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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Something interesting happened today, the post that caused quite a stir disappeared.  Its about time.  The funny thing is that originator of the post that private messaged me saying the flavour was teaching and support not blacklisting and bullying, must not have appreciated when I quoted her posts saying that they were just plain mean.  I had already stopped friendship because I truly do not like being friends with someone that could be that ugly toward another....but when the post disappeared she also blocked me which I thought was ironic and amusing and  so glad I made a copy of the entire thing.  That is the biggest problem with social media, it truly brings out the ugly in people, even people that like to give the image that they are all about getting along and love, etc.  Though to her credit, from what I understand she did talk with the owner and things are laid to rest.  That is good.  There is a lesson though, something I learned a long time ago in corporate America......I had a general rule.  Never put anything on the internet that you would not appearing on the front page of the New York Times.  Social media is worse.  Text takes on a tone of its own.  You can delete all you like somewhere someone has it saved.  A funny thought would be.....just think of how red the person that reads LL's servers stuff must be.

With that said today I attended Burnings wedding, I don't normally attend weddings, I do get a ton of invites and because I am the sort that likes to give nicer gifts for birthdays, rezzday, weddings....I rarely attend or I would go bankrupt.  Though don't get me wrong, I am always honored that I was thought enough of to ask.  Then again this being a bit cynical but at the same time I have attended 5 different wedding for one friend to 5 different people in a less than 4 year time frame.  But after everything that happened this week I wanted to be here.  It was wonderful to see Samuel there.  I will have to watch Showtimes for his update.  I think or really I hope that we learned how ugly and mean social media can be.  As individuals, we all abhor bullying when it is talked about, I see profiles dedicated to fighting bullying and to stop and think before you pass judgement.  Sometimes when it is close to home it is easy to forget and fall into the same habits that we hate so much in others.

Just as I was so disheartened by the music community and knowing I have a major decision to make, Davy made me get out and took me to The Voodoo Lounge, as many times as I have heard of it, I had never been there.  I saw one of my oldest and dearest friends.....and though we don't talk as much on skype whenever he has something on his mind and just needs to talk or I do we skype.  I am looking forward to skyping with him in the next day or two.  Then I met the owners, I complimented them on an amazing venue. and also how much I loved their floor.  One of those owners was truly beaming just because I complimented her venue......its the little things like that make a difference....I made two new friends and the directory gained another venue.  Thank you Davy, that was the best medicine.  Besides Hogman and Minsy were both fabulous.

Hogman at The Voodoo Lounge 03182016
Minsy at the Voodoo Lounge 03182016
On to the wedding which I almost missed....Thank you Bad One for the post on FB it served as a reminder, I hurried and logged in....Arrived during Savannah Rain that woman can  Followed by Aleykat another amazing voice.

The happy couple Burning and Cliff 032016

Aleykat at the wedding 032016

Bad cleans up well 032016

/////////////////////////////////////Savannah Rain at the wedding 032016

Friday, March 18, 2016


Throughout all the negativity that went on yesterday.....I still was able to get out and visit venues.  I started the day atone of my favorite friend's venue...Cafe Musique.  They were so decked out for St Patrick's Day The place was packed and the the guests were a sea of green.  You know I had to take pics.  While there I had an amazing time, with such a fun bunch of people and of course Laya who I adore.  I was able to hear Chip Takacs, Aleycat, and Hanky Warwillow

Chip Takacs at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016

Aleycat at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2017
Hanky Warwillow at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016
Bab being bad at Cafe Musique St. Patrick's 2016

Even I was in green at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016

Laya the wonderful owner of Cafe Musique St Patricks 2016

A sea of green at Cafe Musique St. Patrick's 2016

More green sea at Cafe Musique St Patrick's 2016
From Cafe Musique I went on to see another favorite and one of my oldest friends in sl, Russell Eponym at Ce Soir for their St. Patrick's.  Normally a more formal venue but I checked with Mire and she said come as you I did,  A wonderful time.  Those of you that follow this blog know that Mire and Aeon, the owners of CeSoir are some of my dearest friends.  They never disappoint with their shows, have hearts of gold, and I love them so very much.  Russell is one of the olderst performers in sl (that is sl age) and an amazing performer.  Back when Guthries was still open, where I met Russell the first time, I used to go and just listen with my morning coffee.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Russell Eponym at Cafe Musique St Pats 2016
Mirelle, Aeon, and friend at Ce Soir St. Pats 2016

Legolas at Ce Soir St. Pats 2016

Jasmyn at Ce Soir St Pat's 2016
I took a break and then a bit later received in im from Rob  and headed off to the new Kickoff Club.  Rob has done a few venues in the past....but this one  I love it.....a football fiels with all NFL teams represented and pics from Superbowls.  I was so happy to see my beloved Packers up there.

