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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last campaign, I was in a position to attend so many events for Relay For matter which event I attended, though every event was held in support of Relay For Life, each a unique event in its own way... there was a common thread between all of them,,,the music community. Performers gave of their time, their talents, their hard earned lindens. Performers groups attended and dug deep within their wallets to support Relay For Life. Managers, hosts, and venues...organized and donated. If many of you have been having following my blog for a while, you know how deeply touched I was by the open hearts of the music community. Now if you know me well, you know that got the wheels in this peabrain to spinning. We are always talking about increasing exposure of Second Life Music, and to do so in a positive way.

The subject was bounced around between a few people...and idea was born. We have put together a team....hopefully encompassing the many different avenues of the Second Life music community. Performers, venues, managers, fans, and promoters. Yesterday was the first time I publicly asked if people would be interested in joining. I only asked through the Live Music Venue Group, my own venue groups, and subscribo, and then my friends list. OMG as usual, the response from the Second Life Music Community overwhelmed me. I did not leave my computer last night until I was literally crosseyed. The requests for more information, the automatic joining of the team, the real life experiences I heard....the unconditional, "whatever I can do to help" attitude. All this from a community that I already love so much....You tend to leave me speechless (giggles and that is a difficult task) The team is growing by leaps and bounds. Already comparable in size to more established teams. So I will submit to you, my readers, the same note card that I put out inworld yesterday.

"We are putting together a team for 2012 Relay For Life in Second Life. The team is made up of all the different avenues of the music community; performers, managers, venue owners, fans, music group owners. This is a wonderful way for the entire music community to achieve a few things--camaraderie, exposure to the music community, and most importantly, the ability to make a difference in the battle against cancer. A devastating disease that has affected everyone in some way, shape, or form. Your participation in this team would be greatly appreciated. The team’s name is SL Music Races for a Cure. Please send me an im if you would be interested in joining forces with us to truly make a difference, of if you would like more information.

Thank you so very much, Still Braveheart"

As with anything else, the more people that participate the better of a job that we as a team can do for Relay For Life"

I have not been bouncing around that much in the past week or so, but will be updating a blog soon with those venues I have been to and the performers I have had the opportunity to hear. Yesterday, I peeked in the Secondraters site as I am such a slacker....His list of performers has also grown....I need to get busy with my goal of hearing every performer in Second Life. As well as keep a promise to compare the many profiles I have to the newer site, to give him any profiles that I may have and he is missing.

But for now I am listening to the awesome stream taking place at the Florida Jam!!! and wishing I was there

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