.....and just think i could be using this time more productively by packing up my house but this is so much more fun.  The Wharf Beach Venue is a pretty cool venue with a large dance floor.  I got to listen to Peanuts4u (Lauria Savio)  such a pretty voice.  Looking forward to seeing more of her.

Off I go to Roadhouse Dreams.  Two venues that I had not been at before....and three performers that I had not heard before. Tessa Landmann has the best tip jar there....I love it had to tip it twice....just to hear it...giggles. Nakita Mortenwold...this is a performer I have not heard in a while, so it was wonderful to listen to her beautiful voice.

On to G.R.I.T.S. to hear a performer I had not heard before, Clyde Fearsome, but no one was there.  Time to move on to Paradise City Purple Haze to hear Mike Nelson.  A completely purple venue :)))  I saw a friend performing that I had not seen in a while so I was off to Tormented Aces to hear Hazie Moonwall.  This man is such a versatile performer.  Hazie;s shows are well FUN is the best way I can say it....giggles though he swears he is not a country singer......he can belt them out when he does do them.  Dinner calls ans so I must go.  Hope you are all having as good a day as I am.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


WOW What a month it has been.   So much going on that this is truly the first time I have had a chance to even look at the blog.

Where to begin....hmmmm....guess where I left off is as good a place as any.

So much went on both on the team and in the music community.   so sit back in your chair....there is some reading ahead of you.  Chuckles, though I will try to break it up between a couple of different blogs.

I left off with heading into the Originals weekend.  What a weekend it was!!!!  July 23rd was a full line up at the Source....another venue not on the team.....but giggles maybe we can adopt them....A great venue, great line up and culminating with some very special friends that I had the pleasure of meeting at Nashville....The Follow.  Gar thank you sooo much.  The second day of the originals  weekend was at Accoustic Meadow where Lizzy and Alexxis had another awesome line up.  A total of 16.5 hours of originals by sl performers....all i can say is WOW!!!! and thank you.

Now I get to brag a bit....two days later I was on my way to Iowa.....where i got to see the most beautiful granddaughter say hello to the world.  But needless to say...laptop was with me...though I was not in world too much, I was able to make it in that weekend for the International Song Contest at Echoes of the Past.  Chance did a wonderful job in putting that together and raised over 70k in an hour of voting....Congratulations to all the represented the music community and your countries in such an awesome manner.  You are all winners....but with that said I also have to give a congratulations to TORAN BABENCO of the United States receiving the most votes and therefore raising the most lindens for RFL and MIRGAN CANARE from Germany for coming in second place.  Great job by everyone, you truly made a difference!!!!

Also on the 30th the Global Music Fest began.  Cancer is global and so is music, so between many different venues, music representing many different areas of the world was played.  CE SOIR "TONIGHT started us out with French and Cajun.....the music of KevinBlue and the lovely French songstress Lisa Brune.  On to  LA MORADA DE CAMPANILLA they took us to HORUS' FRIENDS., with the Spanish speaking countries of the much as I tried to be there...with a new baby around and a bit of problem because well sl was being sl...I did not make it there....that is one that I had looked so forward to...though I was not familiar with many of the line up...rounding it off was Horus, and many of you know from past blogs, I believe him to be one of the most talented pianists in sl.  Sunday July 1, was the second day of the Global Music Fest.  Unfortunately, due to rl issues the European branch had to be cancelled.  The Village Cafe though did a wonderful job with the North American branch, having both performers from Canada and the is so appropriate to wave the Canadian Flag as it was also Canada Day.....We skipped a couple of days and met back at Gwampa's Dance Kamp bringing in the Japanese part of the world.  I have said it before and I will say it again,,,,If you have not had a chance to see are truly missing something absolutely wonderful.

Smiles have you had enough yet?  Stay tuned for the next blog. 


Did you take that break?  Grab something to drink...something to munch on...time to get comfy again.  The next couple of weeks was a roller coaster.  When I arrived back home from my daughter's house, it was time to truly hit the ground running.  The end of Relay was in site...that meant a campsite.  On a team of music...building can prove to be a challenge, so we did what we do ....a stage a dance floor...that is every single venue on the team....instruments....Though it brought a chuckle.  People watched a dance floor go up and almost immediately started iming me about what events we had planned.  Giggles, as venue owners we strive hard to keep lag to a minimum so that our guests can dance and performers can play without too much of a problem.  Unfortunately, lag was so bad on these sims before they opened up to the public, that planning an event would have been foolish on our part.  The campsite was set up that way to represent the very team it was.  In keeping with the theme of the year,, we did a timeline.  A timeline of cancer and of music.  Turns out they are close to the very same age, though cancer is older as it was found in fossils from the dinosaur age.  So walls were built depicting the era it represented with pictures of things both representing the music in that decade and medical advancements in cancer.  Timelines intertwined was included in signs.  If people took the time to read each one....they were all extremely informative.  The research that went into the timelines was amazing....I learned sooo very much.  Because one had to go to many different sources to truly get all the information regarding cancer, it was quite a learning experience.  It also showed me just how many organizations out there are fighting the battle against cancer.  I am of the train of thought that ultimately...just like RFL is many small teams each ultimately a part of one large team.  The many different organizations are no different...many organizations all fighting the same battle, ultimately all one team.  Some of those organizations are very impressive.  The American Cancer Society is extremely impressive.  Many countries have very impressive organizations.  I wish I was wealthy enough to give to each.  There is one though that is right in my own backyard besides the American Cancer Society that I also found to truly astound me.  Maybe because in the music community it hits home...but the entertainment community has also formed an organization called Stand Up 2 Cancer.   Regardless of the many different names of the organizations out is still boils down to ONE TEAM...ONE DREAM,,,,,to be cancer free.  On a separate note, in going through the timeline with music is also a walk down memory lane.  Even though the scientific side of cancer is in there, you can't help but smile as you walk back through the days of Ol Blue Eyes, Woodstock, songs that touched places inside each of us.