Maggie my game buddy at Kickoff St Pats 2016

Rob at Kickoff St. Pat's 2016

Though I got see Chief Blaisdale and Sing, I was unable to get a pic of them.  Giggles too busy checking out the football pics and wishing I was wearing my Packers Jersey.Sing completely blew me away and I regretted being called when I was as I was unable to stay for his whole show.


And that is putting it mildly.  Normally I watch all the drama from the sidelines, but today I saw something that took a different turn.  I saw a post on FB that though it did not name names, blasted a venue owner for ejecting people that she had felt were disrespecting  her venue by wearing other venue tags.  and to also learned that the same venue was written about in a publication.  Though neither gave the name it did not take a rocket scientist to find just had to ask and I received three private messages telling me.  I said to one that I have never heard of the venue and was it new?  The answer I received was yes but not that new.  So rather than just go along with it all I tp'd to the venue and spoke with the person in question. She was 11 months old.  Now whether this is a new avi or not I don't know since it seems that half of sl does come back as new avis.  I am sure by this point she had calmed down and was no longer on the defensive or she would have cussed me out.  But instead we talked.    We talked about how much the live music works together, supports each other, promotes each other, and comes together with such huge hearts when it comes to helping people and making a difference in the world.  that it is a community that I, for one am, so proud to be a part of.  When I told her what was going on FB, I think she was a bit shocked and hurt.  See what many of us don't stop to think about, is that unless you have a FB account and are friends with people you really don't know you are being discussed or bashed or praised.  It  is the same time with publications, for instance the publication referred to I do not follow.  I have seen too much up and down said about it so I chose not to follow it.  I only follow two and neither is centered on the live music community but rather on all of sl. We wished each other a good day.

In an extremely short time I heard from her again.  another manager had also talked to her and at the same time,  Rather then to allow herself to be upset and go off the deep end, she chose to take ownership of it and apologize.  Later in the evening she talked with me again showing me what she had sent to everyone that had been ejected.  She has given me permission to post in here so here it is:

 hey, just read all you sayd and you are totaly right in  all your saying. i sent this message to 7 people and have so far gotten 4 positive responses
 Hey, im really really sorry for making a big deal out of the tags you used at monday, and i have now changed that rule. hopes you can accept my apology, cause i really dident know how stupid i really was. Burning Hugs.
 feel free to sitate it if you want
 still Braveheart: smiles I am so glad it is working out for you and with your permission I will paste and copy it =                                                                                                       

Many of you are aware, that I tend go with more of a personal touch, so I feel that talking to someone personally is much better than notecards (unless I have to reach many at one time like when you receive notices of this blog)....giggles,

Now here is the most interesting part of the day.  After I spoke with her and she told me she had apologized and changed her rules I went back to FB. and responded in the chat.

 Ok you all me know me well enough that something seems wrong I will stand up for the live music community, venues, etc....I I was able to visit this venue today. Some really interesting things came out....First and foremost she is new to sl only 11 months old....and this is her first attempt at venue. So I ask you how many of can can remember when you were just starting and the mistakes you made. Instead of raking her over the coals about it we talked. We talked about how we are one very large live music community and how we support and promote each other. To be a part of this community as a whole is something to be very proud of (I know I am) Of the huge hearts that are in this community. Here is what came out of that conversation....she apologized ( I think) to the people that were ejected and also changed her rules for her venue. She also wants to work with on on the Stand Up 2 Cancer Fundraiser in the fall. Over all I made a new friend, with what as I see it is a very sweet caring person. Maybe instead of doing our own form of blacklisting and I guess in a round about way a kind of bullying.....we should reach out a hand especially to someone that is so new and just getting her foot wet. Maybe all she needs is some guidance. I also have to admit, that when I landed there wearing of others tags was in the rules and popped up to me as soon as I landed. I myself do not wear venue tag to other venues out of respect to that venue, but never would have thought ejecting someone for it, but it also was not in my was in hers did everyone pay the venue rules any attention when they landed or just disregard them.

