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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have seen quite a few different machinima and I always think it is nice, but today I was given a link of one that truly blew me away. It was sooo very well done. Whats more is that it was done for one of Second Life's oldest and most unique venues. For those that are not familiar with the Titanic, In rl, the Titanic has its 100 year anniversary this year on April 15th. To commemorate this occasion, Mara Menges, owner of the live music venue and ship The Titanic has worked with RG Giano has brought the movie The Titanic to life with Celine Dion's beautiful voice. The most I ca possibly say is that everyone should take a few minutes out of their busy day and watch this. It shows how much can be accomplished within Second Life, along with such a beautiful build and venue, a awesome lineup 7 days a week of wonderful talent (I am in the subscribo, so I can truly attest to that) hosting other Avi Choice Award winners....Savannah Coronet and Antonio Galloway. The list of awesome performers could go on. The most I can say, I recommend that everyone take that time and go to this link, it will leave you both in awe of what the machinima itself, as well as of Second Life and the wonderful things that can be accomplished. I am soooo very impressed, I believe you will be too!

Yesterday, I had a chance to do something I have not had in a while.....I got out to a couple different venues. Smokin Aces.....My friend Rocky's venue.....because...and ladies hold on....the voice that we all loved so dearly has returned to Second Life---JOHNNY PARAMOUR is back...sounding better that ever. My other very close friend Raredread at the Drunkin Drow. I was able to catch the end of Bailey Bernard, then on to BlairBond and unfortunately was called away at the beginning of Keeba Tammas....a great line up...and I am always partial to the Drow.

When I had some time this afternoon I decided to go venue hopping, going a different route and hitting the live music ballrooms (always looking for an excuse to dress up). My first stop was Dreams for Dreamers where I stopped to hear the lovely Ms. Clarice Karu. Though it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to hear her.....this woman has such a strong voice....soo was truly a treat to listen to her.

Now did you truly think I could end this without giving a link so that YOU can make a difference in the battle against cancer. Whether it be $5.00 or $500.00 every single penny counts. Most of us, no matter how hard times are can spare that dollar. Sooo please take some time and donate today, after all it is TIME FOR A CURE!!!!


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