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Monday, February 24, 2014


There is no other excuse for being so behind in posts. Thank you for tolerating me.

I am back on track....Starting the day at -- of course my favorite venue for coffee -- Guthries.  Rico Dee was performing and the first time I have heard him....another wow.....this guy is amazing!  So very relaxing with such a smooth voice.

Guthries :

While I am sitting here enjoying him, I am going to copy and paste something I put on my Face Book page.  It impressed me so much that I wanted to share it:

Yesterday I was still recouping from the long day before, but I have to share this ..... Many of you are aware of how much I support Stand Up 2 Cancer. I support them because of the complete transparency as well as the fact that I am assured that every single dollar I donate goes directly into research and not CEO salaries, or mailings, or the many other excuses that other organizations give as to why all donated money does not go to actually solving the problem. With that being said, SU2C, I am sure has overhead but it may be handled with partnerships as there are some rather large partnerships behind them.... On the note of partnerships, I saw something the other day as I actually parked the car and took the subway (L) (Metra) downtown. In the Chicago land area we have a rather large chain of banks...Fifth Third Bank. I do not know how widespread this chain is, I do know it covers most of Chicago land and suburbs. Fifth Third Bank has a campaign for SU2C....Open a checking account and they will give you $150 to open it (a common practice with banks) but they will also give Stand Up 2 Cancer $150 for each new checking account. What impressed me the most on this is the partnership, but also the fact that every train in and out of Chicago was literally covered with these signs. I saw them and all I could say was WOW. 

For those of you interested in learning more about this amazing organization and the work they are doing, I am including the link...I am also including a link for Charity Navigator....a nonprofit watchdog of sorts so that you can see where this and any other non profit that you are thinking about is rated.

Okay now I am rolling from laughter.  Another mailing from The American Cancer Society.  This time a letter apologizing for the frustration I have gone through trying to opt out of mailings and thanking me for contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding it and to please now give them my feedback.  So there we have it!!!  The real way to opt out of receiving things from The American Cancer Society......using the Better Business Bureau when they refuse to honor wishes.  Hoping this is the last mailing.  But I am leery, my daughter's sorority and the Greek community at her school has formed a team and I wanted to donate for my daughter....hmmmm does this put me back in the cross hairs of their mailings.  I may call and see.  

Back to great things like Second Life Music, which allows us to forget organizations with poor business practices.

Joe Parvane is performing now.  Joe is great to listen to!!  Awesome blues!!!!

I have to give this woman a ton of credit.  Many of you know Twinky Waffle.  Twinky is a wonderful friend and also a hostess at Guthries.  Twinky did something I have never seen before.  It is brilliant.  I watched her greet people and one time she welcomed someone to Guthries and asked for their ticket, then kept going with something to the effect of.....wait you don't have one because this sl and music is free in SL so remember to support the venues that bring this music.  Now that is not her exact words.  Hers were sooo much better, but you get the general jist.  

I love listening to Joe Parvane........!!!!  If you haven't heard him, you need to.  The guy is great.  He has some absolutely amazing originals.  

Chuckles just looked, this is getting to be another one of those long blogs.  So I will end it now and come back when I visit the next venue.   But not moving from this spot until Joe is done!!!!


I am hoping you all had a great weekend.  Here it was a blamy 13 degrees at times....but you know those warm spells this year seem to lead right into toms more snow.  What started as 1-3 inches, has turned into 4-8.  Then everyone wonders why I have a snowman with knives sticking out of it and the words Doe Winter Die as my profile pick on my FaceBook page.  Chuckles, I swear I am not normally a violent person.

My first stop today is Runaround Sue's.  It is strange but I have never been here and WOW what a cool venue!  This place is made to have fun .  Here is the slurl:

Today Balladeer is here.  This is my second time hearing him.  He is completely awesome.  If you want a great time, watch for him in events, every second is soooo worth it!!!

I have decided that since I can not seem to upload pictures on to my blog (you know I am technically challenged) that I can at least give you the slurl of the venues I visit.

On to The G spot for the block party....and Wayne Davis.  This is truly becoming a FUN afternoon.  Wayne Davis is a definite must see in SL.  Got me turning my speaker up and out of this chair and dancing!!!!

The G spot slurl:

There is most definitely a downside to this venue hopping.  Many of you know that I am getting close to really missing the venue so very much.  Here is the downside, my venue has always been and will continue to be a paying venue.  I have always prided myself on having the best in sl there...but now I am finding that list is growing so much.....and wondering how much my wallet can absorb.  For I thought I knew of all the best, but I am finding more and more of them.

This is such a fun venue that I am going to hang here for the next performer......the one and only Gangjo Mokeev.  Wow it has been so long since I heard him.  I thinl the last time I heard him, I was so impressed, that I tried to book him for BS's....unfortunately out schedules did not mesh.  Giggles see how easy it is for this list of performers that I would want at BS's to just grow longer and longer. 

