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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I had wanted to do this after I got the last of the transaction report, instead ended up with an infection that started a fever that knocked me out for a few days.  The antibiotics are kicking in and I am able to stay awake a bit longer.

I thought by the time I sent this out to you, I would have the words to fully express my gratitude for all you have done.  I can't.  On August 5th I received approval and on August 6th each of you kicked it into high gear.  You brought your venues on board, you scrambled and put together amazing line ups.  Performers jumped on board,   Performers I did not know were im'ing me wanting to be a part of this.  Venue owners worked together to help each other if a cancel came up or in one case where the venue owner had rl kick in, two other venue owners stepped up to help out.You each tolerated the million note cards that were sent out as schedules came together,  Venue owners whether you could do a couple of hours or all three days and hours and hours of of performances, it was all done with your hearts.  Performers, wow whether you did one show or many shows you all did it with your hearts.  When requests for hosts went out each of you was there, greeting an promoting SU2C.  In less than a month we were ready.  This event is a shining example of what a community can do.  I am still in awe. 

This list would take forever if I were to list each and every name that worked to make this a success.

I would like to send a very special thank you to Tristyn Homewood for designing the kiosks that all of us used.

Some recaps:  23 venues, a snail racing team, 2 venues that were unable to get line ups done but still had the kiosks up, 150 performers, an amazing community, and 1214 different people donating (many donating 2-multiple times), 3..5 days = L1523731 = just under $6000 USD adding in the credit card donations puts us over $6000 USD.

I have been in touch with Stand Up 2 Cancer and they were thrilled with the results.  We will be discussing things that can be done within sl in the future.  I put off that conversation until I got done with all of the this.  If you have been following my blog, you know I am spreadsheet challenged so it was a job needless to say, but it is done.  The only things left are any further transfer details.  I am entering them as soon as they occur. 

There is a link to the transaction report in the blog and also on the team's FB page and if it is not there yet will be by tomorrow on the team page in ASN.


Thank you again to each of one of you, you came together and truly made a difference.  Thank you for allowing me to a part of such a wonderful community

Many of you have expressed a desire to do more and to learn more, for this reason the group SL STANDS UP TO CANCER has been formed.

The team is open to so many things that I would not want to restrict it to one particular organization.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Finally things are slowing down   Thank you's are being delivered to every person that made a donation in the Stand Up 2 Cancer fund raiser.  I have heard back from Stand Up 2 Cancer, they so appreciate all that we have done and I will be talking with them more things we can do to give them more exposure and fundraising efforts to support the work they do in finding the cure for cancer.

While they are being delivered I thought I would do some venue hopping.  Starting out at Dionysus Symposium, I got to listen to Quartz, an amazing voice.  If you haven't heard him, wow you need to. 

Yes, I learned something new.....giggles now when I venue hop, I can make a link to the venue.

I know that I have overwhelmed performers and venue owners with schedules and note cards, requests for performers, hosts, etc.  I will say that we received approval on August 5th and less than a month later had a monumental event put together.  Thank you to all each of you that understood, and tolerated it.  Out of 150 performers only 2 complained and one rather rudely and had me remove them from the the communication tool that was used.  One of the two them read me the riot act when he actually received a thank you for his donation.  Sometimes, I just shake my head.  Thinking it is time to go find a venue and listen to some music.....giggles I Know I will not be listening to him any time soon.

Off I go to a favorite venue -- Little Mary's to hear the amazing Noma Falta.....and just relax...

Yeah all of the individual thank you's are out.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Started the day at Guthries after I got all my events for the day entered...Listening to Andydennis Enchanted.  I have never heard him before, but saw his name on the SU2C fundraiser schedule.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  He made working on the last page of the SU2C spreadsheet and my accompanying headache sooo much easier.  Got a great voice and also so personable.

On to Kickin where I got to see a ton of friends, congratulate my cuz, and listen to the amazing voice of Vincent Carpathea thanks to LL now known as Acoustic Rhapsody.  Wow what a voice.....I could listen to him for hours.  While I am listening, back to the spreadsheet.  This is an amazing man to listen to.  I stayed while drowning in numbers to listen to Jerry Sinclair.  Another really great performer.

