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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A special thank you

My last post was so long that I did not get to say thank you to the music community.

I see so many of you so involved in working with Relay for Life.  I am soooo proud of being just a small part of this community.  Many performers are appearing relay weekend.  Some of you have offered your performances to be auctioned off.  I attend Relay for Life events across the grid and always see live performers giving their time, their support.  Managers and venue owners offering their support, and creativity and working toward making this the best relay ever.

Personally, I would like to thank the following venues for their support in the Relay Weekend Directory, this directory will go out to all that visit and participate in the relay and the huge event weekend.  You are not only supporting Relay for Live and making a difference in the lives of so many, but you are also giving more exposure to the Second Life music community.  Each of you when, I asked just opened your hearts without any question, that means so very much to me.

Liz Harley -- Key West Resort and Marina
Raredred Nightfire -- The Drunkin Drow
Mara Menges - RMS Titanic
Gwampa Lomu -- Gwampa's Dance Camp
Katspurs Mistwallow -- The Ragged Edge
Joi Shepard -- The Star Bar  Martini and Jazz Club
Daten Thielt -- Romantica Yacht Club

I truly feel as though I belong to the very best community.

My Experiences and Observances the last couple of weeks

I am always thankful to be a part of the live music community in Second Life.  I have visited many venues and seen a ton of new performers --new to me anyway.  I have seen a community that thinks with its heart.  But just like anything else in the world, I have also seen some things that can make me ashamed of parts of it.  Everyone always says good news or bad news first.  I think I will start with a couple of disappointments I have seen...getting the negative out of the way.

One of them takes me back to an instance that I had with a performer.  She was okay, but not someone that I would have kept at my venue.  Though I had placed her next to some of the most well liked performers and some of the most talented in Second Life.  When we stopped her run on the venue, she could have gotten upset up with me, but instead she attacked the other artists.  Telling me that they had no talent and were not the best in Second Life, but that she was.  It amazed me that she would turn on her peers that way.  Truly the first time I had run across that prima donna attitude in the female performers in Second Life.  I wish I could say that I had not seen a similar attitude from a male performer, but I I would hope that most of you know by know who must be the most egotistical male performer in Second Life.  I remember back when we were on speaking terms and he was going through a get rich quick scheme by helping other performers, bringing him to the venue to hear a performer from Australia.  Keeping his opinion to himself or im'd the performer would have been one thing, but instead he chooses to tell the performer what he sounded like and what he was doing wrong in local.  Needless to say, I was embarrassed that I had brought him, and even more so that I had promoted him to the performer.  This past week brought up another instance, this time on the second raters site.  Someone actually was rude enough to attack the owner about the owner's rating, and did so publicly.  Many would say this shows the ignorance of the person that makes those kind of statements.  For me, it is an embarrassment to the very community that I am a part of.  A community that as a whole, I would normally be proud of.  Though I do not know the performer nor have heard them, now I never will. It is one thing to discuss facts, it is another to resort to stupidity.  Though in this case the people that did that, well maybe,  they should look up the meaning of subjective opinion.

Another thing that happened this week, I heard a performer, which I thought was pretty good, so I im'd his manager to get info and rates.  Those that know me know that I look for four things when I book someone.  1. talent, 2. following. 3 promotion of venue, and 4 rates.  If all four come together then I will try to book them.  Some performers can cost more than this could turn into another conversation all together.  But yes I am one of the venues that will spend the money....but the traffic they bring and their promotion of the venue as well as their talent warrants what they ask for.  As far as this other perform was concerned, his group size was small yet his rates were higher.  I questioned it, and wow it was an answer i was not ready for. Turns out the manager represents a few performers and is also a venue owner.  She actually told me that she does not think about that because her venue group is a combined group for all the performers, and that it is higher.  I suppose for her venue this is a good thing.....but not in sending the performer out to other venues.  I was left with a pretty sour taste in my mouth..  I am still trying to figure out how that works for other venues.....maybe one day I will actually understand it.

