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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Wow can you really believe another year has passed??? They really do go faster and faster.

Looking back over the year it has been amazing. It seems like the world has thrown one curve ball after another out there. There have been catastrophes and losses. There have also been so many successes. No matter which it has been, I have been able to stand on the sidelines and watch so many people open their hearts and their wallets, give their time and their talents to reach out and help each other. No where is it any more pronounced then right here in Second Life. The caring I see for other people, even when I know for a fact how times have made things so hard for so many here in Second Life, yet you still find ways to make a difference.

I see the fundraisers that I have been involved in, Relay for Life, Rodanthe, North Carolina, and most recently Toys 4 Tots. I see it in the music community and it is a community that each of us should be so proud to belong to.

"Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative. A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. This year I challenge you to a new resolution. I challenge you to just be yourself." Aisha Elderwyn

To each and every one of you, I wish you all a very Happy New Year! May it bring you good health, and happiness, (a little wealth isn't bad either).

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called "Opportunity" and its first chapter is New Year's Day." Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Before Christmas I had done some venue hopping and wanted to tell you about these, but we all know what holiday hustle and bustle is like. So that is my procrastination excuse for this one.

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was as wonderful as mine. Though I received some awesome gifts, I have actually received one of the best gifts possible about a month and a half before with the news that I am going to be a grandmother. To those of you that have grandchildren, I know you completely understand the overwhelming emotions that come over you with the realization that your baby is going to have her own baby. (and the need to brag)

Enough about me.

I also wish those of you that celebrated your own holidays the very best. I would list them all, but I am a terrible speller and would torture your holiday names. Some things are just never spelled the way they sound.

Here we go some venue hopping. My first stop was Cafe Casablanca. It has been a while since I have been here and Nyteyes made me feel as welcome as if I had never left. Kev Tyson on stage as a giant santa hat and a great sense of humor. I had a great time while there.

On to Sammy's Pub to hear Carols by Candlelight but it appeared to be cancelled though the venue looked like it would be a warm comfortable outdoor venue....I will have to watch for other events being held here.

On to Templemore....a bit early due to the cancel at Sammy's gave me a chance to look around and see what an absolutely beautiful build this is, Hmmm 10 minutes to show time and I am still by myself....I hope this is not an omen...both venues were scheduled to have performers I have never listened to before. Looking back into events to see what else is going on just to be on the safe side. Ok showtime and no one is here....on to the next.

Now this is a show....Spirited Emor singing some of my favorite Christmas songs at Clan LoewenHerz/Lion Clubs. A Beautiful venue, beautiful songs.....who could ask for more.

I can't go venue hopping without stopping at one of my all time favorite venues Kickin Club, now this is a venue that is always packed . I got there in time to catch the end of Liberty Lyrics performance she is awesome, then stayed for Premium the energy he has, I was trying to eat some wings while he was coming through the speakers and i wanted to put down some delicious wings and get up and dance. Anytime I want to put down is a reason for celebration.

I did get back from out of town to hear something that is to me hmmmm well you make your own judgements. There is a hunt being put together that will culminate in a concert consisting of one of my favorite groups as well as another performer in Second Life. I think this is such a unique idea. But I got to thinking as I do a couple of hunts each year..... I was kind of surprised that a hunt needed sponsors to the tune of quite a few Lindens, and then that they were also charging the merchants to participate. Though I had only looked into participating in a hunt once as a venue, I do participate as a hunter in a couple. I asked a few of the vendors that i know rather well, they are friends, participate in hunts and provide wonderful quality items that I receive both as a hunter and the fact that I am a shopoholic. They have never paid to participate in a hunt. to me this understandable, there is no guarantee that a hunt will bring in more sales as most good hunters go to find the item and hurry out to the next location.

I do know that some people think that those individuals that started organizing hunts a long time ago did themselves a disservice by not charging and making money off of the vendors. I look at it a bit differently. To those that take the time to organize a hunt and do it solely because it is something you love to do, I salute you. You are doing something for others to enjoy and not always trying to make a buck. I will always speak of you in the highest regard and if ever asked will always refer people to your hunts and the vendors that also take their time to produce a gift for Second Life residents that hunt. I will also be looking to include my own venue in some of your hunts and will go to the vendors that are there to participate. That is an idea that other venue owners may also want to look into since so many of us have stores on our sims.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am the self proclaimed Queen of Procrastination--as easily seen by the rate I update this blog.

I can blame it on rl, or the season, or the latest hunt I am doing, but the bottom line is that it is pure procrastination. Something I think so many of us do all the time. Not to take anything away from the procrastinators, some of my best work is done due to procrastination, after all, I am not getting a second chance to fix it...well gee I can table it until next year...a common reason to not fix it the first time around. No if I am going to do it, it should be done right the first time. If I see something wrong it is my responsibility to say something, many of you know me and respect me for this character flaw. And I love you for it. So I have no excuse for waiting so late to update this, just that I am the Queen of Procrastination.

I do need to bring you up to date between the timer going off on holiday baking today.

Hmmmm new stuff first....I have been at the most fun venue, Under the Willows. I have not had as much fun at such a unique venue. Though I must also admit, that my wonderful friend Max Kleene was performing and his group and team are some of the most fun in sl. Always clean, never obnoxious, giggles though there may be innuendos. No one ever feels left out at a Max show....this is a group that makes everyone feel so very welcome and knows how to have fun, always lots of laughter. No matter what kind of day you are having, attending a Max show will always leave you with a smile on your face. Add to that dancing on a giant bed at Under the Willows and you have a dynamite show. Hmmmm wondering if they make jumping on the bed animations, I will have to look and send some to the mastermind Precious Rallier, owner of Under the Willows. This is one venue that everyone should see, it is awesome. I know I will be attending again.

Speaking of Max Kleene, I have to give him credit for this find. After chatting one evening, Max asked me to come listen to someone. In all honesty, though I should not be biased, bluegrass has never been my cup of much as I love country, it is such a different type. Max did tell me I would be impressed so I took a chance. WOW...he was right. It was Cosmic Haystack streaming in with his rl band from his studio in Kentucky. These guys were great. Not only was the music great but the band itself is also very entertaining. Thanks Max for pointing me in that direction.

There were a couple of things that happened in the Second Life music community lately. The Avi Choice Awards held at the SL Christmas expo on the 10th of December. I was so proud as I was listening to them, the music community made a strong showing in appearing at the awards. If you had a chance to look at the list of nominees, it was outstanding, though one little thing caught my attention. Under SL music groups, up against groups such as the Follow was an actual Second Life group that so many of use to send out notices of events. I giggled every time I thought of that group winning....all 470+ members. Though the nominees in each category was amazing, a special congratulations goes out to the winners:

Favorite Formal Venue: Nanceeee & Gymmy Sinatra – Frank’s Elite Jazz Club

Favorite Live Music Venue: Reborn Wingtips & Mara Menges – RMS Titanic

Favorite Country Singer: Savannah Coronet

Favorite Pop Singer: Antonio Galloway

Favorite Rock Singer: Skye Galaxy

Favorite SL Musical Group: Powers Avon – The Follow

Favorite Singing Duo: Erin68Frogg & Satin Galli

Favorite Female Musician: Noma Falta

Favorite Male Musician: Russell Eponym

Congratulations to all those that were nominated and to all those that won!!!! Everyone of you is soooo awesome!!!

Though there are still 5 days of campaigning left, congratulations goes out to Rocky Hillburten and his staff for making Toys4Tots so successful this year. Too many children that don't deserve it, go without through the Christmas Season, the United States Marines go out of their way to help kids during the holidays and throughout the year. Once again, the music community in Second Life has opened their hearts and their wallets to help make a difference this year. Toys4Tots this year is just under 5 million lindens, lets all dig just a little more into our pockets and hit that 5 million mark.

A new venture in Second Life. Many of you remember when I had written about Live Gig Alley. Unfortunately instead of making changes that were needed. I do believe it is closed down. Voice Doobie has since gone and created Event Connection. Though it seems to revolve around events of all kinds, I was able to take a look at it. While it holds a great deal of potential, there are still quite a few technical kinks to work out which he is working on. It appears to be a venture worth watching to see the direction it takes, it may be a very good venture for the music community, but only time will tell. His grand opening is scheduled tentatively for January 15.

Now lets get back to procrastination...giggles there are still a ton more venues to be included in the music venue directory, along with live music event groups and services. Hint hint, we have waited so long for this....lets use it to our advantage.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe healthy prosperous New Year! Thank you for allowing me to a small part of this community this year.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


What started out as an idea for a venue directory is becoming even more.

SLMUSICVENUES opened on the 21st of November. The amount of people stopping in has been staggering. Thirty-three venues are listed already with more coming. Quite often though what can start as one idea grows. The directory is growing to include all the different tools and resources that a performer could use, or a fan could use. For performers there is a page for management companies to list themselves. A page for tools such as instruments, streams, animations, tip jars etc. For fans that would like to keep up with the events going on, there is a page for groups to list themselves. (Please keep in mind,that the group page is not for individual performers groups or event notices)

Recently a venue owner asked how much it would cost to place their venue on the site. They were a bit surprised but happy when the answer came back .... nothing. There is not a cost associated with any listings on the site. No advertisement will be sold. It is done solely to bring the music community together in one place, a one stop resource for the many different aspects of the live music community with the exception of the performers. There is another site already in place for all performers to be listed and it is kept up to date.