Well one would think I cussed people out (which if you know me at all cussing is something I just don't do)  I have to be sooooo very angry that I can't do anything else and even then I apologize for my language before I say it)   I was told no one was blacklisting anyone and that the flavor was to support and promote each other.  I immediately went back and posted the following.

 please do not take it asthat I said anyone was blacklisting or bullying etc.....but more trying to make a point.....we all sti here and talk about her but no one takes times to guide

There was something about that though that truly bothered me. so I went back and read ever post, saved the entire thing so that if anyone ever decided to delete it and accuse me again, well you know.  In going back these were things I saw.....statements like " The sad thing is, I know with certainty, I will never support that venue, in any way. I know of many many others who feel the same. In actuality, her actions have done nothing but backfire on her" or "Well I guess the sad part is I will not be there to support the musicians playing there, through no fault of their own and that just hurts me. The people I support, who I look up to, who I wish to continue following, will be the ones who suffer. Luckily, there are many venues, that are well run, who are friendly, and right there is where you will find me...along with my banned friends grins" Hmmmm now that does not sound supportive or teaching at all.  It sounds plain old mean.  

Last year I had quite a discussion with a venue owner and I actually lost a lot of respect for them.  The shame was one f the venue owners I had known for years, admired and respected her.  I never mentioned not going there because of that to anyone.  Actually for a performer I liked I would still go there, maybe not tip as generously as I used to.....but I would still go and be polite and tip the performer.  Then again I did not wipe them through the mud with FB posts, nor ever told anyone  well the exception of two very close friends, who that venue was.  I have noticed that I was unfriended, but that was probably because they saw themselves in the blog.

Now I will say that when I landed I received a pop up with venue rules and some have pointed out to me that they were not there then..  That could very well be true.  and as far as the profanity sheesh that is daily in every drama in sl.  I have had guests cuss me out when they don't like something I tell them, I have heard every story imaginable in sl about drama.  Even though it would take a lot to offend me that badly and if I hear it I automatically block, until a later point when they can talk rationally.  SL is built on emotions and when emotions run rampant, especially with someone that is newer and not as equipped to deal with it as seasoned veterans....I can only imagine what comes out of their mouth especially on the defense or protecting their own.  

In my opinion, the most important thing is that this venue is willing to listen and accept guidance,  That the live music community grew again.  I am so very lucky that my friends in the live music community are so diverse, some I have to use a translator to talk to.....but each and everyone of us is there because our hearts are there and no one should be badmouthed for that.  Sometimes all that is needed is some patience, empathy and guidance.

Before I hit publish, I have to add that this the first time I have been truly disappointed in the live music community.  I look on FB and see people still talking about this woman...sharing the post and overall spreading negativity,  .I guess I gave people more credit than I should.....I always thought the music community was above those things.  I know this does not represent the entire community but it is making me rethink continuing on within this community.  It makes me sad to see many people still not letting it die.  Thank goodness no one has ever held my mistakes (and there have been many) against me that badly.  Life is too short to spend all that time in negative situations and never doing anything to make them better just spreading negativity.  I have always bragged about what huge hearts the SL live music community has.  Yesterday and today I saw a different side.  So yes this is something I need to seriously think about.  Posts like this make my own credibility questionable as due to bringing in Stand Up 2 Cancer, we are are seen by the entertainment foundation.  I have always prided myself on being a woman of my word, honest with integrity.  This kind of stuff shoots what I have said about the live music industry in the foot.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Wow I have so missed the music in SL  I started out the other day, and ummmm went through the lindens I had very quickly, so I stopped. That was on the 7th.  I was able to see  Trinity Ermintrood at
the Cafe Musique.  It was the first time I had spent an hour listening to her, and I was not disappointed.  Besides I love Laya and Brindi to death.
Trinity Ermintrood at Cafe Musique 03/07/16
 I stayed to hear a performer I had never heard before. hanky Warwillow.  I was so not disappointed.

hanky Warwillow at Cafe Musique 03/07/16
After I left Cafe Musique,I went to a venue I had not been before, The Lexi Zone and listened to a performer I had not heard before, Though I have seen his name before; Eddie Santillo another not disappoint performer.
Eddie Santillo at The Lexi Club 03/07/16

 I hate going to a venue and not being able to tip a performer at least 500L and a venue 2-500L  depending on greeting and thank welcome the venue makes you feel.  But you guys know me well enough to know that I have always said the personal touch brings in higher tips, just as sincerity from the performer about the venue also helps the venue.  Last night though, I was talking to Parker Static and explaining that after I spent the lindens I had I stopped venue hopping for a few days.  Gotta love Parker, she made it clear to me that it would be better if I was there and not to ever worry about tipping.  This was reiterated today by both venue owners and performers when I apologized for such a small tip.

