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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A favorite venue

Quite often when I have a spot to fill, or see a new name on their line up I will take a trip to the Audio Union.  Though it is not the place for groups, it is for venue owners and/or those doing the booking for venues.  It allows me the chance to other venue owners that are friends as well as some that I do not know.  Besides no one should miss the chance to see Rusty and Kimmie some of the best in SL.  Yes there is some bias there, but I love them both dearly.

Each performer is given 15 audition, managers are there to answer questions, arrange bookings etc.  The talent there is not restricted to solely musicians it includes track as well as musicians.  Something I love.  My own personal opinion is that when you have a track performer, their voice is their instrument.  I have heard many that are both talented on an instrument and vocally, then again I have listened to some wonderful musicians that kind of lose it when they sing...everyone has their strengths.  The goal of any performer should be to perfect their strengths.  If your voice is your strength, try working with a musician to dual....that is true collaboration and the results can be magical.  But I am rambling.

Back to the Audio Union, their lineup includes so many genres, you would have to be hard pressed to not find an awesome performer there.  Unfortunately, I usually have performances while the Audio Union is going.  A couple of times a month they also put together an event that is more fitting for European Time Zones.  The next time, as a venue owner that you have time, get on Rusty's mailing list so that you know the times and line ip of performers.  As performers, this is a wonderful place to be seen by other venue owners, and possibly find new bookings.  When there are not performances going on, The Audio Union also maintains a wall of performers that have previously appeared there, along with information on each artist;

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live Music Venues in Second Life

Recently, I had actually heard complaints about how much a venue tip jar's suggested tips were.  I was a bit shocked when I heard that so,  I thought guys know me well....I had to get out and see for myself.  I spent two days going venue to venue.  What I found, as always amazes me about the music community and its venues.

I know I have said this before, but I need to say it again.  Live music venue owners do this simply for the love of the music.  Whether it is a tips only venue, where the venue owner usually tips quite handsomely, or a paying music venues are not in this for a profit.  True, tips help offset the cost, so the performers that truly support and promote the venue do make a huge difference.

Tip jars, from all that I have these venue owners are truly caring individuals.  They care about their audiences and even though the cost of performers some, not all, cases can be higher, the venues have tip jars that truly show their guests that they care and are there for the music and not the tips.  Most of the tip jars were all in the same range, a few higher than others, but I know that the few that were higher also maintain strong paid for line ups almost every day of the week.  Personally, and from what I have seen across the grid, the venue that actually puts 2000 or 2500L and on some days it about the love of music or how much you can take fans for?  Every venue owner has tiers....may of us having entire sims, we do that by choice not to continually take from our guests.  Venues on small parcels do not have those same costs, so why would you ever hit your guests with such high requests.

The venue that has been brought to my attention with such a high tip jar, is actually a stand alone.  I am proud to a part of a community that cares so very much about its venues, performers and guests.  Now, the fun part of this research has taken me all over the grid...venues of all shapes and sizes, creativity, and the love that has gone into them.

You know I can't resist naming them because they impressed me.  Of course I went to favorites:

Sherie's Gaslight, Guthries, The Drunkin Drow, Kickin, Oceanus, Circe's Sanctuary, Alafia Country Escape, Bali Bali, Key West, Trax, The Audio Union, Smooth, .....these are venues I can't resist.

Then of course, I also went to others...many I have heard of and not been to, some I have not visited in quite some time,  Temptation Falls a beautiful venue, My Wish Venue, The O Karoake Lounge, The Pig & Whistle (bound and determined to go back there...loved it) Sweet Passions, The Rockhouse, Accoustic Abyss, and The Majestic, Air Destiny (what a cool idea for a venue), Blue Angel, The Village, Boogie Beach (wow they were having fun there).

There are so many venues in sl...I just chose to use the ones that I knew or were in the event listings that day.

As always, this continues to be a community that has some of the largest hearts I have ever seen and so proud to be a part of it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What an amazing community