If you have a live music venue or offer a service in the live music community, submitting the information only take a couple of minutes.


I hope those in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving. To everyone though, no matter where you are in the world, each of us have so very many things to give thanks for. We tend to take for granted so many things. There is not a thing in our lives that does not deserve thanks. Even when the road before us is tough and we can't see our way....the fact that we were able to get up that morning and face that world, or hide from that world---however you react to it...the bottom line is that you were able to get up that morning and have the ability to choose. All too often we are reminded of those that have the choice taken from them. I do not know all of the people that the music community has lost, or any other community in SL, but for those I did know...LoneWolf55 and Syn...know that you are both in my prayers, as I am sure so many of you do as well. Every now and then, remember to stop and give thanks for the things you do have, the people in your lives and the people that have touched your life; I know I do and have to remind myself to give thanks for the things we take so easily for granted.

On to what I have seen this past week. I took one of the days and went venue hopping. This is always such fun for me.

Sound Berlin first time I listened to Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler. Wow how did i go so long without hearing him....I have truly missed a lot. Sound Berlin is the kind of venue that gives you a warm comfortable feeling.....A place I would want to hang out with and without the live performers.

On to Ocean Live Music Under the Sea, my good friends Tia and Remy had Gina Gracemont there, another woman that I just love listening to and a really fun performance. I stayed to hear a newer Performer Billie1465 Tigerpaw..impressive ....had me dancing in my will be fun to watch him grow in SL.

On to another favorite....Lost Lovers Dancing Club....always a great crowd...listening to Rafaella Docherty.....listen to her if you get a chance....she does a wide range that truly keeps you entertained. Lost Lovers another venue working for children this holiday season....with Toys for Tots.

The PureLife Lodge what a great venue....I loved the waterfalls. I was able to hear Constantius Warbaum.....ya know I have a friend that melts with the sound of a good voice, well today for the first time I understood that Ladies if you have not heard him -- run do not stop at go, just get there and you will know what i mean. Sorry ladies it is a listen don't touch...he is very happily taken. PureLife Lodge, another venue doing all they can for Toys4Tots.

A close friend of mine sent me a message to join her at Bonaire Estates Beach Club, Grotto Nightclub....I adore underwater venues they are absolutely beautiful. Dancing with fish swimming around me. I had the pleasure of listening to Seamore Wildehart.....another musician to watch, for he is great.

Another day...smiling more venues this is fun. You should try it, so many wonderful venues, so many wonderful performers, so many wonderful people.

Started at Chez Roz, another awesome Toys4Tots venue. I love the way the music community has come together to support this and keep the magic in the holidays for those children that may not otherwise have it.

I apologize for being so adamant about this fundraiser, for there are many worthwhile heart wrenching fundraisers that strive to make a difference in people's lives, whether it be through research, providing help and resources to those struck by some form of tragedy. At the same time there is one part of the world that can not speak for themselves, can't vote, can't choose, yet always seem to pay the price of the adults...and I personally do not know of one child that has asked to be brought into this world or voluntarily done things to cause them daily sufferage whether it be through economic times, abuse, or a form of a devastating disease, yet all to often many pay the price of adults in so many ways, Toys4Tots is just one way to give to a silent community that continues to pay the price of adults. ok off my soapbox, I am just the sort that has stood up for kids for almost as long as I can remember.

While at Chez Roz, a classy elegant ambiance gives you such a warm feeling, I had the opportunity to hear a favorite performer and a very good friend, Nigel Palmer whether you listen to him once or daily, his voice will blow you away. This is an extremely talented songwriter, he has some of the very best originals, as well as an awesome musician and voice. He keeps his audience involved doing both his own music and will also do backing tracks...either way he is awesome.

Stopped in at Tayla's "Palm Springs Live Music" to hear Whirli Placebo. Soo early for me, I marveled at the energy. Listening to a combination of Whirli's originals and Dillon what a great way to start the day.

So often these days I am seeing venues working together to give each other and live music exposure. Tayla's is a venue that does just that....besides having the tropical theme that makes me forget that it is almost time for snow by my rl house.....Tayla also has a musical friends board made up of many different live music venues and lm's to each of them.

As always the music community amazes me. I watch the Christmas Expo site for RFL and see the performers once again giving of their time and talents, the venues donating their services. The large number of venues and performers that are diligently working for Toys4Tots. Whether you are chairing a committee for the organization, or volunteering your services to help those chairs, or making a donation or item. Feed a Smile, another ongoing fundraiser. Each of you gives of your time, your money, your hearts.....I am truly proud to be a small part of this community, its compassion for its fellow man is sooo overwhelming. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community.

Monday, November 21, 2011


So many venues, performers, etc are participating in the Toys 4 Tots fundraiser. I would be remiss to not copy this auction information into here. I have to hand it to Rocky Hilburton of Smokin Aces, he has organized all of this and I love the way he packaged the auction together. So another copy and paste---I can not describe it any better than has been done.

Hello friends!
We have teamed up with some of Char's most favorite designers and friends to create auctions with all proceeds going to Toys for Tots!

We have three packages that are open for bidding -


Package A includes -

A fabulous 550L gift card to Sascha's Designs has been kindly donated by Sascha Frangilli. Some of Char's most beautiful dresses come from Sascha's! You can find a wide selection of women's formal and casual as well as men's formal clothing to select from. Designs can be viewed/purchased in the marketplace ( or personally in SL.

A gift card has been generously donated by Kira Spaatz & Lin Ochs of Houses For You! This gift card is redeemable on their sims for any one of their beautiful and unique homes, retail value up to 5500L. Designs can be viewed/purchased in the marketplace ( or personally in SL.

Potlatch Foggarty & Bellaby Ballyhoo have kindly donated a 500L certificate to their wonderful furniture store; Encore Interiors! A great addition to help furnish your new home - see above! Designs can be viewed at their new location here in SL!

A voucher good for 1 photo session of 3 photos or equivalent value up to 1500L has been graciously donated by Trixee Trotter & Chief Blackhawk of Timeless Photography. This package includes a photo session with your choice of poses/backgrounds by the best in the business! All photos come with full permissions, you will be able to select them personally from the session samples; additional photos can also be purchased. Trust me it will be hard to choose! You can view a sampling of their work in Trixee's Flickr account ( or at their studio personally in SL.


Package B Includes -

A 500L Gift Certificate to Damselfly has been kindly donated by TOmmy Fairplay. This is the hair Char wears most often and we hope you'll enjoy it just as much as she does! Designs can be viewed/purchased in the marketplace ( or personally in SL.

A gift card has been generously donated by Kira Spaatz & Lin Ochs of Houses For You! This gift card is redeemable on their sims for any one of their beautiful and unique homes, retail value up to 5500L. Designs can be viewed/purchased in the marketplace ( or personally in SL.

Savannah Coronet has kindly donated two of her fabulous CD's; Just being Savvy & her Patsy Cline Tribute CD. Savvy is a dear friend of Char and one of her most favorite entertainers! Savannah & Hogan Baily have also generously donated two Amaretto Horse bundles with an approximated 4k + retail value! The attached notecard has all of the details for the horses included in this auction.



Coat: Black/White Mustang
Eye: Gemini Emerald
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
High Coat Gleam
High Hair Gleam
Low Coat Luster
High Hair Luster
Coat Gloom
Hair Gloom


10T Creme Pinto Gloom/Chill
Coat: Creme Pinto
Eye: Emerald
Mane: Long
Tail: Long
Low Coat Gleam
Low Hair Gleam
Low Coat Luster
High Hair Luster
Hair Gloom
Coat Chill

You can stop in at the stables and view a selection of their horses/bundles for sale -



Package C Includes - (For the Char Fans!)

A necklace, earring, and belly chain set featuring a musical theme. This jewelry set was donated by Zahara Dawn from Adorned. It is a discontinued item that was brought back solely for the Toys for Tots auction and is one of Char's absolute favorites. Designs can be viewed/purchased in the marketplace ( or personally in SL.

Two never released tracks by Char - these are tracks you've heard at the set, but have yet to be released on the blog or CD. ( You will be the first to receive copies!

A single mystery track that has never been heard - you will receive this track prior to it even being heard at the sets, a great way to tease other Char fans! You can be the first to tell everyone how amazing it is!

A two hour date with Char! You can go dancing, shopping, gossip while you play greedy, take photos - this is our version of a fan meet & greet. Keep it clean as the First Lady has a reputation to uphold; no strip clubs, hanky panky, or questionable poses. Remember she wears four layers!

Your own trivia question! - It can be fun, silly, whatever you want it to be as long as it is PG rated.

