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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am soooo proud of myself. I have spent the first week of the new year cleaning and organizing. Smiles my inventory is smaller than it has been in over 2 years. Now that I am organized, I am ready to move forward with this years projects. Consisting of taking care of something in rl that will possibly effect a lot, but now I am ready for it. Ready to get a full line up going again in my own venue, ready to co-captain a team of the musical community for RFL, ready to truly work on filling the new Second Life Music Venue Directory Website, and ready to keep up better with this blog.

I have a confession to make on organizing though, it is absolutely amazing how many notecards one can accumulate. WOW....giggles anyone need an artist's bio....I have a ton of them.

I started this new day by doing something a bit different. If you ever have free time and you don't do this already, I would suggest trying it. I went to search and hit the destination guide. WOW I saw some amazing builds. There is one that I just have to mention as it made me think of the old AM Radio build of the gas station and the details that were done so extremely well...taking me back to my own childhood of growing up with a mechanic as a grandfather. If you get a chance, check out the Houmas House, This is a plantation built with the collaborative efforts of some of the very best in Second Life, and based on the real life plantation. The details are some of the most accurate I have seen when it comes to duplicating real life in Second Life.

I avoided the hunts that were listed, and once finished went on to live music events. Sitting here and writing while visiting the venue Starriders and listening to JayP Burnstein doing an entire set of Elvis songs with the most amazing voice. True it is Elvis's birthday, but I could also listen to this man's voice for hours. Sille has done a great job with this venue it is both comfortable feeling and fun.

The hard part is pulling myself away to go on to another. Well crashing made that easier. Logged in and headed to Lost Lovers Dancing Club to listen to Gwen Marshdevil. One thing I will never do is to put down track singers.....I believe in my heart that their voice is their instrument. Listening to Gwen reaffirms that, she has truly mastered her instrument....such a beautiful voice. Newer to performing, it is just a matter of time before her following swells to overflowing.

On to a new venue for me....Limburg Live Venue. This venue has a huge dance floor. Waiting for the performer to begin,Lance Windlow, someone I have not listened to a long time. I got a chance to chat for a minute with one of the owners Eromara, she is so nice and welcoming. I am looking all around realizing this is a venue that is truly built to accomodate huge groups, it is pretty awesome. In talking to Eromara she was telling me that her partner also has a light show that he adds with the performances....i am anxiously waiting to see it. This is something that will truly set this venue out and be awesome at the same time. My recommendation---put your viewer on midnight. I have to admit that so many of us have lights on our stages (for me the stages are seasonal so not always) but I have yet to see a venue use them so well. This is awesome. I have to hand it to Lance, I just listened to one of the most sincere requests to tip the venue, thank you Lance for that recognition.

I got busy in rl after that and called it a day. Started today by popping into different venues to drop off and speak with the owners about the website directory. I love doing this, it really makes me realize how big and wonderful this community is. After crashing a few times, courtesy of Second Life, I managed to head over to Guthries and listen to Lefty Unplugged. Guthries has always been a favorite venue of mine. A great place to listen to some awesome performers and at the same time enjoy my morning coffee as the day gets going. My first time here a close friend had tp'd me in to hear one of the most awesome performers and my very good friend Russell Eponym. I have been stuck on this venue ever since. As always, Guthries did not let me down today.....such a relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful performer in Lefty.

Ok I confess, I allowed rl to distract me from Second Life and just getting back to it today. Starting out at a morning favorite, Guthries where I listened to Camme Carver for the first time. She is someone to see when you check notices, she brought both talent and an extremely likeable personality. I will be watching for her more often. On to another favorite, Kickin, and another first for me Christion
Dinzeo....once again...the WOW factor.

Another thing that really brought me back to what being new was like. One of the newbies at Kickin complimented me on my we talked it came out that she was brand new to Second Life, did not know how to find things, and had no lindens. I did tell her that she needed to learn more about sl, explore find her passions in sl and pursue those....but to help her get started I gave her the skin I started with, the hair i started with, a tent to try clothes in, a lm to a sandbox so she could rezz, as well as some clothes that were not freebies but were transferrable. It made me remember over three years ago when someone did the exact same to me. Sometimes it takes a reminder to remember "Pay it Forward"

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