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Friday, May 9, 2014


The gray is gone and the soap opera is I am back.  Starting out at My friend Sasinq's place Cameo Music Park.  Listening the wonderful paradorn Ansar.  A wonderful acoustic performer.  Something truly puzzles me about music community lately.  Where is the following to so many of these so talented performers.  Every now and then you hear the most awesome talent that is amazing, yet I have to wonder why the following is not there.  I feel that way listening to Paradorn.....amazing talent.  So what are we doing wrong as a community to not see the exposure that so many of these performers deserve.

Many of you know that I also explore sl.  Quite often I do that and meet new people, it always amazes me when they are not aware that live music exists in sl.  Though it was not done for this reason, but it did make many realize that live music is alive well and kickin butt in sl....The two years we were a team in RFL of SL, though I have apologized to the team for leading them down that path....I have to admit that due to the hard work of the team and the many events we did, it made many much more aware of live music in Second Life.  It may be time that we think about other ways to get out and let so many others know about live music.

I have seen some performers that comment they will go to newbie sims and promote themselves there.  As a community lets start thinking outside the box.  All too often we get stuck in our own little corner of the world and forget there is a whole big grid out there and so many different communities.  Those of us that have venues, maybe we should be getting out more and promoting ourselves beyond the music community where the same people see the same things over and over.  I challenge each of us to think outside of the box, think of an idea and follow thru on it.  To many of us it means stepping out of our comfort zones....but if it benefits the performers and the venues then please tell me what is wrong with it.

On to LA Club to listen to Chip Takacs for a bit...LA club is an awesome venue.  Always holding a good line up.

But there is another performer that I have not heard before so I am not staying at LA Club and instead went on to AerRock Beach and WOW what a voice.  AerRock Beach always seems to find some awesome talent....they have out done themselves on this one.  Caasi Ansar is truly a performer that needs to be heard.  If you have not heard her, I can not recommend this woman enough.  She is from Scotland so usually only performs during earlier SL times, so if you work during the week on US time, make it a point to hear her on the weekends.  I am done today....well at least for awhile as I run errands in rl.


Wow, can you believe two days in a row venue hopping....starting at The Luna-Tiki Lounge.  Getting to listen to Chicago Sax.  I have to admit that the sax is one of my absolute favorite instruments to listen to....and wow can this this man play.  Listening to words are needed.  So I snuck a look at his profile.  His background is impressive and he says he still plays around the Chicago area, this is one that I would go out of my way to see.  I may have to find out when and where, grab a rl friend and go see him.  It would be soooo worth it!!!!

I stayed to the end and moved on to Vincents Blues and Jazz Club.  This is a performer that I had not heard before and wow what a strong good voice,  Another Chicagian smiles I love it when good ones from what I call home!  This is LuvofMusic and her name truly fits her.

Hanging my head....ok I admit I was lazy, I put this down and am just now getting back to it.  On that note I am didcating this to my good friend Mire.  She got such a laugh the last time I did my hair  and blogged  while venue hopping at the same time.  this time I saw arrrrggghhhh the hated gray strands.  I am the kind if you see them one day, they will be gone the next.  So today I am getting rid of the gray.  Men you are so lucky, gray hair looks good on you.  Giggles especially salt and pepper.  But many of us women struggle to keep it away.  Myself, I am not the type to grow old gracefully, they will have to drag me kicking and screaming all the way.  So once this is done I will be off to the salon for layering and a small trim.....get my bangs to where I can see again without pushing them off to the side.

Starting today at Kickin  where I am listening to sooooo lovely voice of Jen Waddington, a performer from the UK.  But when she ends it is time for my daily addiction of General Hospital and starting this hair of mine.

