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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

      SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2015
                               41 OF YOUR FAVORITE VENUES
                                   OVER 150 PERFORMERS 




For the second year in a row, the Second Life Music Community is holding a series of concerts to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer.  This year with a twist.  Second Life is so very diverse and so is Stand Up 2 Cancer, now having a presence in three countries.  The US, The UK, and Canada.  All Lindens donated will be divided evenly between the three countries.  At each event there will also be kiosks with the ability to donate directly via credit card to each country, allowing sl residents to ensure their donations are going closer to their own countries.  To Still Braveheart's knowledge a fund raiser like this has never been done in Second Life before.

I did want to explain a bit about about Stand Up 2 Cancer if you are not familiar with it.  It actually falls under the Entertainment Industry Foundation and was founded by a couple of women, Katie Couric being one of them.  They chose to take an innovative approach to ending cancer and developed dream teams of doctors both domestically and internationally.  the dream teams are comprised of some of the best doctors from all over the world, coming together to work towards ending cancer. Another important thing to note is that 100% of all donations goes directly to research and not obscure things entitled "Programs"  or CEO salaries. 




Friday, August 21, 2015


For 4 years now I have had the opportunity to be the captain of SL Music Races For A Cure.....Two for RFL of SL, of which I have since apologized for, and this is the second year, we have worked to raise money to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer.

I would have thought the the first two years would have quieted the amazement and love I have for the live music community.  Yet each year we have done something, it just reminds me once again what a wonderful community we have.  This year we have 41---yes 41 live music venues participating all within a 2 week period.  And 142 performers.  This is of right this very moment.  Those lists are still growing.

I have the opportunity to watch performers and venues put aside their differences and come together as an entire community to work together to make a difference in this world.  When it comes to Stand Up 2 Cancer, I don't care if you are acoustic, track, covers, originals.....Its not important that I don't care....what is important is that when it comes to making a difference it is a community that does not care, as long as they are able to help another with no personal agendas, no anything except working together to do the best that they can do.  Through my eyes it is the most beautiful sight in the world.

True there are a few (aren't there always) that won't give without a benefit to themselves.  I have had one performer point blank tell me that he does not do his fundraisers.  To me that is sad, not for this fundraiser, but rather sad that a person can only think of themselves and not want to make a difference that may help another, no matter the cause.  I have had another performer that was insistent on following one particular performer.  Unfortunately, I could not accommodate him as that one particular spot is being held for another that is tentative at this point.  Its a shame, but to each his own.

That is only two performers out of the hundreds that are there.  I look at the others and I realize what a wonderful community Second Life Live Music is, and how very lucky I am that you allow me to be a small part of it.



I knew I was never going to get them all into one blog....So here is the rest of the venue hopping.  August 14th turned into one venue after another, it was truly a such a fun day!  I started out with one of the few venues that has a line up early in the day, also one of the friendliest venues on the grid....Kickin  where I got to hear the lovely voice of Jade Berry.
Jade Berry at Kickin 081415  
I headed home and when a good friend im'd me asking if I had heard Wolfie Moonshadow....Of course I had, I was also given the opportunity to meet this gifted man when I attended a Nashville Jam.  I also have not heard Wolfie in quite some time, so I was off to The Mean Disciples Horde.  Wolfie did not disappoint, better than ever!!!!
Wolfie Moonshadow at The Mean Disciples Horde 081415
After seeing Wolfie I headed back home.  The one thing about this parcel on the mainland, I am so used to having my own sim, being able to terra form as I see fit and better yet changing the terrain.  I can't do that on the mainland, and well some of the terrain does leave a lot to be desired,  So though I have tried a million things, I finally used the landforms from Studio Sky, and I am much happier with it.  In between venue hopping I have been trying to get this straightened out.  At times it has been frustrating,  So when I need a break from it is time to check events. Later that day, I headed to Nashville's Music Row to see the very talented FunkyFreddy Republic.
FunkyFreddie Republic at Nashville's Music Row 081415
From there I went on to see my favorite Texan at Ecnad Nation....Mamaa Saiz and to my enjoyment he was dueling with Beth Odets.  One thing that always touches me beyond any words, so often I have had a special song different songs from different performers.  Mamaa surprised by remembering my favorite song that he always played for me.  That means so very much to me.
Mamaa Saiz & Beth Odets ar : Ecnad Nation 081415
It was time for a break for a bit so I headed home and went afk.  When I returned I( headed to one of the most wonderful venues on the grid...Island Dreams, Seaside Lounge.  Maverick has a wonderful venue.  While there I got to see three of my favorite performers DominoEffect, Max Kleene and Parker Static.  What was extremely mesmerizing about this particular night, it was the first time that Parker and Max dueled.  I have seen Max dual with many and it is always great....but I have to admit when Max and Parker dueled it was magic.
Dom atIsland Dreams "SEASIDE LOUNGE" 081415