A one hour private Char show; meaning no lindens involved - Char will come sing at your home, venue, etc. and you can invite all of your friends. If you don't have a location, we will help get something figured out.



How the auctions work -

Visit the following landmark -

You will see the boards for bidding; A, B, & C auction packages. Please pay the auction boards, lindens will be taken from your account at that time. You must outbid the previous bidder - previous bids will automatically be refunded once they are outbid. Please do not place a bid you do not intend to honor, there are no refunds - unless of course someone else outbids you. Winners will be contacted at auction end for the transfer of prizes associated with each auction.

All auction proceeds are donated to the Toys for Tots Charity.

You can track the SL fundraising progress at;

We thank you for your participation, together we can give the gift of Christmas!

If you have any questions; please contact Charndon Kass or Jade Berry. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Finally a Directory for venues and a complete resource for the music community is up and running.

I am going to just copy and paste the notecards that were sent out.

After so much discussion in the past about a directory for venues, it is finally being put together.
A website is being created, similar to SecondRaters, but without a rating system.
Each Venue will have it’s own page. All of the information will be included, the exception being tips or paying which will only be represented by a T or P or B at the bottom of a page. This will assist managers as they seek out venues for the performers they represent. You will each be given the link to pass along as well as a direct link to your venue page.

If things change, i.e. you are haunted for the Halloween season, we will try to keep your page updated with this info.

If your venue closes, please let us know so that we can keep this directory as updated as possible.

Please keep in mind that this will not be the location to post events at your venue, we all have enough places to do that. If your venue maintains kiosks for fundraisers that are transparent and accountable....i.e. RFL, Toys For Tots, etc., we will be happy to include that information on your page.

Please fill out the attached nc and rename it with your venue name and return it to me.

Your venue will be entered as soon as we receive it.

There is a page also put together for management to list themselves, as well as a page for stream companies and other things a performer may need (i.e. ani's, tip jars, instruments, etc)

And the notecard to turn in:

Information Needed:

Venue Name:
Owner Name:
Contact Person for Booking:
Date Venue Established:
Tips or Paying or Both Venue:
Dress Code:
Sim Rating:

Brief paragraph describing venue:


Please attach a logo texture:

You can paste that into a nc and submit it to Still Braveheart inworld


I had a busy week venue hopping this week, and made some wonderful finds.

On Thursday, I spent an hour on the Titanic, no matter how often I visit, the build alone continues to amaze me. Mara was there at the time and went out of her way to make both myself and another venue owner feel appreciated. Hugs Mara, I love our friendship. I had actually gone to Titanic with an agenda, I had been told that I just had to hear Strider Quan, both an RL and SL Elvis impersonator. He only performs once a week in SL and that is at the Titanic. I have to admit, I could close my eyes and truly believe I was listening to the King himself. Though normally I would suggest that this a man that can't be missed and to watch events, smiles this time I have to say that but also tell you to visit Titanic on Thursdays to do so. Titanic is also a proud sponsor of the Toys 4 Tots program.

Over the weekend I visited a few more venues. Though there were no live performances at the time, I did stop in at Rojo's VIP Lounge and fell in love with the ambiance. Ronus LeFevre outdid himself, I know I will be a frequent visitor.

Temptation Falls, another absolutely beautiful venue where I had the pleasure of listening to CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster. If you have never heard Celtic you are truly missing a piece of magic. Her voice is wonderful, and if you are truly lucky you will have the opportunity to hear her acapella. Temptation Falls is a venue that is also supporting the Toys 4 Tots program. There are so many venues participating in this fundraiser. So many wonderful performers on the Christmas CD that supports Toys 4 Tots.....all working to make a difference in a child's life this holiday season.

On to one of my favorite venues for fun...Kickin Club Live Music Venue, I got there early and listened to my old friend Paul Knowles rock the house. Awesome as always. LilMissPriss has truly created a venue that is plain old matter what kind of day you are having, stop at Kickin and you will leave with a smile. I stayed for Theresa Nayar.

Key West another favorite venue, owned by my close friend Liz Harley. Stopped in to listen to a performer I had not heard in quite a while...Mimi Carpenter. She has a unique voice that I enjoy. Key West, one of my favorite places in rl, they have truly managed to transport me there whenever I visit the venue. Key West is another wonderful supporter of Toys 4 Tots, stop in and keep the magic in the holidays for children.

I stopped in Waffles where Ugh Yeu was performing for his birthday. Everyone was having a wonderful time. I noticed something I am seeing more and more with venues....sponsorships. Waffles is doing this, The Roof is also, as is the Titanic; I am sure there are many others. I like the fact that venues are stepping outside the box to support the rising costs of maintaining a venue. It shows a dedication to the music community...smiling.... even better, it is increasing the exposure of sl music, a common goal of all parts of the music community.

Now many of you know me well so this is pure sarcasm based upon something I have seen done recently. A performer did an event with 50% going to charity and had stated that the other 50& was going to cover the cost of the event. Mind you there were sponsors and only he was accepting tips. Please do not get me wrong, the cause itself was excellent and I will give credit for choosing to help with a fundraiser....but there are a couple of things that go on when all proceeds do not go to the non-profit. First and foremost was there transparency, who actually monitored the fundraising, it should have been one or two people that did not have a vested interest besides the performer and his manager. And had been announced that $1000+ USD was being forwarded to the non-profit organization. By my calculations and math was not my high point but I think even I can handle this 50% the performer walked away with $1000+ USD as well. Hmmmmm I have never known a performer that has to pay that much out of pocket to cover costs of a two hour show even with video. So I do feel as if a performer used the nonprofit as a way to solicit more sponsors, higher audience numbers and more profit for himself than he would have had without it, and took advantage of the hearts that give so very much in SL. Maybe I am dead wrong...if so please let me know.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Website Being Built

For the longest time, as a music community, we have all agreed on the need for a live music venue directory. There is one through a magazine, some venues have walls with other venues on it, another venue owner was putting together something for the mentors, there is the destination guide through Second Life.

The largest problem is that everyone wants something different. Some want genres, others want tips versus paid, etc.

If many of you have gone on and taken a look at the SecondRaters website; there is a website being built solely for live music venues. Without the rating system. Each Venue will have its own page, description, genre, logo, capacity, dress code, date established, owner, contact person, slurl, and even fundraisers they support.

There are still one or two technical issues that are being worked out and the site will be ready to publish. Just like the SecondRaters site, there will be a page that offers the opportunity to state who is missing in there.

There will also eventually be a page that lists management organizations for performers seeking representation.

Many venues have already submitted their information to be included. I have copied the nc for the information that is needed to be included. Please copy the information into a notecard and rename it with the venue name, then submit it to me inworld....still Braveheart

The original notecard that went out:

After so much discussion in the past about a directory for venues, it is finally being put together.
A website is being created, similar to SecondRaters, but without a rating system.
Each Venue will have it’s own page. All of the information will be included, the exception being tips or paying which will only be represented by a T or P or B at the bottom of a page. This will assist managers as they seek out venues for the performers they represent. You will each be given the link to pass along as well as a direct link to your venue page.

If things change, i.e. you are haunted for the Halloween season, we will try to keep your page updated with this info.

If your venue closes, please let us know so that we can keep this directory as updated as possible.

Please keep in mind that this will not be the location to post events at your venue, we all have enough places to do that. If your venue maintains kiosks for fundraisers that are transparent and accountable....i.e. RFL, Toys For Tots, etc., we will be happy to include that information on your page.

Please fill out the attached nc and rename it with your venue name and return it to me. The site is being put together as we speak so it will be ready to go as soon as possible. Your venue will be entered as soon as we receive it.

This is the attached notecard.

Information Needed:

Venue Name:
Owner Name:
Contact Person for Booking:
Date Venue Established:
Tips or Paying or Both Venue:
Dress Code:

Brief paragraph describing venue:


Please attach a logo texture:

I'M BACK!!!!

I spent the day venue hopping and it was a lot of fun. I had forgotten just how much fun it was. Seeing new places, hearing new performers, and seeing old friends.

I started out at Kameleonz, what a wonderful Aussie Pub. While there I had the pleasure of listening to Saintess Larnia. As many times as I have seen this woman at different venues and have heard other performers mention how good she is, yet I had never actually listened to her.What a wonderfully delightful strong voice. I am looking forward to see her more often. I stuck around to hear MarkSeery Melodie. I truly enjoyed listening to him, but when he brought out the bagpipes it was awesome. I had a hard time holding my feet still.

I went on to Guthries, always a favorite stop and had a chance to see Dottie. Then on to Kickin Club. It is always so much fun to see friends I haven't seen in a while. While at Kickin, I had listened to another performer I had not heard before, but will look to hear him again.....Glenn Bunjie. He has that just rough enough voice to draw you in and hold you.

Time for another new venue for me. Waffles Music Agency. What a wonderfully fun place to visit. There is only one word I can use to describe the performer that I listened to there....Dje Atolia....that word is WOW!!!! After that I got to hear my friends Wolf n Hawk. These are two very special people.