There are some people that should be recognized for the work they put into the campsite, Starry Bosch...on hand to build whatever we needed.  Chance Caldwell terraforming a lovely parcel, and Sam55 Chester.....that woman can whip up textures so well.  Also contributing to the many textures, Liz Harley, Precious Rallier, Grace Mcdonnough.  Giggles left up to me....we would still be waiting on the first texture.  Though I promise to learn by next year.  Pammie Warrior, Johnny Paramour, Sam55 and Starry Bosch your committment to relaying was WOW.  Even when I could not do it (sorry I was a bit sick getting ready for the dr on Monday) I don't think Pammie ever left.  Thea came out to the campsite and spent quite a bit of time with us....I do believe this woman is an adopted member of the team.  Syl Darcy took some amazing pictures of the campsite.

Now besides the time building the campsite, the team overall stayed busy....Precious and I learned some modeling techniques.  Giggles keep in mind that I am a modeling and me do not go together well.  I waited to actually walk off the stage....though Precious assured me she had me tied to her so I could and I made it through it.  Learning this proved to be a an experience in translation.  I used a translator...which proved well in other events as well...I just changed to language to Japanese.  The downside to translators is that all it translates is local chat.  It also does not translate what others say, so though what I needed to say could be translated...quite often I was not aware of what others were saying.

The first SL Music Relayer Pagent was born.  A special congratulations to the winners: Miss Music Relayer Vicky Laloix, 1st Runner Up Lauryn Bellic, 2nd Runner Up  Dalla Rayner also to Mr Music Relayer Alej Klaber, 1st Runner Up  Juank.Art, 2nd Runner Up  Elkiyo de Hayde.  Thank you to team members Chance Caldwell & Rebeca Avila as well as MariviGC Adamczyk and Lucia Brune for organizing this event.

Going into the last weekend before Relay weekend we also had Venues Gone Wild.  Though they kept their same line up and performers, all venue tips went to RFL.  Some performers at the venues also joined in and did not put out their tip jars.  Our last event of Music thru Time...took place at Under the Willows, with a look at the future, tying environmental issues in as well.

Then on to Relay Weekend.  The Campsite was built, the events done and we were ready.  We entered Relay weekend just short of 4 million lindens, within two hours we had hit that 4 million mark, with many iming me asking what we could do to hit 5 million.  Lo and behold our own Pammie Warrior and Johnny Paramour after spending much of the weekend at the track, while I was headed back out of town (time for those pesty tests and procedures again), put together an event bringing in over 100,000 linden.

Though I am just now home again and catching up with everything, many pictures have been posted to the team's facebook page:

Winking at you.....smiling mischieveiously....guess what???  you can still help us hit that 5 million mark by donating at the following link....whether it be 1 dollar, 10 dollars, or 50 dollars...every single dollar helps!!!!

Before you say "I can't today"  something to think about-- My time in Iowa holding this beautiful new granddaughter and welcoming her into the world, looking at that precious little face made me realize something that hit home hard.  Though we fight for those who are survivors and caregivers, remember those we have lost to this insidious desease.....the real reason for doing this was held in my arms....protecting future generations.  To allow them to grow and flourish without ever having to deal with the word turn it into a word in the history books.  Ultimately it is the future that we do this for.  So look at children, grandchildren think about their children and remember the pain this disease has given each of us in some way....lets gather together so they never have to feel this pain.


My undoing came at the start of Relay weekend.  At the opening ceremonies when they announced the winner of the New Team Participation Award and it was SL Music Races For A Cure.  I could barely see through the tears to let the team know they won.  I have had watched how hard so many have worked and how very much they deserve this award.

So now I am stuck with finding the words to say thank you.  How do you ever thank 177 team members, 190 more people in the music community, artists, clothing designers, 37 different events, for the time, the dedication, the emotions?  Over $16,000 USD raised to make a difference.

I do not have enough room to list everyone and I would be remiss in naming some and not naming others.  On that note, there are a couple of people that I have developed an admiration, respect, and even love for.  Liz Harley, this is the most amazing woman.  If there is something that needs to be done, she is the first to volunteer and whats more than she handles it from the ground up and makes it into an fantastic event.  Precious Rallier, a woman that attended every single event she could and even donned a modeling career all to help with RFL.  Precious was the queen of understanding the infamous raffle scripts so she often helped other teams to work through and set up their raffles. Syd Baddingham, the genius behind the performer clothing auction.  These three very talented women were our co-captains for the 2012 year. 

It would be impossible for me to list every single person in here. 

In the past I have done many things in rl...formed grass roots organizations, participated in numerous non profit organizations, held officer positions on boards, locally, state and nationally....yet in all I have done, no group of people has had the affect on me that these 177 team members and 190 additional volunteers have had.  There are truly not enough words to ever express my gratitude.  I have always known that the hearts in the music community were some of the largest I have ever had the opportunity to know.....thank you for allowing me to experience it first hand.

 On the team or not on the team.....I have seen all the notices of all the  performances done.....such an amazing, giving, inspirational community.   The best I can possibly do is say thank you to the entire musical community. I love this entire community.

I am looking so forward to next year.....this amazing group has already been giving ideas for next year....the roster is already being formed,  most are returning and 5 mind you 5 co-captains!!!!!!!  Welcoming so many that watched us this past year and are joining us next year.  MUSIC MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND......MUSIC MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!


Second Life never a dull moment....and some... it is like a broken record.

In between putting up a campsite, I kept getting im's  we were back to the cover charge system debate.  Hmmm sort of like listening to broken record.  Though I have to admit, it prompted quite a bit of intelligent conversation and has made people think about ways to do things differently. Well intelligent conversation, until it went against what the original poster wanted to accomplish,  Then we all became evil and mud slinging began.

