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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 I am sooo far behind, and I have gotten out just a bit. Not as much with as I would have liked.  It seemed that June was filled with Dr appts that all seem to be spread put during the year, they all caught up with each other in June.  Add into that a visit with one of my oldest best of friends whose health is failing, a trip to my daughter's house to meet my brand new daughter and attend her 3 year old sisters birthday party, plus the prom.....June was just swamped.  So here is a little of of what I did.

On June 19th I was able to sneak away long away enough to see Crash Landfall at Kickin.  Anytime I go to Kickin it is always fun.  It has to be one my truly favorite venues.  No matter who you are, you just feel so welcomed and among friends there.  So I hung around there for a couple of events and saw some performers that I have not seen in a while....after Crash I saw Freddy Mergatroid.

Freddy Mergatt0idd at Kickin 0061015

Crash Landfall at Kickin 061015
From Kickin I went on to FriendZ of Live Music a newer venue for me and had the opportunity to see Diane.  A real treat....

Diane at FriendZ of Live Music 0061015
I stayed at Friendz of Live Music to listen to Mar Biddle,  I was a bit leery staying for that as I had her once at BS's a long time ago and do major conflicts, never had her back again.  I had not heard her since then.  Unfortunately, I am far from perfect and still absolutely refuse to see performers no matter how good if I feel a certain way about them as a person.  I know it is a flaw, and I apologize for it.  I do the same with venues.  There are some you will never hear of me going to though I will not talk badly about them as I hate gossip, I still have strong feelings and just keep my distance.  I wish I could say I was a better person, but I can't though I am working it, which is why I thought I would go see Mar.  The sad part was that even though years have passed I still saw nothing had changed.

Mar Biddle at Friendz of Liv Music 061115
 I did make it to see Luke Auster twice both times at Roadhouse Dreams.  Luke puts on a great show, and does one of my absolute favorite songs by George Strait for me and does it so well.  Like country music....Check him out you won't regret it.

Luke Aister Roadhouse Dreams 062515

Luke Auster at Roadhouse Dreams 062315
I wanted to visit SL12 and notice Phil Setner was performing.  I adore listening to Phil and haven't heard him in a while, so off I went.  I was able to stay long enough to get his picture, but the lag was horrible. and I had to cut my visit short.

As things slowed down and I was back home again, I got some time to go venue hopping yesterday.
 Instead of looking for performers I hid not heard before, I decided to go visit old friends,  Tristyn Homewood was on the event calendar.    For those of you that have not heard him, Tristyn is an amazing performer.  He is very versatile.  Many will think just country, but I have heard him do so much.  I went off to see Tristyn at Billy Bob's.  Tristyn has a very special place with me, he was the one person that stepped right up and offered to help with making last years Stand Up 2 Cancer kiosks.  Chuckles just wait until he hears what I have in mind this year.

Tristyn Homewood at Billybobs 063015
From there I went on to see Hogan Bailey at Dockside Club Village.  It was great fun.  Hogan another wonderful country singer.I also consider Hogan a great friend.

If you know know my blog and venue hopping would not be complete without a visit to one of Max's shows.  This time I saw him at After Hours on Idle Rogue.  He put on a great show and at the same time I saw so many old friends, it felt like a was wonderful to see so many old friends.

Max Kleene After Dark on Idle Rogue,063015
That is the one thing about the SL Live Music Community.....The people, performers, venues and fans make this the most amazing community.  There is so much diversity with performers from around the world, people from all sorts of walks of life both in rl and in sl....but at a live music event there is always a conman bond......the love of live music.  It brings us all together whether it be regular events, special events or a fundraiser.  You can't help but love this community.

Today I went to The Lemonrock Cafe to hear a performer I had not heard before and he was running late......I got to hear Strum Diesel improvise holding down the fort.  I was completely blown away by Strum and have every intention of watching for him more often.  Redhawk did make it in and I was glad I got a chance to hear him, this is one trip that was so worth it.

Strum Diesel at Lemonrock 070115
After Redhawk, I was a bit was 6 pm, what should be prime time in sl for venues yet events were like a bare minimum,  and three of the places I went to were empty......(hint hint venues-----you should probably go into events and cancel the notice when it is cancelled.)  Then I saw a venue I had not been to with a performer I had not heard before and off I went.  Well she was not there but Clay  Harsley was and it was a great show.  I have to say that Serenity Gardens is one of the prettiest venues I have been to  I was in awe.  Will be visiting the sim again when I am off exploring with Rocky.  It is the perfect spot to take that someone special.

From there I went on to Industry to hear Andi Huet, what a beautiful voice.  She has the voice that one could listen to all night long.  I am in complete awe....if you have not heard her, you should watch those events and run to see her.
Andi Huet at Industry 070115
Now that I have more free time, I will be able to get out more...though I am hoping to travel some this summer as I have a feeling they will be starting the chemo sometime around October and I have no idea how that will naffest me.  Look for this years Stand Up 2 Cancer this fall....there will be changes made as this is such a diverse community that our fundraiser should just be as diverse, so we will be doing something that as far as I know has not been done in sl before.

Also many of you know how very much I miss the venue, so though I can't have a regular venue right now I will be doing another special event this fall.  Well maybe a few of them....the holidays will also bring them.  Keep your eye out for them.

If you would like to stay on top of the Stand Up 2 Cancer Event, contact me here, in Facebook, or in world.

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