I went on to Cameo Music Park where Sasinq was celebrating her three week anniversary. Congratulations Sas! While there I caught the end of Stela Rajal though I could not understand a word she sang---after all I am linguistically challenged (even with English)--can't even remember French from High school....but the sound of her voice was amazing. Stayed for Donny Collazo...this is a crooner no one should miss...his voice is soooo smooth.

I was ready to dance and went on to Smokin ACES. Rocky is ready for winter. This is always a fun venue, and Rocky continually outdoes himself. This is a venue that supports Toys for Tots in every way, donating all venue tips right now to Toys for Tots. While there I saw Brixton Canning, another wow. SL has had some great country singers and Brixton does not disappoint......the kind of voice I could listen to all night.

I had every intention of leaving after Brixton....but though I needed to head down to the kitchen (hoping my dinner doesn't burn) but then ElvisAronPresley Lisa came on.....I am a hard one to impress with Elvis impersonators. This guy is good though. If you love Elvis, this is the performer to see!!!!

Smiles and then hunger took over. It was so good to be back though!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011


I wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Each time I log into SL there are notecards and im's offering your best thoughts, wishing me well....and just showing me what a wonderful community this is. If I had the time to sit and answer each every notecard I would. Just know that I love each and every one of you.

Something I forgot to say earlier......Toys For Tots is underway. Though I have not had a chance to listen to the CD earlier, the line up is totally awesome. Stop by venues (my own included) and make a donation, or purchase the CD. You have the power to make this holiday season so much brighter for so many children. Though Toys For Tots has always been important, this year with the economic hardships felt everywhere, it is rougher than in the past. It is visible in so many ways. Though as adults we understand the rough times....lets do all we can to keep the magic of the holiday for those that should not have to feel the hardships of adults....Children!!!!!

If you are a venue owner, it is not too late to help out. Contact Rocky Hilburton and ask him how you can help make a difference for these children. Help keep the magic in the holidays!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


It has been so long that I feel as though I owe you all an explanation. Unfortunately, due to some rl health issues, I have had to make some changes. It was a bitter pill to swallow; I had to go through my self pity stage where I kind of hid away from the world. The acceptance of it has settled in though and then I had to take stock of exactly what it meant to me. Many of you may have heard that the Halloween Party at BS's was the last big hurrah for awhile and that BS's was closing for a while. This is true with the exception of one Saturday night slot. I chose to do this simply because I am ---the sad (at least to me) part is that I have to move back to the bitter cold of Illinois after waiting so many years to leave it. There is a treatment program that I need to go through and I refuse to change doctors as where I am now is one of the best in country, but they want me closer for monitoring through this program. From all I am hearing, the side effects can be rough which will lead to many more bad days mixed in with the good. I can not, in all fairness to performers and fans, run a scheduled venue. I am afraid of having to cancel too much on them to be dependable. On the flip side, I am currently talking someone to run BS's for me. If this works out, BS's will reopen. I will keep you updated.

Now I have to say, it seems like everytime I do take the time to log inworld....laughing there is always something going on with the music community. So much of it is so positive.

Two years ago, I held two different meetings--one with venue owners and one with performers. I came up with, what I still believe is an awesome idea, but extremely time consuming to do on a large scale. Recently, I have had the pleasure of speaking with a venue owner that had attended one of those meetings. He, in turn, was explaining to me that he did walk away with thinking outside the box and also between the things I had said and some ideas that another performer had discussed with him, put together a venue that was his experiment. I believe that it is one of the most successful live music venues in SL. Continually showcasing the best and biggest of SL performers; the times I have visited it, always packed. Yet this venue has a zero budget. It goes to show that thinking outside the box and becoming flexible is a very good thing. Possibly if more venues were to think outside the box, there would not be as many venues going through the revolving door process.

I will be putting together two major projects for the music community. I am hoping as they come together and either myself or others that I am working with reach out that the music community comes together to do something absolutely wonderful.

Another venue owner has put together a sister wall so to speak for venues to work together. One of the projects I will be working on with others is also a way for venues to come together. As details and how to's get worked out I will be posting more information.

Starting this next week I will be back to venue hopping and seeking out the newest performers, still determined to hear, at least once, every performer in SL. Look for these updates and I promise they won't be spaced so far apart.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I removed the blog that discussed my feelings about fundraisers.  It was on its way to becoming a mud slinging contest, which is something I would never want this blog to become.  At the same time, I am bluntly honest, so if this is something you are interested in, please feel free to im me inworld.


A special thank you to all that dug and helped the town of Rodanthe, NC; home of our own SL performer, Debi Latte.  Also thank you to the performers that took the time out of their busy schedules and appeared to help raise funds as well as the designers that donated items and the venues that put up donation boxes or sponsored part of the fundraiser.

If anyone needs a receipt for tax purposes, please im me in world and i will send you one.  Please keep in mind that if you received an item through the auction, or a t-shirt, those monies are not tas deductible and no receipts will be given for those items.

I have found it is easier to post the spreadsheet to a web page so you can view a list of all donors and monies earned at the following link:

Many of you performed and donated simply because we asked, my heartfelt thanks goes out to each of you as I am sure Isa's is as well.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Debi Latte - the well loved SL songbird - lost much of her house in Rl. The hurricane hit Rodanthe, N.C. first and hardest. Debi is actually sleeping on a cot in the firehouse! AND We can help her entire community!

We are having a benefit for Rodanthe, this Saturday and  Sunday

This benefit is so big it kicks off Saturday the 10th at our sister venue - Bring a friend, Stay a while. BS's is the place to be Saturday!!

The line up at BS's is open to any performer that would like to participate.  Slots are still available, just im still Braveheart.

Saturday (Sept. 10) at BS's:

10- 11 Agustin Braham
11-12  Phil Setner
12-1 Sparrow and Sunwolf
1-2  Joaquin Gustav
2-3 Sid Slade
3-4 Russell Eponym
6-7 Gandalf Mornington
7-8pm  Max Kleene

Sunday's (September 11) shows will be at Prim Economy Music Park from 3:30 to 9:00 pm slt

3:30 = The Amazing Shannon Oherlihy!
4:00 = The Sensational CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster!
4:30 = The Incredible Noma Falta!
5:30 = The Spectacular Savannah Coronet!
6:00 = The Talented Hogan Bailey!
6:30 = this 15 Minutes sponsored by Cafe Trivia - The Best Place in SL to play Trivia!
=The Awesome Mamaa Saiz!
6:45 = this 1/2 Hour Sponsored By JJ's Joint A FUN, LAID BACK, RUN DOWN OLD BLUES and ROCK CLUB !!
=The Wonderful Miss Gina Stella!!!
7:15 = this 1/2 hour sponsored by Key West - Home Of The Wave!
=The Amazing Anek Fuchs!!!
7:45 = The Fantastic Harry Frychester!
8:00 to 9:00 = The Unbelievable JustinElias Anatra!

Free Concert - all tips go to Rodanthe! Grab your friends and your dancing shoes and be blown away by our "hurricane" of talent!

With Thanks to Blaise Zarco  (an amazing creator and scripter) YOU can bid on an Amazing dress - "Shades Of Latte" - designed by Tanya Matahari!

Or bid 4 weeks rental at Palm Cove Reef donated by the wonderful Hillary Hawkeye! (see info below)

Buy the Tee shirts designed by Fashionista and the ultimate designer Tayna Matahari! They say "I helped Rodanthe!" and "Irene can kiss my pixels!" All proceeds help the island!

Real life donations can be made to the Fire Dept. which has been serving the community with food, fuel, and labor ... or directly to Debi (address upon request)
RL Checks can be written to:
Chicamacomico Banks Fire Dept.
P. O. Box 125
Rodanthe, NC 27968

The Fire Dept. is a non-profit organization so any donations there will be tax deductible, as well.


Rental Prizes donated by Palm Cove Resorts

1 - Four weeks in a large beach home worth L6,000 - 􀀄

2 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀅

3 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀆

4 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀇

5 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀂

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Diaster seems to be hitting the US in many ways weather related.  So many hurt, killed....loss of home.  It has been devastating and overwhelming. 

Right now one of the music communities own is facing that diaster.  Debi Latte, a loved sl performer, whether you know her from reputation, hearing this beautiful songbird, or meeting her at a live music jam....she is loved by many.  What many may not be aware of is that Debi lives in a town called Rodanthe, N.C, the first and hardest hit by Hurricane Irene.  Currently, Debi is sleeping on a cot at the fire house and her house is totalled. 

Isa Beck has organized a fundraiser for the town this weekend.  I have to say that there is total transparency and accountability in this fundraiser, with three people watching monies to ensure it is all going to the bank account set up for Rodanthe and that information will be provided publicly  Though so many have given until it hurts, they are still continuing to give.  The venue that donated the space for the fundraiser, Prim Economy Music Park already has a complete line up.  Other venues are dedicating time to the fundraiser.  Designers have put together some beautiful things to be bought or auctioned off with all monies going toward the fundraiser.  My own venue, for any performers that can not fit in the line up but would like to participate is available as well. 