Parker & Max at Island Dreams "SEASIDE LOUNGE" 081415 
That was a lot for one day and it was time for me to call it night.  On the 15th, I did not do nearly as much but I did head over to Godfathers later in the day.  Slider, Jac and Whispers run a another fun venue.  I got to see my friend Phil Setner and then Collin Martin.  On nights like that I am in heaven. 
Collin Martin at Godfathers 0891515

Phil Setner_ Godfathers  081515

The same friend that had asked me about Wolfie asked in I would like to go see someone I had not seen before.  When would I ever turn that down?  I love hearing performers so off I went to the Rooftop Club and Shops to CrisCovers and Evee.  What a treat this was for me.  I look forward to seeing them again.  We stayed for the next hour as Evee became the dj for the first time, she also did a great job.
CrissCovers atThe Rooftop Club and Shops, 081615
I spent the next couple of days fighting with the landscaping and helping venue owners for Stand Up 2 Cancer as well as putting my own line ups together.  Then yesterday I stopped by Trickster Sound to talk to Kay for a few minutes and she gave me a heads up that someone I had not seen in a long time, yet he always sent im's when he could just to let me know he was thinking of me.....Strummer was going to be there.  That was all it took for me....My feet were firmly planted to the ground.  While waiting for Strummer I got to here my friend Laidback Celt
Laidback Celt at Trickster Sound,  081915
Then the Vinnie show!!!!  What a great day it was turning into.
Vinnie at Trickster Sound,  081915
Then it was time for the man that introduced me to sl music and the first performer in sl to ever sing my favorite for me....giggles after I asked that he learn it....and then he did so well with it.  To top it all off he remembered it was my song and played it for me again.  I am just a sucker for remembering the small things like that, many of the performers do and each one touches me that they remember without a request.  Strummer though will always hold a special place in my heart.
Strummer at Trickster Sound,  081915  
And guess what----I am caught up AGAIN!  Have a great time until I see you again.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


As I am starting this, I am roaring with laughter.  First a disclaimer...In no way shape or form am I knocking anyone with a mesh body.  But you have to admit landing anyplace that is filled with mesh is hilarious. Giggles clothing going in each and ever direction.  Add in mesh bodies  and heads are kind of floating until they rezz and all you have to go on quite often to avoid walking on people is seeing shoes.  I know I have no room to laugh, though I don't do mesh bodies, I do wear mesh clothing.  So many probably laugh just as hard at me. 

Sighs once again I have all been over the grid and seen lots so it may take two blogs to get through them although I did take some time for myself before I started again....LOL I say for myself, much of it was getting things going with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  I thought last year kept me busy with 23 venues, this year with 41 venues the word busy no longer covers it.

On August 10, my friend Kat Vargas sent me an im asking me to come to take a look at the newest performers she is representing.  Off I went to Dock Side Club to see Bi-Polar.  The Dockside Club is a great venue itself.  I have been there a few times now and truly have fun every time I visit.  Kat has a great knack for finding talent, once again, she came through with husband wife team....unfortunately for us bur great for them, they perform in real life, so they won't be there on the busiest days in live music community, but if I were you I would watch notices for them throughout the week.  They are truly a couple worth seeing.

Bi Polar at Dock Side Club 0810515
 Since I was out and about I popped over to see Cafe Musique to see Joe Parvane.  I had not been to Cafe Musique recently.  They are also participating in Stand Up 2 Cancer event, and I have come to adore that venue owner.  She got right on top of things during her own busy schedule and put together that line up so quickly.  I had a great time seeing Joe, lately I get so swamped with im's I am usually unable to keep up local, but listening to Joe was great. 

Joe Paravane @ Cafe Musique 081015  

 After I got done listening to Joe, I headed over to The Lighthouse Venue, to hear a performer that is quickly becoming a favorite..the Domino Effect. This man is so very talented, I can not recommend him enough.
Dom at The Lighthouse Venue ,081015
It was time for me to call it a night.

