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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I can only apologize for being so lax and try to offer some sort of explanation.  I took the break after Relay For Life to do a round of doctor appointments and tests.  Some of the results have thrown me for a loop and I really wasn't able to focus too clearly on many things.  By the time things started to settle down it was mid August and every time I logged  into SL people have brought things to my attention that screamed "write about this"  and I found every excuse whether it was health or rl related to put it off.  So needless to say this will be a long one or broken into a couple of blogs.

First an update.  When I returned, I was contacted by some close friends as they had me tp to Live Gig Alley, lo and behold I was one of fortunate venue owners that had been banned.  Though to what purpose I am not sure....too many people keep updates as to what and who is there for me to have to go there.  It is also one of the first questions I ask of any performer that is interested in performing at BS's.  I do have to admit though that one of my performers was questioned while waiting to play, and then I was asked if I was the owner of that sim,  At which point I was told off...." I never met you that I know of  but I want you to know.... that my life and the lives of several friends have been totally trashed by your blog =  I've never experienced such enmity and homophobia rl"  Now I must admit that this comment truly made my jaw drop to the floor.  Last I checked this blog never discussed anyone's sexuality.  I did try to ask this person, but she refused to answer me.    I finally did ask  the performer that was waiting and he went on to tell me that he was in im's with her.  Another venue owner that was also there, did explain it to me, this was a way to attack because I stated my beliefs about Live Gig Alley.  Unfortunately, it was done in a way that said she never really read the blog and knew nothing of what I was talking my warning to all that refuse to book performers that use Live Gig Alley, pay attention. From my understanding this is an alt of someone else and she will talk trash to your guests while they are trying to watch a performance.  She is banned from my venue as I do not believe that anyone attends a performance to listen to people get trashed, and I won't allow my guests to be subject to that.

On to other things.  Lately it seems that fundraising in sl has raised some eyebrows.  I do know that in the past there was one performer inparticular that seemed to raise funds continually for his family members and and friends, I have also raised eyebrows at a couple of others.  I can only say that the music community as a whole has the biggest of hearts I have ever seen, giving of their time, their money, etc.  As someone that has done quite a lot of fundraising and organizing of campaigns in real life, I am a stickler on transparency and accountability.  If you want to give to someone by opening those hearts, time and money, please look for those things.  If you are not sure what to look for or ask about, please just im me in world, leave me a comment, or send me an email.  One of the largest pet peeves I have is someone taking advantage of the goodness and kindness of others to line their own pockets.  With that said, there is an upcoming fundraiser that I sanction 100% and I will tell you about it later. 

I was also told hat a notecard had gone out to managers and performers on how to increase tips to the venues.  Chuckling because the performers name that was on the notecard...well, he has performed for me in the pat and I have attended many other performances of his at other venues....his largest promotions were for himself, his dancers, and which ever family or friends he was "raising" funds for. and the venue never did well at all from what little he promoted the venue, Outside of laughing at the humor in the situation, I did see the nc that was sent out.  My own addum would be to managers, please when at my venue do not follow that nc.  My guests come to see a show not get requests and gestures for tips slammed down their throats that only serve to spam local chat and makes many tune it out.  As far as performers, I do agree that performers need to promote the venues, but one can tell whether it is sincere or a second thought.  Those performers that truly believe in the venues, it comes across in the sincerity in their voices.  Otherwise, I don't ask my guests for tips, so when they do it is because they are truly enjoying themselves and appreciate the venue and performance.  I am also extremely appreciative of each and every tip the venue receives. 

Wow, I feel as if I am going down a laundry list of issues,  one would have thought I was gone for a lot longer that a month.  Then again it is sl....time moves differently on we go.

It was brought to my attention that there are performers that are changing the way they are doing things.  If a venue owner can not afford the performer themself, they have offered a video of themselves at lower rates.  I am truly hoping the venue owner that brought this to my attention double checks and that the performer did not present it correctly.  One thing venues have prided themselves on is live performers.  If we wanted video performances we could download things from the web at no cost.  The performer that offered this, if it is correct, would have no audience interaction, most of which makes attending live performances fun.  I believe this to be true even with the shortcuts of providing a video to make a tour larger.  I myself, would not pay to have a video of a performer that is performing elsewhere at the same time.   I have to add on this though, that in my own experience in sl, the economy has hit so many so hard, and performers recognize this as I have had many performers come to me and tell me their rates are lowered to make things easier for the venues.  Another instance of the wonderful hearts in our music community.  Those performers are simply the best and and you know they do what they do simply for the love of music and their love of performing.

Phew, miss a month in sl and it is like missing a year.

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  1. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you. Those of you that brought issues to me and asked my opinions, I am truly honored and humbled that you think enough of me to come to me and want to know to know my opinions.