Though I do not participate in many fundraisers on my venue, more so because of the lack of transparency and accountability...this particular fundraiser is being set up in such a way that there are no questions to be asked about the funds.  I am strongly urging as many as possible to participate in this one.


I can only apologize for being so lax and try to offer some sort of explanation.  I took the break after Relay For Life to do a round of doctor appointments and tests.  Some of the results have thrown me for a loop and I really wasn't able to focus too clearly on many things.  By the time things started to settle down it was mid August and every time I logged  into SL people have brought things to my attention that screamed "write about this"  and I found every excuse whether it was health or rl related to put it off.  So needless to say this will be a long one or broken into a couple of blogs.

First an update.  When I returned, I was contacted by some close friends as they had me tp to Live Gig Alley, lo and behold I was one of fortunate venue owners that had been banned.  Though to what purpose I am not sure....too many people keep updates as to what and who is there for me to have to go there.  It is also one of the first questions I ask of any performer that is interested in performing at BS's.  I do have to admit though that one of my performers was questioned while waiting to play, and then I was asked if I was the owner of that sim,  At which point I was told off...." I never met you that I know of  but I want you to know.... that my life and the lives of several friends have been totally trashed by your blog =  I've never experienced such enmity and homophobia rl"  Now I must admit that this comment truly made my jaw drop to the floor.  Last I checked this blog never discussed anyone's sexuality.  I did try to ask this person, but she refused to answer me.    I finally did ask  the performer that was waiting and he went on to tell me that he was in im's with her.  Another venue owner that was also there, did explain it to me, this was a way to attack because I stated my beliefs about Live Gig Alley.  Unfortunately, it was done in a way that said she never really read the blog and knew nothing of what I was talking my warning to all that refuse to book performers that use Live Gig Alley, pay attention. From my understanding this is an alt of someone else and she will talk trash to your guests while they are trying to watch a performance.  She is banned from my venue as I do not believe that anyone attends a performance to listen to people get trashed, and I won't allow my guests to be subject to that.

On to other things.  Lately it seems that fundraising in sl has raised some eyebrows.  I do know that in the past there was one performer inparticular that seemed to raise funds continually for his family members and and friends, I have also raised eyebrows at a couple of others.  I can only say that the music community as a whole has the biggest of hearts I have ever seen, giving of their time, their money, etc.  As someone that has done quite a lot of fundraising and organizing of campaigns in real life, I am a stickler on transparency and accountability.  If you want to give to someone by opening those hearts, time and money, please look for those things.  If you are not sure what to look for or ask about, please just im me in world, leave me a comment, or send me an email.  One of the largest pet peeves I have is someone taking advantage of the goodness and kindness of others to line their own pockets.  With that said, there is an upcoming fundraiser that I sanction 100% and I will tell you about it later. 

I was also told hat a notecard had gone out to managers and performers on how to increase tips to the venues.  Chuckling because the performers name that was on the notecard...well, he has performed for me in the pat and I have attended many other performances of his at other venues....his largest promotions were for himself, his dancers, and which ever family or friends he was "raising" funds for. and the venue never did well at all from what little he promoted the venue, Outside of laughing at the humor in the situation, I did see the nc that was sent out.  My own addum would be to managers, please when at my venue do not follow that nc.  My guests come to see a show not get requests and gestures for tips slammed down their throats that only serve to spam local chat and makes many tune it out.  As far as performers, I do agree that performers need to promote the venues, but one can tell whether it is sincere or a second thought.  Those performers that truly believe in the venues, it comes across in the sincerity in their voices.  Otherwise, I don't ask my guests for tips, so when they do it is because they are truly enjoying themselves and appreciate the venue and performance.  I am also extremely appreciative of each and every tip the venue receives. 

Wow, I feel as if I am going down a laundry list of issues,  one would have thought I was gone for a lot longer that a month.  Then again it is sl....time moves differently on we go.

It was brought to my attention that there are performers that are changing the way they are doing things.  If a venue owner can not afford the performer themself, they have offered a video of themselves at lower rates.  I am truly hoping the venue owner that brought this to my attention double checks and that the performer did not present it correctly.  One thing venues have prided themselves on is live performers.  If we wanted video performances we could download things from the web at no cost.  The performer that offered this, if it is correct, would have no audience interaction, most of which makes attending live performances fun.  I believe this to be true even with the shortcuts of providing a video to make a tour larger.  I myself, would not pay to have a video of a performer that is performing elsewhere at the same time.   I have to add on this though, that in my own experience in sl, the economy has hit so many so hard, and performers recognize this as I have had many performers come to me and tell me their rates are lowered to make things easier for the venues.  Another instance of the wonderful hearts in our music community.  Those performers are simply the best and and you know they do what they do simply for the love of music and their love of performing.

Phew, miss a month in sl and it is like missing a year.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I have seen so many thank yous to the committee members and teams of Relay for Life,  many of you are part of those teams...but I have one very special thank you to give.

This year's Relay for Life was the best ever in the total of USD raised.  The spirit of Relay is more overwhelming than words can describe.  Every week throughout Relay I have seen events put on by the various teams and committee members.  Behind all of it I saw a group of people that truly helped make the relay become the best ever.  I attended more live music events sponsored by venues and teams.....but there was a quiet giant in there....the music community.  As performers, you donated your time, your tips.  To many of you performing in sl is a way to help keep a roof over your head, to see you give up the opportunity to make money with your performances,  to bring your groups, no matter how large or challenge those audiences to match to donate...

I could not keep track of the number of performers that I saw everyday when I looked at events in the event board.  Each of you that donated so much, that have said to me, if there is anything I can do to help, that offered to do performances....though my response was the same....that I am not a part of that committee....I still know how very giving your hearts were.  Each time I heard a performer talk about challenging the audience and that they would match was awe inspiring.  Laughing, of course you caused me to dig deep within that linden wallet.... I am not only proud to be a part of this community, but even prouder that so many of you are friends.

On that note I say a very special thank you to the music community, to the venue owners, the fans, and the performers....for you truly helped play a huge part in the success of SL's Relay for Life 2011.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today, I need to take a moment and talk a little about Relay for Life.  Though it is not considered music community...maybe to some...I still believe it is, because I have seen soo many of the music community open their hearts and support this so worthy cause.

On that note I do want to share the schedule of events as everyone walks the relay and takes this time to celebrate what has proven to be a record breaking year for Relay for Life in Second Life.  There is something for everyone.








The Four Seasons Theater--it changes with each performance--Space is very limited!  Reserve your seat now!!

  2PM SLT -- THE BEATLES  Everyone loves THE BEATLES....Join us on the dance floor as we take that walk down memory lane with the band that started it all for us..... Space is limited, so im Still Braveheart for your tickets today. All proceeds go to Relay for Life 2011.
  4 PM RUNNING LADY PRODUCTIONS--The best in Machinima
  6PM SLT -- VIRTUAL BUFFET OF SHORT PLAYS -- Join the Avatar Repertory Theater as we present a seven course meal of full productions of the seven winning plays from the Virtual Short Play Buffet; Love in a Virtual World by Mark Lindberg Back Burner by J. H. Brown Zombified by Arthur M. Jolly Drenched by Sandra Hosking Monsters by Elford Alley NOLA Goodbye by Jane Pendergrast The Gospel According to Bowser by Dan Borengasser SPACE IS LIMITED--IM STILL BRAVEHEART FOR YOUR ADVANCE RESERVATIONS

Country Music Stage

 Performances start at 1PM and run hourly

Live Music Stage

Performances start at 1PM

DJ Stage starts at 1PM SLT


Sunday July 17


CLOSING CEREMONIES 10AM  (but the fun continues)

LIVE AUCTION 11:30 AM (rl and sl items...





The Four Seasons Theater--it changes with each performance--Space is very limited!  Reserve your seat now!!  im Still Braveheart in world for tickets


Country Music Stage
Performances start at 7AM SLT

Live Music Stage
Performances start at 7AM SLT

I truly hope to see all of you there sometime over the weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A special thank you

Out of the ashes so to speak....

I am the type of person that looks for the positive in everything.....I found it throughout this entire mess involving Live Gig Alley....I found a positive.  A reminder of why I love this musical community.

Whether you like live gig alley or not, venues, performers, and fans are communicating better than ever.  There is a unity that is overwhelming.  So many performers have im'd and given their support venues coming together in common bond... I have not seen this type of unity since Mankind tried to get everyone to use his cover charge system.

Thank you SL Music Community, as always you make me so proud to be a small part of this community.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An explanation

I chose to remove my last post because while it was a meandering of my thoughts and a trip down memory lane...there was nothing substantial to base it upon. Rather than have anyone take it out of context, and start rumors or drama, I chose to remove it.    One thing I attempt top do, whether I be right or wrong is honest, direct, and ethical....I truly avoid allowing personal what if's to come into play here, and that is what I had started to do, allowing things I knew from my history with the sl music community to be discussed here.  I was wrong to do so.