I did not venture out again for a few days but headed back out on August 13th.  Checking out events I saw a name I had never seen before...and I was off to Vincents Blues and Jazz to listen to Dream Summerland.  Wow she is a new performer to Second Life, but in looking at her profile she is not new to performing.  This woman has one of the best voices I have heard.  She is being managed by Impress Allen, also the owner of Vincents.  Unfortunately, he does not feel she is ready for other venues yet, or I would have called other venue owners to come down there to here her.  Once she is out and about in Second Life, her following will grow by leaps and bounds.  She is just that good.
Dreama Summerwind at Vincent's Blues and Jazz 08/13/15
A bit later I received a conference chat and I specifically asked if his manager would be there.  Not that I am ever mischievous,  but it was the first day preseason day of NFL football for the Packers, and this manager just so happens to be Vikings fan (yes I feel sorry for him)  So off I went to see to see Vince Russatel at Love Kats.  Lo and behold his manager was not there.  I im'd him and he just happened to be at an AM Forte's show on another venue.  So in those im's back and forth to him I cajoled, asked, begged for him to dance with me (he had no idea I was dressed in a Packers jersey).  He finally gave in and tp'd me....danced with me and of course I got a be used as blackmail later lol.

Vince Ruissatel at Love Kats 081315

From there I went on to see another favorite Collin Martin at To the Stars.  Dee continually out does herself at To the Stars, every time I am there it is fun and full.  So when you take a great venue and put an absolutely amazing performer like Collin on know its a winner.  But you also have Second Life Lag....poor Collin.
Collin Martin at to the Stars 081315
 And the end of a day for me.

Friday, August 7, 2015


After taking a day or two off of venue hopping---one of which turned into the reminder of why I had to close BS's, never a dull moment.  Yet I realized how very lucky I am....all three kids were calling checking up on me ready to jump in a car. I was ready to go again.So off I went on the 4th trying to get back into it.....I headed over to Starport Omega to see the one and only Ang!  This is one very talented man.  I listened until I had to log out, so much for bouncing right back.

Ang at Starport Omega 080415
On the the 5th I was doing much better and answered Kat Vargas's call to hear a new singing sensation at DockSide ClubThe Dockside Club Village is a really cool venue and as I was talking with the owner Jana Rookswood she was telling about the different venues she has there.  It was there that I saw Bi-Polar perform....and what a great duo they are
Bi Polar at Dock Side Club 080515
I then went on to see a couple of Jorr's performers....I couldn't resist....everyone have seen so far has been exceptional First I went to Oakshire's and watched Gibson..another amazing performer!
Gibson at Oakshire's 080515
Then back to what is quickly becoming a favorite venue Club Zydeco to see Hogman.  Gee I wonder how often I can say amazing to describe performers.
Hogman at Club Zydeco 080515  
I had to call it a day.  One thing that has not changed since I started sl is the amount of incredibly talented people.  Many we have lost to rl and some sadly, quite a few to passing away, at the same time I seeing more and more performers in sl, extremely talented people.

I have FINALLY caught up.....I never want to get that far behind again.


It seems like I have just gone venue to venue lately I  have been so busy venue hopping that I have not had time to write about it So lets see if I can get caught up.  On August 2 as I was looking through events, I found Phil Setner at  Moonshine and Roses.  This was a new venue to me and found that it was owned by an old friend Slider, It was good to catch up with him and he then introduced me to his co-owner Jag.   Phil, He is such a great performer and person.....I love listening to him.
Phil Setner at Moonshine & Roses 080215
I stayed for another great performer, and someone that I think extremely high of.  I have to say that if you have not seen Phil or Tristyn, you need to.  Two very different styles, two amazing performers.

Tristyn Homewood at Moonshine & Roses 081215

I went on a bit later to see Club Zydeco to see Leeman Convel, another of Jorr's performers.  Trust me if Jorr tells you that he has a performer to and see him.  Jorr has such an ear for finding amazing new performers, They are so good that their followings are growing by leaps and bounds.  Leeman fits right into that.