Thank you to the many that worked hard to keep it civil.  There have been some wonderful ideas and suggestions that have come out of those conversations, and I am so interested in learning how the different ideas turn out .  Split tip jars is one that I heard some good initial feedback on.  It will be interesting to know whether the venue and the performer are using a mutual agreed upon tip jar that both can see what was brought in or if one is trusting the other to use their own tip jar.  This would work well if all tips are seen in hover text.  Many performers and venues do not display totals though so it is solely on the other's word.  That is something I would question not with most but just like anything else there are always one or two.  Wondering if there is a way to let both parties know when tips come in so that both parties have the opportunity to thank the person donating. There are many questions that will come up with any new will only be by answering those questions that each of us will be able to make informed decisions.

Many of you may remember about three years ago when I presented to both venue owners and about 400 performers an idea I had.  At the time I was working with someone that I did not completely trust so I never released any of the research I had done nor gone forward with it.  At the time, the performers were so willing to try it.  Lately, I have had a number of performers ask me about that plan.  I still believe with all my heart that it is a win for performers, venues, fans, and other avenues of sl.  I will also say that it is a large undertaking and I can not do it alone.  I am willing to train and get staff going...giggles change the name from Oristill and put focus on to it.

At the same time, now that Relay For Life is winding down I am also going back to a full line up 4-5 days aweek.  I am soooo excited about getting back to the venue and to venue hopping again.  I loved working with the team, there was an added benefit to it all, I gained exposure to some of the more international venues and heard some wonderful music that I am looking forward to bringing to the venue as well.

It will be good to put my focus back on the everyday of the community that I love so very much.

Friday, June 22, 2012


Over the past few days, I have taken the time to reflect a great deal on the Relay Season this year with the team.  Just like anything else we have had ups and downs, things planned that did not materialize, but more ups than downs.  I have commented many times on how much I love and appreciate the music community,  being on this team has only intensified that.

Yesterday, I actually counted the number of events, team members and realized WOW we stay busy.  To date, 32 events.  177 team members, just under $14,000 raised, Ruby level achieved so far with no doubts of hitting diamond at 4 million linden.  Bronze level reached in rl donations.  Venues that are asking if they can keep going after Relay weekend.  Requests to be included next year. 

All of this and back in February when we held those first brainstorming meetings did not have a clue as a brand new team what we were going to do.  Then I look around at each of the team and think about how very far we have come.  Even when I burned out and had my emotional breakdown, a couple of you held me up. 

Each of you have gone on to reinforce a major thing that many of us already knew.  Music does make a difference and makes the world go round.  As a team we have done some awesome things.  At the same time, just about every event in Relay For Life of Second Life also brings in live music.

I am both honored and humbled to belong to such a great community.  The hearts in this community are sooo huge.  Whether on a team or not, as a community, we truly make a difference in the lives of sooo many.

All I can possibly say is Thank You and that does not seem to be enough.


I have to send out a special thank you to a venue that is not on the team yet kind enough to allow us to hold our 1980's event there.  Ground Zero you guys are just wonderful.  SL was giving me grief so I could not stay, but ooohhhh that skate party looked like such fun.  GMetal and Thea you guys are truly the best.

Liz did a wonderful job of a great line up.  Liz Harley, there will never be enough words to tell you what this woman means to me.  She has jumped in and helped organize more events...things she never requested.  If it needs to be done....Liz is there.  This woman is truly an angel.  Speaking of Liz, watch for an awesome weekend of originals.  Liz is coordinating this event and involving other venues again.

Phat's Jazz Club held an event for RFL that ran June 8 to June 10, Stephano did a great job with a Passionate in Purple best dressed contest.  Congratulations to Fanti Runo and Lodar Runo 1st place and Rakhi Resident  2nd place.

This past weekend, we had another huge weekend.  PureLife Lodge took everyone back to the 70's  in the Music Thru Time Series. with a great line up and huge turnout.  PureLife has held a few events this year and all have been extremely successful.  Only one left in the this is at Under The Willows on July 13th where we come back to modern day and look into the future.  I have heard sooo much about this build though it has been under wraps.....I am truly looking forward to it.

The Musical Revue was also held at OZ Nightclub.  A special thank you going out to Ty, Tank, and Magi for allowing SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE to utilize their ballroom for a line up of show tunes.  Now a personal note......OZ Nightclub has to be one of the most unique and beautiful ballrooms on the grid.  I have seen many that are absolutely to die for....but walking into OZ all you can say is WOW.  Just think Emerald City from the Wizard of OZ.  Performers loved it and I think they all want to perform there regularly.  Kat, of course issued challenges for Lindens and they were met.  The highlights of the day outside of being a great fundraiser; the combination of Ty and Tank, the owners, along with Magi, the manager,  their antics kept everyone in wonderful spirits and laughing.  I can not pass up the opportunity to comment on Antonio Galloway....we all know and love him, but when he gets to OZ he is truly inspired and does a medley of songs from the movie....nothing beats his munchkin singing voice.  If you have not had an opportunity to visit this ballroom, it needs to go to the top of your must do list.

Heading into this weekend, we have the Originals Weekend.  Two different venues, one of which is not on the team but opened their doors to host a team event.....Thank you sooo much to The Source.  Accoustic Meadows owned by our own Lizzy Nightfire and Alexxis LeFavre is the other location.  18 hours of music all written and performed by some of the very best of Second Life performers.  Watch the notices for the line ups.

I have a confession to make--I am going outside of my comfort zone and entering a team event that is a pageant of sorts...though it is a popularity contest, and most of you know my feelings on those, this is solely to raise money for RFL of SL.  So I will be asking this awesome community of ours to come out and vote for me when my pics are open for voting.  Every 5 lindens will count as a vote,,,,,all going to RFL of SL.

Most of you know me well enough that I will give you some awesome links to check out as well as a way that you can make matter how all makes a difference.

