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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am such a procrastinator....I got my taxes done yesterday.  It only took me a week a little at a

I had not intended to venue hop today, I was up early after passing out very early yesterday.....but on a whim I looked on events I looked in events.  Lately I have found events in the mornings and early afternoon truly lacking.  I swear if BS's was open I would do some amazing line ups during that time period.  I know, realistically, that physically I can't do it.  If I had a general manager that I truly trusted, BS's could reopen.

On that whim today though I saw a performer that I adore....Mavenn.....she was up and performing early.  I had to go.  so off to another venue I have never been to...Cafe Musique.  A nice venue though I felt a bit under dressed in my jeans.....but I still had a great time.  A friend of mine was also in-world and I brought him over.  He did not normally go to live music events, and he was totally impressed.

Hint those of us that wonder what happened to the crowds, try getting out more, meeting people in other communities and introducing them to live music.  My experience is that so many do not even know that live music even exists.  Who knows you may find other things you like or better yet make new friends.  I know I took someone completely new to a Max Kleene show.  He has gone on to following Max and also following David Csiszer.  who knows how many other shows he has since been to.  Each of us can make a difference in the live music community by just reaching out, spreading our own horizons.

Back to Mavenn's show.  She is amazing.  I also had the pleasure of seeing another special friend BadOne.  LOL imagine my surprise to see him up so early in the morning.  it was 4AM sltime.  At least he had coffee there for me.

Mavenn at Cafe Musique
Cafe Musique

Taking a break for a while....the dog has to go out, need coffee....then back to a venue that is quickly becoming a favorite.  LA Club.  Nhoami has to have the most versatile venue I know of.  Every time I am there it is a different theme.  Today a rain forest.It was too cool.  I got to see a performer that does not sing much, but dj's a lot.  After hearing him, personally I think he should sing more.  For now though, if you want to hear Evan Truman you need to visit the LA Club
Evan Truman at LA Club
I stayed at LA Club because they had another performer I only hear once in a while and he is awesome.....UtahCowboy.  Don't let the name fool him, he is much more than country.
UtahCowboy at LA Club

LA Club

I think that is enough venue hopping today.  I will get notices out of the new blogs today and then I think it is nap time.
I'm on a roll!!!!
 April 8th
Today after my nap, I ventured back out again.  Back to some favorites.....Seeing performers, I could miss Russell Eponym at End of Time.  I had not been there in a while.  End of Time is an amazing venue.  A drop dead gorgeous build.  Russell is also one of the nicest performers and can make any day a good day!

Russell Eponym at End of Time

End of Time

I spent some time at a venue I had never been to before.  Lemonrock Cafe.  This is a fun venue and the owner does amazing things with her stage for each performer.  Congratulations River Lemondrop.....You truly make each permanence....a performance!!!!  I found Lemondrop in events when I saw my friend AMForte was playing there.  You have to adore AM, she is soooo real when she talks to you and makes every show fun.  Add that to an amazing voice and you are in for a great show.

AMForte at Lemondrop

 After AM I stayed for KokoIncognito, another amazing performer.  That was when I was able to see the amazing things River did at the beginning of each performance.  I could try to describe it but there is no way I could I do it justice.  My best advice is to watch for a show at Lemondrop and head over there, then stay for the next show, you will be impressed.

KokoIncognito at Lemondrop

 Lemondrop Cafe

There is not a full day of venue hopping and avoiding my special friend, Max Kleene.  Heading over to Solarwinds, I was disappointed to not see my friend LaLuce and hoping she is doing well.  As always a great crowd though.  Max's shows also give me a chance to catch up with friends I have not seen in a while. 

Max Kleene at Solarwinds


April 11th
....a new venue and a new performer. great voice!!! I was at Ashley's Oasis....there is a ton of stuff to do here.

Prettybelle72 at Ashley's Oasis


Laughing at myself...have you guys noticed that me....the technically challenged one is actually getting good at inserting pictures and links in here.  It only took me a few years.  Slow but trainable.

On to True Sayings Music Venue.  I am seeing tons of new venues.  I am hoping many of the befriend some of the older venues and learn some ins and outs about staying power.  Too many come and go along with the loss of some old favorites.  True Sayings had a performer I have never heard before playing.  A new performer, Ron Hamilton that is well on his way up....Versatile and a great voice!  If you get a chance check him out.

Ron Hamilton at True Sayings


One more day of seeing my buddy Max Kleene.  This time at another old friend's venue,  Two Moon Paradise, a truly beautiful venue.  Though I don't get out often, I love seeing old friends.  Venues that I have known for years.  I often wonder why other venue owners never really venture away from their venues much.  There are so many great performers and venues out there.

Max Kleene at Two Moon Paradise
 Two Moon Paradise

Until I get the energy to venue hop again......I am getting there, good days and bad days.


