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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Enough is enough, I have seen so many arguing this point lately it is once again way out of hand and hard feelings are developing AGAIN!  This has been an ongoing argument since I started with the live music community.

To be honest I am tired of hearing it.  I wonder why we can not just accept the differences after all we are ultimately one community and a very diverse community at that.

But here are my opinions.  Acoustic performers ----not all of them--- but some that seem to complain the loudest are the ones whose attendance is down.  First of all attendance is down all over.  Second, because you can play a guitar or a piano, does not mean that you have a great singing voice.  Or that you are flexible with what the majority likes to hear.  For instance....I once had an acoustic performer say to me.....when he saw how well my country night was doing, that he could do country.  Now in my wildest imagination could I imagine him doing a Clint Black song (my favorite) or something by Rascal and Flatts, etc....I think you get the idea.  It was him desperate for what others had.

Track performers, some of you have the most versatile and wonderful voices.  I know you can't play an instrument in your hands.  But you use the instrument that was given to you....your voice.  I am sure that many acoustic performers secretly wish they had some of your voices.  Just as you may wish you knew how to play an instrument.

Musicians, some of you are absolutely amazing. the time and work you have put into learning the instrument shows in the quality of music you grace our stages with.

Regardless, stop and look at what as a community we have done.  So many things, I have seen you do.  You put aside track or acoustic and banded together to become a very powerful force. I sit here thinking of the many many things I have seen over the years; Haiti, performers going thru health issues, overnight vigils, Wounded Warrior, Feed A Child, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Rodanthe, Oklahoma, RFL.  You did this without thought of whether you were track or acoustic.  This is what makes you a community I love so very much.

Now I have heard rumor of a performer that actually wants to picket track, hmmmm to each his own.  This is a performer that I had been thinking of hiring.....but if she were to try that here, she would join the ranks of Mankind and be one of the only couple performers truly banned.

The audiences are going to follow who they want and not who anyone dictates to them.  So instead of turning on each other, embrace each other and the talents each bring to the table.  whether it be an instrument or a voice, they do it with their heart offering their gifts to the public.

Please keep in mind that these are my opinions and not necessarily of anyone else.  Some may agree and some may not.

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