Then comes the moment when you realize you are working on the page and have to back all the way out to go to the correct page and start all over.......chuckles this last page may be the death of me yet.  Catching up and getting pretty far, Time to move on checking events to see whats where.

Woohoo....I think I am done with the last page....gonna walk away from a bit....come back with some fresh eyes....see if there is anything I missed and then I should be able to publish I can move one with thank yous.  There are so many...I have noticed that so many performers, fans, and venue owners have visited and donated other venues.....this is truly a community working together.  So very inspiring.

Fresh eyes showed that I missed two individual donations....fixed them and it is complete!!!!!

I will confess, I needed a break from looking at numbers and needed to focus on rl.  I am back today...perched on an inner tube and found out that SL has limited the amount of lindens that can be sold....a limit of $ it looks like tow sellouts one today and another tomorrow.  What a process.  I do not like PayPal so I have not used it since we did the fundraiser for Rodanthe NC when the hurricane hit it so hard.  That means that everything had to be updated....lots of fun.

Now I am working on the list of all the people that donated so that they may receive a special thank you.

I would like to get this all done before I I have to check into the hospital for a procedure later this month.

                                  TRANSACTION REPORT FOR SU2C SL MUSIC

On to thank yous the fun part!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I am finally finding words to address this past weekend and month.  I still can not believe that we raised so close to $6000 USD, and still raising.  I know that myself and one or two other venues have opted to keep kiosks up, so the transaction report will continue to have donations added to it.  I also have a list as long as my arm of names of people that want to do more; builders, designers, etc.  I refuse to do anything else until after I speak with Stand Up 2 Cancer.  I do believe that people prefer knowing exactly where their money is going and not vague answers.  The transparency and accountability is so very important.  Too many people do things in misleading ways, taking advantage of things that others are so passionate about.  So as long as I am the one doing this, you will always be able to see each transaction, and each transfer of funds.  If we were to grow, a monthly balance sheet showing all transactions and any expenditures (if ever needed)  would also be published monthly.


There are not enough thank yous in the world that would begin to cover it all.  The music community has always been such a wonderful community with such huge hearts, so very passionate, it is overwhelming.  I have seen some things that venues have done this past month.  Performers gave so much of their hearts and time.  There was a beauty in watching venue owners put together some amazing amazing line ups.  There are a few that things that happened that just stick in your mind, it shows you just how passionate venue owners are.  BS's, LC Live, and Guthries all changed their land to show that Stand Up 2 Cancer was what they were doing and you did not see their logos.  As much as I tried to get to every venue, I could not.  There may have been a few more that did as well.  Some venues changed their group and performer tags to reflect that they were standing up to cancer.  At least one venue owner I know felt so strongly about it that he kept a full line up every single day, even scheduling a day off of work knowing that he would need to catch up on sleep.  I watched venue owners truly step up and help other.  They did not even know each other in many cases.  If a venue had a cancel, a couple of venue owners would start working on it right away.  Another venue owner had rl pop up and was unable to be here.  Two venue owners went over to meet her and take her place ensuring that everything was handled correctly per her venue policies.  What a I was able to witness was a beautiful thing.  It was a team event.....with a team mentality.  There is no I in team and they worked together to accomplish all that they did.  I was lucky enough to make some very good friends that are looking to move forward together.

Smokin Aces gave out shirts they made. Solana's place made shoulder pets that were given out.  A close friend of mine made a beautiful memorial clock that was given out with a specific donation amount.  Solana's Place also made ribbons that were put up with every donation.  She tp'd me over so that I could see her place filled with ribbons.  Then she was kind enough to give me one to use.  I took it one step further and added a hover text script so they could be personalized with a loved one's name.  I shared it with LC Live.  and we spent Sunday putting up ribbons with specific amount donations.  I don't know what LC Live looked at by the end...but BS's seemed to have ribbons everywhere.  There were so many going in during the last performance of the night, and the closing of the fundraiser that I know I owe quite a few the clock and ribbons.  I promise you I will be getting them out to you.  I need to use the transaction report to make sure no one was missed.

I asked for pictures and was getting them from everywhere......thank you soo much especially to Wildstar Beaumont, you had made it a point to go to so many places and utilize your amazing photographic skills.  I will be giving these pictures to a friend to put into a presentation for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Photos

Another highlight for me was attending the Snail Races.  RacerX Gullwing put together snail races in the the most darling amusement park.  and brought in quite a few lindens himself.  Someday, clutz that I am will actually trying racing.  Though that will probably be more of a comedy than a race.