Oh before I forget I wanted to bring up Some Enchanted Evening Prom 2014.  There will be a photographer on the premises to take pictures of couples and individuals as they arrive.  The crowning will take place roughly about mid way through the Prom with the Queen and King both receiving Lindens, gifts and crowns.  Many of you know how fussy I am clothing wise, so I had a lot of fun finding the perfect crowns but I do believe the Queen and King will be pleased.  There will be an after Prom party immediately following.  The after party will take place at BS's  Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile.  Now how do you enter the running for the Queen and King?  That is easy.  You take this slurl to

click on the board with the pink top for the Queen and the the one in blue for the King.  Enter and then touch your voting box again to enter a picture.  Either a profile pic or another.   Then let your friends know to come vote for you.  Each person can only vote once for Queen and once for King.  There are already performers running, venue owners, fans and others.  This is no cost to anyone, it is about having fun. 

The lineups for the prom and after prom are being finalized.  As soon as they are complete they will be released.

Off to hair and my addiction.  To be continued ........

Friday, May 2, 2014


I have not been doing this so much lately, but in my defense, I have been working on a special event in May.  Guess what it is ready!!!!  One night I was talking with a friend and we got to talking about how much fun a Prom would be, you know me...I get an idea and run with it.  Wanting to make this as much as a Prom as can be, there is a ballroom with a place for dinner, and of course since we are all above age, drinking!!! The theme of this Prom is SOME ENCHANTED EVENING.  There are voting boards set up for both a Prom Queen and a Prom King.  There is not cost to enter nor is there a cost to vote.  Each avi can only vote once for each.  Many of you know that I despise those contests that cost to vote or that someone can vote every day.  The actual prom is being held May 17 5-8PM.  Here is the slurl to enter and to vote:

Back to venue hopping, starting at Kickin always a favorite to hear people I have not heard before.  Today I am listening to Bandit Eddingham, nice voice, acoustic and some of the old country.....a great change of pace.  His bio reads like a who's who of Nashville. Truly a talented man.

On to another wonderful friend's venue, AerRock  beach where I am listening to Agusto.  As much as I have seen this man's name I have not had a chance to hear him.  Mind you I am a bit over dressed today in a gown, but that is simply because of the genre at my venue this evening.  Agusto is also an acoustic performer doing a great deal of older country.  A different sound that Bandit, but also a great voice!

On to Vincent's Blues and Jazz Bar, a nice place.  I had the opportunity to listen to Rico Dee.  Wow a nice voice!

Now something is truly puzzling me.  Venues are dependent on tips, it costs to put these wonderful performers on the stage, unless you are a tips only venue.  Yet I have been to venues that neither the owner (quite often not even there) or host never even says hello, yet the all have greeters that ask you to join their group and give out a lm.  My question is, how can you expect tips if 1., you are not present, and 2 nothing is done to make your guests welcome.  I am a huge believer that venue tips increase when it comes from a sincere performer....but if you want the performer to truly be sincere, shouldn't you be there making them feel that way? Each of us plays off the other.  Myself, I will not go venue hopping if I can not tip both the venue and the performer.  I have found myself not tipping venues that do not bother to pay attention to their guests.  So lets see now.... I am just one person, I wonder how many others you may be missing.  Then later complain that you venue is not getting tips.  When you do receive a tip, then maybe we could all have the common courtesy of saying thank you beyond a tip jar saying a generic thank you.  There is not one avi that has to tip, so whether it be one linden or 1 million linden (ok I dream) they do it out of their goodness of their heart and we should all recognize and appreciate it. 

Time to take a break......hangs head I would imagine there is a 12 step program for this, but I am addicted to a soap area....and it is time for General Hospital and heading into sweeps month.  They say that admitting it is the hardest part.

On to Franks Elite, always crowded....but I fit in better with my  Listening to Lauren Ilo. such a sweet voice.  Then on to Sweet Escapes Country where I listened to the absolutely Samm Qendra.  Since the first time I heard this woman, her voice has always amazed me she is truly one of the most angelic voices in Second Life.  This venue is cool and there quite a few people here, but I also noticed that in a gown I am dancing in the dirt, hoe the sl dry cleaner is open.

I think this is enough for today as I am feeling a need for a nap.