To Donate:

For some awesome pics of the events held thru SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE:

Friday, June 15, 2012


This team is absolutely amazing!!!  During the clothing auction we had put together what we had referred to as the challenge weekend.  It had started out with a challenge between myself and another captain, as to which team could bring in more had been slated as two sims, two stages.  Unfortunately, the other team had a few mishaps and had to we relocated a fantastic lineup.  I literally cleared my sim except for the stage to keep lag to minimum....amusement park came down, even my house came down, horses stored...even my little African Bengal was stored.  The sim set up to accommodate the auction and music fest.  Performers wow they really turned it on this weekend.  Opening the weekend with one of my favorite people both an awesome performer and a wonderful friend, Shaye Dezno  and closing it on Sunday with another personal favorite, Johnny Paramour.  The weekend was filled with so many of my favorites,  TerryLynn Melody, Christopher123 Quan (one of the most determined performers I have met---his drive to overcome rl obstacles to appear....soooo inspirational...though he kept us on our toes all the way up until he took the stage about whether he could make it).  Though I have not worked often with Chris, I was left with a new found respect for this man and am looking forward to working with him more in the future. Then a special friend, Katarina Malaspina.  This woman volunteers for every single thing she can with the team, i have truly come to love this woman.  On to my favorite Texan...Mamaa Saiz.  always playing one particular song for me that I have never heard anyone else in SL perform.  Taking the stage after Mamaa was the auction's biggest promoter....wearing her jeans throughout the grid with the tag...ask me how to get my jeans or something similar.  Every time she dropped in at the fest and auction, I had to smile. Taking the stage after
Starrfish Ohmi was Max Kleene.  Love this man, so honored to call him my friend and  no fest is complete without him....giggles like no jam is complete without him.

While Max was performing the team hit Ruby level!!!!  Over 3 million lindens raised.  A team team that truly shows how music makes the world go round!!!!!

After Max, Stella Silvansky took the stage and the team started its climb to 4 million.  Stella closed out day one of the music fest and we all fell exhausted into our beds.  Day two started strong with Agustin Braham opening the day.  followed by Eric Steffensen,  I had the opportunity to meet Eric in Nashville,  smiling he is not only an incredible performer but one that asked how he could perform more for RFL.....smiles words that are music to my ears.  Josie Anderton followed him, wearing her dress from the auction, glad to live out a dream of modeling.  Josie brought tears to my eyes with a tribute that she did.  This is one wonderful woman. Then comes Lyndon Heart, someone that is loaded with talent, a great friend, and joining the line up at BS's.  A newer SL performer, Vincent Carpathea, but a voice that is not new to performing took the stage.  Katarina Malaspina followed Vincent.  I could never say enough about this woman.  Due to a cancellation, my very wonderful co-captain Liz Harley moved her performer over to the MusicFest.  AccousticEnergy was back at BS's!!!!!!   I will always be in awe of the hearts in this community of ours.  I wish I had a chance to listen more to AE, but the auction had closed and needless to say I was swamped.  After AE we had an hour break but then brought out Johnny Paramour for our finale. 

This finale was one of the best I have ever seen, Johnny had put so much thought and feeling and emotion into his songs.  Both viewers were on the stage....the viewer containing pictures of those angels lost to cancer, and the other viewer of those that have survived or currently battling the disease.  Johnny auctioned off his guitar, people were in tears. doves were released.  This was a finale and performance unlike any I have ever seen in Second Life.  Thank you Johnny!!!!

Thank you to each performer that wore their clothing and promoted it.

The weekend was done, we all could collapse and get ready for the next weekend.

Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been sooo busy that I have not taken the time to thank some very special people.  One of the events that SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE had planned was an auction.  A very different auction than most;  this auction consisted of articles of clothing each individualized for a performer, based on their likes, a little something about them personally so that it was made just for them.  With Syd Baddingham at the helm this project was launched. It evolved from being just jeans into just about any type of clothing you can imagine.  All of these items were designed with an idea of the performer and by team members that did not normally make things like this in sl.  I watched as many grew talents they were not always sure of.  They each deserve a special round of applause.  they did a phenomenal job....caused all out bidding wars,,, and worked their fingers to the bone.  All in all 33 performers were represented and 37 pieces of clothing.  Whether you are an auction winner or a performer that they made something for, please remember the designers, they worked on these for months.  Syd Baddingham, VixenDawn Resident (she has since gone on to open her own clothing location--Dawn's Awakening), Raven Marx (ok Raven does own his own clothing business but stepped out of his normal comfort zones to accommodate an outfit for one performer that just happened to be one that became a bidding war), Wildroses Pevensey (truly a creative spirit), Chance Caldwell was kind enough to bring us moonshine Allerhand (designs beautiful jewelry) and rebeca Avila (one of the most awesome builders--I saw some of her work in furniture) each learning new talents to achieve these items, and of course Terran Magic, he designed the shirt that caused one of the biggest bidding wars.

Congratulations and thank you for supporting Relay for Life of SL,....Auction winners (in no particular order)

TheaDee, Sparkie Cyberstar, Liz Harley, Still Braveheart, Maali Beck, Starrfish Ohmi, Ara Khandr, Gracie Hyland, Karen Illyar, Panza Eilde, Checkers Firelight, Edith Halderman, Amy34 Twine, GregEllisToranto, Savannah Coronet, Chao Wolfzahn, Grace McDunnough, Lea Annatra, Cooky Swindlehurst.

There is another group to thank and that is the performers that allowed us to use their names, took the time to tell us a little about them personally and allow our designers to be creative with that information.  Each of you played a role in such a successful auction:  Performers (in no particular order)  Starrfish Ohmi (wow this woman can promote her jeans---best tag ever), SweetLilly Pinneli, Dragonfly, Johnny Paramour, Strummer, Josie Anderton, Katarina Malaspina, Max Kleene, Lyndon Heart, Shaye Dezno, Gary Jonstone, Taunter Goodnight, Sassy Nitely, Lexi Luann, Krisie Snowdrop, Steely DeCosta, The Professor, Guitar Zane, Gigi Jasper, Cranston Yordstorm, Melodee McDonnell, CTM Underwood, Antonio Galloway, Tamra Sands, Matthew Perrault, Hogan Bailey, Debi Late, Stella Silvansky, Savannah Coronet, Nigel Palmer.