Venues whether the line up was small or large, one day or three days, You guys did an amazing job of coming together, supporting each other, and truly making a difference...I am so proud to be a part of this group of people.

There is so much more to tell about ....especially the performers.  This one is long and my body is still playing catch up, so it is nap time for me.  I will write more this evening.


Though I am still in the WOW stage, and I still do not the right words to tell you how much you have affected me with the support, the generosity, the compassion, the strength I have seen.  Last night, I was in tears.....joyful tears....well actually I cried like a baby....but a very happy baby.  thinking this is how they feel when they win Superbowl except I'm not going to Disney World.

I have to tell you that right now I am taking break, something hit me with full force today.  As many of you know, the doctors made me stop working in 09.So it has been quite some time since I have had a need for excel.  This computer though it is about a year and half old (I love it because I obtained it from the manufacturer so no added software bundles, but it was their first pc that had i7 and I never want slower again, I had Nvidea put on but not Office thinking I had no need for it.  Tricked me!  Today when I got home from the doctor I got office.  Another WOW Excel has changed even more.  I have yet to figure out how to transfer from sl to excel so I am doing it probably the hard way.....copy paste.  Sunday had just under 2000 transactions.  After 14 pages of transactions, I heard a beep in sl and thought ....good time to take a break.  Talked to a venue owner that has become a very good friend and we had talked about different things that as a team we could do.  Actually there are two other venue owners that I will be working with closely in the future as they both want to continue with things, In the meantime while I get this paperwork done, she wanted to make sure she was in the teams group.

Now I am going to yell at you a very nice way.  You have overwhelmed with the thank yous and the congratulations.  I adore each and every one of you and appreciate with all my heart all of your kind words.  On that note though, I just had an idea, planted a seed, pestered everyone to death and used my organizational skills.  It was every venue, every performer, and every fan that did it and made it so very successful.  Without each of them, I would have just been a person with an idea.  Soo the nest time you go to any of these venues, Accoustic Cave, Broken Heart Cafe, Cameo Music Park, CeSoir, Elite Sounds of Jazz, Guthries, Hotel Chelsea, Kickin, LC Live, Mountain Cave Club, Party Beach Kurhaus Scheveninge, Pink Duck, Place of Grace, Seaside Lounge, Smokin Aces, Surgside Hideaway, Solana's Place, the Dirty Grind, The Keys, Tanquil Cafe, and Tricksters Sounds....say thank you to the venue owners and hosts.  They all put together some amazing line ups.  I, myself, tend to be a bit biased.  When I see people give of their time and their hearts, it makes me want to visit them.  To get to know them.  For a couple of reasons, not only do they support live music in SL but they also support all of the things we each care about so deeply.  Those are the people that I want to know, that I want to visit, that I want to support, that I want to tip.  I would only hope that you show them the same.  Besides, too many times we get stuck in a corner.  it is easy to do.  I have to stop myself from doing that.  It is easy to spend all my time at a couple of differnt venues and my own.  Then I realize all that I am missing,  You know me well enough to know that I love going to all the different venus, meeting the venue owners, appreciating their visions in a the build they created.  Through it all I have such wide array of friends,  And I would not trade any of you in for anything.  Giggles, though I did not include BS's on that list, I do love seeing all of you.

Now I am off to finish the copying and pasting of of Sunday.  Laughing, quite obviously I have gotten over my speechless problem though I am still in the WOW stage.  Tomorrow after a good nights sllep, I will tell you about some of the really fun things that went on this month.

Monday, September 8, 2014


When I put this up last night it was too late to share and would have been lost in new feeds.....I am still in the WOW stage and speechless and also have a dr. appt today. But hopefully, by the time I get back the power of speech will return.
I am dead tired and can barely keep my eyes open but I want you to all that you have accomplished.

