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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm on a roll!!!!
 April 8th
Today after my nap, I ventured back out again.  Back to some favorites.....Seeing performers, I could miss Russell Eponym at End of Time.  I had not been there in a while.  End of Time is an amazing venue.  A drop dead gorgeous build.  Russell is also one of the nicest performers and can make any day a good day!

Russell Eponym at End of Time

End of Time

I spent some time at a venue I had never been to before.  Lemonrock Cafe.  This is a fun venue and the owner does amazing things with her stage for each performer.  Congratulations River Lemondrop.....You truly make each permanence....a performance!!!!  I found Lemondrop in events when I saw my friend AMForte was playing there.  You have to adore AM, she is soooo real when she talks to you and makes every show fun.  Add that to an amazing voice and you are in for a great show.

AMForte at Lemondrop

 After AM I stayed for KokoIncognito, another amazing performer.  That was when I was able to see the amazing things River did at the beginning of each performance.  I could try to describe it but there is no way I could I do it justice.  My best advice is to watch for a show at Lemondrop and head over there, then stay for the next show, you will be impressed.

KokoIncognito at Lemondrop

 Lemondrop Cafe

There is not a full day of venue hopping and avoiding my special friend, Max Kleene.  Heading over to Solarwinds, I was disappointed to not see my friend LaLuce and hoping she is doing well.  As always a great crowd though.  Max's shows also give me a chance to catch up with friends I have not seen in a while. 

Max Kleene at Solarwinds


April 11th
....a new venue and a new performer. great voice!!! I was at Ashley's Oasis....there is a ton of stuff to do here.

Prettybelle72 at Ashley's Oasis


Laughing at myself...have you guys noticed that me....the technically challenged one is actually getting good at inserting pictures and links in here.  It only took me a few years.  Slow but trainable.

On to True Sayings Music Venue.  I am seeing tons of new venues.  I am hoping many of the befriend some of the older venues and learn some ins and outs about staying power.  Too many come and go along with the loss of some old favorites.  True Sayings had a performer I have never heard before playing.  A new performer, Ron Hamilton that is well on his way up....Versatile and a great voice!  If you get a chance check him out.

Ron Hamilton at True Sayings


One more day of seeing my buddy Max Kleene.  This time at another old friend's venue,  Two Moon Paradise, a truly beautiful venue.  Though I don't get out often, I love seeing old friends.  Venues that I have known for years.  I often wonder why other venue owners never really venture away from their venues much.  There are so many great performers and venues out there.

Max Kleene at Two Moon Paradise
 Two Moon Paradise

Until I get the energy to venue hop again......I am getting there, good days and bad days.

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