A special thank you also goes out to swaffette Firefly, of SF Designs;  she designed a replica of gown that Tamra Sands/Hayden wore in a rel life production,

The weekend does not stop there as it continues in the next blog.


I have to be honest with myself and you, all the excuses in the world get a bit it is just becoming a tradition that i can not keep up with this as much as i would like.  So much has happened since I last wrote, this will most likely turn into a number of blogs as I attempt to bring you up to date.

While I am writing this I am also attending a Fashion Show put together for RFL of SL by some of SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE team members, Marieli Uriza & Rebeca Avila   .  I have to admit they built an absolutely beautiful stage.  I am amazed by the clothes, so many times we think Italian when we think fashion designers, but there are some extremely talented Spanish designers here.....hmmmm I may have to venture out of my comfort zones once again; which I love doing, and find new locations.  I am truly a shopaholic.

Oh my goodness, I remained at the fashion show to hear the special musical surprise. Horus Cedrus is a pianist unlike any others.  There is not enough words to describe the powers and emotions that his playing provokes.  If you have not heard him, it does not matter that he speaks in a Spanish and any Spanish I knew has been so long ago that I have forgotten most of it....Music is universal--no language barriers...Anytime you see him in events, run to one of his shows.  If not (small shameless plug here)---I will be moving mountains to get him to BS's.  

Back to when I last wrote.  Since then I had the opportunity to attend the Nashville jam.  I felt like I had just found the best venue in the world.  The performers that I have come to know and love in Second Life, they became real people with real faces behind the avi's and even nicer and more fun in real life.  It is easy to be come addicted to attending jams.  Now I understand Gwampa and Max's desire to never miss one.  After 3 weeks of pulling teeth I was able to accomplish a couple of things.  The local Relay For Life person was sooo very kind and brought me a sign showing the Bronze level of the team in real life fundraising.  That sign accompanied me to Nashville and each of the venues that streamed in the jam also had kiosks up all around.

Another thing came up that along with the sign, I had to find out.  A couple of performers and a manager had asked very direct questions.  Most of you know me well enough to know that I prefer having creditability behind my words. So rather than the wrong answer or no answer, I attempted to find out the answer...giggles no easy task.  But I did finally get the answer, to many it may not be important but to some it is, donation of lindens to a kiosk--one can receive a receipt.  I am hoping this answer will help to ease the minds of the performers and manager that asked and also anyone else that wondered.  If it is something, you would like to receive, please let me know and I will point you in the right direction to receive this.  I, myself, always a big believer in utilizing receipts for tax purposes, will be requesting the same....laughing thinking of how much poured into should be a good receipt.  I will keep everyone updated on how it works.

After Nashville, the team had a slower week which was good, it gave me a chance to strip the sim and get it ready for the MusicFest weekend.....smiles. See you in the next entry to tell you about that one.  It was fantastic.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

While working on the team website today i decided to bop around and listen to performers.  Changed into a gown and headed out (I hate getting somewhere only to find I can't go in due to dress codes--better to be overdressed than under)  My first stop was Southbound Jazz Club, a new live music venue.....yet a nice size crowd with some old friends I had not seen in a while.  I listened to Ronnie Mays....his rl bio is impressive and so is his stage performance.  Giggles though he has to work on accepting larger tips....he was kind of cute about it.  My venue hopping is two-fold, I am preparing to go back to a full line up at BS's and want to keep up with what is out there, and then to also be able to tell you about the fun places I visit and some of the absolutely awesome performers I find.

Oh on the note of taking BS's back to a full line up, I am in the market for a GOOD general manager.  Most of the readers of this blog are all friends of mine, so you know me well enough to know that BS's is my baby, and I need someone that I can truly entrust it and my lindens  Any ideas, please let me know.

After Ronnie I moved on the the Playhouse just in time to hear the very end of Franck Molko.  Though I just heard his very last song, I am going to make it a point to see him again.  PonDman Haalan took the stage.  This Texan knows his stuff!!!!!  Just as I was starting to thoroughly enjoy myself I looked at the time.....LATE again.  I had to take off to Gwampa's Dance Kamp where UKD Project was putting on a performance of Burlesque for RFL.

There are truly not enough words or the right words to describe this production,  Rola,  the singer has a voice that can not be beat.  Streaming in from Italy, the costumes replicas of the costumes from the movie, and listening to Rola do Cher and Christina Aguilar songs was just amazing...The dancers amazing, The  If you get a chance to see this awesome production I would run to it. 

From Burlesque I headed right over to Romantica Yacht Club where Very Keyes is hosting two weeks of Music For Life for RFL.  Music Oxygen and Kat Rose today...tomorrow she will have Zorch and Johnny Paramour.

From that I took a break......a girl's gotta eat.  When I logged back in, lo and behold there was a notice for Ganjo Mokeev.   Off I went to The Pier!!!  Such a gorgeous venue, and I got there just in time to see my frind Steely DeCosta finishing up. Steely is a great guy and a great performer. I had heard of Ganjo from a team member that i think would bend over backwards to get him at her RFL event.....Now I know why.....WOW!!!!!

With that I needed to call it a day and upload yesterday's pics taken at the RFL events.  oh before I forget....Gwampa's Dance Kamp is known for some wonderfully awesome finds.  One of those that I recently attended was Gago....a rl Japanese Rock band that streams in with the most awesome set and lighting.  Gwampa I am never sure how you find these amazing people with all this talent, but please keep doing it!!!!

You can find event pics on FaceBook

Keep up with the team at 
Please keep in mind that so much is still being worked on on the website---any volunteers to help would be greatly appreciated.