Oh no I just realized I have to go back to Runaround Sues'....forgot to tip the venue.  Chuckles as you can tell, this is my own reminder.  You know that age and blonde is such a dangerous combination.  Though I think that I have been using that excuse for years.  Even back when I was still working, if I walked through the building, I would get hit with questions, and would give that excuse then so that they would email me their questions.  It worked, and allowed me to stay focused on what I was doing at that point.

Tonight I was at home....and gasp...not watching the I thought I would do some venue hopping.....Headed over to Smoken Aces and saw my very dear friend Taunter Goodnight.  This woman has a voice that will completely blow you away, and also one of the nicest performers I know.  She is one of the first performers I ever got to know, enjoyed a couple of months as her manager, and got to meet her at the Nashville jam.  Taunter is such a wonderful person.

While at Smokin Aces I also was able to see old friends.  I have stayed to myself for so long that it does this old heart good to get out and see friends again.  Gandalf was up next. so I stayed and listened to him.....soooo laid back.

On to a new venue for me....Zippers Hangout.  I have never been here before,,,,but Bill473 is singing.....I know you have heard me talk about him before.  Ladies, I am telling you his voice is like our need to hear him.

I stayed to hear James Carden a newer performer to sl, and a ton of variety.

Off to another favorite Sherie's Gaslight Live.  SherieAnn has had this venue for as long as I can remember, and one of the first venues I had visited when BS's was just an idea forming.  Sherie/s is always packed and one of the venues that gave me some of the guidelines I had about starting a venue.  Sherie always has the best performers in is a great deal of what has led to her success and keeping her venue packed.  Tonight I am listening to Paul Knowles, another long time performer in sl and right after him comes the one and only Trysten Homewood.

Okay, I confess I took a couple of days of but I'm back venue hopping.  I spent some time cleaning out landmarks and will finish later....First stop Guthries....

Today I went to a venue I had never been to,,,, NorthCliffe Coyotes to see my old but very good friend Max Kleene.  As always, the place was packed and of course the sim crashed.....Hey its a Max show....its understandable.  This is the performer that leaves no question as to why he won so many Avi Choice Awards.  Max is probably the most liked performer in Second Life.  I adore him and I know so many others do as well.

Cool Jamz On Clouds, another new venue...and wow I loved it.  Trixie Breguet was performing she is another performer that I have not heard before. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Just when I was thinking time for some venue hopping, as I looked through events I noticed that there were a great deal of events at formal that means a trip home to change.  Most of you know I am soooo fussy about clothing, so after I finally decided on a gown, and hair, jewelry and shoes (about 30 minutes late) I headed off to Smooth, I had not heard Mavenn.  Again blown away by a voice.  It is amazing when one takes the time to think about how much talent is in Second Life.  It is good to also see my friend Maebh Jewel, the owner of Smooth.  This is a venue that has been around for at least as long as I have.  My suggestion....if you love hearing wonderful voices that have that angelic sound.....If you see Mavenn on events, make it a point to go see her, you won't be disappointed.

Got the speakers on....chuckles time for hair.  Actually got to get it done tonight, tomorrow getting together with cousins, so no procrastination this time.  Terrytoon is up next with Blonde.  I will stay here for half the show and then change to another venue.  Terry and Blonde are a great couple, and I love listening to them.

I went on to The Gilded Lily at the Aloha Beach Community to listen to another completely awesome friend Jean Monroe.  Jean is also a sl jammer, if you have not gone to one you should at least get to one.  You will find the people are even more amazing when you meet them!!!

Ohhhh staying to hear another friend....Becca Baxton!!!!  This is a night of listening to some very amazing women.  On to Music Machine "Live" to see another absolutely amazing performer and another that I have not heard in so long....HammerFla Magic.  Hammer is a great performer and entertainer.  The venue is beautiful.

I realized something while I was talking to Slider, the owner of the Music Machine; that I miss not having the venue directory.  This thought has crosed my mind a number of times.  I have been visiting many new venues and some wonderful old ones as well, there has always been that need for one central place just for venues.  I think when I return tomorrow...or sometime between then and Thursday, I will put one back together.  If your venue was included in the old one, I will contact you to ensure that everything is updated.  Lets see--thae memorial is back up, Stillwaters Meditation is back up, the venue directory looks like it will be on its way.  It will only be so long and I will miss them both so much that the venue will be back and the amusement park.

Unfortunately on Thursday I will be back down at Northwestern.  Going back to when I lost my hearing in the one ear last July, after they had done, the headaches that I had been plagued with for years stopped.  Earlier this past week, they were back.  Off to the dr again.  This time though, I refuse to allow them to find one more thing wrong.  I do believe the lymphoma is enough.  They are no longer alowed to find anything else.  Ignorance truly is bliss!