3.5 days + 23 live music venues + 150 different performers + the most wonderful community = L$1,515,948!!!
Stand Up 2 Cancer for $6000.00 Combined with the direct contributions over $6000! You are truly amazing and should all be patting yourselves on the back....and if your reaction is like mine all you can say is WOW!
I am just numb the numbers are staggering!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


On September 4-7th 23 different live music venues and OVER 150 DIFFERENT PERFORMERS will all be holding a fund raiser to raise donations for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Stand Up 2 Cancer is under the Entertainment Industry Foundation and one of the most highly rated non-profit organizations.  They have taken a unique approach towards  finding the cure for cancer.  They have formed "dream teams" of doctors, some of the best in their fields.  They did this in the US and internationally.  The one thing that is reassuring is that 100% of your donations go toward research.  Also on September 5, 2014 Stand Up 2 Cancer will be holding a fund raiser that is being carried by 31 major and cable television stations in the USA and major stations n Canada, as well as streaming live on Hula and Yahoo.....all being done simultaneously.

THE LINE UP September 7, 2014

Join us as we Stand Up 2 Cancer in conjunction with the RL event.  
100% of your donations go directly to research.


9/7/2014                    Performers                                        

12PM         icandy
1:00 PM    Trinity Ermintrood                                           

 2:00 PM    CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster                         
3:00 PM    Russell Eponym                                              
 4:00 PM    ReallyMad Morpork                                           
5:00 PM    Winston Ackland                                              
6:00 PM    Collin  Martin                                                  
 7:00 PM    THE MAX KLEENE BAND                                
CE SOIR                                        
9/7/2014                    Performers                                      

2:00 PM    Josie Anderton                         
3:00 PM    ELiz Watanabe                          
4:00 PM    chocolatechampagne              
5:00 PM    Gina Gracemount                     
6:00 PM     Atsrik Zuta                              

LC LIVE!    
9/7/2014                    Performers                                       
05:00am    Mike00 Carnell                                                                              
6:00 AM    Mimi Carpenter                                                     

7:00 AM    Annette Wildrose                   
8:00 AM    JustMe Carlucci                     
 9:00 AM    BubbaC John                           
10:00 AM    Anek Fuchs                                                        
11:00 AM    Rickylivemusic                                                  
12:00 PM    LuvSong Writer                                                   
1:00 PM    Sylar Morrisey                                                    
 2:00 PM     Bamboof Stillmorning                                         
3:00 PM    Starkz Voom                           
 4:00 PM    LibertyBelle Lyric                      
5:00 PM   AintMrBehaving Ghost               ******************************************************************

Party Beach Kurhaus Scheveningen  
9/7/2014                    Performers                                        

12:00 PM    Mr Mikey                                                         
1:00 PM    Nehama Resident                                           
  PLACE OF GRACE                    
9/7/2014                    Performers                                        Hosts
2:00 PM    David Csiszer                                                   

3:00 PM    Anek                                                                
4:00 PM    Samm Quendra                                               
5:00 PM    Jackie Lefko                                                   
 6:00 PM    KatRose dual stream with DennyMac             *******************************************************************

9/7/2014                    Performers                                      

11:00 AM    Lefty Unplugged                      
12:00 PM    Laralette Lane                           
1:00 PM    Dilah Halostar                           


9/7/2014                    Performers                                       
11:00 AM    Max & Voodoo                            
12:00 PM   Noma Falta and David Csizer   
1:00 PM    Tamra Hayden & Funkyfreddy     
2:00 PM    Jaycatt Nico & Frogg Marlowe      
3:00 PM    Strummer & Ben Cleanslate       
4:00 PM    Gina Stella & BAT Masters           
5:00 PM    Jase Branner & Lyndon Heart     
6:00 PM    James & Julene (AcousticEnergy Nitely)   

TRANQUIL CAFE                                      

9/7/2014                    Performers                                        
5:00 PM    MrMulti Writer                                        
6:00 PM    Duncan Bagley                                       

LL lab promo : 
sl enquirer:


WOW is the best way I can think of....seriously, we have done so much together ...... I have been so touched that tears have flowed....but never have we done anything of this magnitude.  Never have all of you so very wonderful people just left me speechless.  You have done just that.  I keep searching for the words that will truly convey how very much I love this community,  there are not enough words to tell you how much each of you means to me and just how amazing a community this is.