Second Life Music, for almost two years has continued to amaze me, this year probably more so.  The outpouring of support I have seen for Relay for Life.  Though there sooo many types of events going on across the grid...residents everywhere are working hard to make a difference to find a cure for cancer, I tend to gravitate toward the musical efforts.  The Home Expo opened last week, though I did not attend, one of my best friends in both SL and RL attended as a hostess, then contacted me.....I was able to hear about the awesome enthusiasm of both the performers , the staff working and the audience.  The Home Expo itself was a tremendous success within the first 24 hours.  Yesterday, I attended as a hostess for 4 hours, wow the sim was packed, the enthusiasm contagious, the lindens flowed.  3,000,000 million lindens was hit while I was there....giggles I think with the enthusiasm, a lot of them were mine too.  I can only mention the performers that I saw....and yes I cheated offering to host for some of my favorite Second Life Performers.  Savvanah Coronet kicked off yesterday's lineup packed the sim with fans unable to get in.  Only Savannah can bring Gaga into Country and do it so wonderfully.  She was followed by someone I had never truly listened to before, Stella Silvansky.  I have not only not heard her, but she does not do country so she completely stepped out of her comfort zone and put on an amazing show, (so impressive that I was able to talk her into joining my own country line up on Tuesdays), somehow I do not think we have heard the last of Stella and country in the same sentence.  Damian Carbenell followed Stella, if you have not heard a chance to hear Damian, he is by far one of the most loved performers in Second Life.   I know Damian had been playing with country for a while now, yesterday he showed us all with an hour of country how truly great he is.  Followed by Shaye Dezno.  There is not enough I can say about this woman, She is a wonderful performer on her own, bring in her partner Gary Jonstone and magic happens.  This is a woman going through her own treatments, still finds a way to perform.  I am not only impressed by her beautiful talent, but also her amazing strength as a person.

I can not get past the Expo without mentioning a very special person.  All of the people involved with putting together the Home Expo, an abso9lutely amazing job.  A very special KUDOS goes out to Joonie Jathro....This woman has organized the musical performances....we all know her as someone that comes to our venues and enjoys the performers.........hehehehe and someone I would im if i found a great sale or midnight mania....but WOW who knew just how wonderful she truly is,  My involvement with RFL has given me the opportunity of meeting many people, that I have com to love and respect, made me look at many with a different perspective....Joonie is one of those people.....this woman is completely awesome.

The other day, was one of those days that I  popped around to different venues to hear people, I had moved a line up0 around which opened a new slot, so there was a goal to my bouncing around to the different venues, but you also know I love to find amazing people, performers, and venues.  My latest bouncing has again taken me to different places that impress me sooo very much.  An old friend, Soundguy Senior had reopened his venue,  I love visiting his place it is always lively and fun.  I had gone to hear Mamaa Saix, wow the most I can say is to listen to this man.  While talking with Mamaa after the show, I was able to hear a name I have seen everywhere, yet never heard...he even joked with me about how long he had been trying to get me to listen ( hangs head, ok I am slow)...BGSinger Hermit.  Why did I not listen to this man sooner, shame on me.  He is wonderful.  I had to create a new spot for him I was so impressed.

My journey that day also took me to Strangebrew owned by the beloved Saintess Larnia, where I was able to hear Caoilte Skytower perform some of his Irish tunes.  A fun venue and a an awesome performer.  Unfortunately I arrived at the other too early for performances, but I saw one of the most beautiful live music venues Heartsong, owned by Seren Trevellion an partner.  I am determined to return there.  The build is drop dead gorgeous, the kind I could only imagine of creating.

There is another venue owner, that I realized how huge her heart is as well as her organizational skills and her patience with putting together the most awesome RFL item.  One of all of our favorite venues, Key West, and its wonderful owner Liz Harley.  There are no words I can use better than hers to describe this, so I asked if I could use her words:

"If you enjoy live music and the great artists here at Key West, we've collected 33 opportunities for you to own one of their original songs while also contributing to a great cause in Relay For Life. We are pleased to present "Key West Sessions", a two disc release containing 33 original songs from some of the wonderful artists that have performed on our stage. Each CD is priced at 2,500L, singles 300L. All funds raised will be donated to the RFL in"

Overall a wonderful week in Second Life Music!!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

Starting out with an apology, I know I have seriously neglected this allowing so many other things to become a priority.  It has been almost two months since I have last written and so much has happened.  Sheepishly, I will admit that I did write a long post last week, Firefox crashed and I had not saved it.  Arrrgghhh, pure frustration.  I have already started saving this time.  A lesson that was learned the hard way.

I feel as though I owe you an explanation as to my absence, so here goes.  Relay for Life Kickoff and working on a few things, adding a ballroom to my own venue, health issues, a trip out of town, almost entering into a business proposal with someone else, as well as some other personal issues.  Chuckles, at this point "some cheese with that whine" comes to mind.  So enough about me.

There has been a great deal that has gone on both in and around the music community.  Let's see how much of it I can actually remember.  If I forget something, please forgive me, and remember I have the age and blonde roots thing (a dangerous combination) going on.

