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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Debi Latte - the well loved SL songbird - lost much of her house in Rl. The hurricane hit Rodanthe, N.C. first and hardest. Debi is actually sleeping on a cot in the firehouse! AND We can help her entire community!

We are having a benefit for Rodanthe, this Saturday and  Sunday

This benefit is so big it kicks off Saturday the 10th at our sister venue - Bring a friend, Stay a while. BS's is the place to be Saturday!!

The line up at BS's is open to any performer that would like to participate.  Slots are still available, just im still Braveheart.

Saturday (Sept. 10) at BS's:

10- 11 Agustin Braham
11-12  Phil Setner
12-1 Sparrow and Sunwolf
1-2  Joaquin Gustav
2-3 Sid Slade
3-4 Russell Eponym
6-7 Gandalf Mornington
7-8pm  Max Kleene

Sunday's (September 11) shows will be at Prim Economy Music Park from 3:30 to 9:00 pm slt

3:30 = The Amazing Shannon Oherlihy!
4:00 = The Sensational CelticMaidenWarrior Lancaster!
4:30 = The Incredible Noma Falta!
5:30 = The Spectacular Savannah Coronet!
6:00 = The Talented Hogan Bailey!
6:30 = this 15 Minutes sponsored by Cafe Trivia - The Best Place in SL to play Trivia!
=The Awesome Mamaa Saiz!
6:45 = this 1/2 Hour Sponsored By JJ's Joint A FUN, LAID BACK, RUN DOWN OLD BLUES and ROCK CLUB !!
=The Wonderful Miss Gina Stella!!!
7:15 = this 1/2 hour sponsored by Key West - Home Of The Wave!
=The Amazing Anek Fuchs!!!
7:45 = The Fantastic Harry Frychester!
8:00 to 9:00 = The Unbelievable JustinElias Anatra!

Free Concert - all tips go to Rodanthe! Grab your friends and your dancing shoes and be blown away by our "hurricane" of talent!

With Thanks to Blaise Zarco  (an amazing creator and scripter) YOU can bid on an Amazing dress - "Shades Of Latte" - designed by Tanya Matahari!

Or bid 4 weeks rental at Palm Cove Reef donated by the wonderful Hillary Hawkeye! (see info below)

Buy the Tee shirts designed by Fashionista and the ultimate designer Tayna Matahari! They say "I helped Rodanthe!" and "Irene can kiss my pixels!" All proceeds help the island!

Real life donations can be made to the Fire Dept. which has been serving the community with food, fuel, and labor ... or directly to Debi (address upon request)
RL Checks can be written to:
Chicamacomico Banks Fire Dept.
P. O. Box 125
Rodanthe, NC 27968

The Fire Dept. is a non-profit organization so any donations there will be tax deductible, as well.


Rental Prizes donated by Palm Cove Resorts

1 - Four weeks in a large beach home worth L6,000 - 􀀄

2 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀅

3 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀆

4 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀇

5 - Four weeks in a 3 floor beach home worth L2,200 - 􀀂

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