Thinking of the highlights of my day....I did not have my venue going today so I tried to pop around to as many as possible.  If I did not make it to yours I am truly very sorry.   Giggles you can blame Skye Galexy.  Out of a clear blue sky, he im'd me to tell me he was performing at LC LIve.  Those that know us, know that Skye and I go back to his very beginning in sl, I was the first venue ever to book him.  Mind you I take no credit.  My friend Yip Jennings, the performer sent me an in with a stream and told me to drop and listen.  It was Skye.  He was booked by me right away.  He holds such a special place in my heart, and I have not seen or head him in a very long time. So today's im stopped me in my tracks and I headed right back to LC.....gotta get there before the sim fills.  Skye and I talked for a little bit and I asked....he said he he was just going to hang out with some friends and saw the blog.......Thank you Jessica Lyons for making us Firestorms Message of the Day. 

Thank you all for sending me pictures I will be including them the series of articles I am writing as well as a presentation that is being made for this.

Racer, Wow once before I attempted to attend a snails race and my old computer could not handle it as well as this one looked amazing from the spectator that adventurous side of me wants to try actual racing.  If you guys are not familiar with RacerX Gullwing, you should contact him.  He holds the most unique snail races.  It is so very cool.  and when he is courageous enough to let this clutz try I want to learn how.  Today he held it at an amusement park and I was amazed watching them.  I will be getting the pictures from Wildstar and posting them.

Now I just went to get the grand total so far and noticed the Broken Heart Cafe was still going.  I popped over and listened to the end of Truli Lionheart's show...and got the grand total. 

Drum roll please..................      L$1029255  

We have one more day a head of us with some absolutely amazing line ups.

I am inviting every one to the close of the fund raiser Sunday night at 7pm with the Max Kleene Band

Friday, September 5, 2014



On September 4-7th 23 different live music venues and OVER 150 DIFFERENT PERFORMERS will all be holding a fund raiser to raise donations for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Stand Up 2 Cancer is under the Entertainment Industry Foundation and one of the most highly rated non-profit organizations.  They have taken a unique approach towards  finding the cure for cancer.  They have formed "dream teams" of doctors, some of the best in their fields.  They did this in the US and internationally.  The one thing that is reassuring is that 100% of your donations go toward research.  Also on September 5, 2014 Stand Up 2 Cancer will be holding a fund raiser that is being carried by 31 major and cable television stations in the USA and major stations n Canada, as well as streaming live on Hula and Yahoo.....all being done simultaneously.


THE LINE UP September 6, 2014

Join us as we Stand Up 2 Cancer in conjunction with the RL event.  100% of your donations go directly to research.
ACOUSTIC CAVE                              9/6/2014                    Performers                                      
6:00 PM                 Strum Diesel                                          
7:00 PM                 Bat Masters/  TwoStep Spiritweaver     

BROKEN HEART CAFE                                   
9/6/2014                    Performers                                        

1:00 PM              Quinton Whitman                                
 2:00 PM           Mark Seery                                                    
3:00 PM              Dpatrick Flow                                               
4:00 PM              Atsirk Zuta                                                   
5:00 PM             Truhart                                                           
6:00 PM             Katarina Malaspina                                        
7:00 PM             UtahCowboy                                                
8:00 PM              Krell karu                                                     
9:00 PM             Lyric Serendipity                                        

9/6/2014                    Performers                                       

11:00 AM     Mill Tycoon                                     

12:00 PM   JC Farstrider                                   
1:00 PM    trinity ermintrood aka Bubbles         
2:00 PM    Hogan Baily                                      
3:00 PM    Balladeer                                           

LC LIVE!                                                    
9/6/2014                    Performers                                       

1:00 AM                 Clay Harsley                                   
2:00 AM                 Down Under                                  
3:00 AM                 Myst and Mew                              
4:00 AM                 LiamDefoe                                    
 5:00 AM              Harmonia Trefoil                 
6:00 AM             Mark Seery                      
7:00 AM              Phoe Nix                            
 8:00 AM              Dilah Halostar                    
9:00 AM              KevinMThomas Carpool                
10:00 AM             Keeba Tammas                            

11:00 AM            Trin Paige                                   
12:00 PM            Maximillion Kleene         
1:00 PM              Lyn Carlberg                                      
2:00 PM              Mike Chek                                           

 3:00 PM              Caasi Ansar                                   
4:00 PM              Ashton Andretti                               
5:00 PM             Reggie Sunset                                          
6:00 PM             MellowInfused Resident                          
7:00 PM              Anidi Huet                                               
8:00 PM             Collin Martin                                             

