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Friday, January 27, 2012


After being out of town for almost a week, I got back last night and I am finally back to normal....though not to knock Indiana....but coming from the Chicago suburbs, I was used to salt trucks being out in front of the storm coming through....On 65 headed south through Indiana...they do not do that. I realized that I am getting too old to think that 70mph on pure ice is fun. So it took me two days to get home, as I spent the night in Indiana. BUT with that and my complaining on Facebook, I learned it really is a small small world. One of the venue owners here in Second Life lived there...and that much of our high school days we were closer than we ever thought.

After I caught up on some notecards, I headed out to hear some great music and my first stop was Ragged Edge, Katspurs' venue is one of those that you feel right at home in, and she always makes me feel so welcome. I listened to a performer I had not heard before Marshallw. Very impressive. Tonight in honor of Kat, Marshallw leaned toward more country...I have a feeling this is a very versatile performer.

After spending some time listening to Marshallw and catching up with my good friend Katspurs, I moved on to My Wish Venue....Lo, I love your dance floor!!! I have been here a few times to meet with Lo and set up the Rodanthe fundraiser, but this is the first time I ever attended an event here. Hazie Moonwall WOW. Such different styles and genres of music....Hazie I loved listening to you.

On to Sweet Whispers, what a beautiful and large venue; listening to Davadean Madrigal. Then on to a new venue for me--Portland...a newer venue and looking around it is really nice. Marble, the owner, was sooo welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the time I arrived. I listened to Katrose Serendipity. I have not had a chance to hear her in a while, then stayed for Music Oxygen....I could listen to him for hours...he has that kind of voice.

I have to add that I love the enthusiasm and the impatience for kiosks, for SL Music Races For a Cure. I know this is going to be an awesome team. Many of you have brought tears already and the kickoff ceremony, where I turn into a blubbering idiot is still over a month many of you I have known for a long time and you are sharing parts of yourself with is truly touching and overwhelming. Together we will make a difference and I will consider it an honor to have worked with you.

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