Now the fun part of writing this blog, sharing all I have seen and some of what I have heard.  If you have not had the chance to hear Nad Gough....then run to see him...absolutely awesome.  On that note though, I also need to mention the venue...Cascadia Music Park - Moondance....this is an wonderful venue, with only one downfall....I could not find the tip jar to tip the venue.

Some other notable performers that I have stumbled across on my mission to hear them all.....
Crooner Carlucci---takes you back to the Dean Martin era....if you're really lucky -- im him while he is performing, he has the most contagious giggle.  Bruce Scrabblebat at the Ragged Edge....Bruce not only impressed me, but the venue is pure fun.    Love country music?   Dumplings Country Music Dance Club is a great place to go.

Other extremely noteworthy venues I have visited include Felix Cove and Lost Moonatic Cave, and one of my favorites (mostly cuz the name is so much fun)I like it like that Club, Heri's Place,  Off the Rails, Up the Creek, HS Trillium Music Park "Keeping the Spirit of Giving Alive", and Khisme's Place.  I absolutely love going to other venues and seeing the creativity involved in each one.  The names alone show a part of that creativity.

There are other performers I have seen that have completely wowed me.  And many of them have been around a while, but it was my first time seeing them....How have I missed seeing PM BookmiteSaraMarie Philly,  all I can say is wow.

On that note, I have been urged by one Mr. Sid Slade to go and listen to Phil Stetnor,  Sid drove me absolutely crazy about it when I was doing the line up for the ballroom.  Do you think I listened....noooo not hard headed me...until yesterday.  I attended some of the 4th anniversary celebration of Frank's Jazz and omg.....Phil has to have one of the best voices I have heard.  Now I must hang my head down and shuffle my feet and tell Sid...the words I hate to use....that he was right.

As the day went on, I also heard another performer new to sl, but not new to performing.  She has a voice that will send you off into another world..her real life professionalism and talent truly displays itself in her shows..If you have a chance to hear Samara01 Resident, grab that chance, the voice on this performer, the versatility....giggles you know I booked her.  But also in talking to her, we found some very close ties, and I know I met a special friend as well.

A very special Congratulations to Nanceee Sinatra, Frank's is truly a wonderful place, one that no one can compare to, you have outdone yourself for 4 years.  I do not believe there is an sl resident that does know of Franks, you have accomplished something others only think about.

Friday, June 17, 2011

An Update & Observations

With everything coming to the end of Relay for Life, I have been extremely busy.  Yet working to keep up with the music community as well. So I will update from previous things I have mentioned that I have not followed up on.

Destination Guide and being in there once or twice, I apologize but I have not had the time to put the different places in there.  I have taken the time to parcel off both music venues as well as the amusement park, but that is as far as I have gotten....there is a chance that I will not get further until after Relay for Life completes.  I am still laughing about the performers that are afraid to be rated by their peers and sl residents.  In my humble opinion, that tells me you are afraid that you may not be as great as you try to make everyone believe, and that others will see that.  The list of performers in there is truly growing....while I am working on other things I am trying to get out and see performers I have never seen before...smiles and venues.  Some of the things that amaze me is the lack of venues that take advantage of the signage trade.  We are all about exposing sl music and helping it to grow.  That is what this site does, it encourages people to take an active interest in the performers in sl.  From a networking perspective, and keeping my own venue's name out there, I am proud to exchange signs.  Though I tend to think the same way about many things, many times the way to keep our names out there, especially without it costing us as venues more USD can be time consuming.  Everyone wants answers, answers take effort on all our parts.

 If promoting your venue, or your work as a performer in SL is important to you, please im me in world and I will point you in the right direction so that you may also support Relay for Life through your efforts and do so at a pittance of a cost to you.  2000 L and up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

It is a shame that some could take a good thing and turn it around

Wow the list goes on.  I have spent time at Bliss Garden Center, first many of us know how amazing Luna Bliss with her builds....her venue MotherTree Concert Area - Heart Of The Rainforest - Na'vi Navi....all I can say is WOW!!  She had Torben Asp there, a brilliant composer and so wonderful to just relax and listen to his music, add in the light show  there are no words.....................