I have heard from many of you about the Charity Navigator link I gave out in one of the last couple of blogs, I am so glad you have found that site to be helpful.  I depend on it before I do anything for a non-profit now.  I will never again lead you or ask you to do something that is not fully transparent and accountable.  Many of you have come to me and told me it was not my fault, there you are wrong, it was.  It was my responsibility, just as it is the responsibility of anyone that leads people to be open and honest and to be as knowledgeable as possible.

Giggles, for those that like hearing my exploits of getting things done while I am venue hopping, you will be glad to know that I got my hair done, blown dry and everything.  To be honest I love the feedback in emails and im's that I get from you.  Though for the person that told me they were so busy reading the blog that they were late to work.....chuckles, I promise it is not going anywhere and will be here when you get done working.

Until next time...hugs to each of you.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


First thank you to those that I have im'd with your support and your comments of being proud of me for finally having the courage to say what others have long thought.

Yesterday I was able to have many of my questions answered.  Though I am not a tax preparer or CPA, I have held the position of treasurer in rl for other non-profits, so I am so well aware of how important transparency and accountability is.  That is something we do not see in Relay For Life of Second Life.  On that note, if anyone has questions as to any one's ratings by the Charity Navigator you should take the time to look for yourselves.  Here is the link:

This is where I learned that due to financial....American Cancer Society only has 2 stars out of 4, and a score of 46.75 out of 70.  The organization that I admire so much actually falls under the Entertainment Industry Foundation because as a foundation they do so much more than just Stand Up 2 Cancer; their scores are 4 stars out of 4 stars and 61.34 out of 70.  If this is something you are truly interested in, their methodology for their ratings is in there.  If you are like me, you can become a member (it is free) to access even even more information.  That is where you can find the actual tax filings of each organization.  I kind of chuckled as I went over the tax records and realized why the grant that each organization gave to the lung cancer dream team of Stand Up 2 Cancer, made so much news.  At no point in the tax records of 2012, did I see that the American Cancer Society gave that much to any one program.  For a change I could finally see where the money we raised goes.

I would suggest that each of you, no matter what organization your passions lie, check out this site.  As with all of us, we all want our money to go exactly what we donate it to.  This is one way of ensuring that the organization you are thinking about is doing just that.  If you find that it isn't, there are many many other organization that are truly using their fundraising dollars exactly where they are telling you. 

I am off to look up Child Advocacy Centers as that is the organization I started a grassroots organization for, and where my passions truly lie.


It has been a while since I posted a blog that really got people to thinking, I hope this does.

I was just invited to join another group set up for live music venue owners.  In this one it is more in the way of changing the ways that venue do things so they are hmmm whats a better word....I can't think of one so lets go with cover charge.

In FB I saw a thread that talks about all performers and venues uniting for one universal calendar versus events.

I am part owner of a group that is set up strictly for venue owners and sharing of information.  Though I have noticed that most of that is all about griefers names.  I have seen many other groups set up to do the same thing.

I have been involved in the live music community for almost 5 years....yes I was in sl for a few months before I became involved.  In this time I have attended meetings with both performers and venue owners.  Sometimes to promote one person's personal agenda and others because they truly have the best for the community as a whole in their hearts.  Either way I stand back and look at it and think to myself to myself....what is the definition of insanity.  Does doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results sound familiar?

Ultimately that is what I see happening.  Every one's group is so important because they offer information....giggles the same information as the next group that believes their group is the best.  Until ALL venue owners and ALL performers can come together in agreement, it will never happen and we will continue to run a vicious circle.  So why are we doing it?  Really all we need is a central location for griefer's names to be entered.  Then it is up to the venue owners to stay informed.

The reason that everyone will never all come together is simple.  This is sl, venues and performers come and go.  That and every one thinks they know the answer, when really none of us do.

This is an observation!

Now on that note, if people would like a central location for griefers names I can do that.  It is easy and I do not work.  Just let me know.


On Friday night I started out at P4 listening to Sam Soundful.  Sam was dualing with Abriyanna Slade.  Wow she has an absolutely wonderful voice......  Then I went on to VEGAS NIGHTS LIVE MUSIC, JAZZ & COUNTRY VENUE  and listened to a double dose of awesome male performers.  Hazie Moonwall followed by Gary Jonstone.  The venue was packed with wonderful old friends.  After having a wonderful time I had to head for rl for a while.

