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Friday, September 14, 2012


Once quite some time ago, I remember reading in the SL Enquirer an article that Lanai had written about being in a position that she was unable to access anything through Second Life.  Lately that article has hit home as many of you already know, I have been going through some major computer issues.

Adding into that was a relocation.  Though I am kicking myself for not following my own thoughts and doing this relocation the way I wanted to originally....other factors had changed that.  My son running into his own issues and needing me back in Illinois faster than I had originally anticipated.  This brings me back to my childhood home and the huge reminder that my family has put the DYS in dysfunctional.  Altogether it equals chaos and stress,,,,,those who know me well with health issues, this is truly the last thing I needed.  In order to take care of this and get myself out of this situation and also my son, I need to step back from Second Life and focus.  I am keeping the venue in place as well as all the other things the sim holds from the amusement park, nature gardens, meditation and memorial areas, but for the time being there will be no live music events and I will not be in sl as much.  I will not have the time to keep up the music community and the blog so I will be taking a break from it.  I will continue to maintain the live music directory as it is up for renewal in October, and stop into sl periodically to see if anyone has submitted a new venue to it.

To all my readers, know that I will miss you and be back as fast as I can remedy this situation.

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