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Saturday, January 22, 2011

On a more positive note

Yesterday I gave some strong opinions, but today I wanted to talk about what makes the SL music community so wonderful in my eyes.  Theis may be a virtual world that we live in in Second Life, at the same time the music community is very much reality based.  I have had the benefit of meeting some very wonderful people, People that truly care about the world around them.  Tears have come to my eyes on many occassions with the loyalty and support that I have seen pour out of this community.  I think back to a time when venues were having a difficult time, asked to choose between a cover charge system and continuing to work with musicians in other ways, I watched musicians pick up their tip jars saying support the venue as they take care of us, I have seen performers step up and offer venue owners free shows to help out when venue owners were having a difficult time, I have watched one that touched my heart immensely as I wasn't looking for a handout, but to be able to pay him within a day or two, offer to do a completely free performance....giggles I had to stalk him across the grid to tip high to make up the difference....I have watched them perform no matter what was going on their lives, seen them come together over the tragic loss of others in the community, work together to do wonders for Haiti when they had the that time my own venue manager was going through the pain of losing loved ones in Haiti and logged in once only to leave in tears as she witnessed the outpouring of support from the community.  Mind you, this is just a small portion of the community that I work with and see.....I know it goes on throughout the music community.  These are the people make up this community.  Such a very caring group of people.  Many times I thought about the headaches and the drain on the wallet to keep a venue running.....then one of these awesome performers does something that is so caring and compassionate, that it makes all of it so worthwhile. 

Never once through all of that did I even touch on the talent.  One of the best things about being a venue owner is able to find new talent and be able to put them in around seasoned professionals that have large followings, offering the new talent the opportunity to gain more exposure.  One of my favorite memories is another performer (Thank you Yip) iming me to hurry and drop a stream and just listen.  I had to tp home to do so; when I did, the most haunting, enthralling voice and musician streamed in.  I spent more lindens tipping his profile and by the end of it all Skye Galaxy had booked his first sl performance at BS's.  Since then I have had the opportunity to hear many other new talents to SL, Samm Qendra comes to mind as a voice that will take you to the heavens.  Yesterday, for the first time I listened to Automatic Quandry, though I only caught the end of his show, I was blown away by the talent and the sound.....laughs, he will be appearing at BS's starting next Friday night right before CraigLyons Writer. this guy holds a spot in my heart.  Craig has to truly be one performer that is always seeking ways to expose virtual music and reality.  At the same time, he has a heart of gold and is such a giving individual.  Someday, I will meet this man in person and give him the largest hug.  He is loaded with talent, making a mark for himself in his career, yet never forgets his friends in SL.  His holiday tour and bringing in another real life performer was absolutely amazing. 

The list of performers that I truly admire and love could go on for days....I am sure you will hear more about each of them as the days go on.  But I did want to let you know that after all I said yesterday, the community as a whole is one to be truly embraced.  Not all performers, in fact very few have the attitude that was expressed by the performer that I mentioned yesterday.  If the community was truly like that, I would have left a long time ago.  In reality this is a very supportive community.  Giggles...maybe tomorrow I will talk about some of the wonderful venues and venue owners I have had the privilege of knowing.

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  1. Still, you only have the best at BS's and your judgement of talent is nothing short of spectacular. When you talk about these voices and talents as well as the caring and loving these artist show you speak from the heart. Keep up the good work and you know where I am if I can do anything for you.

    I know if I go to BS's I am going to hear someone that is beyond good. It may not be a style to my liking but I know the talent will still be top notch and it will be enjoyable.

    By Parkin