Please never think I could forget how to tell you how you can donate to the team at:

Please remember every single dollar counts!!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sometimes, I wish I could use the excuse of being lazy, but not I can just wish there were more hours in a day.

So much has happened since I last wrote, this is truly an amazing ride. I even managed to fit in just a little bit of venue hopping. So lets start with where I left off at the last blog. The SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE Performer Auction turned out sooo well. Performers stepped up and offered their time and asked to be included in the auction. It was amazing. There were a total of 23 performers and 12 winners chosen.Congratulations to all of the winners: Teofila Matova, ,still Braveheart, gwampa Lomu, XxJoJoxX Remex, Cyanne Mistwood, Eilidh McCullough, Zion Forager, Sabrina Mothman, Quantamis Navarathna, Mrs String, XxJoJoxX Remex, and Lin Ochs.

 Unfortunately, the BeeGees Project was cancelled. If you keep up with the news, you are aware that Robin Gibbs had been hospitalized with some pretty serious health issues and so the event was cancelled out of respect. The 14th took us to PureLife Lodge for Day 1 of the Country Music Fest. Wow what a great day!!!!!PureLife Magnifico and BlueAngel Winterwolf put together a line up; as the team's site grows pictures will be added. the 15th took us to BS's for Day 2 of the Country Music Fest, another huge day! At the same time Straight Tequila Nights held their RFL event, Pammie Warrior put on a finale with Johnny Paramour that would have brought tears to anyone's eyes. It was so moving and heartfelt. LA MORADA DE CAMPANILLA also had an event going all day as well, consisting of Art, Music, and an Auction. Needless to say it was quite a weekend. Taking a week off to recuperate and get ready for the next events, yet the Raffle was going and still growing. The team was also growing now at 172 members. Then we ran into the Dual Stream Weekend. All I can say is WOW. Liz Harley and Syd Baddingham did the most awesome job of coordinating 17 hours of dual streaming. If the rest of the community is anything like me, and from the amount of people at each event, I believe they are, we all love our performers...we love hearing them collaborate even more. Sam55 Chester kicked off the Art Auction on the 1st of May with an awesome lineup that will continue through the 13th of May when the Auction ends. Also on May 1, Ferdynand Straaf kicked off the Music Thru The Years multi venue event at the Village Cafe with all 60's music.

 Music Thru the Years continues on May 6th at BS's, when we go back further in time to the 50's. This Series will continue in June at PureLife Lodge with the 70's and Key West in June with the 80's...Finishing up in July as Under The Willows takes us into the Future. Romantica Yacht Club will also be hosting a two week event, Very Keys has been putting it all together. Then we leave for Nashville. As we head to Nashville, we are at the Bronze level in website fundraising and Emerald (as of this writing, a lot can happen between now and then) for overall fundraising. Since so many team members will be in Nashville, Relay For Life has been kind enough to meet with me on the 11th to provide me with a sign for the strides we have made in website fundraising. I will be taking it to Nashville with me. Two of the venues on the team will also be streaming in the jam--Key West and Romantica Yacht Club. As soon as I have a schedule in place, I will post it on the team site. Burlesque is also coming to Gwampa's Dance Kamp, that should be another fun show.

Believe it or not through all of this I managed to get in a little venue hopping. My first stop had been at The Flock & Blues Lake Music Venue where i had the opportunity to see Grif Bamaisin, an awesome instrumentalist. On to Villa Lobos for a favorite performer, Senjata Witt. The first time I had the opportunity to listen to Senjata was at a sl jam that was streaming. This woman has a voice that is amazing!!!! Guaranteed when I see her in events and I have the time, I will be there. I went on the next day to Tormented Aces to listen to Johnny Paramour....not only does he put on an energy filled show....but his voice....darn shame he is happily married. Actually all kidding aside...his voice is one of the best in sl and he is a wonderful friend as well. Tormented Aces is owned by another good friend BreAnna Dufax another awesome venue.. I stayed for a while to hear Hazie Moonwall, another great performer. Off I went to check out my wonderful friend Taunter a great voice and always an amazing energy filled show.

 I know you have all heard me say this before, and I do not know whether I will ever stop saying it. The music community is the absolute best community that I know of. I talk a great deal about the team being so amazing, but more than the team....watching all of the different events that go on within Relay For Life of SL, everywhere there there are live performers. I can not get over and never will the huge hearts of the music community. So talented....So giving. Such a wonderful wonderful community. Enough of the sentimental side of me.

 Check out some of these sites to keep up with SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE:

FACEBOOK: (feel free to "like" it)



Remember....$1.00 or $100.00 or $1000.00 -- every single penny helps.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


So much of the music community is wrapped into Relay For Life that I am not feeling guilty talking about the team events. So an update.

The entire world knows that I am not a builder....giggles I can screw up a pine box. But on short notice, I attempted a float...laughing about 5 of them. The 4th one caused the most giggles....well giggles no....the deep sides hurting tears rolling down your cheeks kind of laughter. I was soooooo proud of this float until it started circling around me on its own. So many wanted to see the float that had us laughing so hard that I could not is now on display at BS's. Here is the slurl if you need a good laugh for the day.

I had scripters in, builders in, unfortunately the float never did work completely right....they tended to really float....up up and away. Entered into the parade though, and that was when the fun began. The sims that are brought up for these events are not the most stable to begin with. So add in a bunch of floats, a sim full of avi's, builds, and scripted items in the builds....well needless to say, the combination is not pretty. But like all good relayers, we were understanding and patient, while the music community's own APinkSwan and Joonie came to the rescue. Along with Webby Merlin they were able to coordinate the floats into parked positions minus the parade. I have to say, the creativity that went into some of these floats was Awesome!!!! I truly felt like an amateur next to them. I also had the opportunity to speak with the builder, this builder was amazing and put together a wonderful build for Mardi Gras. I did misunderstand the float contest in that I had been under the impression that it was for best float.....laughs knowing we had no chance of winning that one. I did not realize that it was based on fundraising and the team that raised the most lindens. Makes mental note of that for future reference....ask for clear directions. Originally, since we are not a team that is crazy about popularity contests, I would not have entered the float into the contest. Since then I have talked to others, one person in particular that told me how they had done parades in the past...though an interesting concept......clear the sim that the parade would be on, have your gathering places away from there. No matter what there will be lag, but hopefully low enough that the parade can go forward. After all the fun is in building and driving the float....giggles see who really has driving ability and who should be wearing a crash helmet...laughing. in my case, you needed a parachute.

