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Friday, November 9, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Just when you were starting to think I was gone.....SHE IS BACK!!!!.  I have to admit that I have missed all of you.

So much has happened in the last couple of months....I am officially back in Illinois, living in a college town so I can help my son....could only take mom's house for so long.  I love them dearly, but there is that thing about being too close.  The best news is that I have a new computer, thanks to a very close friend who gave me guidance in finding something that would fit what I need it is perfect...and the best part is lag!!!!

I wanted to take a minute and send a very special thank you to the performers, venue owners, managers and friends that have sent me emails and im's concerned about how I was doing......You will always have a very special place with me.

I have not done much in the way of my own venue.  Max still has his Saturday evening slot....Smiles this man has become such a wonderful friend, with the exception of glitches that have popped up for one or the other of us, he has been at BS's every week since I opened the doors over three years ago.  Wow, how time flies....I do not pay close attention to my own rezz day and just realized that I will be 4 years old soon.  In sl terms, I am almost a senior citizen.....laughs.... not a term I like to describe myself as in either world.

I am back, but taking it slowly and not overdoing it.  The past couple of months took its toll, .so as I get more bounce in my step and perkiness returns, so will a larger line up.

The venue was able to host a fundraiser for RFL of SL that one of our own performers and management team put together.  It was an awesome fundraiser!!!!

We were also able to host an awards event for Build Off World.  Costume contests were held at each of the events and it was great time for everyone!!!!

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