MOUNTAIN CAVE CLUB                                                

  9/6/2014                    Performers                                        
3:00 PM     andydennis enchanted                                    
4:00 PM    Adrian Madhatter Cash                           
5:00 PM     Naga Flow                                                    

Party Beach Kurhaus Scheveningen   

9/6/2014                    Performers                                       

12:00 PM  Zoree Jupiter                                                                 
1:00 PM    Josie Anderton                                                   **********************************************************

PINK DUCK                
 9/6/2014                    Performers                                      
 11:00 AM    Mike Chek                         
12:00 PM    Brett Hamsone                   
1:00 PM    2nd Life Cheerleading Squad    
 2:00 PM    Andremus Miklos                
3:00 PM   Paul Nowles                             
4:00 PM   Premium Composer             
 5:00 PM    NormReynolds Genesis      
6PM          Robert Downing                  
7PM          Harmonia Trefoil                  

   SMOKIN ACES                                     
  9/6/2014                    Performers                                         

12:00 PM    Phil Setner                                                       
1:00 PM    Ricky Denarro (rickylivemusic)                          
 2:00 PM    Bobby Roxley                                                       
3:00 PM    Josie Anderton                                             
 4:00 PM    Veronica Weskler                                         
5:00 PM    ELiz Watanabe                                            
6:00 PM    Libby (libertybelle.lyric)                                  
 7:00 PM    tobykip.lionheart                                                
 8:00 PM    Bandit Eddingham                                              

SOLANA'S PLACE                      

9/6/2014                    Performers                                      

4:00 PM    Libby                                                       
5:00 PM    Erin & Satin                                            
6:00 PM    Chris Darkstone                                      
7:00 PM     Lillie woodells                                         


THE DIRTY GRIND                                
9/6/2014                    Performers                                       
1:00 PM    LibertyBelle Lyric                                         
2:00 PM    DennyMac                                                        
3:00 PM  Jack and Ira Duo show of Kinagree-Smith          
4:00 PM    Suzen Juel                                                       
 5:00 PM    Effinjay                                                           
 6:00 PM    Benski Korhonen                                              
7:00 PM    Naga Flow                                                       
8:00 PM    Rara Destiny                                                   ***************************************************************

9/6/2014                    Performers                                        

12:00 PM    Lokki Merryman                                      
1:00 PM    Vincent Merricks                                       
 2:00 PM     Phemie Alcott                                          
 3:00 PM    Strummer Vultee and Beamer Lowtide    

LL lab promo : 

sl enquirer:



I am sitting here dead tired after a very long day, but also so filled with a love for Second Life Live Music performers,venues and fans.

So many of the participating venues have changed their land textures to Stand Up 2 Cancer for this event.....I have been in awe and so inspired by them.  I still have performers that are asking me to find a place for them.  It goes beyond that though.  This is the first year that Stand Up 2 Cancer has had anything done in Second Life.  We are not half way through it yet as Saturday and Sunday are packed with performances yet tonight as I am writing this we are finishing the second day of our Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraiser with L$515725.  think about that it is roughly just over $2000 USD.  Every single penny of that is going to research.....for Stand Up 2 Cancer is where the end of cancer begins.

Many of you know that I am the kind of person that thanks every person that works on something personally.  I tend to feel that there is nothing truly personalized if you are just one in a long list of names.  Well, this is most definitely causing my thank you list to grow and grow.

There is no describing the the feelings that all of you give me with your dedication and determination, the opening of your hearts and wallets.  I am keeping a note card of names of those that are unable to make it to the events and sending me their donations.  I am hoping tomorrow to have the time to ensure that the transparency is there so that donations can be seen and documented.  that will be posted to the web.  Most of you know how I feel about transparency and credibility.

All I can say about today is that you are the most wonderful people I have ever known, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a small part of of this amazing community.


On September 4-7th 23 different live music venues and OVER 150 DIFFERENT PERFORMERS will all be holding a fund raiser to raise donations for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Stand Up 2 Cancer is under the Entertainment Industry Foundation and one of the most highly rated non-profit organizations.  They have taken a unique approach towards  finding the cure for cancer.  They have formed "dream teams" of doctors, some of the best in their fields.  They did this in the US and internationally.  The one thing that is reassuring is that 100% of your donations go toward research.  Also on September 5, 2014 Stand Up 2 Cancer will be holding a fund raiser that is being carried by 31 major and cable television stations in the USA and major stations n Canada, as well as streaming live on Hula and Yahoo.....all being done simultaneously.