My take on the "updated press release"

Here is the updated press release I was given...and then you will see my response.

Live Gig Alley

Live Gig Alley – UPDATE

It has come to my attention that some venue owners and performers are concerned that Live Gig Alley will act as a remote virtual venue, taking traffic away from their venue.  Owners and performers alike need to know how Live Gig Alley will benefit them.

To address questions and concerns, please allow me this opportunity to relay what Live Gig Alley is all about and why it is important to you.

The short answer… It’s "The Ultimate SL Entertainment Connection"

Live Gig Alley does not take traffic away from any entertainment venue. In actuality, quite the opposite is true. Live Gig Alley increases traffic to venues and in no way poses a threat to venue owners, entertainers, fans, entertainment managers or anyone else. Live Gig Alley is an enhancement to live entertainment.

As with any business, there are pros and cons. The pros include a one-stop location to find/discover/locate a live performance to attend, a place aiding collaboration among performers and the opportunity for venue owners to sample many performers in a very short period of time.

Upon arrival visitors are suddenly presented with hundreds of mini booths that performers have rented. These mini booths will hold a maximum of 2 occupants. Booths have a menu system, providing the event seeker with a direct teleport to the live event, in progress. Teleporting to events is the basis of Live Gig Alley.

Each booth also has the performer’s picture and a Tip Jar. Having a Tip Jar available is good for venue owners. Elaboration on that is provided below. Each booth, displaying a flashing red light, will typically signal that the musician renting that booth is live on-stage right now, at some venue, somewhere in SL. To find out if that particular musician is to their liking, visitors step in the booth and can only listen to what is going on.  Should that performer not be what they seek, they move onto the next live performer's booth and so on, until they find a live show to teleport into. Again, people do not come to Live Gig Alley and simply stand around listening to live performances.

Availability to tip the performer is in place for one main reason. A vast majority of fans will see the tip jar and in a split second think, "I will tip them at the show but not here..I already like this performer and I don't mind tipping, but only if I am having a good time there". In reality, that Tip jar further helps trigger the act of teleporting to the event. Also, should tips be generated from Live gig alley (and yes, it does happen now and again) steps are in place to have tips directed to the performer's designated avatar, so as to not interrupt them. This added feature of promoting  teleporting to the venue is a positive for the fan, the artist and the venue owner.

In summary, you come to Live Gig Alley to locate a live performance to attend and teleport to your chosen venue, to be with other like minded people. People want to interact with others, so they teleport. It's only natural.

The cons number all of one and it has already been addressed. Early on, we recognized the possibility for a visitor to temporarily slip through the cracks and listen to an entire show. For the offending avatar, the opportunity will be short lived. Anyone found (and records are kept) camping out for what is deemed an excessive amount of time, in any one booth will be banned from future visits, without question. Additionally plans are in place to automatically disallow such activity without the need for human intervention.

In summary, Live Gig Alley is exclusively a connection service to entertainment throughout SL. Live Gig Alley is long overdue and a much needed addition to SL's entertainment industry and will expand to encompass the entire SL entertainment industry, all the while maintaining its current business model, to remain a benefit to everyone.

Performer stream URL’s will be hidden.
Tip Jars will remain in full view and operable.
Teleporting will be even more simplified.

It is my desire that some of your most important questions and concerns have been addressed. All venue owners concerns are paramount to the Live Gig Alley ownership and management team and we welcome the opportunity to address concerns with you. Please feel free to send me a notecard with any specific concerns and so we can arrange to meet and discuss them.

NANCE Brody – Owner, Live Gig Alley
Voice Doobie - Marketing Director

My response:

Live Gig Alley does not take traffic away from any entertainment venue. In actuality, quite the opposite is true. Live Gig Alley increases traffic to venues and in no way poses a threat to venue owners, entertainers, fans, entertainment managers or anyone else. Live Gig Alley is an enhancement to live entertainment.  I have yet to see how it does this as there is no tp to the venue.

Upon arrival visitors are suddenly presented with hundreds of mini booths that performers have rented. These mini booths will hold a maximum of 2 occupants. Booths have a menu system, providing the event seeker with a direct teleport to the live event, in progress. Teleporting to events is the basis of Live Gig Alley.  During prime time, a visitor would have so many booths to visit that the shows would be over by the time they decided where to go.

Availability to tip the performer is in place for one main reason. A vast majority of fans will see the tip jar and in a split second think, "I will tip them at the show but not here..I already like this performer and I don't mind tipping, but only if I am having a good time there". In reality, that Tip jar further helps trigger the act of teleporting to the event. Also, should tips be generated from Live gig alley (and yes, it does happen now and again) steps are in place to have tips directed to the performer's designated avatar, so as to not interrupt them. This added feature of promoting  teleporting to the venue is a positive for the fan, the artist and the venue owner.  Now this really throws me for a loop.....if anything...i would think tipping at the venue and the performer would be the goalThe section about not interrupting a, if anything the performer should want to thank the person that tipped them....unless they do not see it because tips are being diverted and if so are the performers receiving the full tip or is it split somewhere in there.

This added feature of promoting  teleporting to the venue is a positive for the fan, the artist and the venue owner.  I did not find a way to tp to the performer that was on the air when I was at live gig....

Performer stream URL’s will be hidden. This is a lie..I demonstrated that last night
Teleporting will be even more simplified.  Not seeing any teleporting system in place

It is my desire that some of your most important questions and concerns have been addressed. All venue owners concerns are paramount to the Live Gig Alley ownership and management team and we welcome the opportunity to address concerns with you. Please feel free to send me a notecard with any specific concerns and so we can arrange to meet and discuss them.  I specifically asked them to meet with venue was refused.

This press release did not address many of the concerns....and in speaking directly with Voice, I did not feel as if I received one direct and honest answer.  If someone is unable to be honest and direct, then quite often there is something to hide.

OH wow what a discovery

I must admit it was so nice so Nance to have to use so much space to say things.  Guess it is my turn.  Though I am a bit surprised about her comments as her partner had given me the updated press release to post and I would have without the commentary.  But open a can of worms and you get my honest opinions.

There is an extremely well known performer that every time they come up with something the question in the back of our minds is what is the real agenda and how is it benefiting them.  Most of you know me well enough that I don't need to use names. If you don't go back through my blogs it is not hard to figure out.

I do believe there is a distant cousin out here...because this is what I saw.  What could be a good idea is turned into a way to line wallets of one performer and her business partner.  While we are striving to keep the cost down for venue owners, performers and audiences I saw something that will truly make two people money and use the music community to do so.

Performers are charged $250.00L a week.  there are tons of those.  Streams are given out freely....and I received no lm to the venue that the performer was playing at....though I did not need it...the stream was there, I could take it home and listen.  Laughs then again, even if the performer was not on air their stream was advertised so all i would have to do is take the stream information, and drop it in my land or home etc.  OHC,Beth Odetts, Chance, and Laidback....all your streams were there to see yet only one of you was performing (these are the only 4 I looked at).  By the way Laidback, you sounded good, but when I was going to tp to whatever venue you were at....this is the response I got -- NFO READER:  "Tuesday";
[20:53]  INFO READER:  Tuesday, resetting script.

.  I stood on the platform with Voice Doobie and could have fit a couple more on there, at least three other people.    Then I started doing the math and I did not get a full count of all the boards.....but of the ones I did and I believe i missed a few..50,300L a week or 201,200L for 4 weeks...that is off of the fans that could be tipping performers and venues, and venues and performers which are having a rough time anyway.   Looking at the numbers of what they have set up there...I felt like someone there thought money can be made off of the music community, and they in turn use each of us to line their wallets.

As much as we love music, I felt as though I was talking to someone that found a way use use the venue, the fan, and the performer to profit, and do so by imitating a well respected member of the music community, yet added the tipping on and the live streams.... 

The more they charge people, the less that goes to the performer.  Contrary to what a lot say about liking the interaction with the people on the venue, that is usually the same handful of people for each profiles, you can see all the time, I don't follow local chat so im me, or I have im'd people to say hi when I see they are online, and they are at work with the music playing.  From a venue owners standpoint, we see all kinds.  not everyone cares as much about the interaction.  So that argument goes both ways.  Would we, as venues, lose those that come to our venue while they are at work, or just want to quietly dance with a special someone.  They would not need to, they could park their avi at their home and drop the stream, or dance on their deck with the stream dropped.

Most of you know me well enough to know how strongly I believe in the growth of sl music.  How passionate I am about it.  I get angry when I see people trying to take advantage of every single avenue in this community...I think of a get rich quick scheme....playing on what most are so very passionate about.  Ya know how after you get done talking to a "used car salesman" mentality (not meant to insult the good ethical used car salespeople) ( oh please, I hear the snickers now:) ) but after you get done talking to one you feel like you need a shower.  That is how I felt tonight after seeing all that.

WOW all that and I haven't even hit the press release yet.  but it is late...and I need that shower.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


While I have been wondering about what to write about...lo and behold it fell into my lap.

