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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning that it works

I realize that two blogs in one day is a bit much, but the earlier one regarding the venues was due out a couple of days ago and I have been under the weather, it was started and never completed.  I apologize for that.

Today I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with another type of group in the arts.  Though the meeting had everything to do with something I am working on for RFL and nothing to do with live music in SL, the meeting itself made me realize that they are doing what we have only talked about doing.

With the call to come together as a communtiy, many including myself support a voted in type body that has the ability to speak for the community as a whole.  What would give them that right is that the community as a whole actually voted on who they would see represent them.  There has been arguments by some that it is not neeeded, I beg to differ.  Today I had the benefit of learning of a part of the arts community that does just that.  I was thoroughly impressed.  It brought that community together as a team.  They also have Lindens involved. but the organization and structure and fairness of it all was so very impressive.  They do not need a group owner....The team work involved was amazing.  The last time I checked some things have never changed that includes the quote "There is no I in team" 

I have ideas as I know others do as well in ways to help the music community come together as a whole, without the attitude that if you don't like it you can leave as the community should embrace every single performer, venue owner, and manager.  Everyone has different opinions on the way things should or should not be done to increase exposure to SL music.  When one thinks of the hundreds/thousands that are involved in the music community, a group of 60 or 70 or even 100 is nothing.  So just maybe the way actually falls into listening to all, and finding the many different ways that we can work together to increase exposure.  I, myself, would love to hear from you and hear what you think would be great ways to expand our exposure, and if you have thought of a way to do that.  It is only in hearing from all of us, that something can truly be done. 

We can nit pick about the small things and taking on LL, but the answers don't lie in that.  The answers, in my opinion lie in increasing exposure. More exposure leads to larger followings, more traffic, better for the performer and the venue.  So lets hear your ideas.  We all have them, some are louder than others with their opinions, but we all do have them.  Lets see what we as a community come up with.

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