THE LINE UP September 5, 2014

Join us as we Stand Up 2 Cancer in conjunction with the RL event.  100% of your donations go directly to research.

 FRIDAY, 9/5/2014

BS'S "BRING A FRIEND & STAY AWHILE"  THE SHORE          9/5/2014                    Performers                                      
4:00 PM    Open   
5:00 PM    ELiz Watanabe                                        
6:00 PM    Maurice Mistwallow                                    
7:00 PM    Tristyn Homewood                                  
8:00 PM    AM Forte                                                       
9:00 PM     Christopher135 Quan                                   

   CE SOIR      
9/5/2014                    Performers                                      
2:00 PM    Jerry Sinclair                          
3:00 PM    Miha Shamen            
4:00 PM    Mavenn                                 
5:00 PM    Jade Berry                             
6:00 PM    XaraTeransula                       

9/5/2014                    Performers                                       
12:00 PM    Russell Eponym                                          
1:00 PM    Dango                                                        
2:00 PM    Dilah Halostar                                                
3:00 PM    Kevin Thomas                                               
4:00 PM   Quinton Whitman                                                            
5:00 PM    CelticMaidenWarrior                                       
6:00 PM    Marqs DeSade                                                

  HOTEL CHELSEA             

  9/5/2014                    Performers                                   
  5:00 PM    Zelator Baphomet                              
  6:00 PM    Lazarus Dognouse                             


  9/5/2014                    Performers                                       
                                   2:00 PM    Maxx Sabretooth                           
3:00 PM    Phil Setner                   
4:00 PM    TerryToon                     
5:00 PM     Clarice Karu                 
6:00 PM     Automatic Quandry       
7:00 PM    CaptainObeY Arson                          
8:00 PM    JC Farstrider - Live Sax                     
9:00 PM    Acoustic Rhapsody                             

Party Beach Kurhaus Scheveningen                 Scheveningen

9/5/2014                    Performers                                        
12:00 PM    ManuAurell                                                       


PINK DUCK                         

9/5/2014                    Performers                                       
9:00 AM     Glenn Bunjie                     
10:00 AM    Theresa Nayar                  
11:00 AM     Jade Berry                        
12:00 PM   Mike Chek                           
  1:00 PM   TerryLynn Melody            
  2:00 PM    Atsrik Zuta                        
  3:00 PM    Dallas Winslet                  
  4:00 PM    RockyTooCool                   
  5:00 PM    tobykip Lionheart           
  6:00 PM    Liam Defoe                       
  7:00 PM    Travis Overland    

9/5/2014                    Performers                                     
3:00 PM    Clarice Karu                                              
4:00 PM    Rara Destiny                                            
5:00 PM    pAUL kNOWLES                                       
6:00 PM    essence                                                 
7:00 PM    Donn Devore                                          
8:00 PM    Mavenn                                                   
9:00 PM    Tristyn Homewood                                   

SMOKIN ACES                   

9/5/2014                    Performers                                  
1:00 PM    Freddy Mergatroid                                
2:00 PM    starkz.voom                                             
3:00 PM    LuvofMusic                                                     
4:00 PM    BELINDA (belinda.portland)                             
5:00 PM    Satin & Erin                                                      
6:00 PM    Krisie Snowdrop                                                   
7:00 PM     Hogan Baily                                                       
8:00 PM    Gandalf Mornington                                             

SURFSIDE HIDEAWAY                     

9/5/2014                    Performers                                   

2:00 PM    Mamaa Saiz                     
3:00 PM    Beth Odets                         
4:00 PM    Bat Masters                        
5:00 PM    Senjata Witt                     

THE DIRTY GRIND                                       

9/5/2014                    Performers                                   

5:00 PM    Doc Warziders                                 
6:00 PM    Taunter Goodnight                          
7:00 PM    tobykip Lionheart                                 
8:00 PM    Liz Aday                                      
9:00 PM    Xara Fiasco                                    
10:00 PM  Larree Quixote

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