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Monday, July 25, 2011


I have seen so many thank yous to the committee members and teams of Relay for Life,  many of you are part of those teams...but I have one very special thank you to give.

This year's Relay for Life was the best ever in the total of USD raised.  The spirit of Relay is more overwhelming than words can describe.  Every week throughout Relay I have seen events put on by the various teams and committee members.  Behind all of it I saw a group of people that truly helped make the relay become the best ever.  I attended more live music events sponsored by venues and teams.....but there was a quiet giant in there....the music community.  As performers, you donated your time, your tips.  To many of you performing in sl is a way to help keep a roof over your head, to see you give up the opportunity to make money with your performances,  to bring your groups, no matter how large or challenge those audiences to match to donate...

I could not keep track of the number of performers that I saw everyday when I looked at events in the event board.  Each of you that donated so much, that have said to me, if there is anything I can do to help, that offered to do performances....though my response was the same....that I am not a part of that committee....I still know how very giving your hearts were.  Each time I heard a performer talk about challenging the audience and that they would match was awe inspiring.  Laughing, of course you caused me to dig deep within that linden wallet.... I am not only proud to be a part of this community, but even prouder that so many of you are friends.

On that note I say a very special thank you to the music community, to the venue owners, the fans, and the performers....for you truly helped play a huge part in the success of SL's Relay for Life 2011.

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