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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


First I need to apologize, shortly after my last blog an infection set in that truly knowcked me out, took me into the emergency room and after a round of antiobiotics...then it was time for a short hospital visit ANOTHER biopsy....giggles do they ever stop.  come home after a couple of days and caught a cold.  Now I am finally back up and running.

Stand Up 2 Cancer update.....well now I understand why so many become upset when it came to taking money out of Second Life.  Between jumping through their hoops and updating all the information....finally it is all being transferred!!!

Since I am feeling so much better and the venue is closed today....I thought I would do some venue hopping.  I went to hear a performer I never heard at a venue I have never been to....Lyrica Garden....This has to be such a picturesque venue....and this performer.....WOW  ....

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