Saturday evening.....I changed into a gown and headed to WOW...Windows On The World Ballroom.  This was my first time here.  It is a beautiful ballroom, but then I snuck a look at the about land and was both touched and inspired by what this ballroom stands for.  The best way for me to describe is just to copy and paste the description. "Windows on the World was a venue on the top floor of the World Trade Center. When destroyed in the attacks of 9/11, the staff was serving breakfast. All 72 staff members  perished. This venue pays tribute to these individuals and all the others who died."  I also want to head back there as on the land there is a memorial to 9/11 as well.While there I also heard a performer I had never heard before Lynne Michigan,  a wonderful voice and extremely talented pianist!!!   I will look forward to seeing her again.  Here is the slurl:

I was gong to move on after Lynne but then Kiran and Ang showed up.  Ang is following Lynne,  It has been way too long since I have heard him.  It was an absolutely wonderful performance.  So very beautiful and sooooo much fun.  I was able to see people I have not seen in so long.  What a wonderful time it was.

Sunday morning....before football festivities start, I headed over to B & B's and saw my old friend bundy.  Bundy is such a very special woman to me, sooooo strong.  I was also able to see another performer that I consider a good friend.  Laidback Celt.  The one thing that being captain of such a great group of people has given me is the opportunity to leave the small group of performers that performed at my own venue and spread my wings to meet and get to know such a wonderful community.

I would have left B & B's but the next performers , well one was new and the other I have not seen in years.  Bara Johnson.  Such talent!!!!  I don't know if rumor is always true, but one rumor that I have heard over the years is that Bara is one performer that did get an rl recording contract out of Second Life.  Now he is in world on a limited basis with one of his rl band performers...Free Balen....she has such a strong voice.  It was truly a treat to see Bara and Free!

This past year has been an extremely sad one within the music community as we have lost so many of our own.  Many if you are aware of the memorial that is housed on The Shore.  This is for loved ones lost to cancer as well others surviving and/or battling it.  Bundy did give me Shan's photo to include in the memorial today.  Though one of the saddest days was when I had to take a pic that was given to me of a relative that was battling cancer and had to move the picture to the viewer of those lost to cancer.


Sunday, February 2, 2014


Last night I was able to get the Gold Mine and see both Johnny Paramour and a woman that I truly adore Chillee Hernandez.

Chuckling, those that know me, know that naturally I have very curly hair....if you are friends with me on fb and take a look at my oldest child's curls....well she got them from me.  About every 6 months I straighten it and that is a time consuming I turn on the speakers and off I go to a venue to hear a performer while I am doing this.  Today's first stop is Frank's Elite.  Always a beautiful venue and their hosts are some of the nicest....  I have been in other venues with dress codes and seen the hosts eject someone for not adhering to the dress code....before that happens here, the host explains in local and then offers a suit or gown which ever the case may be.  Today I am listening to TheBalladeer for the first time.  Amazed he is doing songs I have not heard in years.....and along with the smiles he is giving me comes a flood of memories from much younger days and out dancing in rl.  Wishing him the very best of luck as he auditions for America's Got Talent.  I checked out his website as well.....besides what he was doing in Franks, he blew me away with his country style on his site.  I am always amazed when I see a performer master a few genres.  He has!!! **A special note---he made it through the first three rounds today and will keep us updated as to the next step.

On to the buddy BubbaC John is performing.  His shows are always so much fun.....makes it hard to leave the monitor to take care of hair.  I got to see my very good friend Mara Menges......I have to say that she does have the most beautiful sim ,,,,I love  completely love The Titanic.  And Bubba....hmmmm...someone that reads my blogs and it was so apparent as he brought tears to my eyes....but then chose to humiliate me by getting me back on the stage and having me dance to quite a medley of songs.......  SL would not be the same if Bubba ever left.  It would truly be a giant loss to SL.

I headed home after Bubba and just chilled so I could get things done in rl.

Good morning....Bright and early I grabbed my coffee and headed over to Guthries to hear my old friend Gandalph Mornington with his set dedicated to a Pete Seegar, truly a lost icon to the music world.....though his music will live on.   Bring on the memories!!!  Accompanied by wonderful Pete Seeger stories.  I have always said that Guthries is truly the best place on the grid to have that coffee in the morning and start your day out right!!!!

Tonight I headed over to Acoustic Cave.....what a great crowd  It should come as no surprise though, two of the best in sl were performing.  Hazie Moonwall followed by Hogan Baily.  Both shows are so energizing.  Both men so very talented.  I don't seem to get to many venues in the evening, but I am so glad that I did tonight. 

I would like to thank so many of the team.  The im's, emails, and notecards that you have sent me lately.  (True no one has stepped up to lead for an RFL team this year)....but the support, the backing, you have given me has been so overwhelming.  Those that have expressed thanks for being able to do what others only felt in standing up to RFL.  Your faith in following me,,,,wow all I can say is that I am truly touched.

I have also been given some ideas by other venue owners that have preferences as far as non-profits so I will talk with them and see if there is a way that we can make a difference with them.