I have not really talked about much Club Zydeco and I should.  This is one of the coolest venues.  It is a new venue to me and am thoroughly impressed by the mardi gras theme and all the work they have that they have put into building such a great venue.  Each time I have been there it has been filled with people all having a great time.  Most definitely a venue to visit.
Leeman Convel at Club Zydeco 08_01_15

I headed off to see Cryptic Harmony at Eclipse.  That is like two wins.  Eclipse is such a lovely venue.  The creativity there is amazing and so worth the visit no matter who is on the stage.  Cryptic though makes any any time you get to hear her fun and awe inspiring.
Cryptic Harmony at Eclipse Lounge 080215
Then My wonderful friend Parker Static, she truly is a great friend, we became close when we first met...gotta love her.  She was a bit nervous, she was dualing with my other friend Max Kleene for the first time.  I told her I would be there....and off I went to Daddy's Babygirl Paradise.  Got to watch Max perform for a while before he brought he brought Parker to the stage.  OMG what a great dual.  We both remembered when it was just an idea we talked about at BS's and it took a year for them to get there...but WOW worth the wait.

Parker & Max at Daddy's Babygirl Paradise 080215
Parker at Daddy's Babygirl Paradise, 080215
At this point it was too late for me and I had to call it a night....All in all August 2nd was a really fun day.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


I have spent the last three days venue hopping and what fun it has been.  I have made new friends, listened to new performers and seen some amazing venues.  LOL though my landscaping at home does need some help still and I have two empty parcels at The Shore I have not figured out what to do with yet.  Run pretty much out of Lindens tipping venues and performers, so I am making small tips and apologizing.

Now somewhere in this blog I have to stop and cook.  I have tried something new that is teaching me  gourmet cooking and trying foods made in ways I never would have thought about.

Okay I am way behind so expect lots of venues and lots of performers.  I started on the 31st of July. at Ecnad....seeing Chad Tostada for the first time.  He is must see.  Watch those events for him.

Chad Tostada at Ecnad 073115

I stayed for Dee Timeless, I have not seen her in quite a while.....She put on a great show!
Dee Timeless at Ecnad 073115 
There is a story to this next one.  I had talked with jorrdan Jarman because his performer Lee Winegarden had said that he wanted to participate with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Jorr then gave me the profiles of all of the performers he has.  I had never heard of them yet Jorr assured me they would want to participate as well.  Great new.  I still wanted to see them.  Looked up in events, they were all there  AT THE SAME TIME DIFFERENT VENUES, I wondered how many I could fit into one hour.  Off I went to Club Zydeco where that was answered for me.....Only one performer because I was mesmerized by Cryptic Harmony...there was no way I was leaving.  This woman is amazing.
Cryptic Harmony at Club Zydeco 073115

I called it a night after that and started again on the first of August.  I saw quite a few that day.  Starting out my favorite Kickin ( I truly miss Guthries and B&B's this early in the morning)

At Kickin I got to see three performers, Chief Blaisdate, the lovely songbird Thera D, and another one I had never heard.....again knocked off my feet by Downunder. Vince Ruissatel is another performer that is new to me  and sl is giving me some great talent to to lately.  LeeAnn Wollfgang was also there.  I was just stuck at Kickin until rl took me away.
Chief Blaisdale at Kickin 080115

DoownUnder at Kickin 080115

Thera D at Kickin 080115

Phillip Maura at Kickin 080115

Vince Ruissatel at Kickin 080115
LeeAnn Wolfgang at Kickin 080115
RL pulled me away for a bit and when I got back  A good friend was performing and I had not been to one of shows in quite a off Greased Lightning I went to see Hogan Baily.  Hogan is an amazing performer.  One of the best in country music.

Hogan Bailey at Greased Lightning 080115

Now that you have a novel....I will cover the next couple of days, in the next blog.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Sl is so very diverse, so as a fundraiser we want to be just as diverse.Stand Up 2 Cancer is also very diverse and currently has locations in Canada and the UK.  I have this warped way of thinking that people appreciate knowing exactly where their money is going and the closer to home the better.  This year in our fundraising efforts we will be including all three countries--The US, Canada, and the The UK.  Though Germany does have a Stand Up to Cancer Face Book page we have not found a an actual physical presence there.  I am lucky to have friends from all over the world and they are each keeping their eye out for it.  When Stand Up 2 Cancer has a physical presence in another country, then our fundraising efforts will also include it.

Right now we are at 20 venues and 60+ performers with the list growing by leaps and bounds.  If you watch the SL MUSIC RACES Face Book Page as I receive logos from participating venues they will be posted as will all performers.

