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Friday, October 7, 2016


There truly are no words,  I am currently awaiting Linden Labs to approve the transfer of so many linden at a time, and putting together the HUGE list of contributors so that I may say thank you personally.  I am still on September 4.  Got the first transaction taken care of at least through Linden, just waiting for them to process it.  All transactions can be found at 2016 SL CONCERTS BENEFIT SU2C TRANSACTIONS 

total lindens1841948
estimated valueUS$ 6,796.86
estimated proceedsUS$ 6,550.35

You should know that I have been so quiet because to be very honest I have been overwhelmed.  So many times I have said thank you to this community, and always it does not seem like enough.  I wrack my brain trying to tell you just how much this community means, gives, without sounding like a broken record.  There are things that have remained over the years every time I have said it, so if I sound like a broken record so be it.


The best way I can think of thanking the performers and the venues that helped make this a reality this year is to visit them. 

Visit these venues, they provide amazing venues for the amazing SL performers to appear.  Without venues they don't have a place.  They do this simply out of love for the Second Life Live Music Community. Remember they deserve your thanks.  They not only provide wonderful performers, but they also give of their venue their line ups and their time to make a difference in the world with Stand Up To Cancer.

Cafe Musique -- Laya, owner---This woman and her staff put together two amazing days 24 hours each day of music just for Stand Up To Cancer, One at the beginning of the month and the huge push that went the last day.

The Lemonrock Cafe--River Lemon, owner.  Another huge wow. Two days in a row of huge line ups.

I am going to attempt to bring both Lemon and River into more of the organizational roles next year.

The G-Spot -- Sin, Owner.  This woman, herself has had a very rough year yet still found it within her heart to put together an amazing line up.  One can not help but love Sin.

Lovekats -- Kat, owner--I attended part of her event, this woman challenged over and over during an amazing event.  Though she stays so very busy, I adore Kat, getting to meet her in twin cities at the jam holds a special place in my heart, though for a moment there I though she was going to break my neck she hugged me soo hard.

MacLintons Pub-- Hank, owner.  This man brought his venue in at the last moment, put together an amazing line up.  Besides he is partnered with one of the most established clothing designers in sl and she does an amazing work, Tres Beau Designs.  Watch MClinton's for The QuadRadiX to appear, he won them in the auction

Twilight Under the Moon -- Mike, owner --another venue that joined at the last minute, and put together an amazing line up at the last minute.  He is also continuing it after the the 30th of September.

Free Spirit Farms -- Samm, owner.  This was Samm's first year doing something like this and I helped him put together a great line up.  It is due to his suggestion that a future blog will be written addressing good ideas to putting together an amazing line up.

1st Chapter Plaza -- Matt, owner.  This is a great venue and Matt's Manager, Arimas, is just amazing running two separate days of live music.

Breakers --  Smilemaker, owner.  Her name truly fits her.  She does what she does best and thinks outside the box of other venues, fitting in a great line up.

Ann Seetan's 'Place of Grace Ballroom -- Ann, owner.  Ann actually has three different venues that I know of, there may be one or two more.  Ann utilized every one of those three venues, going to each of her regular performers and they all were quick to perform for stand Up To Cancer.

Moonshine & Roses -- Slider, owner, After harassing Slider for weeks his manager the amazing Whispers stepped in and put together a absolutely wonderful event.

Ce Soir --  Mirelle and Aeon, owners.  I can never say enough good about these two.  Not only did they hold the opening of Stand Up To Cancer, but they added two more days of wonderful performers, including their jazz and blues day.  Mire an Aeon went above and beyond an made it to my venue to help as much as possible.  They were huge helps, allowing me time to take breaks and deal with the thousand im's I was constantly receiving.

Coffee's Live Music Venue -- Coffee, owner.  This was Coffee's first year with Stand Up To Cancer and Machka did a great job in putting together an event.

Stargazer Cafe -- Tay, owner.  Tay and Trick wanted to be able to hold a Stand Up To Cancer event so much that they chose a different day when they usually are closed to put together a line up.  Their drive and dedications speaks so very highly of them.

Trickster's Sounds -- Lokki, owner.  There is no one that is so willing to do anything related to cancer research than Lokki.  It is also the time of year that he takes a holiday each year so Kaylantra puts together the best line up.  It is also one of the few venues I did not get to and wanted to so badly for they had the one performer that I love dearly both as a performer and a person, Strummer.

MPW Church and Music Venue-- Shawna and Big Tex, owners.  If there was ever a woman that gave from her heart so very much it is Shawna.  You can't help but adore her.

Windlight/Kultivate Magazine -- John, owner.  John thinks outside the box and puts together some different types of events.  I did not get a chance to get to them, once because I had my own venue going and the second time I was at the jam.

Bonaventure Square - The Galleria of Fashion--Meredith, owner.  This is just one of those venues that feel so comfortable at and have such fun.

Party Beach Scheveningen -- Guus, owner.  Guus puts together a fun event each year, usually always one the first of the campaign.  This year he started the event days before the campaign kicked off.  Such dedication to fighting cancer.

Acoustic Cave -- Max, owner.  Max is an amazing venue owner one of the oldest venues n sl and always ready to do an event for Stand Up To Cancer.

Ashley's Oasis -- Ashley, owner.  This woman has truly won my heart, she works with us every year on Stand Up To cancer, always with one day completely filled with events.   this year Ashley totally surprised me and asked me later in the month if she could do it again.  Chuckles, you know I would never turn her down.

Smokin Aces -- Shannon and Rocky, owners.  This is a couple that has never failed to amaze me.  Each year they put together a full line up, the fully deck their venue out to reflect the theme, an more so, even their hosts use all the tools I have given out.  When Shannon puts together an event, it is always done so well.

Lil Red's -- Valerie, owner.  This was not only Valerie's first year with doing an event for Stand Up To Cancer,It was also Valerie's first event in her brand new venue.  Toward the end she asked if she could it again.  Watch for this venue in events, I have a faith in Valerie that she will have a wonderful venue with a great line ups.

SolarWinds Music Live Club - LaLuce, owner.  La Luce and I have been friends for many years.  This was her first year in doing an event with us.  I have to hand it to LaLuce, within a matter of days of telling me that she wanted to do an event, she had a full line up set up.  

The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater -- Origen, owner.  This venue and Origen himself are just simply amazing.  It's one of my favorite places to visit on the weekends.

Bound Elegance -- Ailsyn, owner.  Venue owners never cease to amaze me with their dedication  I truly did not think Aislyn was going to do anything this year.  At the end of the campaign she asked if she could keep going with it.  

There are also a couple of places I don't want to miss.

Many of you read Living In a Modem World written by my wonderful friend Inara Pey.  She has always been our biggest supporter following our events and keeping people informed.  What many may not realize is that she also owns Holly Kai Art Garden and  Caitinara Bar

Carrie's Creations.   Carrie made a gown that was sold specially for this event.

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