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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Here is the apology: I have neglected you. This blog was actually written a week ago, and I have been so busy with the SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE TEAM for RFL of SL, that I never hit publish. I will also say though, this past week has been completely overwhelming. This team is growing so rapidly, that we should hit 100 members by registration on the 15th. The support and enthusiasm of the music community as a whole is ...WOW... I can not find the words to describe it. If I could reach out and hug each of you, I would and tightly. So I apologize for neglecting the blog yet am sooo proud of the things we are accomplishing. SSSShhhh I will share a secret, watch this team for a true collaboration on a project. It will be AWESOME!!!!

I am not sure how many of you subscribe to Google Alerts, I have found them quite helpful in keeping up with things I am interested in. One of the alerts I follow is the Second Life key words. This particular day there was a blog I read about someone starting a new venue. It is enlightening to those considering it and a reminder, or a walk down memory lane to others of us from when we first started. I included the site below:

I had such a great time yesterday that I thought a bit more venue hopping and good music was in order today. Starting out at one of my very good friend's venues...The Drunkin Drow listening to Branden Shoreland, one of the most relaxing performers to listen to. The Drunkin Drow is always filled with people that are near and dear to my heart, so this is always a fun place for me to visit. I stayed for Taka Coeur....another wow!!! I swear this is a weekend for some of the best music in Second Life. I never regret taking this time.

After taking a break I headed to the Mad Hatter to see a very special person...Sassy Nightly. Sassy is not only an awesome performer, but also a good friend and one of wonderful people working to organize the Nashville Jam. This was the first time I had been at Mad Hatter and it is another cool venue. I love listening to Sassy and then I stayed to hear some of Frets Nirvana.

Something I have noticed in my wanderings is the many ingenious ways that venues tend to do things. Some are sooo unique that I think of ways that I could incorporate something like that into my own venue. I think too many times we tend to get stuck in our own world soooo sure that we are doing the very best we can. Yet it is by going out and venturing, learning, observing, and doing it with an open mind that we could often see things that work great. I will be the first to say that in all the different things I have done and organized over the years, especially in rl...that I am a bit of a thief. I was never out to reinvent the wheel, but others soooo often have wonderful ideas and methods...the idea is to learn about things then find a way to improve upon it and adapt it to fit the individual needs at the time...another wards change it so it is yours to take ownership of. Yet never forget where you got the idea and always give credit where credit is due.

I have been having so much fun bouncing venue to venue lately that I started today at B&B's. Seeing my old and very dear friend Bundy. I was given the opportunity to see one of the greats in SL....SOAR. Normally time zone wise, I miss them so this morning was a special treat.

Later after housecleaning in rl was done (never fun but a neccessity) I wnt on to visit venues I had not been to...first stop--Alligator Beach, an awesome Grateful Dead Tribute sim and hippie community, where I had the opportunity to listen to Pan and Doofus. Then on to Snippets to listen to Saintess Larnia. Another venue I had not visited before, an absolutely awesome show by Saintess on an absolutely awesome venue.

While I was there, I received a conference chat from one of the most talented artists Syl Darcy. Syl has combined both her art and music at Moonlit Gardens and it is beautiful. Smiles, I am a bit biased after having the opportunity to work closely with Syl last RFL season, then purchasing some of her artwork myself. I truly regretted not getting to the FL jam to meet her and give her a hug in person. I was able to listen to Glenn Sporg.....Another WOW in fact a double WOW. This is a great day not only great music and great venues, but my friend said she had so much fun at the FL jam that she will be at the Nashville jam too.....I can't wait to see her there.

That Nashville jam should be awesome.....some of the best friends in SL will be there and some of my favorite performers.....counting the days.

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