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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SL Music Venues and Thank you

I know I said I was going to talk about live music venues and the very special people that run them; but first I wanted to address something else.  So many have contacted me through both facebook and inworld, iin regards to the post about the meeting.  Some of you wanted more information on the meeting, it sounds like you missed the notices or minutes and I will send you copies of the the same time many of you wanted to know who had the audacity to say that about me.  Most of you know me well enough to know that if asked, I don't lie, I just bluntly state the truth.  I know that upon learning that answer many of you have been shocked and appalled, but also gave me 100% support and for that I thank you each of you soooo very much.  The compassion you show me is so very touching and means such a great deal.

Now on to these wonderful things called live music venues and the people that run them.  I would like to clarify that I do not personally know of one live music venue that does this for any type of profit.  Every venue is built with an idea and a love of music.  A love so strong that they want to share it with the rest of the world.  Behind every venue is a story a passion.  Some that come to mind off the top of my head.  Titanic and Mara Menges.  this build is truly one of the most authentic and beautiful dedications to the Titanic.  Mara herself is an expert on the Titanic and when you talk to her, her passion and love for what she does clearly shines through.  Along with a beautiful build and passion she is one of the most compassionate people I have had the pleasure of meeting when it comes to her guests.
Other absolutely wonderful venues come to mind, the work that has gone into the Key West venue.  It truly makes you feel as if you are on a resort in the keys.  In rl the Florida Keys is my favorite place for pure r & r, I truly appreciate this venue.  Key West is known for having some of SL's best performers appear there on a regular basis.  Guthries is one that I consider a mainstay of sl, and the perfect place to tp into in the morning to enjoy with coffee and great folk music Guthries is where I have heard some of the best in sl and originally met my friend Russell, a great SL performer.  Dottie works hard to ensure that there is always great music playing and a welcoming atmosphere.  Taking a trip back in time to those of us that remember these days is Woodstock...think tye die...psychedelic and you have Woodstock.  This is a venue that is wonderful when it comes to taking up a cause to help others, performers are always outstanding.  Nantucket, Romantica, Molasky's, Jades, The Drunken Drow,the list goes on and one.

Whenever I think about the different venues I always think of Sherie's Gaslight.  It was the Gaslight that I attended my first sl live music event at.  This venue holds a special place in my heart as it it is where my introduction to SL music began.  Nantucket is a venue that nestled in a beautiful setting, and a favorite of mine to visit.  Gwampa Loma, though one of my best friends, also is one that I have watched have so much fun  build and maintain his venues, he has, I believe 4 right now, with one of them being a large 4 sim venue.  the list of mainstay venues, as well as the new ones that are coming upon the music scene, is amazing.  The other day I tp'd into the venue on the US Army sim.  Though, I did not see the venue directly, I talked in quite some length to one of the people that helped to maintain things on the sim.  I was thoroughly impressed.  Though I had read about this sim through Google Alerts and knew its value for those that are serving overseas, actually seeing it brought the reality of it home and how much that sim alone can help many of the deployed servicemen from the states. 

There is no way I could possibly list all of the venue owners.  Take the time the next time you are on the venues and seek out the owners.  Talk to them, you will hear the passion for what they do and how much sheer pleasure they receive from being able to be in a position to offer you a place to hear sine wonderful performers.  Live music venue owners are truly a special breed when you hear their passion and think of the love of music and sharing that music, that they dig deep into their pockets to be able to bring this to you.

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