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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Its finally here!!!  The day everyone becomes Irish.....and such a fun day in the live music community!!  Digs back in closet otherwise known as inventory fins cute green dress, shamrock tatoos, top hat and of course my shoulder leprechaun.  Off I go

First stop Smokin Aces....Shannon and Rocky did a great job in decorating.  I love all the shamrocks on the floor.  Shannon and Rocky hav one of th most fun venues in sl.  Gotta love the two of them....They have some of the largest hearts.

The First performer was Liam Defore.  It was the first time I listened to him for an hour.  Pretty impressive!!! Such an enjoyable hour!!!  Liam was sooo ready for St. Patrick's Day

After Liam, Lisa Petrolhead was on.  As often as I heard her name,  I never got to see he perform.  I enjoyed myself listening....I went afk to catch up on blogging and while I was writing a ton of old friends came in......Hogan was next!!!

If you have never heard Hogan, you should make a point of hearing him.  His show along with his Hi-Steppers are always fun.  Hogan is one of the most talented men in sl....You can't help but have a great time.......................Hogan was there in his Irish bet and had his kilt on....added in some Irish songs, he was holiday ready.

After Hogan, a very dear friend took the stage...Eliz Wantanabe.  To know her is to truly love her.  and boy can she sing!  Anether performer you should not miss.  Eliz has such a wide range.  At Smokin whe does country, when I used to have he at BS's she would go formal.  Today she brought out her Irish roots and sang some of the most beautiful Irish ballards.

Though I meant to bounce one venue to another, Smokin had such a great line up I could not bring myself to leave.  When Eliz finishes, I guess I should fix dinner.  I have not had an appetite lately and have to remind myself eat at least once a day.  Too bad it doesn't

Thought I would go bop around for a bit so off into events I go....UtahCowboy Kayer is at PH's Pjama party by LA Club.  It has been too long since I got to see I went and I love the Pajama theme.  Utah's name is deceiving....he is amazing and not country despite the name.
The pajama party theme Nhaomi Morrisey put together  is of the best I have seen.  I am going to hate having to go to rl when Utah is done.....

Sheesh Utah had to make me turn red......he is sooo sweet.

Utah is followed by Corinna Canning.....I really do hate leaving......wonder if I can just park here while in rl. Well I parked for so long that everything was done when I got back.  LC Live

I went on to Mountain Cave Club.  This venue holds a special place in my heart.  Spencer, the owner came aboard when I was organizing the Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraiser.  He was fairly new and looking for guidance....I see him now and he has grown this venue into a really fun venue.  One of my favorite performers was there. I had heard her once and booked her through Kat Vargas....the first time we talked we became fast friends and now I can't picture her ever not being my friend....She is truly a very special person Parker Static.

Parker Static at Mountain Cave Club

Parker then sang Wind Beneath My Wings for me  made me cry, the happy kind of tears.....I love this woman.  Mountain Cave Club

Alright I admit this blog is spanning a few days.

Jay was actually in world with me and Max was performing t the Pier.  I was so happy to be able to take him to his first live music show and it was Max  along with many of my friends there.  Jay enjoyed Max as much as I did.  And The Pier, it is such a fun venue.  When they hired Coreopsis Bluebird as a general manager, they truly hired a gem of a woman.  After Max was GS and wow they are amazing!  Exclusive only at The Pier every other Saturday.  Guess where I will be every other Saturday.  The Pier  After I did a double take that Max did not go bale but just never rezzed for me....

See you on St. Patricks Day

Thursday, March 5, 2015


RL has managed to keep me under a rock for a bit, but not one to let anything rule my life, I am getting back more and more.

Starting today at one of my favorites,  Kickin where ScrtsSafe and LilMissPriss gave me the warmest those two.  Remy Farman was on the stage and kicking has been way too long since I have seen him.  One of my favorite pics of myself came from someone taking pics at Remy and Tia's venue.

I attended a very good friend's 8th rezzday party the other day.  She had told me ahead of time that I was in for treat.  Never did I expect to hear what I heard.  Some voices you have to ask why you are not hearing them in rl.  This one you can as he has done two seasons in Broadway and hmmmm trying to remember it, it sounds like it would be the equivalent of Broadway in London.  If you ever in your sl get a chance to hear Luciano best advice is run to it don't stop at go don't collect $200.....just run to it and know you are listening to a man that can go from opera to pop and does each beautifully.  It is truly a treat be able to hear him live.  There is nothing better than finding new performers that just blow you out of the water.

Look I finally learned how to add a pic to my blog.  Even technically challenged, given time I can learn.  And this one I just have to share...we all know and love ScrtsSafe and what a great sense of humor he has.  Remy's song just made him want to grow a beard.....with a bit of rogaine he did geow on.....though he must have used a ton of rogaine to make it grow this fast.

Hanging at Kickin listening to Liam Defoe thinking I may just stay here as The Vinnie Show is next!!!

Listening to The Vinny show....this man is talented and has an amazing stage prince....He is fun as well.

It is about time for me to take a break and focus on some rl......You have my word that I will not be such a stranger!!!


Since I closed the venue in December, I have really stayed under a rock.  Going through the rl stuff, facing realizations and limitations as well as a loss.  Yes the venue was a huge part of my life for over 5 years, it was a loss of sorts.  I still miss it terribly and thinking of a special event to do this spring....though for now it is secret.  Last year when I published it 15 minutes later another venue posted they were doing the same and even used the same name.  Lesson learned!!!  But in truth that is neither here nor there right now.

I wanted to take a second and thank so many of you that have reached out and still do.....just to check on me and see how I am doing.....It means sooo very much to me.  Over the years youhave gone from performers and venue owners to true friends.  There really aren't enough words to tell you how much that means to me.  Even when I enter a show you reach out in ims.....Performers your acknowledgement of me is is amazing.

People always wonder why I love the sl live music community so very much....the answer lies in each of you.