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Thursday, June 25, 2015


No I have not forgotten you.  Life has just kept me so very busy.  For those that have been so kind to im and see how I was doing, I finally threw in the towel.  I had appealed the med thing all the way up to the judicial level.  When a friend told me about getting his one med from Australia, maybe I should look into it.  Aha a whole new direction for me to learn about.  Many of us have heard how untrustworthy getting out of the country meds could be so I was extremely leery.    After having done of ton a research I learned quite a few things.  First that the pharmaceutical company in the US had actually purchased the med from an Italian pharmaceutical firm with the agreement that they would only sell it in the US and Canada.  Canada is lucky enough to national health care, so even the brand name is full price what my costs are in the US after insurance.  Canada also sells the generic which is identical.  We all have heard about Internet pharmaceuticals though, so I did more digging.  Turns out due to the over whelming amount of people in the US that are purchasing their meds.....trying to remember if It is the World Health Organization or another name....had put together a list of reliable pharmacies.  I received my first order a week or two ago.  I went from $900 a month to $300 for a month and a half.  I felt like I had gotten a raise.  About 100 pounds lifted off me.  I have to admit though at first I went through some horrible side effects,,,,I stopped taking them all together and back to the US brand.  And I researched sure I had gotten the wrong thing.  Turned out that a few not many people experienced the side effects I did, but as their body adapted the side effects eased up.  Since I have to take two pills of day of this particular med, I decided to ease it in....I am taking one US pill and one generic so my body gets used to it....I should be easing it up and allowing more of the generic in the next week or so.

At the same time through all of this, one of my very oldest best friends is in Michigan and fighting her health issues, there was a day or two we did not think she would make it, so off I went to MI to see her.  While all this was going on, It was the month that every one of my doctor appts fell (normally they are spread out a bit more.  My daughter gave birth to my second grandchild, the same daughter two weeks before received her Master in Education which I had gone out to Iowa for the graduation, and my other grandchild has her third birthday this weekend so back to Iowa I go.

Over all it has been a great month just really very busy, Though it got better when I moved to oncologist at Northwestern and he feels that he can put on a mild chemo and into remission so that I cam be put back on the transplant list.....Smiling another 100 pounds lifted off as it is the first time since diagnosed with lymphoma that a doctor actually gave me a direction to go into and pulled me out of the rock and hard place.

Throw putting a prom together there in there and I have been swamped.  The good new is that when I return from Iowa next week, I have one more doctor appt in July and then things should slow down until at least October.  Now you know what that is time to get to work on this years Stand Up 2 Cancer fundraiser.  Though I believe I need a breath in there first.

I promise prom pictures in the next blog....yes there are a couple of them coming out with this one as I have to bring you up on the venue hopping as well.

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