A few minutes ago I was informed of a new company...smiles, you know me well enough to go down and check it out....but first i did get permission to copy and paste this notecard i received:

Titled:  Does this impact YOUR venue?  Are you concerned?

I might be overreacting…

However, I think this might just be the tip of the iceberg… So let me explain please.

Assumption:  When I pay a musician to play at my venue, I except the stream to only be available at my venue.  If someone wants to listen to this fine artist, they will have to come to my venue to listen.

There is a new business @ 􀀽

Where artists can, for a small fee, rent a small kiosk that will “light up” when they are playing live and by standing at the kiosk, you can listen to the artist and tip the artist.  (hummm, notice what’s missing?  Oh yea, the venue!).

It has always been easy for a fan to TP to another venue if they wanted to listen to a different musician, but this makes it even easier, you can just cam around and see who has the “ON AIR” sign lit, walk over and viola, be listening to the artist.

It can be argued that the kiosk is:
•    very small
•    there are no dance machines
•    there are no dance poles or other entertainment to keep people happy

My answer is right, not YET!  If this is successful, then will the next version of this business be more attractive to fans.

I do not know what other venues plan to do, but I plan to inform all musicians who play at my venue that I will renegotiate their rate if I do not have exclusive use of their stream during shows at my venue.

If you think I am overreacting to this, please do let me know.  I could be wrong! I have been wrong a lot!  (but only on days that end in the letter “Y”)

P.S.  Should I be upset that the owner of this business is making money off of the live music that I am paying for?  (It seems to be a sweet deal, the artist pay her for the kiosk, and I am paying for the music that she streams.)  Without the streams there would be no reason for artists to rent there.

ok now for my two cents...I am in total agreement this notecard.  If I was a tips only venue that may make a difference, but I am a paying venue.  I would think that all paying venues may have a bit of an issue with this. 

Personally I have never heard Nance Brody, the owner of this business, but I do see that she is a performer....I question what she is charging the venues she plays for. 

I wish I could say more on this, but I do believe that Gwampa's notecard says my thoughts and feelings exactly.  I was thrilled to see that only two of the performers I book are there.  I would only hope I don't see others, it is truly a disservice to the same venues that dig deep in their wallets to keep you performing at their venues.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A special thank you

My last post was so long that I did not get to say thank you to the music community.

I see so many of you so involved in working with Relay for Life.  I am soooo proud of being just a small part of this community.  Many performers are appearing relay weekend.  Some of you have offered your performances to be auctioned off.  I attend Relay for Life events across the grid and always see live performers giving their time, their support.  Managers and venue owners offering their support, and creativity and working toward making this the best relay ever.

Personally, I would like to thank the following venues for their support in the Relay Weekend Directory, this directory will go out to all that visit and participate in the relay and the huge event weekend.  You are not only supporting Relay for Live and making a difference in the lives of so many, but you are also giving more exposure to the Second Life music community.  Each of you when, I asked just opened your hearts without any question, that means so very much to me.

Liz Harley -- Key West Resort and Marina
Raredred Nightfire -- The Drunkin Drow
Mara Menges - RMS Titanic
Gwampa Lomu -- Gwampa's Dance Camp
Katspurs Mistwallow -- The Ragged Edge
Joi Shepard -- The Star Bar  Martini and Jazz Club
Daten Thielt -- Romantica Yacht Club

I truly feel as though I belong to the very best community.

My Experiences and Observances the last couple of weeks

I am always thankful to be a part of the live music community in Second Life.  I have visited many venues and seen a ton of new performers --new to me anyway.  I have seen a community that thinks with its heart.  But just like anything else in the world, I have also seen some things that can make me ashamed of parts of it.  Everyone always says good news or bad news first.  I think I will start with a couple of disappointments I have seen...getting the negative out of the way.

One of them takes me back to an instance that I had with a performer.  She was okay, but not someone that I would have kept at my venue.  Though I had placed her next to some of the most well liked performers and some of the most talented in Second Life.  When we stopped her run on the venue, she could have gotten upset up with me, but instead she attacked the other artists.  Telling me that they had no talent and were not the best in Second Life, but that she was.  It amazed me that she would turn on her peers that way.  Truly the first time I had run across that prima donna attitude in the female performers in Second Life.  I wish I could say that I had not seen a similar attitude from a male performer, but I I would hope that most of you know by know who must be the most egotistical male performer in Second Life.  I remember back when we were on speaking terms and he was going through a get rich quick scheme by helping other performers, bringing him to the venue to hear a performer from Australia.  Keeping his opinion to himself or im'd the performer would have been one thing, but instead he chooses to tell the performer what he sounded like and what he was doing wrong in local.  Needless to say, I was embarrassed that I had brought him, and even more so that I had promoted him to the performer.  This past week brought up another instance, this time on the second raters site.  Someone actually was rude enough to attack the owner about the owner's rating, and did so publicly.  Many would say this shows the ignorance of the person that makes those kind of statements.  For me, it is an embarrassment to the very community that I am a part of.  A community that as a whole, I would normally be proud of.  Though I do not know the performer nor have heard them, now I never will. It is one thing to discuss facts, it is another to resort to stupidity.  Though in this case the people that did that, well maybe,  they should look up the meaning of subjective opinion.

Another thing that happened this week, I heard a performer, which I thought was pretty good, so I im'd his manager to get info and rates.  Those that know me know that I look for four things when I book someone.  1. talent, 2. following. 3 promotion of venue, and 4 rates.  If all four come together then I will try to book them.  Some performers can cost more than this could turn into another conversation all together.  But yes I am one of the venues that will spend the money....but the traffic they bring and their promotion of the venue as well as their talent warrants what they ask for.  As far as this other perform was concerned, his group size was small yet his rates were higher.  I questioned it, and wow it was an answer i was not ready for. Turns out the manager represents a few performers and is also a venue owner.  She actually told me that she does not think about that because her venue group is a combined group for all the performers, and that it is higher.  I suppose for her venue this is a good thing.....but not in sending the performer out to other venues.  I was left with a pretty sour taste in my mouth..  I am still trying to figure out how that works for other venues.....maybe one day I will actually understand it.

Now the fun part of writing this blog, sharing all I have seen and some of what I have heard.  If you have not had the chance to hear Nad Gough....then run to see him...absolutely awesome.  On that note though, I also need to mention the venue...Cascadia Music Park - Moondance....this is an wonderful venue, with only one downfall....I could not find the tip jar to tip the venue.

Some other notable performers that I have stumbled across on my mission to hear them all.....
Crooner Carlucci---takes you back to the Dean Martin era....if you're really lucky -- im him while he is performing, he has the most contagious giggle.  Bruce Scrabblebat at the Ragged Edge....Bruce not only impressed me, but the venue is pure fun.    Love country music?   Dumplings Country Music Dance Club is a great place to go.

Other extremely noteworthy venues I have visited include Felix Cove and Lost Moonatic Cave, and one of my favorites (mostly cuz the name is so much fun)I like it like that Club, Heri's Place,  Off the Rails, Up the Creek, HS Trillium Music Park "Keeping the Spirit of Giving Alive", and Khisme's Place.  I absolutely love going to other venues and seeing the creativity involved in each one.  The names alone show a part of that creativity.

There are other performers I have seen that have completely wowed me.  And many of them have been around a while, but it was my first time seeing them....How have I missed seeing PM BookmiteSaraMarie Philly,  all I can say is wow.

On that note, I have been urged by one Mr. Sid Slade to go and listen to Phil Stetnor,  Sid drove me absolutely crazy about it when I was doing the line up for the ballroom.  Do you think I listened....noooo not hard headed me...until yesterday.  I attended some of the 4th anniversary celebration of Frank's Jazz and omg.....Phil has to have one of the best voices I have heard.  Now I must hang my head down and shuffle my feet and tell Sid...the words I hate to use....that he was right.

As the day went on, I also heard another performer new to sl, but not new to performing.  She has a voice that will send you off into another world..her real life professionalism and talent truly displays itself in her shows..If you have a chance to hear Samara01 Resident, grab that chance, the voice on this performer, the versatility....giggles you know I booked her.  But also in talking to her, we found some very close ties, and I know I met a special friend as well.

A very special Congratulations to Nanceee Sinatra, Frank's is truly a wonderful place, one that no one can compare to, you have outdone yourself for 4 years.  I do not believe there is an sl resident that does know of Franks, you have accomplished something others only think about.

Friday, June 17, 2011

An Update & Observations

With everything coming to the end of Relay for Life, I have been extremely busy.  Yet working to keep up with the music community as well. So I will update from previous things I have mentioned that I have not followed up on.

