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Thursday, August 28, 2014


This is a community that is absolutely amazing!!!! On August 5th the Stand Up 2 Cancer was a vision.....Right now it is at 28 different live music venues, a snail race, a clothing auction, and over 120 different performers, with more lineups on the way.

We have attracted other groups of communities that have inquired what they can do. And every time I turn around there is another venue or performer asking what they can do.....

The compassion, the dedication of the Second Life Live Music Community there are not enough words to describe it. 

I did have to put the article on the back burner for now while I am focusing on organizing the fund raiser.  I will get to putting the final touches on it and adding pictures to it to submit it, a couple of days after the fundraiser is done.  (I need the time to re-coop for a day or two afterwards) There is a central landing spot to get the schedules and line ups as well as the landmarks.

I will also be listing the lineups and slurls on this blog as well.

There is a way to donate directly:

Watch the blog for updates.


Friday, August 22, 2014

On September 5-7th 26 different live music venues will all be holding a fundraiser to raise donations for Stand Up 2 Cancer.  Stand Up 2 Cancer is under the Entertainment Industry Foundation and one of the most highly rated non-profit organizations.  They have taken a unique approach towards  finding the cure for cancer.  They have formed "dream teams" of doctors, some of the best in their fields.  They did this in the US and internationally.  The one thing that is reassuring is that 100% of your donations go toward research.  Also on September 5, 2014 Stand Up 2 Cancer will be holding a fundraiser that is being carried by 31 major and cable television stations in the USA and major stations n Canada, as well as streaming live on Hula and Yahoo.....all being done simultaneously.  The press release talking a bit more about the real life event can be found at:

The live music community is coming together the same weekend to raise funds for this worthy cause.  Venues that are participating are as follows:  Acoustic Cave, Broken Heart Cafe, BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile, Cameo Music Park, Ce Soir, Elite Sounds of Jazz, Guthries, Hotel Chelsea, Kickin, Lost Coconuts, Lokki's Gardens, Mountain Cave Club, Party Beach Kurhaus Scheveningen, Pink Duck, Place of Grace, Seaside Lounge, Smokin Aces, Surfside Hideaway, Solana's Place, The Dirty Grind, The Keys, Titanic, Tranquil Cafe, Vincents, & White Tiger Islands.  

There are a few other things going on as well, Snail Racing, and there will be a silent Auction of Clothing designed by a clothing designer that lost her battle to cancer.

A central location that will have all the lines ups and landmarks for all events.

Receipts can be received for lindens donated, or you can donate anonomously with a credit card by visiting:

Every penny helps.  As Stand Up 2 Cancer says "This is where the end of cancer begins."

Watch this blog for updates.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Calling all Live Music Venues and Performers,

If you are interested in working on a very special fund raising event the weekend of September 5, 6, and 7 to help raise money for cancer research.  This is a disease that has touched each and every one of us. This is a good way to make a difference.

On September 5th every major television station and about 30 cable channels in the USA, and also in Canada, are all simultaneously conducting a fund raiser for Stand Up 2 Cancer.

 As Stand Up 2 Cancer says "This is where the end of cancer begins"

Stand Up 2 Cancer is a non-profit organization under the Entertainment Industry Foundation.  The have taken a unique approach to working to find an end to cancer.  A disease that has affected each of us in some way.  SU2C uses the donated dollars to fund research teams of drs to work on specific forms of cancer.....Every single dollar donated goes directly to research and not a CEO salary as many of them do.  The teams and are transparent so that you may see what they are working on and also give updates.

On August 5th I received approval from SU2C to put together a  fund raising event for the weekend of September 5th.

Venues:  You could participate  by using your venue September 5th, 6th, and 7th.  You could designate one day, two days or all three days.  There are 20 venues participating already.

Performers:  You could participate by giving one of your amazing shows to this event.  Currently I have list of performers that is constantly growing waiting for venues to get their time slots together. 

If you are interested please let me know or im Still Braveheart inworld.

Team Page URL:

 Thank you in advance for all your support.

 Still Braveheart

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Wow it has been a heck of a day.

Friday, August 1, 2014 I had the other week lineup going.  It had been going well I had a performer that I love who had been appearing and doing great...then this Friday he was a no call no show.  I left a message on his fb etc...I know things happen....One never knows when RL will come up....But here it is on Sunday and I get a notice that he is performing somewhere.  I suppose I would have understood it better if either he or his manager had bothered to take the time and let me know what happened.  Especially since there had been people showing up and to see him and waiting then leaving.  We even saw them come back, giving this performer a chance to get there.

So with that a note to performers, the venue owners plan their schedules around you, give them the common courtesy of cancelling if you need to.  If something happens in rl and you are unable to let them know, at least take the time to apologize when you do return to sl.  As performers you would not want to be treated that way by venue owners, don't treat them rudely.  You run the risk of losing a booking and ruining your reputation because believe me.....venue owners do talk.

I ran into the same sort of thing that Sunday with a performer from Scotland.  She at least sent me a notecard, but in the notecard stated that she was cancelling because she had accidentally booked another venue.  Now on that note, I had to ask why she was cancelling her regular performance and knocking the venue that was paying her weekly for a one time appearance somewhere else.  At which point she told me that she cancelled that too.  So after I had seen her in events for the other performance, I went over to see if it was truly cancelled.  Lo and behold there she was performing.  I have to admit my anger boiled over and I did im her and state that she lied to me.  Most of you know me and know how much value I place on honesty.

Both of these performers will no longer be appearing at BS's.

So with that another note to performers, venues that pay you to perform week after week, deserve the consideration to be honest with them. 

I did not put these performers name in here because I was not after publicly humiliating them.  Though if there is anyone that would like to know, you can always im me inworld or pm me in Facebook. 

There are other things that though not as major every performer should do before getting a stage.  Know the name of the venue you at, If you are not sure of how to say it, ask the venue owner.  But never promote another venue in place of the one you are at.  You should also make sure your managers and hosts know the name of the venue as well.

Know where the venue tip jar is at.

Venue owners are paying for the land you perform on and many times for your performance.  In my opinion, it is only right that you be considerate of them and their venue.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Though I am working on a couple of other blogs that I need to finish....This news excited me so much that I had to share.


watch for information as I can get it out to you.  For now, any venue owner or performer that would like to participate please let me know.  Those of you that have told me you were interested in this event the weekend of September 5....I have your names on a list.  Let me find out how many venues want to be included and together we can all work on schedules.

Just to refresh everyone's memory.....Stand Up 2 Cancer and Stand Up 2 Cancer/Canada are the organizations that every single dollar donated goes into research and not a six figure CEO salary.....or vague representations of where it goes.  Take a look at the sites and see for yourself....You can see where it goes and even get updates.

Hugs, I have missed you all soooo much,