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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A special thank you

Out of the ashes so to speak....

I am the type of person that looks for the positive in everything.....I found it throughout this entire mess involving Live Gig Alley....I found a positive.  A reminder of why I love this musical community.

Whether you like live gig alley or not, venues, performers, and fans are communicating better than ever.  There is a unity that is overwhelming.  So many performers have im'd and given their support venues coming together in common bond... I have not seen this type of unity since Mankind tried to get everyone to use his cover charge system.

Thank you SL Music Community, as always you make me so proud to be a small part of this community.


  1. Now that I have reached out to all of the performers at BS's...I will state....BS's will not retain any performer that participates in Live Gig Alley. I apologize for having to go to that level but it is something I feel strongly about. If you are a performer desiring to play at BS's, please keep that in mind when you approach me. I do have one maybe two open spots that I will be looking to fill.

  2. First I want to apologize to everyone for causing such a stir with my creation of LIVE Gig Alley. When I came up with the idea/concept it wasn't to step on anyone toes or have any performer fired or threatened to be fired or have any division between anyone, it was actually to bring everyone together and maybe for me to be able to slow down on my singing and do something else on sl because I am not a spring chicken anymore. I guess I was too hopeful of maybe making an actual living for myself and to be at home with my honey.

    I had no idea that this idea would be taken so wrong, I honestly didn't know I had to ask for permission, I had no idea that I had to humbling ask someone for this, I am not even sure who is in charge, but I would have asked beleive me, if I would have known I had to. All I really and truely wanted was to put food on the table for my family, I wanted to work at home and be with my family and this seemed like a great way to do that so I just innocently proceeded without even thinking, I am truely sorry for wanting this for myself.

    No worries, I will go back to singing and continue to slog away at that, I will ask my honey to walk the half mile to the food bank for the handouts because I can't on my bad leg and will continue to scrape hopefully enough together for rent each month. Even that might be off limits to me now too I guess so I really should ask permission. I humbly ask for permission to sing on sl if that ok.

    I will let the LIVE Gig Alley do what it does, my heart has been taken out of it now anyway, feel like a bad person for even thinking of it knowing it has caused so much grief for everyone.

    No worries everyone I intent on crawling back to my corner and staying there and I promise I will not create any more things that I beleive are good without permission first.