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Monday, October 26, 2015


I hate having to give in and accept my own limitations, but days like the past few have reminded me all too well that I need to do this.

We doubled the amount of participants and venues in this year's Benefit to Stand Up To Cancer.  In 2014, my son came home early and stopped me from going into a coma...this year I have been reminded of it all too well, thank goodness I now know the signs.  W#ith that though comes the realization that I can not do the organizing alone and am asking each of you to look inside yoursellves and ask yourself the following questions.

1.  Do I truly believe that research is the answer and how many people have I lost due to research and cures not being readily available?

2.  How important is full transparency and accountability to me, things that are very important every time you do nonprofit work, and following the organization guidelines (always keeping in mind that those guidelines are there for a reason which may not always be apparent to us)?

3.  How open are you to all those in Second Life?  It is important that you are able to step away from your normal cliche of friends and realize that it is about much more than just you and your team organizing everything.  Every venue has a right to participate as does every performer, host volunteer...When someone wants to give from their heart it is because it means something to them and it is never up to us judge who should or should not be given that opportunity.  Would you be the sort that takes the time to meet others and visit their events?

 4.  Can you truly see the big picture and how this can make a difference to people?  You would have to be able to reach out to others and yes even those you do not know.  I will admit that in my years for the music community as the team captain for RFL and now with Stand Up To Cancer that due to the time taken to get out and meet people and give them the chance to participate, the friends I have made along the way is amazing, the stories I have hearde about how very much this means to them, the personalities that have touched me and brought me to tears too many times....but knowing it is making a difference for them and for others makes every bit of it so worth it.

5.  Would you be willing to work directly with Stand Up To Cancer in each of the countries we have and continue to participate with?

As I look for people to take a more active rolle in the bringing of Stand Up To Cancer and making it a mainstay once a year, I have been fortunate to have a couple of people tell me that they want to take a more active roll next year.  There is no way that this should continue to be done by just a couple of people and we will be looking fot those that can step up so that working together we can continue to grow and make a difference against cancer.  If you feel that this is you, please reach out to me in world...Still Braveheart; email --; Skype -- stillbraveheart.

I would be more than happy to hear from anyone that would be interested in a larger rolle next year.

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