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Friday, May 27, 2016


I do apologize, I know I was doing so good with keeping up, so I owe you an explanation.

Packing is hard.  I never realized how much stuff I had....and I thought I downsized when I sold the house a few years ago.  But the truck will be here on Monday.  Because I will be traveling the firt part of June.  Most things are headed into storage.  My oldest granddaughter, mind you she will be 4 years old the end of June, has her first dance recital.  I just can't miss that.  You know it will be cuteness personigfied.  Brccause the end of June it is timne for the rounds of medical tests, I won't be able to get out there for that party, so my daughter is putting together a double party for both girls (one is the beginning of June and the other is the end) for me.  At least I was able to get shopping done and shipped so gifts are already there. 

Now take that a security deposit and a first month's rent, well I am on a diet.  Not that it would hurt.  But in this case it is so worth it.  I am in love with the place I am moving to.  A bit more than I wanted to spend but worth it. 

Next week I will be up at my brothers so I should be able to catch up and tell all about the performers I have seen and the venues.

In the meantime, I am hoping you will be at the prom and after party tomorrow.

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