I started out by changing into gown and heading over to BBW Ballroom to see another favorite of mine, Phil Setner.  You can never go wrong by seeing Phil.  That man has such a wonderful voice.  I am always jealous of the woman that is with Phil, for she gets to hear him sing all the time.
Phil Setner @ BBW Heaven Ballroom & Concert Venue 031116

I have a confession to make I am sitting here listening to Lyn Carlberg at Vincent's and I am completely stuffed.  I order from Blue Apron a lot.....their food is good and extremely healthy, plus I am earning new ways to cook so it is also fun.  Normally it's made for two people or in my case two days....I cook and then have enough left for dinner the next day.  Well earlier today I made this steak recipe in a french fashion along with fingerling potatoes and literally melted in my mouth.  Hanging head, I ate tomorrow's too.

Listening to Lyn is great, he is truly amazing. He put on a great show.  He hit home with a couple of songs.  Lyn does put on a fun show and he is so talented....If you haven''t seen him, you should make it a point to watch events for him.
Lyn Carlberg at Vincent's 031116
Lyn did something during his show that made me turn red in rl, he spotted me in the crowd and commented about the work to fight cancer with Stand Up 2 Cancer an when he did that, and I commented that if would be in the fall Psy she is in this year with her and Impress's venue  Vincent's.  Due to another performer I had never met before telling me he wanted to help, I realized the list was open for 2016.  Though my mind had been running in a million different directions with ideas for this year, I realized that in many ways it has started.  Which in many ways, now thinking about it could be a very good thing.  It may not seem quite as busy for me and not take such a toll on me.

After listening to Lyn I went on to another favorite venue, Love Kats.   I not only got to see my wonderful friend Kat, but was able to enjoy the angelic voice of TOXIE. That woman has a beautiful voice. She is also so such a very sweet was so good to get out and see her again.  Kat herself is also a wonderful friend and for a short time a neighbor, since then I have moved.  I have found that I love to sail so even though I have the sim, I also an island on Blake passage so I get out and sail and boat whenever I like.  (one day I want to take up flying and get a seaplane....but for now still working on those sailing skills.  I digress....Both Toxie and Kat are on the list for Stand Up to Cancer as well. 
TOXIE at Love Kats 3/11/16

When I left Love Kats, I went on to another favorite venue...Cafe Musique.  Layla and Brinda are truly two of the very best people and always make every event filled with fun.  I stayed for a while and got to hear the amazing Pmann Sands, another great show.  Pmann is a lot of fun.
Pmann Sands at Cafe Musique 03/11/16
Then on to Ecnad Nation I was able to see someone I had not sen in a long time, Naga Flow. Another performer that I adore listening to.  Unfortunately I was unable to stay long.

Naga Flow at Ecnad Nation 03/11/16
On Sunday, Quinn from The Lighthouse Venue invited me over to hear one of my buddies Kevin Thomas CarpooI, and he was sooo ready for St Patrick's Day.

 I would like to thank everyone as I am getting back out again.  You have all made me me feel so very welcome and missed.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Finally starting to feel like myself again.  Radiation is done, I have been home about 6 weeks, and the side effects are have really eased up.  I can stay awake again...eating again, and even my taste buds are working again.  Though I did learn something...Taste buds came back in phases, once my throat stopped feeling like there were razor blades in it and I could swallow again....sweet is the first taste that came back and everything else tastes like cardboard,  milk chocolate is simply the best.  Though I have to admit pretty much confined to a hotel room because it was freezing and I was also sleeping a lot, did give me a chance to eat some of my favorites before I lost my taste buds and all the other goodies that went with it.  Those familiar with Chicago, are or should be familiar with Carson's ribs....I truly treated myself.  We can't forget RJ Grunts.  Many of you may be familiar with the Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, now there are a lot of them and all over the country.  But the very first was RJ Grunts in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, and someplace in much younger days, I used to frequent a lot.  Lo and behold it is still there...I took advantage of the best chili I have had (outside of a very hot white chili) and also the absolute best french onion soup.  Then my throat and jaw went to the side effects side of things and that knocked out taking advantage of more food....which ummmm could be considered a good thing.
...I know they are back  with chocolate, my daughter sent me some along with a few other special gifts including a very special chain with the infinity sign on it (for my daughter, this is very symbolic) because she could not be here thru this with me. they get to you every now and then no matter how old they get.  I wanted to take a moment to thank some very special people during this time, Bughouse Loco, Shimmering Silverlight, Stone Klaxon when I logged in Mirelle & Slider, no matter how I was feeling, the daily emails, texts and words of encouragement and love when I logged in truly helped make a difficult time much easier.

Though I have not gotten out as much I used to with everything going on in rl, I am getting back to it now.