Destination Guide and being in there once or twice, I apologize but I have not had the time to put the different places in there.  I have taken the time to parcel off both music venues as well as the amusement park, but that is as far as I have gotten....there is a chance that I will not get further until after Relay for Life completes.  I am still laughing about the performers that are afraid to be rated by their peers and sl residents.  In my humble opinion, that tells me you are afraid that you may not be as great as you try to make everyone believe, and that others will see that.  The list of performers in there is truly growing....while I am working on other things I am trying to get out and see performers I have never seen before...smiles and venues.  Some of the things that amaze me is the lack of venues that take advantage of the signage trade.  We are all about exposing sl music and helping it to grow.  That is what this site does, it encourages people to take an active interest in the performers in sl.  From a networking perspective, and keeping my own venue's name out there, I am proud to exchange signs.  Though I tend to think the same way about many things, many times the way to keep our names out there, especially without it costing us as venues more USD can be time consuming.  Everyone wants answers, answers take effort on all our parts.

 If promoting your venue, or your work as a performer in SL is important to you, please im me in world and I will point you in the right direction so that you may also support Relay for Life through your efforts and do so at a pittance of a cost to you.  2000 L and up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

It is a shame that some could take a good thing and turn it around

Wow the list goes on.  I have spent time at Bliss Garden Center, first many of us know how amazing Luna Bliss with her builds....her venue MotherTree Concert Area - Heart Of The Rainforest - Na'vi Navi....all I can say is WOW!!  She had Torben Asp there, a brilliant composer and so wonderful to just relax and listen to his music, add in the light show  there are no words.....................

I have to hand it to Oceanus, Tia & Remy not only made one of the most beuatiful venues and one thing I have learned that soooo many of the performers I had not heard appear there.  They keep talent on their stage :) Today I got to see paradorn Ansar extremely talented performer.

It is funny as I was working on this off and on today, I had a huge laugh to myself.  Someone wondered if I was simply because my logo was on there.  Maybe they did not read the part that talked about signage trading.  What was even funnier as I told them I would pass their name along, is that what it boiled down to was the performer wanted to be removed.  It does not  take much to stop and think about which performer has the largest ego in SL........He wants to be taken down from the site, now as the cynical person that I am, I would say that is because the residents are rating him at low numbers compared to the other talent out there.  Though I am sure the reasons given, will be different....when he is winning something or bragging about what he has done in SL ...laughing to myself.

Something else has come to my attention and I think it is sad if it is true.  I have heard that there are some performers that have sent out requests for people to vote for them.  Last I checked it was not a voting system, but rather a rating system.  Also it shows many of the performers they did not know even existed.  Rather than turn it into a competition, I do not in my heart feel it was meant that way....but more for subjective ratings.  A perfect example....I may like a performer, even love him, but ultimately he may only be a 2 or 3 rating in my opinion...who knows he may even be a 4.  I am a tough critic so I have very few 5's.  I know venue owners that are tougher than me....if a pitch is off, etc.  I would hope the performers would take the time to just offer people the link to go and rate rather than push themselves.  Allow the residents to do this in their leisure with their own opinions.  To me, unless you are someone that I would listen to on my radio, jump at the chance to pay a small fortune to see you in concert, ..... that is who I would believe are 5's.  5's will fill a venue every time they perform, with people trying to get in and the sim is full. SL does have a few I think.....and they get their 5 ratings from me.  But they get them not because they asked me to "vote" for them, but simply because I think the talent is beyond amazing.

A new idea

Sunday, I had the opportunity to meet a very wonderful person that just loves live music.  He has been listening to Second Live live music for many years.  He has actually compiled a list of all the performers he has heard.  The new unique thing about this man is that he took that list and built a site with it that allows everyone to rate performers on a one to 5 scale.

The list of course is subjective to the person doing the rating.  As a venue owner I saw a few things by this. First and foremost, just when I thought I knew so many of the Second Life performers, I realized it was actually a very small amount. So you guys know me well enough to know that it is a mission for for me.  Also as a venue owner,  the owner of the site graciously offers a trade off for signs, his sign on my  venue and my logo on his site.  He makes the offer to promotion companies and venues.  The third thing it shows me as a venue owner is where the pulse of the residents and gives me a good idea of which performers are more demand.

For performers & managers, it should tell them if they are keeping their finger on the pulse of the Second Life community, it may also....gasp tell them whether a venue should  spend 20k or 2k for them.

Wednesday I spent the day going through the events and visiting one performer after another and doing the same today while I work on RFL.  I submitted the names of performers that were not on the list and found some that were wonderful....even booking one, which as I look at the ratings that were already there, I noticed that many also held this woman in high regard, so I am looking forward to having her perform.

Through it though, you know I will always share what I thought were wonderful venues and performers.  Some of these notable venues are The Roof@NYC  Noma Falta had it packed Tuesday night, it was easy to see why both the venue and performer are so well loved (whispers---gotta get her booked)...Then over to a favorite after the Roof, and that is one of the most rockin places on the grid at night....Sherie's Gaslight, where I got to see one of my all time favorites...Strummer Vultee, he was kind enough to play the one song that I love and he learned for me.  (Strummer and Damian the first two performers I ever saw in SL, and look where I am now....giggles, thanks guys)

A venue that I have visited a couple of times this week--gotta love Chili's Deep South.  Always enjoying a trip to Bela Vida.  Now for some amazing performers I have seen....Lou Mannock, Katerina Malaspina, Jase Branne.
This site truly amazes me is not put together by a performer, a manager, or a venue....Ir is someone that just loves live music with no hidden agendas or unhidden agendas. Oops realized I published this and never put the site for this ratings systems in:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A favorite venue

Quite often when I have a spot to fill, or see a new name on their line up I will take a trip to the Audio Union.  Though it is not the place for groups, it is for venue owners and/or those doing the booking for venues.  It allows me the chance to other venue owners that are friends as well as some that I do not know.  Besides no one should miss the chance to see Rusty and Kimmie some of the best in SL.  Yes there is some bias there, but I love them both dearly.

Each performer is given 15 audition, managers are there to answer questions, arrange bookings etc.  The talent there is not restricted to solely musicians it includes track as well as musicians.  Something I love.  My own personal opinion is that when you have a track performer, their voice is their instrument.  I have heard many that are both talented on an instrument and vocally, then again I have listened to some wonderful musicians that kind of lose it when they sing...everyone has their strengths.  The goal of any performer should be to perfect their strengths.  If your voice is your strength, try working with a musician to dual....that is true collaboration and the results can be magical.  But I am rambling.

Back to the Audio Union, their lineup includes so many genres, you would have to be hard pressed to not find an awesome performer there.  Unfortunately, I usually have performances while the Audio Union is going.  A couple of times a month they also put together an event that is more fitting for European Time Zones.  The next time, as a venue owner that you have time, get on Rusty's mailing list so that you know the times and line ip of performers.  As performers, this is a wonderful place to be seen by other venue owners, and possibly find new bookings.  When there are not performances going on, The Audio Union also maintains a wall of performers that have previously appeared there, along with information on each artist;

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live Music Venues in Second Life

Recently, I had actually heard complaints about how much a venue tip jar's suggested tips were.  I was a bit shocked when I heard that so,  I thought guys know me well....I had to get out and see for myself.  I spent two days going venue to venue.  What I found, as always amazes me about the music community and its venues.

I know I have said this before, but I need to say it again.  Live music venue owners do this simply for the love of the music.  Whether it is a tips only venue, where the venue owner usually tips quite handsomely, or a paying music venues are not in this for a profit.  True, tips help offset the cost, so the performers that truly support and promote the venue do make a huge difference.

Tip jars, from all that I have these venue owners are truly caring individuals.  They care about their audiences and even though the cost of performers some, not all, cases can be higher, the venues have tip jars that truly show their guests that they care and are there for the music and not the tips.  Most of the tip jars were all in the same range, a few higher than others, but I know that the few that were higher also maintain strong paid for line ups almost every day of the week.  Personally, and from what I have seen across the grid, the venue that actually puts 2000 or 2500L and on some days it about the love of music or how much you can take fans for?  Every venue owner has tiers....may of us having entire sims, we do that by choice not to continually take from our guests.  Venues on small parcels do not have those same costs, so why would you ever hit your guests with such high requests.

The venue that has been brought to my attention with such a high tip jar, is actually a stand alone.  I am proud to a part of a community that cares so very much about its venues, performers and guests.  Now, the fun part of this research has taken me all over the grid...venues of all shapes and sizes, creativity, and the love that has gone into them.

You know I can't resist naming them because they impressed me.  Of course I went to favorites:

Sherie's Gaslight, Guthries, The Drunkin Drow, Kickin, Oceanus, Circe's Sanctuary, Alafia Country Escape, Bali Bali, Key West, Trax, The Audio Union, Smooth, .....these are venues I can't resist.

Then of course, I also went to others...many I have heard of and not been to, some I have not visited in quite some time,  Temptation Falls a beautiful venue, My Wish Venue, The O Karoake Lounge, The Pig & Whistle (bound and determined to go back there...loved it) Sweet Passions, The Rockhouse, Accoustic Abyss, and The Majestic, Air Destiny (what a cool idea for a venue), Blue Angel, The Village, Boogie Beach (wow they were having fun there).

There are so many venues in sl...I just chose to use the ones that I knew or were in the event listings that day.

As always, this continues to be a community that has some of the largest hearts I have ever seen and so proud to be a part of it.