Many of you know that I had to close my venue in December due to health issues, I should probably explain it a bit more because it has a great deal with the consistency of the blog and venue hopping.  In December I slept for about 16 hours, my son arriving woke me up.  When I woke up, my speech was slurred and I was totally confused.  Could not type, could not work my phone, was just so far out there.  My son was able to get my dr's office on the phone, and they actually answered instead of voice mail.  they talked to me for all of a minute and knew exactly what the problem was.  They had me take a dose of medicine every 10 minutes....If I had not gotten a bit better within an hour, I was to head to the hospital, they would have flown me into the university hospital I have me drs at....Thank goodness the meds did the trick and stopped me from going into a coma.  It was time for me to take a med that insurance previously denied.  Two appeals and a call to Aetna's headquarters in CT, got the med approved.  It ran me $72.00 in December, not too bad.  And it did the trick.....Kept me from going back into the sleeping mode....not confused etc any longer.  In January, I called to get a problem the med was approved, the cost was not.  it is running $900 a month.  Even if I give up the sim, there is no way I can afford another $900 a month.  So back to appeals,  I have gone through the appeal process, the grievance process, the pharmaceutical company.  By the way, this is the only med in the US.  There are no alternatives.  Turns out everything is being stopped because of Social Security....though they approve the med, they will not give a break on the price.  Now I am in a third party over Social Security for an appeal.  If that gets denied it goes to a judge.  I have been taking my meds, but not taking them correctly.  When you see me bouncing around sl, I am taking them correctly.....I get 5 days at a time and that is running me $200.  so I end up spreading out the last few days or skipping a day.  Back to the sleeping mode.  though I am sleeping for too long at a time, it is not enough to send me into a coma, but even the dr said that these meds have to be taken correctly, or I am running that risk. This is all from the failing organ.  It is beating the cancer as to which will get worse first. So I blog when I can take them correctly and hope that this appeal goes through for me.

I will admit that my opinion of Social Security is not high.  It is almost like they are playing God.  I have to wonder, how many people are worse off than me and needing medications that Social Security will not pay for, so they go without or spread them out and take them incorrectly.  I am a fighter....but not many people will follow the avenues that I do to take care of things.  I think it is sad what they do to people.  LOL can't blame Obama care on this one.  It was in place before that.

It has been a couple of months of being on the phone with half the country and all the hours spent on hold.  Though I have learned a few things.  The pharmaceutical business is worse than OPEC when it comes to playing with prices.  I learned that Salix Pharmacuetical purchased this drug from a pharmaceutical company in Italy, and that they hold the patent for only the US and Canada with it.  Salix holds the patent until something like 2024, so no break in price anytime soon, but that Canada also sells the same drug from the Italian pharmaceutical company in Italy as a generic and runs about $300 actually a bit less for two months supply.  I could do that like a drop in the bucket.  Only is not in the US and it needs a prescription.  Chuckles as many Canadian friends as I have, I wish one was a

So my blogs will come and go based on how I am doing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Its has been a long first quarter of the year.....but getting through it.   Unfortunately I don't  get to venue hop as much as I would like to.  but every now and then like today I get a chance.

I actually started last night when I went and saw one of my best friends, Max Kleene.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture....  I adored the show....but I also have to say...the venue it was the first time I was there....and and all I can say is WOW!!!   Jake (Puhpow) and Molly Masingh to hand it them....they put together a really cool venue but more so the rare, so unique, so creative.....THE ONLY VENUE is the name.  I love it!

Today I started at The 1st Chapter Live Music Venue and got to see someone I rarely see anymore...(chuckles, isn't that everyone)  but today it was Jeffah.

Jeffah at 1st Chapter

Then on to Roadhouse Dreams where I listened to a performer I had not heard before.  Singergirl.  She has quite a voice and is sooo versatile.  Pretty impressive....someone I would love to hear again.

Singergirl at Roadhouse Dreams

I cut Roadhouse Dreams short to go see an old friend that was performing and I had not heard in a very long time.  Johnny Paramour was at The Pier.  Such a talented man.  To top it all off though we had not seen each other in a while, he remembered my request and played it.  No one else does my Clint Black favorite song the way Johnny can.  Johnny has to be one of the most talented country performers in SL....I miss seeing him as much as I used to.
Johnny Paramour at The Pier

That was enough venue hopping for me today, maybe (hopefully I will get out more this week.

I have to add in though, my very very good friend, Jolie Serendipity has her building group B2B, and each month they so building competitions.  She keeps her main platform at The Shore if you are looking for more information.


Jolie also holds an awards performance each month at BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile"  The month of March brought us a very special award show.  Russell Eponym performed and gave out the awards.  It was sooo great to have Russell back at BS's.  Russell is one of the very first performers that opened BS's with me.  We used to sit and talk about the live music community.  If I had an idea, he would listen and we would discuss it.  I would have been lost in the beginning if it weren't for Russell.

I had gone out to the store before that show...running late, I was running late and knew I would be logging in as soon as I walked my door, to get notices out in time.  When all the sudden I got a message on my phone.  Thank goodness I have gmail, gtalk or hangouts as it is now called, FB messenger and Skype on my was from my very special friend Max Kleene, asked if he could call me and of course we talked.  He was at Funky Freddy's barn for a rl jam and they wanted to know if they could do an impromptu show.  What luck, They streamed in live from the barn right after Russell.

Max Kleene and Funky Freddy Republic at BS's March 29th
I so miss the venue.  Kicking Real Life  as it rears its ugly head.

On that note though.  Any performer that is a member of BS's Management Group has access to change the stream at BS's.  If you ever feel like just doing something impromptu, I don't need to be online.....the venue is there.  Every now and then there is a special event there but otherwise it is yours for use.