March 12 marked the kick off of Relay for Life.  Many may say music community???? It amazes me though,  So much of that same music community is taking time already in short supply and working toward making this year's Second Life Relay for Life the most successful ever.  Venues are participating everywhere, performers donating their time continually for months to help raise funds.  So many of this same community is serving on and captaining teams and committees.  Songwriters submitting their own original work.  The dedication and generosity of the music community is overwhelming, and makes me so proud to be a small part of it.

Moving on, I had the opportunity to watch the BOSL awards which had two categories honoring SL Live music.  The category best original Artist nominees were Bryn Oh, Cherry Manga, Eliza Wierwight, Eshi Otawara, Glyph Graves, Nish Mip, Sharni Azalee. With Bryn On winning the award.  This category showed me names I have not seen perform and now will be making a point to see each one.  The second category that highlighted the music community was Best Live Entertainer and the nominees were: Christopher135 Quan, CraigLyons Writer, Edward Kyomoon, Maximillion Kleene, Skye Galaxy, Tamra Sands, and The Follow.  Skye Galaxy won the award.  At the same time, I did not envy the judges....knowing each of these performers, there is no way that I could have picked a winner.  Each is so very gifted.  Personally, I think each of these artists deserve the award.   The BOSL awards had Tamra Sands open the show.....if you have not had a chance to hear this woman sing...the best I can tell is watch for her events and run don't walk to her show.  She has a voice that will truly amaze you and one of the best female voices I have heard in sl.  This is one performer that I know I want so badly to appear at my new ballroom.  She is the type of performer that one would feel honored if she graces your stage.

Moving on to a completely different note.  Recently something has come to my attention that I thought was a bit disturbing.  Thinking back to the meetings that were held, with event listings seeming to be a priority to the music community and the ability to have the live music category for just live music an the nightlife category for DJ's, I was a bit disturbed when I saw a performer list the same event, at the same location and time slot posted in events at least three times.  Live Music/Nightlife/Commercial.    Though it used to be posted in Event guidelines, that the same event could not be posted twice.  I don't see it any longer and am looking it into with LL to see if we are allowed to do so.  Once I can get the guidelines exactly, I will let you know.  If this is true and can be done, the event listings will explode with events listed in many categories.

There was also another thing that had recently come to my attention and that was the destination guide.  One live music venue, that I know of, is listed twice both under Fashion and Live Music.  Again, I was under the impression that each parcel could only be listed in one category.  I looked into be by asking the LL employee that handles the destination guide.  Lo and behold, I was told that we can do just that as long as there were separate landing places.  To venues everywhere that have malls, etc. attached this should be wonderful news as it will help to increase live music exposure, as well as benefit the vendors that rent space from you.  In my case, it will mean a few listings.  Two different venues, fashion and an amusement Park.  I am not sure how that will work for venues that occupy space on a sim versus those that have the entire sim which can be parceled off.  To ensure that I am giving the correct guidelines here is the explanation as it was given to me:  "Do you mean in reference to multiple entries on the DG? One thing that is good is that if there are separate, distinct attractions on your parcel -- with unique landing spots -- if that is the case, then we will sometimes add a new entry just for that unique attraction"  I see this as being a very good thing for many venues.  I am hoping that venue owners everywhere take advantage of it.

A couple of times I referred to the fact that I am opening a ballroom, this has caused me to find a different kind of line up.  The fun part is getting out and finding performers that I did not know.  On that note I have to say that I have heard and met some wonderful voices....HammerFLA Magic, a good performer and extremely personable, just celebrated his 2000th performance in SL, Antonio Galloway, wow what a voice....hmmmm would leave the kids and dog for a voice like that, there is also Terrytoon Resident a newer performer and one is taking SL by storm.  I also have to say that I was honored to hear Ryul Neximus, while visiting RYC one day.  I can not say enough good about this performer,  newer to the stage, he has been a DJ for a while.  This man is truly a performer from his heart, both a musician and a voice to die for.  Whenever I see him, I can't help but get other venue owners there...he is a rare find in sl.

I also had the opportunity to visit other venues.  Remy Farman and Tia Foxtrot's Oceanus--Live music under the sea.  A beautiful venue, when I go back, I need to pull my mermaid avi out of the closet, their venue truly inspires that.

I know I am forgetting tons of things.  I promise to not be such a slacker in the future.

I am looking forward to traveling the grid this week as everyone paints sl purple for RFL.  I am hoping to see many of the venues in various shades and textures, as RFL hits the halfway point.  Though I won't give away the names until the big July auction, I want to thank the performers that have so graciously allowed their performances to be auctioned off. 

Everyone, please remember as you travel across the grid and see those RFL kiosks, remember every linden giving YOU are making a difference in someone's life.