I have to hand it to Oceanus, Tia & Remy not only made one of the most beuatiful venues and one thing I have learned that soooo many of the performers I had not heard appear there.  They keep talent on their stage :) Today I got to see paradorn Ansar extremely talented performer.

It is funny as I was working on this off and on today, I had a huge laugh to myself.  Someone wondered if I was simply because my logo was on there.  Maybe they did not read the part that talked about signage trading.  What was even funnier as I told them I would pass their name along, is that what it boiled down to was the performer wanted to be removed.  It does not  take much to stop and think about which performer has the largest ego in SL........He wants to be taken down from the site, now as the cynical person that I am, I would say that is because the residents are rating him at low numbers compared to the other talent out there.  Though I am sure the reasons given, will be different....when he is winning something or bragging about what he has done in SL ...laughing to myself.

Something else has come to my attention and I think it is sad if it is true.  I have heard that there are some performers that have sent out requests for people to vote for them.  Last I checked it was not a voting system, but rather a rating system.  Also it shows many of the performers they did not know even existed.  Rather than turn it into a competition, I do not in my heart feel it was meant that way....but more for subjective ratings.  A perfect example....I may like a performer, even love him, but ultimately he may only be a 2 or 3 rating in my opinion...who knows he may even be a 4.  I am a tough critic so I have very few 5's.  I know venue owners that are tougher than me....if a pitch is off, etc.  I would hope the performers would take the time to just offer people the link to go and rate rather than push themselves.  Allow the residents to do this in their leisure with their own opinions.  To me, unless you are someone that I would listen to on my radio, jump at the chance to pay a small fortune to see you in concert, ..... that is who I would believe are 5's.  5's will fill a venue every time they perform, with people trying to get in and the sim is full. SL does have a few I think.....and they get their 5 ratings from me.  But they get them not because they asked me to "vote" for them, but simply because I think the talent is beyond amazing.

A new idea

Sunday, I had the opportunity to meet a very wonderful person that just loves live music.  He has been listening to Second Live live music for many years.  He has actually compiled a list of all the performers he has heard.  The new unique thing about this man is that he took that list and built a site with it that allows everyone to rate performers on a one to 5 scale.

The list of course is subjective to the person doing the rating.  As a venue owner I saw a few things by this. First and foremost, just when I thought I knew so many of the Second Life performers, I realized it was actually a very small amount. So you guys know me well enough to know that it is a mission for for me.  Also as a venue owner,  the owner of the site graciously offers a trade off for signs, his sign on my  venue and my logo on his site.  He makes the offer to promotion companies and venues.  The third thing it shows me as a venue owner is where the pulse of the residents and gives me a good idea of which performers are more demand.

For performers & managers, it should tell them if they are keeping their finger on the pulse of the Second Life community, it may also....gasp tell them whether a venue should  spend 20k or 2k for them.

Wednesday I spent the day going through the events and visiting one performer after another and doing the same today while I work on RFL.  I submitted the names of performers that were not on the list and found some that were wonderful....even booking one, which as I look at the ratings that were already there, I noticed that many also held this woman in high regard, so I am looking forward to having her perform.

Through it though, you know I will always share what I thought were wonderful venues and performers.  Some of these notable venues are The Roof@NYC  Noma Falta had it packed Tuesday night, it was easy to see why both the venue and performer are so well loved (whispers---gotta get her booked)...Then over to a favorite after the Roof, and that is one of the most rockin places on the grid at night....Sherie's Gaslight, where I got to see one of my all time favorites...Strummer Vultee, he was kind enough to play the one song that I love and he learned for me.  (Strummer and Damian the first two performers I ever saw in SL, and look where I am now....giggles, thanks guys)

A venue that I have visited a couple of times this week--gotta love Chili's Deep South.  Always enjoying a trip to Bela Vida.  Now for some amazing performers I have seen....Lou Mannock, Katerina Malaspina, Jase Branne.
This site truly amazes me is not put together by a performer, a manager, or a venue....Ir is someone that just loves live music with no hidden agendas or unhidden agendas. Oops realized I published this and never put the site for this ratings systems in: