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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Sometimes, I wish I could use the excuse of being lazy, but not I can just wish there were more hours in a day.

So much has happened since I last wrote, this is truly an amazing ride. I even managed to fit in just a little bit of venue hopping. So lets start with where I left off at the last blog. The SL MUSIC RACES FOR A CURE Performer Auction turned out sooo well. Performers stepped up and offered their time and asked to be included in the auction. It was amazing. There were a total of 23 performers and 12 winners chosen.Congratulations to all of the winners: Teofila Matova, ,still Braveheart, gwampa Lomu, XxJoJoxX Remex, Cyanne Mistwood, Eilidh McCullough, Zion Forager, Sabrina Mothman, Quantamis Navarathna, Mrs String, XxJoJoxX Remex, and Lin Ochs.

 Unfortunately, the BeeGees Project was cancelled. If you keep up with the news, you are aware that Robin Gibbs had been hospitalized with some pretty serious health issues and so the event was cancelled out of respect. The 14th took us to PureLife Lodge for Day 1 of the Country Music Fest. Wow what a great day!!!!!PureLife Magnifico and BlueAngel Winterwolf put together a line up; as the team's site grows pictures will be added. the 15th took us to BS's for Day 2 of the Country Music Fest, another huge day! At the same time Straight Tequila Nights held their RFL event, Pammie Warrior put on a finale with Johnny Paramour that would have brought tears to anyone's eyes. It was so moving and heartfelt. LA MORADA DE CAMPANILLA also had an event going all day as well, consisting of Art, Music, and an Auction. Needless to say it was quite a weekend. Taking a week off to recuperate and get ready for the next events, yet the Raffle was going and still growing. The team was also growing now at 172 members. Then we ran into the Dual Stream Weekend. All I can say is WOW. Liz Harley and Syd Baddingham did the most awesome job of coordinating 17 hours of dual streaming. If the rest of the community is anything like me, and from the amount of people at each event, I believe they are, we all love our performers...we love hearing them collaborate even more. Sam55 Chester kicked off the Art Auction on the 1st of May with an awesome lineup that will continue through the 13th of May when the Auction ends. Also on May 1, Ferdynand Straaf kicked off the Music Thru The Years multi venue event at the Village Cafe with all 60's music.

 Music Thru the Years continues on May 6th at BS's, when we go back further in time to the 50's. This Series will continue in June at PureLife Lodge with the 70's and Key West in June with the 80's...Finishing up in July as Under The Willows takes us into the Future. Romantica Yacht Club will also be hosting a two week event, Very Keys has been putting it all together. Then we leave for Nashville. As we head to Nashville, we are at the Bronze level in website fundraising and Emerald (as of this writing, a lot can happen between now and then) for overall fundraising. Since so many team members will be in Nashville, Relay For Life has been kind enough to meet with me on the 11th to provide me with a sign for the strides we have made in website fundraising. I will be taking it to Nashville with me. Two of the venues on the team will also be streaming in the jam--Key West and Romantica Yacht Club. As soon as I have a schedule in place, I will post it on the team site. Burlesque is also coming to Gwampa's Dance Kamp, that should be another fun show.

Believe it or not through all of this I managed to get in a little venue hopping. My first stop had been at The Flock & Blues Lake Music Venue where i had the opportunity to see Grif Bamaisin, an awesome instrumentalist. On to Villa Lobos for a favorite performer, Senjata Witt. The first time I had the opportunity to listen to Senjata was at a sl jam that was streaming. This woman has a voice that is amazing!!!! Guaranteed when I see her in events and I have the time, I will be there. I went on the next day to Tormented Aces to listen to Johnny Paramour....not only does he put on an energy filled show....but his voice....darn shame he is happily married. Actually all kidding aside...his voice is one of the best in sl and he is a wonderful friend as well. Tormented Aces is owned by another good friend BreAnna Dufax another awesome venue.. I stayed for a while to hear Hazie Moonwall, another great performer. Off I went to check out my wonderful friend Taunter a great voice and always an amazing energy filled show.

 I know you have all heard me say this before, and I do not know whether I will ever stop saying it. The music community is the absolute best community that I know of. I talk a great deal about the team being so amazing, but more than the team....watching all of the different events that go on within Relay For Life of SL, everywhere there there are live performers. I can not get over and never will the huge hearts of the music community. So talented....So giving. Such a wonderful wonderful community. Enough of the sentimental side of me.

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