Here is the notice I sent out two nights ago:

Hi Everyone,
Its that time f year. Stand Up 2 Cancer time. This year we are stretching out a bit longer due to the rl event that they are holding at the same time. It will start on September 12, 2015 and end on September 27th, 2015.
We are also doing something else very different that I do not think any other fundraiser in sl has done. 2 other countries now have Stand Up 2 Cancer organizations. Canada and the UK. Sl is so very diverse, it is important that we be just as diverse. So we are still getting the direct donation urls ready and all lindens will be split evenly between all three countries, the US, Canada and the UK.
If as a venue, you can one day or more during that two weeks, please let me know. The list has already started with quite a few venues already on it.
Performers, The list of performers has already started you know I would love to see you on it.
Managers, fans, you know we need you, hosts are always so important during this.
Please let me know if you want to be included, Im me, send me a notcard, catch me in FB, email, if you know me in skype, that's another way, or email stillbraveheart @
Last year we came together and made a difference, lets do it again....
This is where the end of cancer begins!
Huge hugs to each of you,
Still Braveheart


I haven't forgotten you, I have been around moreso the past few days then the past  couple of weeks.  A very special friend that does not make it into sl very often was actually here for two full weeks.  We filed his vacation with a little bit of everything.  Saying goodbye was difficult but knowing whenever he got the time he would be back, it helped soften the goodbye.  While he was here, I made an amazing discovery.  For as long as I can remember I lived on my sim.  I found that I liked living elsewhere.  Here I come mainland.  I moved to where I have a large corner lot right on the water and just within a short ride to the Blake sea.  I love it!  The only thing wrong with living on the mainland is the inability to change the I have been laying lots of grass and made a beach  thank goodness for Skye Land forms and Kidd grass.  Just as I was finishing up landscaping it was time to organize Stand Up 2 Cancer 2015, but more about that later.

On to the venues and performers I have seen.  Wait one second, I have a very close friend and well established venue owner that loves to hear about what I am doing in rl as I am writing.  Chuckling, this is for you, though I shouldn't as you are not stopping on a Chicago to pick me up as you head overseas on vacation.  I worked out for a good hour after visiting a venue this morning, and now am removing the curls as they have grown out and it is time to straighten them.  Jotting this down before I head for the neutralizer.

Now here goes the good part:

On July 11th I got to head over and see one of my all time favorite performers, Collin Martin.  If you have not heard this man, I suggest you check events and get over and see him, he will quickly become a favorite of yours.  I was able to see him at  Eclipse Lounge a great venue in itself, having many of the best in sl perform there.  Seriously though I adore Collin, now I could be biased because he always plays one of my favorites for me, the song I took my name from.  LOL you did not think I was creative enough to come up the name Still all by myself, did you?
Collin Martin at Eclipse Lounge 071115

We were also privileged to hold the amazing rl jam held in Funky Freddy's barn on the 18th at Bs's "Bring A Friend & Stay Awhile".  That was great!  A ton of fun and had my sl vacation buddy Kaj there with me, he had never been to anything like that and had a great time.  Max Kleene, FunkyFreddy Republic and Voodoo Shilton having a great time with each other and allowing us to share in it.  Plus I truly miss my venue being open on a weekly basis, so special events like these are just wonderful to me.

Max Kleene, FunkyFreddy and Voodoo Shilton at BS's 071815

On the 25th, I got to do a little more venue hopping and headed over to Kickin always a favorite and fun venue.  LilMiss and SctsSafe have a great staff and together they they make every single person there feel at home and as if they are with old friends.There I was able to catch a performer I think very highly of Reallymad Morpork and stayed to listen to MusicMan.  I had never heard him before and I was not disappointed....he was awesome.

Reallymad at Kickin 072515
Musicman at Kickin 072515

Last but not least, lol there is no such thing as venue hopping for me without at least one stop my very good friend Max Kleene.  So I was able to so on the the 26th as I headed over to Seaside Lounge.  Montana has one of the very best venues and I love her to death....the Quadradix were playing....what a treat!!!!!
The Quadrix at Seaside Lounge 072615
Well after spending a great birthday with Kaj my 2 week vacation is up, and as much as I will miss him until the next time he gets a break, it is time to move on and get going......I know you all have been waiting for it.  I have the im's to prove it.  STAND UP 2 CANCER ......Remember this is the beginning of the end of cancer.

On a note to my wonderful friend, curls are gone and hair is stick straight I need to get a small trim....that process can do a job on the ends.