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Thursday, April 5, 2012


So much of the music community is wrapped into Relay For Life that I am not feeling guilty talking about the team events. So an update.

The entire world knows that I am not a builder....giggles I can screw up a pine box. But on short notice, I attempted a float...laughing about 5 of them. The 4th one caused the most giggles....well giggles no....the deep sides hurting tears rolling down your cheeks kind of laughter. I was soooooo proud of this float until it started circling around me on its own. So many wanted to see the float that had us laughing so hard that I could not is now on display at BS's. Here is the slurl if you need a good laugh for the day.

I had scripters in, builders in, unfortunately the float never did work completely right....they tended to really float....up up and away. Entered into the parade though, and that was when the fun began. The sims that are brought up for these events are not the most stable to begin with. So add in a bunch of floats, a sim full of avi's, builds, and scripted items in the builds....well needless to say, the combination is not pretty. But like all good relayers, we were understanding and patient, while the music community's own APinkSwan and Joonie came to the rescue. Along with Webby Merlin they were able to coordinate the floats into parked positions minus the parade. I have to say, the creativity that went into some of these floats was Awesome!!!! I truly felt like an amateur next to them. I also had the opportunity to speak with the builder, this builder was amazing and put together a wonderful build for Mardi Gras. I did misunderstand the float contest in that I had been under the impression that it was for best float.....laughs knowing we had no chance of winning that one. I did not realize that it was based on fundraising and the team that raised the most lindens. Makes mental note of that for future reference....ask for clear directions. Originally, since we are not a team that is crazy about popularity contests, I would not have entered the float into the contest. Since then I have talked to others, one person in particular that told me how they had done parades in the past...though an interesting concept......clear the sim that the parade would be on, have your gathering places away from there. No matter what there will be lag, but hopefully low enough that the parade can go forward. After all the fun is in building and driving the float....giggles see who really has driving ability and who should be wearing a crash helmet...laughing. in my case, you needed a parachute.

Madeline's also had their RFL of SL event on the 31st, and that turned out well. Unfortunately, I could not stay as long as I had hoped for having to make a trip to the emergency room....and before you get all worried it was because of a horrible reaction to a bug bite....a strong antibiotic in the er and a few days of benadryl...lots of sleep (benadryl has that effect on me) I am fine.

The team's blog page is up and coming together. There you will be able to see pictures of different events, the performers on the team and the venues, as well as an entire team roster. Please keep in mind that it is just starting and still under construction so things are being added continually. Writing articles are myself and a few others on the team.

Due to a holiday weekend, there are no major events planned for this weekend. Look out next weekend we are back and strong. Two days of Country Music Fest, one at Pure Life Lodge, the next day at BS's. Straight Tequila Nights has an awesome line up also on the 15th. Internationally, we also have The GREAT MARATHON TO BENEFIT RELAY FOR LIFE 2012 APRIL 15IN LA MORADA DE CAMPANILLA.

On April 12th at 3pm we have a special treat with the BEEGEES PROJECT. Watch the event boards, sl events, group notices, and FaceBook to find the next place SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE is holding an event to make a difference. You can also check the calendar in my profile for complete lineups and times.

OOHHHH and one event that is going on currently and is HUGE. The Performer Raffle!!!! When was the last time you could truly get an hour performance by some of SL's finest performers for the cost of a raffle ticket. Here is the list of performers that are involved and giving a performance: AcousticEnergy Nitely, Alex Mays, Bright Oh, Christopher Quan, David Csiszer, Edward Koyomoon, Harper Messmer, Jakobie Ohanlon, Loius Volare, Marky Helstien, Maxillion Kleene, Quantamis Navarathna, Rapture Demone, Stella Silvansky, Antonio Galloway, Sid Slade, MichaelJames Magic......and it seems we are still getting requests from performers to participate. For Information and Performers or to Enter the Raffle, stop in at one of the following live music venues: Under The Wllows, Ce Soir "Tonight", Paisley Park, Spiritfire, BS's "Bring a Friend & Stay Awhile", Key West, Gwampa's Dance Kamp, The PureLife Lodge, The New Colour Factory, The Republic at Lennox Hill, Straight Tequila Nights, Romantica Yacht Club, My Wish

As a team, I am continually amazed. I think about 3 years in the music industry in SL. One would think that after a while it would stop amazing me....but this community, the talent, the compassion....such huge hearts....I don't know if I will ever stop being amazed. I am forever in awe of this community.

Now did you truly think I could end this without giving a link so that YOU can make a difference in the battle against cancer. Whether it be $5.00 or $500.00 every single penny counts. Most of us, no matter how hard times are can spare that dollar. Sooo please take some time and donate today, after all it is TIME FOR A CURE!!!!


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