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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Diaster seems to be hitting the US in many ways weather related.  So many hurt, killed....loss of home.  It has been devastating and overwhelming. 

Right now one of the music communities own is facing that diaster.  Debi Latte, a loved sl performer, whether you know her from reputation, hearing this beautiful songbird, or meeting her at a live music jam....she is loved by many.  What many may not be aware of is that Debi lives in a town called Rodanthe, N.C, the first and hardest hit by Hurricane Irene.  Currently, Debi is sleeping on a cot at the fire house and her house is totalled. 

Isa Beck has organized a fundraiser for the town this weekend.  I have to say that there is total transparency and accountability in this fundraiser, with three people watching monies to ensure it is all going to the bank account set up for Rodanthe and that information will be provided publicly  Though so many have given until it hurts, they are still continuing to give.  The venue that donated the space for the fundraiser, Prim Economy Music Park already has a complete line up.  Other venues are dedicating time to the fundraiser.  Designers have put together some beautiful things to be bought or auctioned off with all monies going toward the fundraiser.  My own venue, for any performers that can not fit in the line up but would like to participate is available as well. 

Though I do not participate in many fundraisers on my venue, more so because of the lack of transparency and accountability...this particular fundraiser is being set up in such a way that there are no questions to be asked about the funds.  I am strongly urging as many as possible to participate in this one.

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