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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Well the decison has been made.  After I listened to Joe Parvance at Guthries today, it is a definite.  BS's goes under construction today to reopen!!!!!! 

So it has started.....the venue is almost back to being completely together, the amusement Park is going back up.  and I am taking a break after destroying my sim at accident.  I am such a clutz.  I think I parcel part of it to flatten and end up flattening the whole thing.....giggles my house which used on top of a small mountain is in mid air.  Well not anymore.  I have been working on it most of this week and decided it was time to do some venue hopping and give myself a break....pulls up events....not that much going on at 9 AM.  Off to Kickin I go to see Ghostie Wildmist. 

Hmmmm back to the amusement Park to work some more.....then naptime and what a nap, 6 hours,,,,,even I did not know I was that tired,  Came back into world and headed over Rhi's after dark.  Got there just a few minutes before ReggieSunset Rookswood finished....such a wonderfully smooth voice!!!!!  I stayed to hear Puddy Quan. Now this is truly a versatile performer covering many different genres.

Rhi's Poem/After Dark

On to another favorite...Sherie's Gaslight to see an old friend Tristyn Homewood.  I got there early and got to hear Paul Knowles.  I have been listening to Paul since I first opened the venue and something I noticed is just how versatile this perform has become over the overs...he has become an a fantastic performer and not one to be missed.

While at Sherie's, I was chatting with a friend and we talking about how much SL is changing. That traditionally acoustic venues were now having track performers there.  This is SUCH A GOOD CHANGE!!!!  Many of you know me well enough to know that I have always been the person that said a track performer does play an instrument --it is their voice.  I have also seen some amazing musicians that though I could listen to their music for hours....they do not always have the ability to sing as well.  I have always believed that true collaboration is when a track performer and a musician can dual stream.

Tristyn, as always, but on an amazing show.  I was thinking I was going to log off after Tristyn but then my favorite Electric Brit took the stage--Grif Bamaisin.  Grif puts on an amazing show and always a ton of fun!!!!  What an AWESOME light show!!!!  So much for a 6 hour pillow is calling.

Sweet dreams everyone!