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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


How do you say thank you, I have been asking myself that for a few days now.  Those two little words do not seem enough.  From every performer that has been at BS's this past year, to the strong stand we made in Stand Up to 2 Cancer.  The birthday party, Halloween Party, the very many people that visited the venue and amusement park ....the friendships formed.  To the most overwhelming of all, the Holiday Gala and the out pouring of love and support I received when I explained about my health and having to close the venue.  There are not enough words.  Xander Nichting, Parker Static, Tyro Hollywood, Max Kleene, Dango, Quartz, Duplicat, Eliz Wantanabee, Rocky Hilburton, the many venue owners,  friends that I have known since I first started sl.  The tributes, you all had me blubbering like a baby..

Normally, I would send out gifts or like last year, the many most fascinating sims that you should visit.  This year no gifts, no places to visit.  The gift I have for you is my heart.  I very rarely share my personal on FB or SL, never wanting to complain or receive sympathy.  This year I did, and though it was hard for me to share, each of you wrapped me in support and love.  Thank you are two words.....such little words in comparison to what you have truly given me.  Know that my arms both in rl and sl are wrapped around each of you.  I love you for what you do and have accomplished and how much joy you have given me. 

May you have the most joyous Christmas surrounded by those you love, and the New Year bring you the very best.

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  1. We all hug you....Edith dives into the group bear hug.....