Madeline's also had their RFL of SL event on the 31st, and that turned out well. Unfortunately, I could not stay as long as I had hoped for having to make a trip to the emergency room....and before you get all worried it was because of a horrible reaction to a bug bite....a strong antibiotic in the er and a few days of benadryl...lots of sleep (benadryl has that effect on me) I am fine.

The team's blog page is up and coming together. There you will be able to see pictures of different events, the performers on the team and the venues, as well as an entire team roster. Please keep in mind that it is just starting and still under construction so things are being added continually. Writing articles are myself and a few others on the team.

Due to a holiday weekend, there are no major events planned for this weekend. Look out next weekend we are back and strong. Two days of Country Music Fest, one at Pure Life Lodge, the next day at BS's. Straight Tequila Nights has an awesome line up also on the 15th. Internationally, we also have The GREAT MARATHON TO BENEFIT RELAY FOR LIFE 2012 APRIL 15IN LA MORADA DE CAMPANILLA.

On April 12th at 3pm we have a special treat with the BEEGEES PROJECT. Watch the event boards, sl events, group notices, and FaceBook to find the next place SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE is holding an event to make a difference. You can also check the calendar in my profile for complete lineups and times.

OOHHHH and one event that is going on currently and is HUGE. The Performer Raffle!!!! When was the last time you could truly get an hour performance by some of SL's finest performers for the cost of a raffle ticket. Here is the list of performers that are involved and giving a performance: AcousticEnergy Nitely, Alex Mays, Bright Oh, Christopher Quan, David Csiszer, Edward Koyomoon, Harper Messmer, Jakobie Ohanlon, Loius Volare, Marky Helstien, Maxillion Kleene, Quantamis Navarathna, Rapture Demone, Stella Silvansky, Antonio Galloway, Sid Slade, MichaelJames Magic......and it seems we are still getting requests from performers to participate. For Information and Performers or to Enter the Raffle, stop in at one of the following live music venues: Under The Wllows, Ce Soir "Tonight", Paisley Park, Spiritfire, BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile", Key West, Gwampa's Dance Kamp, The PureLife Lodge, The New Colour Factory, The Republic at Lennox Hill, Straight Tequila Nights, Romantica Yacht Club, My Wish

As a team, I am continually amazed. I think about 3 years in the music industry in SL. One would think that after a while it would stop amazing me....but this community, the talent, the compassion....such huge hearts....I don't know if I will ever stop being amazed. I am forever in awe of this community.

Now did you truly think I could end this without giving a link so that YOU can make a difference in the battle against cancer. Whether it be $5.00 or $500.00 every single penny counts. Most of us, no matter how hard times are can spare that dollar. Sooo please take some time and donate today, after all it is TIME FOR A CURE!!!!


Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have seen quite a few different machinima and I always think it is nice, but today I was given a link of one that truly blew me away. It was sooo very well done. Whats more is that it was done for one of Second Life's oldest and most unique venues. For those that are not familiar with the Titanic, In rl, the Titanic has its 100 year anniversary this year on April 15th. To commemorate this occasion, Mara Menges, owner of the live music venue and ship The Titanic has worked with RG Giano has brought the movie The Titanic to life with Celine Dion's beautiful voice. The most I ca possibly say is that everyone should take a few minutes out of their busy day and watch this. It shows how much can be accomplished within Second Life, along with such a beautiful build and venue, a awesome lineup 7 days a week of wonderful talent (I am in the subscribo, so I can truly attest to that) hosting other Avi Choice Award winners....Savannah Coronet and Antonio Galloway. The list of awesome performers could go on. The most I can say, I recommend that everyone take that time and go to this link, it will leave you both in awe of what the machinima itself, as well as of Second Life and the wonderful things that can be accomplished. I am soooo very impressed, I believe you will be too!

Yesterday, I had a chance to do something I have not had in a while.....I got out to a couple different venues. Smokin Aces.....My friend Rocky's venue.....because...and ladies hold on....the voice that we all loved so dearly has returned to Second Life---JOHNNY PARAMOUR is back...sounding better that ever. My other very close friend Raredread at the Drunkin Drow. I was able to catch the end of Bailey Bernard, then on to BlairBond and unfortunately was called away at the beginning of Keeba Tammas....a great line up...and I am always partial to the Drow.

When I had some time this afternoon I decided to go venue hopping, going a different route and hitting the live music ballrooms (always looking for an excuse to dress up). My first stop was Dreams for Dreamers where I stopped to hear the lovely Ms. Clarice Karu. Though it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to hear her.....this woman has such a strong voice....soo was truly a treat to listen to her.

Now did you truly think I could end this without giving a link so that YOU can make a difference in the battle against cancer. Whether it be $5.00 or $500.00 every single penny counts. Most of us, no matter how hard times are can spare that dollar. Sooo please take some time and donate today, after all it is TIME FOR A CURE!!!!


Monday, March 19, 2012


There is something that I thought deserved its own blog and not swallowed up by other things, it is near and dear to my heart.

BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile" as well as PureLife Lodge...have each erected an area for memorials to loved ones we have lost to cancer.

There is a picture viewer in place at each location. If you have a picture of loved one lost one to cancer, whether it be sl or rl, please submit your picture to Still Braveheart or PureLife Magnifico, or both, to have their picture entered into the memorial. No names are needed or would be available to anyone viewing the memorial unless you would like that.

