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Friday, October 7, 2016


I know I thanked the many venues that particpoated but there are some people that would have turned the  the last blog into a novel, so I broke it up between the two blogs.  There are so many others that gave of their hearts.  there is no way we can forget
Watch events....go see their shows, let them know how very much you appreciate all they do.  These performers each supported and or performed with SL CONCERTS BENEFIT STAND UP TO CANCER.  Many performed a number of times at a number of different venues, many participated in the auction.  These same performers give of their hearts in so many ways.  Feed a Smile an the upcoming Toys For Tots are two of the many ways they give of their hearts, their talents.

Agusto Napoli,  Bubbles.  Dazzle Darkrose,  GIBSON,  Lisa Brune,  Sultry Sonata, AleyKat,
ANEK FUCHS, Annette Wildrose, Arrow Love, Automatic Quandry, Åᴜʀᴀ Ŧɪᴛzɢᴇʀᴀʟᴅ, Barby
Bat Masters, Belinda Portland, Ben, Bigtex Cuddihy, BILLEBOB Dreamscape, Blues Heron,
Bo,Bolt Dominica, Bones Writer, Bono Fouroux, BRONZE8020, Camme Carver, Chicagosax, n  Chief Trail Walker, chillee Hernandoz, Chris Darkstone, Chris Joel Thompson, Clyde Barrows, Coffee Jaworower, Crash Landfall, Cudzoo1967, Cяуρтιc Hαямσηу, Da Bluez Preacher,
Dallas Winslet, Dan, Dango, David Csiszer, Ðǟηɖγ Piǟɳøʍǟη, DD, DennyMac, Diane, Dimi, DirtyDee Sweetwater, DJ DARK, DJ GINGYTIGS, Djembe Dragonfire, Dreama Summerwind, ƊσωηUηɗєя,ƊσωηUηɗєя, Edward Lowell, Eliz Wantanbe, Erin68 Frog, Etherian Kamaboko, Fabs Keytarman, Franc0is Beaumont, FrankLee Anatra, Freddy Mergatroid, Gandalf Mornington, Ganjo Mokeev, Gary Jonstone, Gemini Silverstone, Greg, Grif Bamaisin, hazie Moonwall, Hellig Melson, Hogan Baily, Hogman64, Hojo Warf, Jacqueline Luik, Jade Berry, Joaquin Gustav, Jon Regent, Josie Anderton, Kai Flagon, Kaleb Wolf Avedon, Katiaportugal Genesis, KB McAuley, Kiesta Aljon, Kitzie Lane, Krisie Snowdrop, LaidBack Celt, Lark Bowen, Larree Quixote, Lazarus Doghouse, LEAFAR Moonites, LeeWinegarden, Lexus Melodie, Lhiannon Lancaster, Liam Defoe, Libby, Lillie Woodells, Lokki Merryman, Luciano Lionheart, Lyn Carlberg, Mance Moonwall, Marqs DeSade, Maurice, Maximillion Kleene, Maxx Sabretooth, Melenda Yarrowroot, Melodee McDonnell, Midnight McCarty, Miha Shamen, Mike00 Carnell, MillTycoon, Mimi Carpenter, Morpheum Dreamscape, MrMikie String, Myst, NeoMaximus Brandenburg, Nina Bing, Nohj Martinek, Norm Reynolds, Paris Cloyd, Parker Static, Pastor Dan, Phemie Alcott, Phil Setner, Pmann Sands, Potlatch, Premium Composer, PrettyBelle, Quartz, Rand, REALLYMAD Morpork, Rebecca, Ren Enberg, Rhiannon, RobbieDowning, Rola Hykova, RoseDrop Rust, Russell Eponym, Sabian Inglewood, Samm Qendra, Satin Galli, Savannah Rain, Seren McGillivary, Shawna Cuddihy, Shaye Dezno-Jonstone, Since '06 I've been (lyndon.heart), SINGERGIRL XOXOXO, Sophie Brumati. Soulvision. Star-Menna, Steely Decosta, Steve Genesis, Stickle Back, strum Diesel, Strummer Vultee, Suzen JueL 'Resistance, Tally, Telima, Terry Laidback, Thunderfoot Lorefield, TobyKip, toorealsom, Toxic Darkmatter, TrickyLicks, Twostep, UtahCowboy Kayor, Veronica Weksler, Vince Ruissatel, Vinnie, Wolfie Moonshadow, Zachariah Loon, Zak Claxton. Zoree Jupiter

I also want to take a moment and thank both the managers and hosts that put so very much work into these campaign

Lulu Lulibub, Rainey Foehammer, Ephany Royce, Seren McGillivary
ӃiℰRă, Zeena Stoop, Brindimere Laroway, Haplo Barbosa. ღƬƦƖҲ ღ, BUTTERCUP, Marissa Goodliffe, Sean Richards,  JANIS, Jill Mackenzie. Mark Spector, Tina, Sparkie Cyberstar, Machka Panther, Hbomb Woodford, CrestFallenFox Resident, Bells Semyorka, Pliny Resident, Arimas Wemyss, Solana Python. Bella Rose McGavin, JadeEast, Agatha Knowles, Cream Portland, Sorrowen McAuley, Carol Greenwood, Rusty Seisenbacher, Chippy. Amber Jacques Hillam, Sylvia, Bo .W. Shim, Candy Kane. Smilemaker Mathy, daallee™, Darrian, Alessia Setner, Ҡëlĩɑ Ťђëɑs-Môrţɑlë, ℳợllץ ℑℴηℰş, Raynne Nirvana, Gracelyn McKenzie, Cerridwen Lynagh, Vicki Eriksen, Jenifer De'Voka, Lori Winegarden, Button, kat Vargas, Winter Fleur, Jorr, BĄĐ , Skye Blue Belle, ღℓαuгιε  αℓεxιşღ, Sweet Intention, alial Allen.

 There are people that I missed because I did not receive their names and if you are one of them, pleas know your help was so very appreciated

The venues I listed in my last blog and all of these performers, hosts, and managers...and the hundreds of people that donated--all I can say is WOW.  You all came together and made what started as an idea a true reality,  Together each of you made a difference in the world.

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