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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am such a procrastinator....I got my taxes done yesterday.  It only took me a week a little at a

I had not intended to venue hop today, I was up early after passing out very early yesterday.....but on a whim I looked on events I looked in events.  Lately I have found events in the mornings and early afternoon truly lacking.  I swear if BS's was open I would do some amazing line ups during that time period.  I know, realistically, that physically I can't do it.  If I had a general manager that I truly trusted, BS's could reopen.

On that whim today though I saw a performer that I adore....Mavenn.....she was up and performing early.  I had to go.  so off to another venue I have never been to...Cafe Musique.  A nice venue though I felt a bit under dressed in my jeans.....but I still had a great time.  A friend of mine was also in-world and I brought him over.  He did not normally go to live music events, and he was totally impressed.

Hint those of us that wonder what happened to the crowds, try getting out more, meeting people in other communities and introducing them to live music.  My experience is that so many do not even know that live music even exists.  Who knows you may find other things you like or better yet make new friends.  I know I took someone completely new to a Max Kleene show.  He has gone on to following Max and also following David Csiszer.  who knows how many other shows he has since been to.  Each of us can make a difference in the live music community by just reaching out, spreading our own horizons.

Back to Mavenn's show.  She is amazing.  I also had the pleasure of seeing another special friend BadOne.  LOL imagine my surprise to see him up so early in the morning.  it was 4AM sltime.  At least he had coffee there for me.

Mavenn at Cafe Musique
Cafe Musique

Taking a break for a while....the dog has to go out, need coffee....then back to a venue that is quickly becoming a favorite.  LA Club.  Nhoami has to have the most versatile venue I know of.  Every time I am there it is a different theme.  Today a rain forest.It was too cool.  I got to see a performer that does not sing much, but dj's a lot.  After hearing him, personally I think he should sing more.  For now though, if you want to hear Evan Truman you need to visit the LA Club
Evan Truman at LA Club
I stayed at LA Club because they had another performer I only hear once in a while and he is awesome.....UtahCowboy.  Don't let the name fool him, he is much more than country.
UtahCowboy at LA Club

LA Club

I think that is enough venue hopping today.  I will get notices out of the new blogs today and then I think it is nap time.

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