The slurl for BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile" :

The slurl for Purelife Lodge:

These memorials will remain long after the Relay For Life season is completed.


Relay For Life of Second Life held the 2012 kick off ceremony this year. Last year it was one of the most memorable parts of the Relay season for me, and this year once again, it left me in tears.....thank goodness I could hear it...most of it was broadcast on the web as well. Second Life held true to form and I crashed a few times while trying to last. A special thank you goes out to APinkSwan Beauchamp, one of our very own live music venue owners, for putting together a wonderful kickoff that will live long in my heart. On that note, there are also a couple of other very special people that I have to take a moment to thank. Tamra Sands (Hayden), at the last minute put a poem written by a caregiver that had just in the past year, lost her husband to cancer. Tamra put that poem to music in less than 48 hours and made the time in her busy schedule to perform that song during the ceremony. With a voice like an angel, music and words to match not a dry eye was in the house. Tamra also took to the mainstage immediately following the ceremony. The other thank you I have to send to Max Kleene, who also at the last minute changed his schedule around giving up paying shows to perform for this wonderful cause. Skye Galaxy, Bones Writer, and Christopher Walmer also took to some of the various stages. As always, I am amazed and awestruck by the compassion and hearts that are soooo very big in our community. You never fail to inspire us all to be better people.

SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE is off to a wonderful Relay season, proving to be fun, creative, and truly making a difference. Our first event was actually a week long dual team event with Heros for Life. Wow, I can not thank the performers and DJ's enough, they took their time and donated it, threw out challenges, team members also threw out challenges. Thanks to so many wonderful people SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE shot to the top of the team totals, and made a huge difference for Heros for Life's totals as well shooting them into new levels. We also would like to thank all of the RFL of SL committee members that stopped by, made donations, encouraged the crowd. Your presence is always appreciated. There are so many people to than for all they put in hosting...Precious Rallier (the woman never sleeps), Inannia (even sick she keeps going), Chance Caldwell (never was a host before and wow he took to it like a fish to water), Rosepink Rossini, and countless others. Spiritfire Entertainment and Sher Salmson also put together an awesome lineup during the same week--Concerts for a Cure. Sher and I had a lot of fun bantering back and forth to see which of us would take us over the top and hit a million lindens. I was able to stop by Sher's event for a few minutes. That woman has put together a wonderful venue.

The duel team event concluded on Saturday, March 17th. Giggles, just when I thought I could catch up on some long overdue sleep; tricked me....Rusty and Kimmie then held an awesome event as well, tons of challenges and another great amount of lindens was raised.

Today I can breathe. So I am catching up. Not for long though. Everytime I log in someone is requesting to join the team, ask for a kiosk at their place of business or venue, turning in another event the calendar is truly filling and filling fast. At the end of this blog, I will put in links that show an awesome kick off ceremony, an article in slenquirer that Lacy Muircastle did on the dual team event. And of course---you know I can not forget the link where you can donate to the team and make a difference in the battle against cancer.

We do have a facebook page and are working on getting a team blog up and running. In the meantime, I will also include a link to a calendar so you can keep up with the events already in place. The lineups of our awesome performers will be in there as I get them.
There will be a raffle for performances that have been donated. As well as a unique auction, offering truly one of a kind clothing all surrounding the music community.

Giggles that is not counting the art show coming up, and the cd's that will be of our own loved performers that will be offered.

Stay tuned-----this team is doing some awesome things.

Here are some great links to check out:

Calendar of events:

Kick-off Ceremony :


And of course---won't you make a difference in the battle against cancer and visit our team page---every single dollar counts...$1, $10, or $100 dollars....every penny counts. Always remember YOU can make a difference!!!!! You can make a donation. Donate to a team member....many are cancer survivors or going through treatments now. Join the team and create your own page! Every single one of us has been touched in some way by this devasting disease. I know it is TIME FOR A CURE!

Watch for the upcoming blog----we will be adding pictures of so many of our events in there.

Hugs to all of you, we are all making a difference everyday and we have a completely awesome team.......ALL OF YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hmmm I have apologized in the past for slacking and procrastinating, this time though I have been busy, I have been doing other things within the music community that have really kept me running.

SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE! I appreciated the music community and have always loved it. Working on this team has given me an entirely new appreciation for it. Though the team itself will have its own blog (hopefully soon), I would like to bring you up to date on this. What started out as an idea has truly blossomed. We currently have 120 members on our roster on the Relay For Life of Second Life website. Our team is set up to take on donations in USD instead of having to log in to Second Life!!! This is wonderful as it allows many of us to let friends, family etc., know how they can make a difference.

Now I have to tell you, there is nothing like getting a bunch of venue owners that love live music together and asking for event ideas. This is absolutely the most creative bunch of people. The events this team has planned, hold on to your hats....we are going for a ride through live music that will be phenomenal. On that note I have to add, not only do these venue owners have wonderfully creative ideas, and a lot of them.....giggles I am still getting them. They go one step further and start putting together and organizing the events.

Earlier today while discussing our teams with a Second Life publication, I realized that while heart and caring can not be measured with factual numbers, I am truly lucky to be surrounded by so very many people with such huge hearts. So in the upcoming weeks and months, though I will try to find the time to bounce around to the venues and listen to performers, you will also likely hear a great deal about this team. After all this is a team that is all about our beloved live music community.

Watch those event boards across the grid, the Second Life events, Facebook, Moolto, SL Profiles and many other places that you will be able to see what SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE is up to in the battle against a devastating disease that has affected each of us....or just click on my calendar in my profile in world. As fast as we finalize dates, line ups and locations they are in there.

What kind of team member would I be though if I did not give you each a place to matter where you are...inworld or out. One dollar or one thousand, it all adds up to help others. Just copy and paste the following link: